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  1. Good to know. I spotted a nice example in Kelbrooks gun room this morning. I can’t believe how tempted I was!
  2. Scully

    End of Watch

    Can’t believe I hadn’t seen this unti now, as it features the superb Michael Pena and Jake Ghyllenhaal, well done if you spot the absolutely gorgeous ‘Ugly Betty’ America Ferrara. Fabulous film.
  3. I’ve used HP on live quarry many a time, through non steel proofed guns and steel proofed, with plastic wads and not the cartridges in question as they’re relatively new. I think you’ll find they work fine. I just go up a couple of sizes and jobs a good un.
  4. But it’s not the cartridge is it? It’s the person using them. None of the top shots are top shots because they use a certain brand; they use a certain brand because as top shots they are paid ( sponsored ) to do so, and if a different company paid them more to use theirs I’m pretty sure they would. There are very few if any poor cartridges out there, and if there were they wouldn’t survive as a saleable item. If you’re a better shot than Mr Garrod they may agree to give you a few thousand to test for them. Perhaps you could film an outing on the clays or pigeons, then the rest of us can
  5. Ah, my mistake. Eley obviously sponsor him because he’s a poor shot! 😀
  6. Both are excellent shots and from what I’ve seen online both seem good coaches, so for me it would depend on who I thought was the better craic. 🙂
  7. I’m not interested in changing your opinion, simply pointing out that it’s just as well licensing isn’t based on the same narrow minded arrogance.
  8. According to the post of Enfield there is no need for de-activation. You just need to apply for a S1 FAC, satisfy the rozzers you’re not a loony, and you’re good to go. You’ll need a cabinet too. Please don’t have it deactivated.
  9. Oh come on, please! Unless they’re in the US those guns aren’t even real! 😀 They’re playing at soldiers, that’s all! Some grown men play football, some cricket, some soldiers. BASC’s Bill Harriman is a re-enactor, as is his local ( or former I believe ) Chief officer of Police. As well as being a re-enactor, Bill Harriman also has quite an impressive collection of REAL guns, especially handguns! He must pose a real threat if we follow your logic!
  10. Sporting and military firearms developed simultaneously and not independent of each other. Sporting firearms have been used in military scenarios and military firearms in sporting scenarios; there has never been a time when one has been developed separately from the other until about the late 19th early 20th century, and even then their specific design didn’t stop them being used in each scenario. UK Firearms licensing shows no distinction between one or the other, as long as it falls within UK legislation its appearance nor magazine capacity plays no significant part, nor should it. Fr
  11. He is yes, because he doesn’t miss much. They aren’t likely to sponsor someone who can’t shoot well. 🙂
  12. Wow! You’ve made a lot of assumptions there on the basis of one photograph! Do you know the reason such a photograph has been used? Maybe it’s just aswell you aren’t in charge of firearms licensing! You acquire a ‘Rambo’ gun by applying for a firearms certificate, just like we all do, then after you’ve shown good reason and jumped through a few hoops, which includes a background check, and then paying for the privilege, just like we all do, you then legally buy one from a legal source along with the relevant ammo, and then go about killing birds and animals for entertainment, just like you
  13. Geoff Garrod has used them extensively for decoying, and he doesn’t miss much.
  14. Ah, so you don’t know then, I thought that would be the case. So sweeping generalisation it is then. 👍Unfortunate however, ( but by no means rare ) to find it aimed at shooters by another shooter. What is a ‘Rambo’ gun anyhow, and how does one go about getting such a thing? Is a ‘commando roll’ similar to a bread roll? From reading your second paragraph it is obvious you know much more about these things than me.
  15. So now they know you own a gun which you are now going to have to give good reason to own? Unless you’re a collector you may now have to either sell before the deadline, or run the risk of having to hand it in.
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