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  1. We’ve done it many a time. No need to contact the rozzers, it’s none of their business.
  2. Good for you!👍 It really is the best days shooting you can have in my opinion.
  3. If I was going for the Mk38, I’d opt for the Sporterised Teague trap, purely for personal reasons. It’s one hunk of gun. Saying that the Browning Pro Sport is up there too, which I would prefer over the Miroku, and saying that i more or less already have the latter as I own a Winchester 8500 trap, albeit fixed choke but with ported barrels! It’s never easy! But that’s half the fun! 🙂
  4. This. A mate gave me a couple of his cartridges to try whilst decoying last week. It wasn’t until I commented how punchy they were ( I was using an OU ) that he told me they were 35grm 6’s. If they’ve been altered to take 32grm of standard steel then there’s no reason they can’t take 32grm of HP steel, and I’ve cleanly felled many a wild duck with 32grm HP 4’s in an old Winchester 101.
  5. Yes, you’re overthinking it. The vast vast majority of guns out there whether steel shot proofed or not are capable of shooting steel. There are currently guns from the 1970’s and earlier being proofed for steel shot, and thereby proving the lack of need.
  6. As above. No need to buy anything especially, although being a painter I have a plentiful supply of matt white paint. Zinsser All-Coat is a favourite at it sticks to anything.
  7. The worlds your cockle. Browning. Benelli. Beretta. Franchi. Baikel. You can use any of those with both lead and steel.
  8. Thankyou. Pleased you enjoyed it. Yeah, we’ve got into the 60’s several times, on both crows and pigeons, but neither high numbers or opportunities are that regular as we just don’t grow the crops around here. Spring and winter barley and the subsequent stubbles are all the opportunity we get. There is a bit of rape grown, but I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot over it. Rain is forecast this week so we’ll see if we get a chance on the stubbles.
  9. Thankyou. Have painted all manner of things on peoples walls, but I haven’t painted a mural for a long time. A bloke in the village asked me last year if I could paint a huge Phantom jet on his living room wall. Turns out he used to fly them in his service days, but he’s never followed up on it.
  10. 🙂 Yeah, I’ll tell mate we can blame the sun! He’ll be pleased! 👍
  11. Very nice work! 👍
  12. Thankyou. Thanks OB, will do. We have an early morning (5am has been suggested! 😳) farm yard corvid shoot coming up sometime this week hopefully, and again hopefully a day on the stubbles.
  13. https://www.healthandcare.co.uk/achilles-tendon-supports/aircast-plantar-fasciitis-airheel-ankle-brace.html This is what I had. Cured my plantar which I had in both feet, until they wore out, and then it slowly returned. Bought another pair and wore out those too. Have done the exercises I mentioned ever since and have had no pain now for well over a year.
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