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  1. Thanks all. Croots look good although possibly more than I want to pay, and I think WW is correct regarding Parsons as they seem rather difficult to source. Teales don’t look bad and as Lucasnorth comments, the John Shooter ex display ones look good. Will try Ogden’s. Thanks all. 👍
  2. Just makes it easier to dry out really. Will give Croots a look. Thanks.
  3. Am considering treating myself to a good quality leather gun slip. Must have a full length heavy duty zip plus a buckled down holster type top flap. Any recommendations?
  4. Me too, to the extent that I have to remind myself sometimes NOT to do it on a peg!
  5. That’s a cracking photo’. 👍
  6. Chris Evans? I thought he left the BBC to work for Virgin or somewhere?
  7. You’re welcome. I’m 61. 🙂 My first experience of shotguns was an old Beretta, and it did indeed have an auto safety, much to my embarrassment. I no longer own a CF rifle, but when I did it was used for Roe and foxes. I no longer enjoy bumping around the Cumbrian Fells in a Landrover at silly o’clock, lamping foxes, and Roe aren’t really a challenge, so it’s gone.
  8. I too, enjoy your posts, and if you are a snob then it is simply the gun type of snob, and that’s not too bad a thing really, it just means you have a genuine love of guns, which is a good trait. 🙂 It isn’t bravado, I assure you; to me it’s simply logical. Ive been shooting since I was at school, either mooching through hedges or on military ranges. I seriously cannot think of any reason why a gun would have a safety, in essence it’s purpose, I genuinely can’t. The only gun I have ever used a safety on was when I used to shoot skittles or falling plate with my Colt .45 ACP, when c
  9. You make some withering remarks for someone who doesn’t wish to argue. I repeat, if a gun discharges on closing then it is faulty ( this can happen to any shot, whether clay or game, although the former won’t have his pointed at a dog when it happens ) and possibly a stuck and protruding striker, which wouldn’t make any difference whether the safety was on or not. Some safeties provide a mechanical block to prevent the trigger from being pulled, but not the strikers from striking. If you want to walk up birds with your gun closed and safety on then that’s fine, but don’t ever think it wo
  10. I was never a fan but there’s no denying his talent. His lifestyle took its toll seemingly.
  11. Firstly, If a gun discharges on closing then the gun is faulty. Secondly, speaking as a game shooter who shoots clays, if the former had a safety record anywhere near that of the latter then no dogs would be getting shot. Thirdly, anyone and everyone can slam shut a gun, especially on a hot peg on a driven day; I’ve seen it countless times. And lastly, use your safety by all means, but if you consider yourself to be safe because of it, then you’re a liability.
  12. But no driving instructor teaches that for the simple fact the learner wouldn’t pass their test if they drive like that in their test.
  13. So it’s nothing to do with driving instructors then, just drivers in general.
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