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  1. I don’t mind fitting alarms as I live rurally, although I’ve never been asked to fit one, but I think that with a lack of any effective representation, UK shooters are at the mercy of licensing authority whims when it comes to such things, and matters will become increasingly restrictive and intentionally made as difficult as possible to be granted tickets in future. The severity of these difficulties will rise in conjunction with the severity of licensing authority cock ups. We are assessed and judged by an authoritative service which doesn’t want us to have firearms, yet is reluctant to concede the responsibility that it fears being held accountable for. How can that be right?
  2. I think much depends on where you live. You’ve made good progress by getting on a shoot; many doors are opened via this route. If you knock on a door not knowing whether that land is already shot over, and the landowner says yes, then it’s not your problem if he has already given permission to someone else. Most tell you if they already have someone, whether they have or not is irrelevant, it can sometimes just be their way of saying no. I pay to shoot on a local farm, but it’s an absolute paltry sum agreed by us going back donkies years, when we first started ferreting there, as we’ve known each other since we were kids, and is simply my way of keeping others off that land. There are many other places I shoot just by verbal agreement, but in all cases, I know well the landowners. Like I said, much depends where you live.
  3. Scully

    Section 1 shotgun

    Pump or self loader?
  4. Much depends on how the mental health issues manifest themselves, in my experience, and the treatment prescribed, but I would be very surprised if you lost your firearms over this. You need to inform your FEO, and liaise with the mental health specialist treating your relative, if indeed they’ll discuss his case with you if he isn’t sectioned, and/or if he is in your care.
  5. There are just so many good cartridges out there, and this is yet another. 👍
  6. I have the Beartooth on my Benelli. Works well.
  7. A larger than life character. He played a memorable role in ‘ The 51st State’. Great film and from all accounts a great bloke.
  8. Brilliant! We can sleep soundly in our beds once again. 🙂
  9. I haven’t commented on this as I’m not aware of the exact circumstances of the accident, but have just seen a photo’ of the man who was killed, on the BBC’s Look North regional news programme, and realised with great shock that I know him. His name is Brian, and he lived less than five miles from me at Edenhall. He was a regular in the beaters trailer, along with his two gorgeous cockers, on the BIG shoot. I was just talking to him last Saturday, as I often would, as he was simply a very very nice gentle man, liked by all, who loved his dogs and the craic on the shoot. I’d like to say I was privileged to know him. He will be missed, and I’m saddened by the fact I won’t see him again, to share the craic and his ready laugh. A sad day.
  10. But we weren’t in lockdown, and the booster programme had no bearing on restrictions at all regarding visitors to homes. There is no obligation within hospitality, nor has there ever been, to provide proof of a negative lateral flow test prior to a visit. There is no requirement either, to wear a mask prior to a visit regarding hospitality. When my FEO visited he asked if I wanted him to wear a mask, I said it was entirely up to him. He didn’t bother. There really are no excuses not to provide this service, other than one of agenda.
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