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  1. I’m using the xq38 aswell but I would look at the pulsar xm22 has good reviews and at under a grand .
  2. I have a new Lee 50th anniversary reloading kit never been used looking for £140 {SOLD} Plus about 100 used once 243 cases mainly Norma but about 20 hornady Offers
  3. rickardo


    O have just removed Willow my goshawk out the avairy this week so will get her weight trimmed a little and have her up and running soon
  4. Quick question any one got a grs berserk or bifrost stock on there howa with sporter barrel, just thinking of changing my b&c stock to one and wanted to know how they fitted the action. Thanks
  5. I have a photon xt 4.6x42 if any good to you used on my 22lr but selling up £240 with add on ir torch. NN114LE
  6. I have a set of primos gen 2 tripod trigger sticks good working order looking for £70 collected (cost me £110) Daventry evening and weekends or i can take to work and collect from Milton Keynes weekdays.
  7. rickardo


    I don't do experience days but more than welcome to tag along next season
  8. rickardo


    Cool, I do like Harris hawk's very under rated birds..
  9. rickardo


    I've seen some YouTube vids like that looks like in Dubai, looks fun..
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