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  1. Four slips: No 1 - Lightly padded fold over top 48” long £10 posted No 2 - Thickly padded (faux sheepskin) strong and sturdy. Carrying handles. Full length side zip 50” long. £15 posted !!!SOLD!!! No 3 - Unusual all leather short slip. Top zip. Not lined. No strap or handles. 40” long. Unmarked. £15 posted No 4 - Thickly padded, outer side pocket. Strap and handles. Missing top hanging loop (easy fix with large split ring) 49” long. £13 posted All in good condition with the tiniest of marks Thanks
  2. Anyone thought of asking Packham? He's sure to have an opinion!
  3. As the old saying goes “ The old ones are the best ones”.
  4. A good used Rimfly reel. I prefer the Gearfly version. The back has a few paint scrapes but it’s used. £12 posted thanks
  5. I'm not trying again so will put in a local auction after this mess.
  6. No, not a word - tried twice! Funnily enough I was fiddling around with it this afternoon - it certainly delivers a dart!
  7. Brain dead here - Children home schooling, one escaped and got tangled in a fly line I was cleaning - Hey Ho!
  8. CaptC


    Very interesting. I have heard that a mole always comes to the surface at 3 o’clock? The idea of letting them bleed to death is appalling. They have a higher number of red blood cells as they live in an environment with less oxygen so need the extra blood cells to give them the oxygenated blood. Tales of The River Bank - you will never kill a mole again! A good reference point for information on moles is The Guild of British Molecatchers
  9. Eley ivorine letter opener often given to gun shops and retail outlets to promote their cartridges £12 posted thanks !!!SOLD!!!
  10. CaptC


    Not sure this is allowed but here goes https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/363034215967?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=363034215967&targetid=1000151317660&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9045313&poi=&campaignid=10204066968&mkgroupid=107296203972&rlsatarget=pla-1000151317660&abcId=1145985&merchantid=138345384&gclid=Cj0KCQiA9P__BRC0ARIsAEZ6irgdFQ6_vZ1MrUPvS7gFzweltP47FB8f6lF-84afow1EKt9Zgl9heC0aAvuCEALw_wcB The only snag is that thanks to Brexit they are unobtainable. I used them when I farmed in France and
  11. The Memsahib has decided she would like to join me fishing which means looking forward to hours trying to teach her to cast with the strong possibility (hopefully) she will get tired and return to the gin bottle. Hence a cheap rod please? No jokes about "rods" please!
  12. This is not film related so an apology - Hugh Fearnley - Whittingstall is seen out with his chums rough shooting for the Christmas pot. He is using a Beretta O/U but in the next part he has a S/S. Continuity missing!
  13. A cholesterol check might be a good idea?
  14. I was at at a shoot lunch once when someone mentioned Pringles and disappeared to his car coming back with a tube of Pringles - "Watch this" he said taking a lighter from his pocket and lighting the corner of a Pringle. Within seconds it was alight giving of the most pungent acrid smoke. I have never eaten one since!
  15. A good canvas "flip top" opening gun slip. Leather and chrome fastener. Vinyl block end with loop. Tiny light "scratch" which does not go through the outer material. £14.00 posted (after Christmas) Thanks - Happy Christmas! Please PM me if interested
  16. CaptC


    If you can find it try Cabrales - Spanish mountain cheese. Melts in the mouth but then has an after taste that makes you grab for the port!
  17. Is it April 1st already and yes, Houndslow was her brother!
  18. Dementia - our 15 year old JR is going the same way but so far not aggressive. He stands exactly where you are walking and stares into space and barks his head off at nothing. If he starts any aggression it will be a visit to the vet. I would not tolerate an aggressive dog especially with children~!!
  19. Yes - pressed the button!😧 Probably busy
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