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  1. I zero @ 200...a mate uses a measuring wheel. If you do it in 2x50 then less lightly to under/over count. TEH
  2. As new batteries are very expensive then it will fit on any lorry with a 13/14mm spanner... The bottle will heat some one foc for a while...... As for the machine then it will make a few quid in an auction some where.... On the other side of the coin farmers are quite lax when it comes to nailing things down..... One reason is it take effort to come up with a solution....far easier to ring the NFU and put in a claim.... TEH
  3. The bit when the deer ran off......... You also made this statement on a comment I made..........on the muzzle up a chaps nose " its a very good point but I can assure u the rifles are never loaded before we are on the grounds and yes u are write we were on a public footpath ATB shippers" TEH
  4. The Essex Hunter, on 04 Jan 2015 - 08:28 AM, said: I you want to get in to the details of it....much the same as some comments on Stalking Directory then fine by me.... As above in red.....? Regarding the size of the ground....has no bearing on the pointing muzzles of rifles up peoples noses, climbing over stiles with a shouldered rifle, and being told where to place the shot.... That is what is on the clip.... TEH TEH
  5. I had a look on my ticket, there was no mention of asking people's opinion on shooting white deer... Was you the chap being told to shoot a little higher in the video? Far too many people on that bit of ground and expect the deer to be settled.... TEH
  6. I was thinking my eyesight was getting worse.......however your extra large text is easy to read........................ Seems a lot of your deer run away.....you cant blame the frost under foot for spooking them on this stalk TEH
  7. Plenty of meat on a rifle barrel.....far less wall thickness on a shot gun to scribble on.... TEH
  8. Not a drop of estuary mud in sight...............I hope you are still smiling... Well done TEH
  9. Cheers Rob, I have picked a club with some good marshes with out driving miles!! Got a bit of look with Chip bouncing around, however he went home with his lab and no duck............. TEH
  10. Being able to adjust to a wider beam will give you a wider field of view, which is not such a bad thing when checking before taking a shot..... The new gen hid lights do have a square beam, however a lot of lamp in a small tube........ TEH
  11. How do you start your pitch when you approach the farmers/land owner? Waving the dreaded permission slip is something I have never employed....at the moment rape is your best chance as any, you wont find many farmers out in the field spraying etc, gas guns are a bit of a give away along side the flying kites. Easy to describe a field with that type of kit in them in them, at least you cant add/use that info as part of you pitch... TEH
  12. Double typo error............. TEH
  13. No he hates going in the back of the truck!! Hence the miserable face........ TEH
  14. Well the one he had to day will need a few days to dry out....!! but it is just a coat... TEH
  15. With the wildfowling season slipping away, any chance to get out is always good. Like all working dogs the second the shooting kit is going on then the faster the tail goes..... As we were shooting the ebb tide the hour and half early we gave ourselves produced some good info on what a tide of this height would do.... A shot clip waiting for the tide to drop http://youtu.be/WWsdi2wS2VM Bright sunshine was not ideal, however I did manage to slide down to the shore line and launch a rig with 3 teal on, then retreat to my muddy pit.... First teal came in after 5 mins falling out around 15 yards belly up, with out the slightest hesitation Chip run along the shore line, swam out and hustled back. His neoprene coat has still not turned up so I pegged him down and slung my coat over him. The second landed out around 30 yards and was drifting to the edge of a cove so I left it to pick at the finish. The third was a nice long shot, with a 40 yard retrieve across the salting's. My shooting partner only faired one teal but it rounded off making a tally of 2 brace. Needless to say the dog had plenty of fun like us....he is all cleaned up, fed and fast asleep!! TEH
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