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    O have just removed Willow my goshawk out the avairy this week so will get her weight trimmed a little and have her up and running soon
  2. Quick question any one got a grs berserk or bifrost stock on there howa with sporter barrel, just thinking of changing my b&c stock to one and wanted to know how they fitted the action. Thanks
  3. I have a photon xt 4.6x42 if any good to you used on my 22lr but selling up £240 with add on ir torch. NN114LE
  4. I have a set of primos gen 2 tripod trigger sticks good working order looking for £70 collected (cost me £110) Daventry evening and weekends or i can take to work and collect from Milton Keynes weekdays.
  5. rickardo


    I don't do experience days but more than welcome to tag along next season
  6. rickardo


    Cool, I do like Harris hawk's very under rated birds..
  7. rickardo


    I've seen some YouTube vids like that looks like in Dubai, looks fun..
  8. rickardo


    Lol thanks I'm trying to add more pics but there to large to download 😞 One of my falcons just before taking this crow
  9. rickardo


    Anyone hunt birds of prey I fly 2 falcons for work and hunt a female goshawk I'll add some pics of season gone
  10. rickardo

    Rifle torch

    Have you looked at opticfire torches pretty good I have 2
  11. £280 for Photon XT plus IR XC38 torch on its own collected.
  12. I've changed the add on guntrader but it hasn't changed on here.
  13. I'm lost? Price is in advert £300 if you want Hawke scope with gun or £500 if you want NV set up in stead
  14. hi do you still have these and are lenses good. thanks richard
  15. rickardo

    cz 452 magazine

    wanted 10 shot cz 452 magazine..22lr.. thanks
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