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  1. And I'm afraid that is the attitude that will be the end of all shooting.
  2. Have you been to Hemel recently? I'm Hitchin way, town centre fashion dictates a Purdey on market days. Seriously though, I get that, but it's the thin end of the wedge when you think things should be banned because of how they look or indeed how they perform.
  3. I think a Lee Enfield is as aesthetically pleasing as any London best sxs, does that make me an oddball?
  4. Wymondley

    Why do ....?

    Want something to moan about? How about, shoot cancelled and then finding the pub's shut! Now things are serious.
  5. I'm about 20 miles north of Hatfield and it's rained on and off all day, more of the same forecast for tomorrow.
  6. Highly recommended, friendly, great value for money and a good mix of stands in a brilliant setting, what's not to like? A grass roots clay shoot that deserves support, certainly worth the drive down from north Herts/Beds for our little group. The ford is shallower than it looks. It can get a bit muddy on site but it's really not that bad, even after wet weather. It had all dried out last by weekend anyway. It's a good idea to bring tints/shades as the sun can catch you out on some stands. If you've not shot here before, give it a go! I can also recommend the Elephant & Castle at Amwell near Wheathampstead for good beer/food for those going home in that direction. Cheers Andy
  7. I've suffered acid reflux for years, but after intermittent bouts of agonising upper abdominal pain I was finally diagnosed with gall stones. Gallbladder gone, pain gone, took half a dozen GPs and an expensive private consultant to get there though.
  8. Not Amo, unfortunately. I take it neither is chipped? Taking a mans dog is worse than messing with his wife in my book!
  9. Went today and came away quite disappointed. Nothing that wasn't there last year, same arena displays, same stands, all just a bit more expensive. Yes, we did notice her!
  10. Wymondley


    Meat and bacon, that's posh. It's half an old potato here in Hertfordshire.
  11. Unions probably. Why even have the (highly paid) driver? Why not a driverless train? Surely that's the technology they should be pressing on with, rather than driverless cars. I
  12. It was more like clay wildfowling, shooting across the ponds at dusk! Very enjoyable. Hope you had a good Christmas and see you on the 29th.
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