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  1. That’s a shame, our local hotels are doing a roaring trade at present. As you say, a good breakfast is a great start to a days shooting.
  2. Correct. That simple fact takes priority over all. If there is no market ( whether in the UK or the European continent ) for shot game, then it will be the end of UK driven shooting, and from then on the rest of us wont be far behind. It’s just politics.
  3. Twaddle eh? 😀 You just don’t get it do you? No one cares about you or your piddling little syndicate, or your amble through the countryside with a few mates on your farm shoot ( I’m in a piddling little syndicate too, and a farm rough shoot ) nor ‘ a brace or two ‘ to take home at the end of the day. I’ve never been in a syndicate where the bag was sold either, but it’s not about you or your ‘sporting’ shots, it’s about politics and survival. You’re right about one thing, the banning of lead won’t change the public’s perception of shooting, but what do you think that perception will
  4. There will be no exemptions for ‘classic‘, ‘ vintage’ or whatever you want to call guns of a certain age, because it’s not about conserving those guns, it’s about LEAD SHOT IN GAME, and the sale of that commodity. The environment without doubt plays a part in the decision also, but the top priority of BASC, NGO and all other signatories to the phase out, is the saleability of shot game, and nothing more. You constantly seem to be overlooking this fact. No one cares about your ‘classic’ or ‘vintage’ guns, it is all about the saleability of shot game. It’s an industry; a huge business t
  5. OH’s Dad has a Westwood. Can’t recall model but it’s a good un. 👍
  6. There you go. My suggestion is just based on the keepers I know, and my own Benelli. Im not a wildfowler but have experience of quite a few semi autos, but if I wanted something other than a Benelli as a dedicated foreshore workhorse, I’d plump for the Baikel MP 153. It just looks and seems ( from everything I’ve read and seen ) the tool for the job.
  7. It’s got to be Benelli for me. First choice of every ‘keeper I know, and I know lots. Bombproof.
  8. Great pic! There’s nothing as chilled as a ferret in a hammock! I only ever lost mine while ferreting really; if the odd one escaped people would always know whose it was if they saw one ratching about and give me a call. Glad you’re all sorted with a happy outcome.
  9. 😀 Yeah, it is a little addictive. 👍
  10. The 700’s are an old design now, and although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it as it has stood the test the time, the majority dont have detachable mags, which can be a bore. I have had both Tikka and 700 in the past, can thoroughly recommend either, especially the former.
  11. 👍I use Hoppes No 9, and have done ever since my handgun days. It’s the smell primarily, it just smells of old gun cases and vintage firearms. 🙂
  12. We all make mistakes. Lesson learned. I once bought an old Winchester pump with a seized choke! More fool me for not looking. Local blacksmith heated up the barrel and we managed to get it loose eventually. Winchoke was scrap afterwards though! 🙂
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