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  1. Three books all in A1 condition (Working Gundogs has a dedication inside) £15 posted for all three. Sorry but I’m not splitting them. Sold to Bov 1 with thanks
  2. Getting closer - The sketch I remember had one of them chopping off her fingers (I think she fed them to the dog?) All very gung - ho.
  3. No - thanks but in the sketch I'm looking for it has F&S as two country ladies who are very upper crust. Searching has come up with the sketches being removed?
  4. The sketch had, if I remember, a Labrador dog. It wasn’t the two fat “men”.
  5. I was telling the Memsahib who is a few years my junior about a very amusing sketch that French and Saunders did about two very “loud” county ladies. Not the two fat ladies that they parodied. I can remember one of them cutting off her fingers? Youtube seems to have deleted them? A link would be much appreciated! Happy New Year to you all!
  7. We shoot 10 "main days" then a clear up day at the end of the season. Full or half gun but work days and a dog essential. We are a very friendly bunch, the emphasis is on having a good day rather than the bag. A prize draw runs every week with cash for the winner - the rest goes towards paying for the Beater's shoot dinner.
  8. If there are £30 ish RFD fees at the buyers end surely, £30 ish would cover fuel?
  9. BSA Italian made 3” chambered.410. Condition is 8.5/9 out of 10. Stock (14” LOP) Forend has a couple of light marks as does the stock. The stock and forend are varnished - Stripped and reworking would make nice woodwork. 28” barrel retains it’s blueing. Internally again some tiny marks but would polish out. This is a good knock around gun and a knock down price! Happy to RFD at buyer’s cost. £60!!
  10. Syndicate place available for the 2022/23 season in Cornwall (near Launceston) 1400 birds, walk one stand one. Some of the best high birds you will find in the South West. Very steep valleys with the river Inney as our border in one valley. Self catering lunch followed by cheese and port. The usual shoot elevenses. Work days and a reasonable dog are part of the membership. The syndicate has reformed with a new 'Keeper/Shoot Captain. We are a very sociable syndicate where camaraderie is as much as the sport. Approximate cost is £1,000 per gun. Half guns considered. Anyone wishing to have a look over the shoot is more than welcome to come along. Thanks Moved thanks to Tightchoke!!
  11. Change of plan. Just been told it’s the children’s concert tomorrow so here we are
  12. I will go and look. The model is Windsor de Luxe (stamped on the rib) - No numbers on the trigger guard. Will post some more pictures tomorrow, I’ve been a bit busy!
  13. Probably the best of the Browning range. My 425 has just returned from a service and is faultless
  14. Union Armera/Grulla assisted opener with detachable locks. Lock plates bright finished, some slight use marks as expected. Internally the locks are a work of art. Barrels stamped with the Grulla crane.70 mm chambers. Holland and Holland assisted opening, the barrels spring open when moving the top lever. Detachable locks. Refurbished to a very high standard, checkering is excellent, unmarked stock traditionally oiled. Silvers type pad. Stock length an 1/8" under 14.5"with the pad.Rolled trigger guard and articulated front trigger. Trigger pulls are crisp. Ejectors are very powerful and with assisted opening it's a joy to use.Barrels are a deep black (slight blemish in front of forend underneath) The barrels have been polished internally and are spotless. Made in 1982 (Grulla confirm this) Today's equivalent would cost over £18,000!! Happy to RFD at buyers cost. £900 - sorry no offers please as the cheapest equivalent I can find is £1500 I have a modern motoring case which I photo tomorrow which I will throw in with the gun. If seriously interested please PM with an email address for more pictures as I seem to have lost mine somewhere in the ether!
  15. Thanks - thought it was someone from Essex?
  16. Most kind - It would be for Agri us, just the odd road mileage around the lanes at the farm
  17. I have just spent too much time working my way through the DVLA's procedure on how to register a quad bike. I got precisely nowhere as it seems to go around in circles? Can a kind PW member please explain the procedure - The quad is second hand, obviously no V5, chassis number and inside trouser leg measurement available. Many thanks CaptC
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