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  1. If you’re shooting well with the 425, why do you want a Beretta? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to stick with Browning, such as a Pro-Sport?
  2. Then just what exactly are people paying subscriptions for? They promote themselves as the ‘voice of shooting’ yet won’t take up a challenge. Advice such as ‘keep a low profile’ or ‘dont comply’, and in doing so leaving the shooter to the whims of authority, amount to the same thing, an inability or unwillingness to act lest it cost them money.....members money! We pay our shooting organisations to oppose unwarranted, illegal and biased agendas, just as you are doing with then in your challenge of NE policy. Or does it just apply if you’re a wild Fowler? The evidence and instances of BASC’s Ineffectiveness and inability to act is far too commonplace and compelling for even your blinkered attitude to ignore.
  3. I would have thought that this was a perfect use to which BASC’s very expensive ‘media centre’ could be put to. Just a thought.
  4. It was after speaking to my NGO rep’ that my decision to leave was enforced, exactly as it panned out after talking to Mike Eveleigh of BASC. Admission that they are powerless to act, as was the case with BASC, or as in the case of the NGO, an inability to explain a contradictory policy decision, makes me question why I’m funding this ineffectiveness. So I’m not anymore.
  5. This is exactly what I did after many years of BASC’s underachieving.
  6. Stopping smoking is a mind game; and hard to believe I know ( but nevertheless true ) if you’re in the right state of mind you don’t get ‘cravings’. I tried countless times to ‘give up’ smoking, and usually did ok until I went to the pub, but on the day I stopped for good, I had my head straight and went to the pub to celebrate. Again, hard to believe but again, nevertheless true. Allan Carr ( not the comedian ) is your best friend. 🙂
  7. Ok, you’re trying my patience now, and it has to be deliberate given BASC’s history of failing to deliver. If this is a game you want to play I fear your judgement of my integrity is misplaced. Weigh up all that us shooters have lost as opposed to all that which we have gained in the last forty years. Be honest and don’t treat me like a fool.
  8. A schoolmate was in submarines his entire Navy career, he would bring me packets of cigarettes they were issued at the time. You needed a good Elastoplast on the back of your neck to get a good drag off one of them! 😀 I’d smoke anything back then. Bloody awful drug; occasionally I dream I’ve started smoking again, it’s such a relief when I wake to discover it was just a dream.
  9. Serious question? Are YOU serious?! 😀 You must have been a bit further away than NZ if you can’t recall any of BASC’s failings! You can’t have missed them all, surely! There’s more than one person who has compiled on here, a list of BASC’s inadequacies, or instances of failures to have any impact on encroaching legislation or infringements which impact the very shooters they claim to represent. It isn’t a record anyone in their right mind would find acceptable, let alone fund.
  10. I seriously doubt you will because they’ve been found wanting many times, and yet here you are, singing their praises. We’ll see how you feel if they fail to secure what you’re hoping they will currently. If I was the cynical type I’d be prone to think it was more than coincidence that this latest fighting fund became available just as it is needed, by the cancellation of legal help cover in their policy. 🙂
  11. It may be our biggest shooting organisation but that doesn’t make it ‘viable’. Its hardly a glowing reference is it, to refer to something as not too successful, but it’s all we’ve got? I can’t think of any organisation I would be willing to give my money to for being inadequate. If it comes to a choice between paying someone’s wages for this inadequacy and taking my chances, then it’s got to be the latter.
  12. You’re on a sound basis as you used the term ‘stopping’ rather than ‘giving up’, which sounds like you’re making a sacrifice, which you’re not. Now you’ve made the decision to stop, just rejoice that you’re at last free. Don’t wait for that euphoric moment you think is going to come when the realisation hits you that you’ve done it, cos it doesn’t exist. Just get on with your life and be happy.
  13. You first. You told us they were fighting now, and I asked in what way. In what way are they fighting now that is of benefit to their membership?
  14. You can judge BASC on either their history or what they’re doing currently, neither look good to me. An alarming lack of regard for their membership in the past, against what......an alarming lack of regard for their membership currently? You get with them; I was with them for long enough.
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