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  1. Meeting and getting to know some very nice and interesting people. Starting and finishing when I want, having a day off when I want. Have gained permissions from doing the work I do. I sometimes run workshops and a bonus is that I often sell work as a result, and have often gained other work from those. It has on many an occasion, worked in reverse, as I have been asked to do work for people I have got to know through beating and shooting. I have been given very expensive wines on completion of work, and all manner of things.
  2. Me too. I don’t know how many times I watched it before I had the nerve to watch the cellar scene with his mother in the rocker! 😀
  3. I used to buy mine from Tim Hannam (?) back in the days, and it consisted of cork, sawdust and nut shells if I recall.
  4. Must admit we like a Scandinavian series ourselves. I see Bates Motel has just started on the Beeb. It is about our Norman as a young psycho’ and his Mam Norma ( 🤔) as they find themselves a nice little Motel. 😳 It was aired some time ago but I was always too busy to get into. May be worth a whirl.
  5. Ah, good thinking! No I didn’t, but have now! Have just bought a very nice leather short slip off the forum, funnily enough, by Conway of London. 🙂
  6. Yeah, bit cryptic. I was also told yesterday that shorter barrelled shotguns are back in favour again. 🤷‍♂️
  7. I’ve tried shooting with my left eye closed; picking up the bird with both eyes and closing my left as I mount the gun, and I just can’t get to grips with it, although I’m sure it works for some, and indeed for Dave Carrie there is no alternative. I think it was Timps who posted a very good, in depth and informative post on a previous thread on this topic, based on his own experiences; it would be worth doing a search for those interested.
  8. It’s just been on the lunchtime news, with shifty Swiftys mate Debbie Payne. 🙂
  9. Had forgotten about art; so I’ll have to amend my list to Portrait/landscape artist of the year, and Grayson Perry’s Art Club. 👍 It may appear we do nothing but watch tv of an evening, but we really don’t watch that much; we’re both busy with artwork ourselves most of the time, so if there’s nothing on, the tv isn’t on either. 🙂I’ve never seen Silent Witness, not a single episode! Forensics really intrigue and fascinate me, and this is well worth a watch, although I despair at the totally pointless and needless killings which form the basis of each programme, and the sentences
  10. So are guns proofed for HP steel made from different materials and in a different manner than those proofed for standard steel, or indeed just nitro proofed? It follows that if the answer is no, and I suspect it is so, then obviously our non steel shot proofed guns are ok for steel. Isn’t that logical? I have put HP steel through my non steel shot proofed guns also. Like you say, once you know the facts it’s up to the individual.
  11. Inspired by the adverts thread, I just wondered what folk were watching on a regular basis. Currently we are really enjoying, in no particular order: Cornwall: This Fishing Life. The Great. Forensics: The real CSI. Schitts Creek. Netflix. I mentioned this latter to my kids and they have binge watched the entire series during lockdown! The Chateau Diaries. YouTube. although this is mostly my OH, who is devoted to it, I don’t mind if I miss it. Salvage Hunters.
  12. What it should have said was, that all pheasants and grouse placed in the food chain may contain elements of lead shot, as indeed it has done for the last two hundred years or so, ( and then because the Beeb extols its self proclaimed virtue of being impartial and balanced, could go on to state ) and in all that time there are no records of anyone having died of consuming toxic lead shot game, unlike that other toxic substance, alcohol. 🙂 Just a thought.
  13. Ok. Think of it logically. Are shotgun barrels proofed for steel made with different materials or in a different manner than those proofed for nitro? Do you know, cos I don’t. However, if they are made differently, then how come it is perfectly acceptable to submit your nitro proofed gun for steel shot proofing? If you can have your nitro proofed gun proofed for steel, isn’t it just logical that it is obviously capable of handling steel, or do nitro proofed guns fail during steel shot proofing? If you’re in doubt about using steel in your non steel shot proofed gun, then just shoot
  14. Indeed. There may come a time when the value of our S1 auto’s are doubled simply by filling the mag’ with Bismuth! 😀
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