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  1. Shed and Buried

    Cheers. Very interesting. 👍
  2. Shed and Buried

    No. Can’t say I saw that one. I often view Pinterest due to my interest in art, and there are hundreds of pictures on there of car and other vehicle ‘finds’ from around the world.
  3. deer on fac

    If you have the relevant calibre for the relevant deer species, and your ticket states any lawful quarry, then you’re good to go.
  4. That’s a fair point. If the gun doesn’t have the relevant proof marks he shouldn’t have sold it to you. Is it entered on your ticket as ‘sold’? If so then it must be in proof.
  5. Shed and Buried

    Cheers Fatcatsplat; will do. Sounds interesting . 👍
  6. If it has no BNP stamp on it then it can only be assumed it hasn’t been through any British proof house in recent times. This in itself doesn’t necessarily mean it’s black powder nor unsafe to use modern smokeless cartridges through it. I once owned a shotgun which had never been proofed, but I used it for many years before moving it on. I cant think why it would be chambered for 3” if your RFD states nothing longer than 2.5”? There are some very knowledgeable folk on here whom may be able to help, but it would be worth further investigation to get a definitive answer. Interesting.
  7. Variation mistake

    If you have ‘good reason’ then yes; that is all that is required.
  8. I thought shooting on Ilkley moor had been banned years ago?
  9. Shed and Buried

    Amazes me also. Some of those with impressive collections aren’t exactly in their first flush of youth. I sometimes wonder just what it is they’re saving them for? A local property owner ( miserly beyond belief ) found a complete MGB GT under a tarpaulin in the back of a hotel garage he’s just bought, some years ago. I told him where he should advertise it and gave it no further thought, only to discover a few years ago that, worried he’d get ripped off, he left it round the back of his house where it rusted away beyond salvage. Prune.
  10. Shed and Buried

    Hadn’t thought of that!
  11. Shed and Buried

    It is for this very reason ( the intrusive music, often of what can only be described as ‘crash metal’ .....regardless of topic ) that I can’t bear to watch American versions of similar programmes. I started to watch one some time ago about a ‘dig’ in a trench system in Flanders, but sadly had to turn it off after a couple of minutes. Must admit I can’t recall hearing the background music to Shed and Buried! No doubt it’ll ‘intrude’ now you’ve mentioned it. You may have just spoiled this programme for me Gordon! 😃
  12. Shed and Buried

    Was channel hopping the other day and came across this delight of a programme. I have always been besotted by collectibles of all manner of things, from militaria to motor vehicles, from ceramics to signage and all manner of antiques. It has been a lifelong unexplainable passion of mine to ratch and rummage in all manner of places from rubbish tips to skips, and I have collected and sold and swapped over the years what many refer to as ‘tat’, but which to me is treasure. I am forever astounded and delighted to discover just what there still is out there lurking in sheds and garages around the country. Binge watched three hours of this programme the other day!
  13. Which digital caller ???

    Mate used to have a digital caller but I always considered it too repetitive. I preferred to use either a bit of polystyrene on the vehicle window, or better still sucking on the pads on the palm of my hand. I have no idea how the effectiveness of one over another could be gauged. After all, if the foxes aren’t there it doesn’t matter what you use.
  14. Buffalo River Cabinet Problems

    I’m not into rubbishing other people’s choices but my experience of Buffalo River products hasn’t led me to buy any more.