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  1. Laksen, accept no substitutes. ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Suddenly I'm all for obligatory ID. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Scully


    Absolutely pathetic! It would seem there are no depths these people will sink to in order to scaremonger in their desperation to overturn the democratic vote. Truly pathetic.
  4. Scully


    It's a pointless exercise basing your reasons for and against leaving or remaining on personalities. It's not like any of them have any redeeming features; they're politicians. You either did or didn't vote them into power, but at least you had the choice. All it boils down to really is are you willing to be ruled by the unelected and unaccountable entity which is the EU club? I have no doubt the time will come when we are annexed to the EU state/empire, call it what you will, and any moves to leave will be regarded as anarchy. There are countless countries throughout history which have striven, many at the cost of lives, to be independent from their ruling state/empire, and yet here we are, at each others throats because the majority want to leave before it gets to that point, and the minority want to throw away everything a generation fought for, for the sake of trade. You really couldn't make it up. Like I've said from the start; I don't mind trading with the EU, I just don't want to be ruled by them. If the EU wont accept one without the other, then we have no choice.
  5. Scully

    Heads up !!!

    Thanks for that. Have just texted the kids. ๐Ÿ‘
  6. That's a very nice looking rifle. I've never hunted anything bigger than Roe, but the term 'hunt' isn't really applicable in the UK. We 'stalk' deer basically, and even that term doesn't really apply to Roe as they are very predictable and easy to stalk, and even easier to shoot, which is the main reason I no longer do it. I would love to try stalking close enough to shoot Moufflon however. I think it's the terrain they inhabit which appeals. I do envy you your freedoms and the vast expanses of all manner of terrain available to you. Have fun.
  7. Yeah, thereโ€™s a little gulley which is home to about three stands, one of which today had a simultaneous pair consisting of luminous pink and yellow clays. You had to be quick! ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Hadn't been here for a while, and despite the rain growing increasingly worse as the day went on we still did our usual two rounds of 100 clays. I really enjoy this ground; I know quite a lot of people at this ground and it was nice to bump into several of them prior to the new game season. Still have the D rail on and managed a very poor 60 for mates 83. Missed a lot of targets I knew I should have killed and one stand I expected to straight I only managed three! Anyhow, despite the rain we went round again. This time I just ignored the shutting of one eye and simply concentrated on the targets, straighting a few stands and ended with a 79, for mates 80, so much better. Just before coming away I heard someone had scored a 96; a very respectable score considering the conditions. If on one has tried this ground yet I can thoroughly recommend it; it has become one of my favourites.....all it is missing is a burger van! ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Scully


    I'm not really too bothered about people buying second homes, as most around here are bought in the outlying villages where there is no work for the next generation. With no local bus service they are forced to move into town usually, and I then get employed by those wealthy southerners who want work doing in their second homes. ๐Ÿ™‚ As for foreigners moving here. If they're qualified and willing to work then I have no problem; the aspect of moving from a place with a lower income and therefore lower costs doesn't really have any advantage, as once they're here ( unless they're sending money back home ) they'll be paying the same as anyone else living here.
  10. In the โ€˜70โ€™s I seem to recall simply looking at someone would be enough! ๐Ÿ˜€Happy days!
  11. Scully


    Oh heck! Just goes to show, you canโ€™t believe those politicians eh? They should have consulted you. ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Scully


    Youโ€™ve left out WWIII!
  13. I have that on vinyl, as a single, along with Co Co, Wig Wam Bam and Blockbuster. I was 13. If that was typical of your teenage years it would seem they were very much like mine. ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. Scully


    How do you feel about people who canโ€™t afford to live in their home villages because most have been bought as second homes by sharp elbowed incomers from counties which have higher wage rates and higher costs of living?
  15. Scully


    I'm still not convinced we're going to leave, deal or no deal, and in the case of the former then the fight will undoubtedly continue, as it will simply be remaining with a deal rather than leaving with a deal. Saying that, I'm still trying to stay positive. I'd be more optimistic about the UK's future outside the EU after leaving no deal , than I would be if remaining in the EU. I really am puzzled as to why people are willing to be ruled by people who are totally unaccountable, unless of course they're looking no further than the possible detrimental effect some claim it will have upon their personal finances. And after all that, it won't have any effect on me in any way if we don't leave. I'll just go back to supporting any campaign to leave. It'll be interesting to see what the fallout will consist of if we don't leave, or we leave with a bad deal. Fun and interesting times ahead. ๐Ÿ™‚ What were your reasons for wanting to leave?
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