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  1. Racist or not racist.

    I saw this on the BBC news last week and commented to my OH on how sad it was that a young girl had left her home and family in another country to study in this one, and been beaten to death by what amounted to street vermin. I feel she has been terribly let down, and her family must feel similar, in amongst a myriad of other tortured thoughts. I know the police don’t gave an easy job, but it seems I’m constantly reading of ‘police failures’ of one kind or another. It’s a sad and disappointing fact of our society today.
  2. Not the best of days

    I went back to work the day after my ( not as serious as yours ) accident as I’m self employed, but had to call it a day after an hour or so when it started seeping through he bandage. See it as an opportunity to have a look about and see if there’s anything else you fancy doing while you’re off. You never know; you may find a new hobby or even a change in occupation. Time well spent.
  3. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    It’s a forum; I haven’t said anything I wouldn’t say to a persons face. But if that’s how I’ve been perceived then that’s me definitely out. I apologise, but I genuinely don’t believe I've been anymore scathing than others in this thread.
  4. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    That works both ways.
  5. got some guy on my house roof

    He’s STILL on the roof?
  6. Leaving Radio 2

    I often put onR4 ex when Vine comes on. There’s some quite good discussions and now and then radio comedy, albeit from the ‘60’s.
  7. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Eh? I think you may be losing the plot. You ridicule us in equal measures because we ridicule your suggestions that everything is a plot of subterfuge that you claim we’re ‘sleepwalking’ into, yet now claim you ‘don’t know, and had no information’ but ‘only thoughts and deductions based on events past and present’! 😂 What do you think ours are based on, job creation schemes? !! It’s a good job you aren’t working for either side; methinks you may crack following a severe talking to, never mind pillowcasing! Regarding slowing down the planet a bit, by all means crack on....if it helps you get on. 👍
  8. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    If you want a startling example of an infantile statement then you need look no further than your first sentence above! ‘Wouldn’t dare...!’ Worried you’d become the next victim? Good grief man; get outside for some fresh air and grow up. Your’re in a thread participating in a discussion in which I stated Putin was a gangster and you asked how I knew!!!! From this question alone it’s clear you’re inhabiting some planet other than your own; and you can’t understand why you aren’t being taken seriously?!
  9. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Sorry....I shouldn't, but that just tickles me.
  10. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    You're mistaking ridicule and derision for a closed mind. I have an open mind but am simply indifferent......I have an open mind but being averagely intelligent I can draw my own conclusions, and these are that you and Hamster are as mad as hatters. However, my mind is sufficiently open to realise that that in itself doesn't mean you are. As a teenager I was into all manner of subterfuge and clandestine conspiracy theories. The Chariot of the Gods, the death of Marilyn Monroe, the JFK shooting, aliens etc etc, and if the web had been available to me then who knows what I may have become. But I grew up, raised a family and my priorities changed to the extent that I stopped caring what allegedly happened at Roswell. Sometime ago in another thread I mentioned the fact that a small childs lifeless body floating face down on a shoreline hadn't even stirred a noticeable reaction in the UK conscience. I was enraged at the film of a toddler in the back of a Syrian ambulance covered in blood and dust, but obviously not enraged enough. Why should I be? My kids are fine and healthy and being reactionary to the point of getting myself noticed would mean disrupting my comfortable life, possibly the end of my shooting ( cos we're being watched you know ) and causing stress to those who care for me. I simply don't care enough to jeopardise what I have. It's fine and dandy , and sooooo easy to shout on FB, Twitter and other social media such as PW, and change your profile to a national flag ( ridiculous! ) click like and share then sit back and feel all smug and reactionary before settling back on the sofa with a brew for a bit of channel hopping, but getting off your backside to actually do something means just that, getting off your backside and getting in the faces of those who matter by being confrontational. If YOU really care about your cause and are convinced of your facts and the validity of your cause then do something about it. Until then you're just another 'conspiracy conspirator' worthy of the ridicule you attract.
  11. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Ok. Now I’ll ask you, as the other conspiracy conspirator doesn’t seem willing to answer. You seem pretty keen to criticise all those who ridicule what you claim to be facts, so tell us; what do you intend to do with all this information and the revelations you’re so intent to inform us we are all ignorant of, and whom do you intend to tell? Are YOU going to contact the media or the relevant authorities, or do you not have the courage of your convictions either?
  12. Easy Hit Shotgun sight

    You're welcome. As grrclark has stated, those stick on blurs are known to be effective. A note maybe of worth to contact users. My optician trialled for me contact lenses which made my shooting eye ( right eye right shoulder for example ) the more dominant one by weakening the strength ever so slightly in the other one. It turns out I'm left eye dominant but shoot right handed too; but it can't be by much as I wasn't aware of it ( until I missed some unmissable incomers one day on the clays ) and it doesn't seem to effect my shooting. It was his idea and it worked for a while but then I seemed to grow aware of the difference in lens strengths to the point where it eventually began to grate on me, so I've gone back to my normal prescription, but it may work for others.
  13. Why....and what do we do about it?

    Mmmmm......I wonder. They must be bored out of their skulls!
  14. When is a holiday not a holiday

    I think this forum can be quite addictive; I've always checked in now and then when on holiday. Am off to Italy on Monday but will still be calling in now and again....maybe.