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  1. My thinking was that if lead is going I’d just fix it at half, and just give a bit more thought to cartridges. Have asked all over if other Benelli barrels would fit. There was a (possibly still is ) secondhand 24” Montefeltro (?) barrel on GT. I have asked the seller several times if it will fit an M2, but they haven’t bothered to reply.
  2. When all this is over I may be getting my M2 chopped to 24”. Have been looking for a 24” barrel for it but the cost and timespan was ridiculous. May just have it chopped and fixed at 1/2 or 3/4. Mate has a 24” barrelled A391(?) Light. It is a fabulous little great fun auto, especially in a hide.
  3. I’ve only done it the once; it was an unforgettable day. 🙂 Thankyou. I did smile a bit I must admit. 🙂
  4. I once killed three for three with my old Winchester 1500 XTR while decoying pigeon. It was an exceptionally busy day I must admit; probably the best day in a hide mate and me had. I still remember it well...and still have the Winchester. 🙂
  5. I don’t think there is a ‘need’, it’s just personal preference. Must admit I never emptied mine whilst decoying, but a mate who owned it before me once did. 🙂
  6. Can I ask why the over large type? It appears as if you’re shouting as well as ranting.
  7. Mate has just called to tell me he’s finally been stopped from going to work. He’s a rep for a company which sells parts to the haulage industry. He lives on his own, but his fiancée ( they’ve been engaged for years but I don’t think it’s gonna happen....he has the best of both worlds! 😀 ) lives on her Fathers 350 acre farm which forms one half of our rough shoot, so he’s gonna ‘isolate’ there....jammy sod! He’s taking a shotgun and his HMR, and his camera. I am really quite envious. 🙂
  8. Ours closed in about 1998! It’s only open Fair week now, and that’s been cancelled....HOORAH!!😃
  9. So once you’ve got the ok from the landowner, you also have to seek the ok from the police? Or is it that in normal circumstances seek the landowners permission and then just tell the police you’re going and they then issue the URN? So in this case, your mates have sought the landowners permission, who has consented, but the police have said said no, in which case without the URN you can’t go? This open to interpretation lark is farcical and doesn’t help anyone.
  10. Just talked to a local as I was having a walk before sundown; he pulled up in his Landrover for the craic. He’s off up the Fells with his .243; you’ll struggle to get more isolated than that! 🙂
  11. Is that a ‘Unique reference number’? If so can I ask why you need one? Exactly! In circumstances such as these it should be beyond ‘interpretation’. It would seem common sense and logic don’t apply anymore.
  12. Absolutely. Very very underrated guns for whatever reason, but one of the best out there in my opinion. 👍
  13. This. I’ve had numerous autos over the years but it’s never occurred to me to try to get more than two in a S2 magazine. 🤷‍♂️
  14. It would have to be Benelli for me; it is the go to choice of every keeper I know, which is why I bought one. 🙂 Im assuming you’re talking self loader here and not pump?
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