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  1. I still say some of you need to forget who filmed this and where, I think you're letting this "she's one of us" idea cloud your view. Go watch the video again, but this time imagine it was a fat bloke in a vest from the traveling community, then see if you'd still be so defensive.
  2. People need to stop trying to justify her actions because it was a hunt and it was filmed by "Antis". This has nothing to do with field sports. She behaved appallingly. "Good" dog trainers, really? It's ok to kick and slap a dog now is it, because it's on a shoot? What about if you saw some teens doing it to a dog in the town, any different? Watch the clip again, that wasn't any kind of reprimand, she lost her temper and took it out on the horse.
  3. The clip showed a woman losing her temper and taking it out on a defenceless animal. People who can't control themselves and lash out like that are just as likely to do it to humans...And she's a primary school teacher! Aside from that, what kind of example is she setting for the children, that it's OK to kick and slap? She shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children or animals.
  4. Some years ago, a friend of mine had the police turn up one evening, asked to see his guns, no explanation. After they'd checked each gun they told him a shotgun had been recovered following a "crime", and the serial no' on it matched one of his. Once happy it wasn't his gun, they thanked him and left. I guess it would've been different if he'd told them to go away as it wasn't convenient.
  5. No need to apologise, we all have opinions, right and wrong, it would be sad state of affairs if we couldn't express them. When it comes to the MOT, plenty of mechanics that have never tested get it wrong and plenty of testers that should know better get it equally wrong as well! The general opinion is the manual is poorly written anyway.+ And as to living in the past, well, I've always considered it to be a far nicer place.
  6. And all I can say to you is there are without doubt, testers who misinterpret the manual, I've worked with some. If you, or the test station you use are correct and that reason is say, an open circuit on an impact sensor, a car that uses "SRS" as the fault indicator light would fail but a different car with the same fault but using a pictogram or the words "AIR BAG" would pass? Because that is what you are suggesting and not only is it wrong but it's plainly absurd. I've been in the trade repairing all sorts of vehicles for over 40 years and testing for many of them, I do know what I'm talking about, I can assure you.
  7. I'd have to disagree. An airbag is part of the SRS, it can't function independently. Some manufactures use the SRS symbol for the warning indicator others an airbag pictogram, they both mean the same thing when illuminated, there is a fault within the SRS. supplemental restraint system (plural supplemental restraint systems) (automotive) Any of several restraining systems in a vehicle, such as an airbag, in addition to the seatbelts
  8. I'd assumed it would be down to whatever social media platform you were on verifying who you are. You would still post under your chosen user name, however if you made death threats or spouted hate speech etc you could be traced. I could of course be completely wrong!
  9. The air bag or often multiple air bags, are just components of the supplementary restraint system (SRS) along with seat belt pre tensioners, deployment modules and impact sensors. There is only one warning lamp to display a fault for the whole system, SRS/Airbag light, one in the same. That said, some vehicles have a separate light that indicates the passenger air bag has been disabled, having this illuminated doesn't indicate a fault and therefore doesn't constitute a failure. Perhaps that's where the confusion comes from?
  10. MOT Tester here. Those saying any warning lamp on is a failure are wrong, it depends on what the lamp is and what it's indicating amongst other things. An airbag light on that indicates a fault is a major failure.
  11. Ironic that such a remark would go over the heads of most of these poor kids. Perhaps if they had the education we were fortunate enough to receive there'd be less (perceived) poverty. When I left school I knew nothing of how many genders there were, I could however read, write, budget for my lifestyle and realise I shouldn't have children I couldn't support.
  12. 65%? I do wonder why, with such systemic poverty these people had children in the first place? Just saying.
  13. I actually agree with most of that, I just don't think you can incentivise these people, they've all been at it too long. Generations of families that have never worked, lazy uneducated parents that breed lazy uneducated children, who then become the same again as parents. We need to break the cycle, difficult with the adults but you could start with the kids! Proper basic education, core skills along with pride and respect, doable? I think so, it would be a start, but first we need to make changes to both teachers and teaching. And that's a whole different discussion.
  14. You are quite correct Comrade clangerman, I'm sure we've all earned a few quid on the side and not paid tax on it, I have. What I haven't done, is fund my whole lifestyle off other peoples earnings. If you can't differentiate the two...
  15. It's been hijacked by those that want their lifestyle funded by others, to the detriment of those truly in need of help.
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