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  1. Fair enough. So can you identify the cartridges you claim are sub standard, so those not in the know can avoid them? It would also be interesting to discover if any were on my list of what I consider to be good cartridges. I genuinely don’t know of any I would avoid, ( except for White Gold perhaps as my limited experience of these was that they are a very dirty cartridge ) but certainly have preferences for whatever reason. There are so many variables at play when shooting, as we all know, which don’t necessarily play a part when shooting at a pattern plate, which is why I asked what happens when that ideal choke/cartridge combination on the pattern plate results in misses in the field.
  2. 😂 At least you’re honest! I swapped to Eley Pigeon Select because my local agricultural outlet stocks them, so they’re easy to get, and really really like them. Have had some astounding days on the decoys with them, through half choke, especially on crows, which I was consistently killing at ranges I consider well out there. Because of this I’d choose them over the Gamebore cartridge given the choice. I have no experience of the HV. And you can accurately tell the difference between a 50 and a 55 yard bird?
  3. Is that because you cant hit anything with them? 🙂 I have a mate who doesn’t like SIPE, and for the same reason! SIPE are my go to game cartridge. I am a big fan of Clear Pigeon, both in the clear and green case, but haven’t tried the black ones. Are they a different load?
  4. 🙂 It’s true! When you miss, it won’t be the cartridge or the choke. There are countless guns out there, even experienced guns, searching for that guarantee of success, which doesn’t exist. They will have a bad day with a cartridge they swore by last season, and then doubt creeps in, so they swap the choke, but because of that niggling doubt it doesn’t work, so they see someone having a good day and ask what cartridges they’re using, and before you know it they’re going round in circles chasing that elusive recipe for success…..again. There are no truly ‘bad’ game cartridges out there, but plenty of inconsistent shooters. If you use cartridges at ranges for which they were intended, and put that pattern in the right place then you’ll kill that bird stone dead and it will fold in the air.
  5. Besides having no clue as to how this will prevent anyone being stabbed, I thought anyones identity could already be traced online by those in authority?
  6. You do realise don’t you, that when you miss ( and everybody does ) it won’t be the choke, your cartridge or even your gun? It’s you. So what happens when you miss? Is it back to the drawing board?
  7. Scully

    Junior semi auto

    Franchi 620. One of the most underrated autos out there in my opinion. Nephew had years of fun with his which I bought new for him when he was about 11 or 12. Assuming that is, that steel is available in 20 bore? I have no doubt there will be many other options out there now, as it is quite an old model, but that just makes it even more of a bargain as a starter gun, and no big outlay if he loses interest. 🙂
  8. Scully


    Indeed. I thought the ‘can’t book in advance’ thing was just an English policy, brought in by Cameron’s government, so they could claim that everyone who phoned would see their GP that same day. This just meant of course you had to call early to ensure you got in. 🙂 Have had no probs with dentists really, except perhaps when Covid was at its peak, but have had two six monthly checkups and a visit to the hygienist in that time. Haven’t seen a GP in years.
  9. I’d just go for the 3” personally. Any good 2 and 3/4 inch will cope with crows even at distance, and you’ll also have the capacity for bigger cartridges for wildfowl.
  10. If the A66 is anything to go by all is normal here too. Horrendous traffic!
  11. Scully


    I’m finding all this rather puzzling really, just like all the comments about needless deaths from a lack of treatment for cancers during the pandemic. In my experience if you are in serious or urgent need of a GP locally, then you’ll get seen.
  12. Ah well. Not to worry. 🙂
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