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  1. Have word with your farmer, just to ensure you’re on the same page when it comes to paperwork. 👍
  2. Personally I’d apply now, given you have land permission, but as your ‘good reason’, I’d specify pest control rather than target shooting. In my experience, pest control is more likely to be granted rather than ad hoc plinking outside HO approved ranges.
  3. Scully


    Indeed. 🙂
  4. I saw this somewhere, regarding Lineker claiming he’s was ill tret as a kid due to his dark skin. I could say the same! Stopped at EVERY port of embarkation EVERYWHERE I have travelled! Surrounded by armed police at Manchester on one ocassion for straying into the queue of another flight! Bags searched everywhere I go. The only person out of a hydrofoil of 250 passengers stopped on my way into Venice where the Italian rozzers made me empty all my gear onto a table including EVERY packet of cigarettes I’d just bought at duty free on the boat! The only person on a ship of over 500 passengers to be called back onto the boat and detained for an hour while trying to disembark at Port Said, while they all sat and talked to me in a foreign language! I’m assuming they were expecting me to crack but I didn’t …….cos I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about! 😂 The list goes on, as does the discrimination! Is it cos I isn’t black but looks like I should be? 😀 Where can I put my claim in?
  5. Scully


    Nice try….again! 🙂 Some people just need to let it go; perhaps therapy would help? A worldwide pandemic and a war in Eastern Europe, all blamed on Brexit! 😀
  6. 😀 I thought that was what you meant but wasn’t sure so googled greed day, but it only came up with green day. Enjoy yourself.👍
  7. Do you mean Green Day?
  8. I quite agree. While I’ve no idea of the legality issue, they are there to provide a service; it’s NOT an option but part of their job. They have resisted every attempt and suggestion of outsourcing licensing, so they should be getting on with their job.
  9. Really? I thought we only got about 4% of our gas from Russia?
  10. Scully


    Nice try. 😀I did all my celebrating in the first few days following the vote result, while those who voted to stay were whipping themselves into an outraged hissy fit . 🙂
  11. I always flash fry chicken ( in whatever form ) so it is browned initially. Rubbery chicken can be common ( it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it ) but it often happens if there’s a high water content. Throw in some soy sauce or Boujoin and it usually turns out ok.
  12. This thread seems to have degenerated into comparisons of hearing loss( PARDON! ) which is fair enough, but to get back on topic, barrel length doesn’t make a **** of difference at our level. I decoy with 28” barrels, unless I’m using my Benelli, which is 28” but the receiver makes it seem longer. I shoot game with anything from 27” ( Winchester 101 ) to 32” ( Renato Gamba Daytona ) and it doesn’t make a difference that I can tell….‘you’re either on em or you’re not’. I shoot clays with anything from 28” to 32”, which CAN make a difference dependant on the discipline ( that Westlands driven tower is sublime with a 32” gun ) but again at my level it’s not worth worrying about…..‘you’re either on em or you’re not’. 🙂
  13. Back when my lad played it the graphics were amazing, they must be phenomenal now!
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