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  1. My apologies. My mistake. Good luck with the sale. It’s the sort of thing I’d quite like myself, just for fun. 👍
  2. I may be wrong, but I think this post will be removed. No replicas/blank firers/airsoft allowed.
  3. Fabulous guns ( know because I have one ) and at a bargain price. Good luck with the sale. 👍
  4. There will be some stunning work on display. This was one of the pieces from the last Biennale we attended, designed by the son of the Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn.
  5. Thank you. Stand 34. Stop by for the craic if you have time. 👍
  6. Thank you. We stay at the Hotel Gorizia ( spelling ) which is just off San Marco, on the main street to Rialto Bridge. You’re right, it is a wonderful city. This will be my fourth visit ( can’t recall how many times OH has been ) and we always manage to get the same hotel. I woke one morning to the sounds of Vivaldi coming through our open bedroom window. Magical.
  7. Thank you. Yes, really looking forward to it. Venice does indeed get beneath your skin, with a painting around almost every corner. Will be savouring every moment. 👍 Thank you. Only the five days unfortunately to take in the two preview evenings, but it will be buzzing! Thank you. Am fluent in coffee! 👍
  8. Scully


    Went to Lagos ( pronounced ‘Lagosh’ ) on the Algarve a long time ago. Fabulous beaches and food, and although I can’t remember any big climbs, can’t really recall the terrain, sorry.
  9. I had one! Sold it along with my Diamond Grade to ‘sweeten’ the deal! Well worth holding onto. 👍 I have another Winchester red leather 101 case, but that’s for my 8500. Thank you. Yes, he is. Totally painless transaction. 🙂👍
  10. They are. 👍 Indeed. 🙂👍
  11. Hi Mungler. No website currently, new one pending. Yes, I sell them through various galleries and exhibitions up North and Scotland, plus people contact me through Instagram.
  12. Thanks to @pigeonbasher oz for the case. I once sold this to a friend who coveted it and borrowed it each time we went on our rough shoot. I had a Grand European also so didn’t think I’d miss it, but each time I saw it I yearned to have it back! I found him a GE eventually and bought back the Field. He still asks me to bring it whenever we go on the rough shoot! It has 27” fixed choke 1/4 & 1/2 barrels, black action and a small brass bead in the vented top barrel. It has plain varnished wood and is nothing exceptional, but there’s just something about it I can’t put my finger on. Mate agrees. I found it as a sleeper in Lakeland Guns, along with a sleeper of a Winchester 1500 XTR. I bought them both for less than 500 quid the pair. I shot my most memorable bird with this gun many moons ago. It was the last drive on the last day of the season, days which more or less turned out to be a glorified dog walk really, and after four drives hadn’t fired a shot. I was walking gun down the left hand side of a 250 yard long broad wood, bereft of conifers, and there were no leaves on the trees and all the cover in it was gone, battered down by a season of rains and strong bitter winds. I was keeping up at a steady stroll with the beaters dogs, my always the optimist Border Terrier skipping along beside me. With about fifty yards to go not a bird had lifted and not a shot fired from the standing guns, and just as I was thinking I wouldn’t need to clean my gun, I saw a pheasant lift through the bare canopy on the far side of the wood. ‘Ah well, nevermind’ I thought, it was someone else’s bird. But as I watched, it cleared the tree tops where the strong wind turned it roughly in my direction, and then it was hurtling towards me from about 20’clock, at a really good height. I closed my gun, stepped into its path as it crossed me, and swept it from the sky as it scythed past. It simply folded up and arced down into the next field. I heard a distant cheer from the woods! My Border was well on her way and retrieved it splendidly. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make your day. That one memorable bird.
  13. Can’t believe ‘shagged ’ got through! Was expecting a row of ******!
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