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  1. Ignore it, I've not had TV for years. If you tell them you don't watch live TV they'll leave you alone for about two years, then it starts again. I stopped telling them, now the letters go straight in the bin unopened. The BBCs days are numbered, and they know it, although I foresee an attempt to fund them from general taxation.
  2. Is a Mars Rover anything like a Land Rover? If it is, it'll have already broken down.
  3. Each to their own, but I've never seen the point of going abroad, so much to see and do here. I doubt there's enough years left in me to see all the places I'd still love to visit in the UK. When my children were young, holidays meant loading up the Land Rover and just heading off somewhere, nothing booked or planned. Days spent rock pooling or beach combing or building camps in woods, they had fun and learnt about the environment. Their friends sat around hotel pools or went to Disneyland. I can't wait to get back out and about.
  4. RIP Sir, an officer and a gentleman.
  5. Herts did my renewal in 4/5 weeks including Christmas, medical forms took 4 days at the GP. My old cert' doesn't run out until the beginning of March, but I thought it wise to get the forms in early, new one on the mat early Jan'.
  6. It'll be autumn before everyone's had the vaccine, or at least everyone that wants it. It won't be until this time next year that we'll see how effective it's been, so probably 2022 before live events are back to any degree. Never been to Glastonbury but friends who go seem to enjoy it, some never go near the main stages, there's that many bands to see. Despite the trendy lefty appearance it all seems a bit corporate, that and they never have anyone I'd want to see. Ramblin man fair, a far better event imo.
  7. I think that would be the ones you're born with.
  8. The usual suspects no doubt. Other news reports say only two guns, Ruger and a Browning.
  9. The shooting equivalent of Mornington Crescent?
  10. High intensity discharge lamps. Might need the headlamp removing to change the bulb, that's often a bumper off, or be a complete lamp. Some need the self levelling resetting and that needs plugging into a computer to do. I have a car in tomorrow that's had the windscreen replaced, we now have to recalibrate the dual camera system that controls the lane assist/departure warning. Get used to it, it's the future.
  11. It's a lottery, depends on where you are and who your GP is. Herts, Beds and Cambs insist on a signed form from your doctor confirming your medical history, it's literally a few details then 8 yes/no tick boxes. Mine cost £45, my daughters surgery charged her a £9 "admin fee". Refuse to pay and they don't fill it in, no form, no ticket. Mine's not due until March but I thought I'd get in early, due to Covid, I got the form back from the Dr's in 4 days.
  12. Blimey, I wish I could still fit into clothes I wore in 1988 (size, not the fashion). Most of mine appear to have shrunk over Christmas. Breeks, waistcoats and caps seem to survive a hand wash in Woolite, don't think I'd risk a jacket though.
  13. We shot at AGL on Wednesday, booked a time, no queues, sanitizer at every stand. Apart from when we arrived I don't think we came within 60 feet of anyone else. Far safer than being in a supermarket or at work.
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