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  1. What a cracking piece of writing. Thanks for posting. 👍
  2. Yet despite all that you claim would happen, the Scottish government is all for it! Weird eh? Some want to stay, others leave, some vote Labour, others Conservative. People vote whichever way they choose, and that’s why we are given a vote. I’m not really sure what point it is that you’re trying to make.
  3. Perhaps not, but perfectly understandable in some cases.
  4. Yes, those who want to can negotiate ‘til the cows come home once we’re out. Once we’re out I couldn’t care less what anyone does.
  5. The difference with this though is that they voted to stay, so they are. The democratic decision was honoured despite some not being happy with it, and those who aren’t can now get on with campaigning to overturn that decision. That is how it works and entirely up to them. With Brexit the decision to leave hasn’t been honoured, and there are those who are campaigning to ensure it isn’t. That isn’t how democracy is supposed to work. If after we leave there is a campaign to rejoin, then fair enough, but first the result of the democratically arrived at vote to leave, has to be implemented. What is it that makes that so difficult for some to understand?
  6. I’d say all were possibilities. We voted to leave, the EU doesn’t want us to, so made it as difficult as possible; most of our home grown politicians who professed to honour the outcome of the vote don’t want us to leave either. We are where we are. The sooner it’s done the better.
  7. Yep, for now anyhow, unfortunately.
  8. This. I'm still of the opinion the organisers were wrong to cancel the game fair debate. CJ wouldn't have felt this one was necessary if the former had been allowed to go ahead. Good for him; huge respect.
  9. Scully

    Owen Jones

    I think you should. 👍
  10. Browning fore end cap with sling swivel as an accessory?
  11. Correct. I can’t quite believe just how naive some of them must think we are.
  12. Scully

    Owen Jones

    Is this just news because of who he is ? Must admit I had to read the article to find out who he was.
  13. Yep. Having personally very closely witnessed almost 60 years of so called gypsy fairs, I can vouch for the intimidation and menaces. It is indeed very real.
  14. I regard it as a fad ( rightly or wrongly ) because it is something only the affluent western society can afford to take seriously as part of a lifestyle. I don’t mind it at all; it’s all down to freedom of choice, I just wish some showed an equal amount of tolerance to those of us who don’t wish to be vegetarian, or even vegan.
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