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  1. Bargain?

    Have just bought 1000 Lyalvale ‘Pigeon’ 28grm 6’s for £160.00! Can’t remember buying cheaper than that for quite a while. I hope they aren’t empty! 😀
  2. Yet another national amnesty

    I can’t find the letter I sent ( as mentioned; nor the reply. But did find others! ) but did find the notes I used to compile it. It was based on a HO Statistical Bulletin headed ‘ Homicide, Fireams Offences and Intimate Violence’ for 2008/2009. My letter was dated 21.1.2010. I used amongst others, Table 2a / page 41 and my notes are as follows: ’ shows 619 offences involving shotguns and 4,275 offences involving handguns. There is no distinction made between legally or illegally held handguns, but as handguns were banned in 1997, can we assume that these guns were held illegally, or does the HO include air pistols and BB’s to suit their agenda? Page 50 shows that 238 of the 619 offences allegedly committed with shotguns involved sawn off shotguns, and therefore we can safely assume these were not on anybodies certificate, but equally, are we to assume that simply because the remainder were not sawn off, that they were fully working and held legally? There are also 3,350 cases of ‘unknown weapons’; unidentified and therefore there is nothing to verify that they are in fact firearms, working or otherwise. Then you include 1511 ‘imitation firearms’ , 761 ‘ other ‘ firearm offences, which leaves us with a possible 381 ‘ unmodified shotguns’ and 89 rifles that could only POSSIBLY have been used by certificate holders......from a total of what you have amassed as 14,250! ‘ The above serves no other purpose than to indicate how the HO typically processes such information as typically processed and supplied to them by the police.
  3. Another old codger

    As far correcting inaccuracies are concerned Our shooting organisations can’t do anymore than you or I. They can contact the relevant media and point out the innaccuracues, but how would the general public get to hear of it? The media certainly wouldn’t give it the same exposure they gave the misleading article ( if they even printed a retraction or correction ......which they wouldn’t ) so how would our shooting organisations correct that info’ to the extent the general public would be made aware? its down to each and every one of us as individuals to contact any and all media which print garbage and let them know that their info is not only inaccurate but downright deliberately misleading at times, in cynical attempts to atttact revenue. And that we know that is why they’re doing it. The only problem with this, is that very very few can be bothered, but funnily enough can be bothered to post their discontent on forums such as this.9 There’s nothing as easy as doing nothing. We get what we deserve.
  4. If you don’t mind losing 100 mm all round you could stud it and blow in warmcel or isofloc cellulose. Or you could use Gutex slabs. Either way all your joints will need sealing with Orcon and then taping with Varna for best results, but it all depends on what use you intend to put the space and how much you want to spend.
  5. Scottish borders raiding due to start

    I just can’t undrrstand the logic behind it and genuinely wonder at times who proposes these idiotic ideas and who decides they’re a good idea. A complete ban in America did nothing but create a huge opportunity for crime on a nationwide scale!
  6. Another old codger

    Let them; it’s of no concern to legitimate firearms owners.
  7. Another old codger

    I’m not really too fussed what antis think to be honest.
  8. A lot depends on whether you just want to keep out draughts or have it warm enough in which to work. The latter relies on a heat source and how effective your insulation is at minimising heat loss. We specialise in insulation, and I’m afraid there are no quick or cheap fixes which will make it practical nor effective.
  9. Another old codger

    I thought he wasn’t licensed?
  10. Yes, I am talking about that one. On the BBC news last night it showed a picture of the man on the left ( in the link you have provided ) and said he was making ammunition for obsolete cartridge handguns, and showed a variety of antique handguns, but also quite a variety of modern cf double action revolvers also. was it the man pictured on the right who was doing the smuggling of these from America?
  11. Dental Charges

    Was informed just last week that my local dental practise ( which I’ve been going to since school ) is closing due to being unable to attract NHS dentists. Nearest bus 13 miles away, which had 42 NHS places allocated, which went within two days! If I can’t find another it’ll be private and full costs for me unfortunately.
  12. I thought the CA had taken the BMA to task over this just a few week s ago. Wasn’t it posted on this forum?
  13. He was buying obsolete calibre handguns ( antiques ) and making ammo for them. He wa making modern centre fire ammo for the modern handguns.
  14. He was making obsolete calibre ammunition for the relevant guns but was also importing modern cf handguns from America. The latter is the bit I don’t understand, unless they were smuggled in. The police have said there are over a hundred still unaccounted for; but how do they know unless they were in a register?