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  1. Thank you, that's an excellent review. I'm not hard on boots so I struggle to justify spending upwards of £200 and these looked good at £135. I notice they do another boot, the "Decoy" that looks similar and is only £105. I've only seen one or two bad reviews of Grisport boots and lots of good ones. Still undecided, if any one else has any experience of these please add.
  2. Reviving this to ask those that bought the Game keeper boots, how are they wearing and what's the fit like? Considering getting a pair myself.
  3. I've been in the trade over forty years and I can't disagree with you. The trouble is, nobody wants to pay what it actually costs to have a properly trained technician fix their car with good quality parts. They'll think nothing of spending £25,000+ on a car and then quibble about a few hundred on a service. All I hear is "That should only take five minutes, I can get those bits cheaper on ebay, you've only got to plug it into your computer thing and it'll tell you exactly whats wrong". Everything comes down to price.
  4. This country is full of institutionalised racism, where minorities are oppressed daily...apparently. I can't understand then, why so many want to come here, and then never go back when they discover how terrible it is.
  5. A few villages round here hold Scarecrow festivals, I'm all for them. They raise money for local causes, help bring a sense of community to the area and make people feel they are part of village life. And of course you're doing your bit in complying with annex 1 of the general licence by attempting to scare corvids away before shooting them. 😉
  6. Wymondley

    Bad break

    That made me wince.
  7. Wymondley

    Bad break

    I normally win the injury top trumps. Not something I tend to talk about but... Riding my motorbike somewhat "enthusiastically" I had a car turn right in front of me, went straight over the bonnet and into a tree! Tore my left leg off at the knee, snapped my left femur, shattered my right knee, broke my right tib' and fib', both went out through the skin. Fractured pelvis, broken ribs and left collar bone. Pulled the renal artery out of my right kidney. The skin on the entire left side of my body was bruised black for weeks. A week in intensive care, four mon
  8. RIP. His music will live on, "Oh well" a "Man of the world".
  9. Logic and legality aside, I doubt the sentence will ever be severe enough.
  10. "Murder can be proved when death results because of an intention to cause really serious injury." Intention needs to be proven beyond reasonable doubt, the prosecution would have to prove that each person accused of murder realised their actions would result in the death of PC Harper. The defence would show they were young, poorly educated and at the time of the offence, incapable of rational thought, thus sowing the those seeds of doubt. IMO manslaughter is a safer verdict, there is still the availability of a sufficiently high sentence but with less risk of appeal.
  11. A correct verdict, they didn't set out to kill. A conviction for murder could have been appealed, possibly successfully. It now remains to be seen whether the sentencing reflects the circumstances of the crime. 25 years each would seem appropriate although they'll likely get 10. Me, I'd hang them all, but then I'm not a Judge.
  12. Torcross, check out the Sherman tank memorial in the car park then eat fish n chips on the sea wall with a pint from the pub next door. Drive the tidal road at Aveton Gifford (at low tide), then on to Bigbury on sea and ride the sea tractor to Burgh Island (at high tide). Salcombe and Kingsbridge for shops.
  13. I understand the implication, but I see little similarity between the two events. This was not a peaceful protest.
  14. Perhaps BASC should be countering it by suggesting game meat is served on one of the other days.
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