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  1. Karma. What does around comes around. 😃
  2. It was meant tongue in cheek to be honest, but again, it’s legislation based on what someone ‘might ‘ do, which is an awful slippery slope.
  3. I shot both my kids with BB guns when they were smaller, and they returned fire. We used to call it ‘playing’.
  4. Have heard good things about Smart Strike in 24grm, especially for skeet.
  5. I wouldn’t worry about specifics; just tell them when everything is in order.
  6. Scully

    Semi Auto,

    Anything you fancy the looks of; I doubt there is a poor auto out there to be honest.
  7. I couldn't give a flying fig what he did and I'm not being supportive, simply telling it as it is. We get what we deserve and that goes for leavers and remainers alike. I'm not convinced he is a thoroughbred brexiteer, time will tell. The choice isn't mine, but from my point of view he is the best of what we have in the running, and if it turns out he gets us out with no deal then he'd get my support from then on in, without a doubt.
  8. I watched one of a couple of blokes in Holland; they were finding all manner of German military hardware from WWII.
  9. I’m a bit unsure as to what people want? The boss of Russia is a gangster; the boss of the USA is according to many, a bigoted sexist....and many more things; the boss of Saudi Arabia is implicated in murder so no less a gangster than Putin; the boss of China is a communist who imprisons people on the basis of not what they’ve done but what they might do; the boss of the Labour Party is a dyed in the wool commie who is an avid supporter of terrorists on a worldwide scale.......I could go on. He’s a public school educated politician for crying out loud! What do we want...someone ‘nice’?
  10. Scully

    What ye up to

    Watching Pulp Fiction after getting guest house ready for next visitors after first checking garden for bunnies, as I can't really be seen sneaking around grounds with a rifle when there are guests in. 🙂
  11. Mmmm....you could be right. He will when he grows up. I recall an Irish author being interviewed a few years ago about the rashness and misguided romanticism of youth. He said that as a young man growing up in the troubles there was many a cause he would have gladly killed for, but looking back with the hindsight of a mature adult and parent, he was ever so relieved he hadn’t.
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