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  1. I've suffered acid reflux for years, but after intermittent bouts of agonising upper abdominal pain I was finally diagnosed with gall stones. Gallbladder gone, pain gone, took half a dozen GPs and an expensive private consultant to get there though.
  2. Not Amo, unfortunately. I take it neither is chipped? Taking a mans dog is worse than messing with his wife in my book!
  3. Went today and came away quite disappointed. Nothing that wasn't there last year, same arena displays, same stands, all just a bit more expensive. Yes, we did notice her!
  4. Wymondley


    Meat and bacon, that's posh. It's half an old potato here in Hertfordshire.
  5. Unions probably. Why even have the (highly paid) driver? Why not a driverless train? Surely that's the technology they should be pressing on with, rather than driverless cars. I
  6. It was more like clay wildfowling, shooting across the ponds at dusk! Very enjoyable. Hope you had a good Christmas and see you on the 29th.
  7. Missed the last shoot, so it was good to be back on Saturday despite the weather. Once again, a good set of stands at what must be the most relaxed friendly shoot about. I keep recommending it, so hopefully you'll continue to get a few new faces.
  8. I agree, I made my comments in reply to a remark regarding the paralympics, sorry if it's dragged this thread off topic. All injured service personnel deserve the utmost respect and support, including those that suffer from the mental trauma of combat.
  9. I wouldn't want to deprive anyone that wanted to work, of any benefits that would help them to do it, disabled or not. My point, regarding your earlier comment on the paralympics, was that there are people who are so "disabled" they can't work, but manage to play sport quite well. They effectively become professional sportsmen and women at the expense of the taxpayer. Play sport by all means, but not at the expense of those that genuinely need help. As for one arm, there was garage in Bushey that employed a one armed mechanic, we had customer with one arm who worked as a double glazing salesmen and the MD of a major back up generator installation company was known to be quite "hands (hand) on" despite having one arm. These are just people I've come across in my work, there must be many more.
  10. Plenty of people in wheelchairs have desk jobs, work at benches, that sort of thing. There really aren't too many disabilities that prevent people doing ANY work. I object to paying benefits to the "professionally disabled" so they can play games instead of working. Indeed, quite a few got caught out claiming how difficult mobility was, to get maximum benefit, and were then found to be competing in sport at a level that would have many able bodied struggling. Not very fair on those that are actually so disabled they can't work is it?
  11. Wrong? not at all. If they can manage to compete they can manage to work. Disability benefit should be for those that really can't work.
  12. Cracking shoot on the 15th! Some deceptively difficult birds, some looked easy but weren't, well that's my excuse for my worst score there so far. Highly recommended if you're local and not yet shot here. I'm away the 29th, be back for the 13th.
  13. Well I enjoyed it! Yes, there didn't seem to be as much thought gone into the clay shoot as last year, and it should have been 60 birds at that price, but that's not the only reason I go. I'd have happily watched the gun dogs for hours had it not been so wet. TIGHTCHOKE didn't enjoy it, and he's entitled to his opinion. It would be a boring world if we all liked the same things. So, what is it that other shows have that makes them better than this one?
  14. I believe spent convictions still have to be declared for SGC/FAC applications. I wonder what force area the op is in, that may have a bearing.
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