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  1. I have a franchi alcione which has not ha much use. The trigger jambs up when firing the second (top) barrel. I am thinking it something to do with the safety spring, does anyone know of this being a common problem
  2. I have a 682gold and a franchi alcione one. The chokes look identical to each other, does anyone know if they are. It would be handy if I could interchange them.
  3. 1/4 choke is plenty for where I shoot. open is also fine
  4. Cant get on with my benelli auto, so after a sxs for fowling with and would prefer an English stock. There are some 3 inch about but don't seem to be magnum or steel rated. I am going to cut off the chokes any way so I was thinking these would be fine. Does anyone think any different or what do they recommend.
  5. RTM, haha obvious really thanks. Cant find nothing in the manual on the link at top of topic list and I didn't get one with the gun. To be honest the shells I have are 42 gram No1 steels, I said minimags because it was easier, appologies. I know its proofed for steel but don't know if it is ok for the larger loads that are 70mm length.
  6. Whats RTM ? I was going to use it for geese with minimags
  7. How would I find out the maximum recommended load for my gun (beretta 682 gold)
  8. Is this gun the same as those advertised on gun trader for 750 new, or is it a differant model.
  9. Is it synthetic or wooden stock and how old is it? regards andy
  10. Condition, length, age, is it cased, Chokes? Thanks
  11. I have a o/u single trigger ejector shot gun, not sure of make (a lamber copy i am told). Trouble is it won't fire second barrel unless you put safety on and off. I'm told it could be the trigger spring, does that sound likely? Also are they differcult to change and where can i get one from?
  12. Anyone know how to tell the differance between sporter, trap and skeet versions? Cheers
  13. Cheers for the comprehensie reply. You have simply highlighted that as with any other branch of law, common sense and behaviour in a reasonable manner must be applied. The farmer says there is no covenant in his lease with regard to shooting rights, however i know where this guy normaly shoots so i am going to try and find out who he says owns them and ask if they can proof it is as such.
  14. Most of the land apart from this farm is owned by an estate, which leases the sporting rights separaly. Would it be normal for the land owners of the farm not to own the sporting rights. Can the farmer demand to see proof of permission to shoot.
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