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  1. Scully

    London bridge

    We’re talking Moses here and entering the realms of fantasy, which gets us into all manner of trouble and throws up more questions than answers, particularly when one questions it’s relevance with ones arguments regarding climate change! An eye for an eye means like for like, and as far as I’m concerned therefore, means take a life, forfeit your own.
  2. No. That’s what your wife is for! 🙂
  3. 😂😂👍It probably isn’t that funny ( but it tickled me ) but I’m in the the pub! 🙂
  4. Chamber brush, and one very well worth keeping. 👍
  5. Scully

    London bridge

    Doesn’t an eye for an eye mean if you take an eye you forfeit one of your own? If so, doesn’t take a life mean you forfeit your own?
  6. You make some staggering comments at times, you really do. Is that question as a precursor to justification for some gullible and empty headed parole board to sanction his release some time in the future? The head of the parole board Union was interviewed and made the same comment as you in another thread regarding the number of serious offenders who were released and didn’t go on to reoffend, as if this was some sort of justification for releasing murderers back into society. It isn’t justification at all. It is outrageous! I hope this case and the recent one regarding the recently deceased terrorist gather momentum and go towards an end to this scandalously reckless policy of releasing scum back onto our streets. The people who make these decisions are seemingly as far removed from the effects of their actions as are the bureaucrats who create this policy. Accountability may focus their attention.
  7. I’d have to agree with this. Mexicans are as hard as nails, they have to be.
  8. Winchester: An American Legend. By R. L . Wilson. If you like Winchester’s it’s a book well worth having.
  9. I only caught the first ten minutes or so, and all I have seen of the others was a thirty second stint of AN’s brutal mauling of Sturgeon regarding alcoholism in Scotland etc, before turning it over. I too am usually quite keen to see politicians squirm, but am also convinced it means nothing ultimately. I’ve even given up on Question Time, which I used to enjoy enormously. My only concern about voter apathy, and this GE, is that if polls put any particular party out front with a significant lead, voters will consider it a done deal and not bother.
  10. 🙂 He’s anything but subtle. Great to watch! Missed the end as OH is getting a bit sick of politics now, so it was turned over for something nice and fluffy like Welcome to the Chateau, or similar! 😃
  11. Sorry, my mistake! I forgot the M6 becomes the A74 (M) around Gretna! My apologies.
  12. Depends where you live! 🙂 It’s only 40 odd miles from me. 🙂
  13. Thanks. Yes, unfortunately that trap is no longer below the platform though. This was the stand I referred to when I mentioned a bird being driven into the ground. It now consists of a quartering right to left bird which was easy enough to hit, and an on report midi which just dived into the ground shortly after appearing. I couldn’t get to grips with it at all. Like you, I really enjoyed it when that bird took off from directly below!
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