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  1. Ok. Can you explain to me for example, the logic behind the thinking which has resulted in councils who want to tax me for driving into Newcastle because of the air pollution caused by my vehicle, will happily allow me to do so on payment of that tax?
  2. Well , it's just started on the Beeb. The 'Facts' apparently, given to us by none other than the new Messiah himself. Mr Attenborough has just announced it as a 'man made disaster' so it must be true. I can tell you now, that if it is in 'fact' man made, then we are well and truly ******, because none of us are going to change our lifestyles to the extent that it has a positive rather than negative impact on the planet, even if we wanted to. Merely existing as we do has a negative impact on the planet, especially at the unsustainable rate the population is growing. Who is going to organise this, the politicians? 😂 Are you going to stop flying abroad? Me neither. Will you be swapping your diesel or petrol vehicle for a battery powered one? Me neither. I'm self employed and live in the sticks at the bottom of the Pennines. In winter I need something with big tyres and a bit of grunt to get about. No doubt there will come a time when I'll be forced to move....for the greater good of course. There is no public transport at all, except school buses in term, and the nearest garage is five miles away and doesn't have a socket for cars. There is a hybrid in the village but the owner admits its 'just a toy'. His words, not mine. It doesn't come out in winter. Going seriously 'green' costs serious money. I have built enough eco friendly, low carbon and 'Passiv' houses to know that only the wealthy can afford to build them; most property developers are still building houses as they have been built for generations, with minimal insulation ( rock wool wont cut it, believe me ) and radiators placed directly underneath windows. Is it me? We once built a seriously 'green' Passiv house at Findhorn; the local inhabitants all bigging themselves up for their low impact locally sourced eco friendly buildings. Rubbish. The 'passive' slab alone is shipped over from Germany, and one local started to avoid us when we pointed out that the ibeams in her walls were imported from Sweden, and the glulam beams in her ridge were built in Norway I think, glued together with very nasty glues. Another was proud to tell us his walls were painted with Keim paints, which is an excellent mineral paint, but made in and imported from Germany, or at least was back then; it may be made in the uK nowadays, I'm not sure. In the summer evenings they all get together and sit around fires and sing happy clappy songs. They can afford to live idyllic lifestyles cos in may cases Daddy paid for it. There is a bloke living locally who has been all over the local rag as he is building a totally 'off grid' house for his family. It all sounds and looks idyllic yet again. His kids roam the fields and hedgerows in sandalled feet and they have a bowtop wagon to camp out in while the earth toilet, reed bed filtration system and ground source heating system is installed. He is to be applauded, but is seriously wealthy also. You can bet your bottom dollar that if and when it comes to paying for the alleged effects of man made climate change, it will be the average man in the street who pays for it, through a tax of some kind. And pay for what exactly? If you can afford to pay, then it doesn't matter; you can simply carry on regardless! What sort of a policy is that? We will be sat at home with our 40 watt bulbs while the rest of the world gets on with living. HS2 will still go ahead; the massive extension of Manchester airport is still going on and almost complete now; the building of the next sports arena for the next olympics goes on unabated; this seasons massive carbon footprint that is F1 is in full swing; politicians will still jet about all over the place on their subsidised jaunts etc etc etc. Are we expected to tell all those nations that aspire to have what we have that they can't have it because of climate change? Do they care what we tell them? What are we going to do if they refuse? What I would like to do with the protestors in London, is to just ask each one quite calmly and quietly, in turn, what they do for a living and what they think we should do. I think it would be very revealing. I can go now, the programmes has finished.
  3. We have a lot of woods on our rough shoot, consisting of conifers and some mature Ash and Beech, but the majority are immature Ash which because they reach for the light have grown extremely tall but thin. They then all create an enveloping canopy which makes the wood very dark even in the height of summer, with very little undergrowth. It is these tall thin ashes we have cleared over the years, and we now have all manner of flora on the ground, including Foxgloves, brambles and a huge variety of grasses; all previously never seen as they had very little light source. The pheasants now have loads of cover in the brambles, and sunny glades to scratch about in as we created rides through the woods.
  4. You may find you don't have to plant anything to encourage ground growth once you have thinned out the trees. If the canopy is such that it blocks out the sun then little will grow; open up spaces so the sun can get to the ground and all manner of growth occurs.
  5. Scully


    I haven't seen the news, but yes, just like that. 🙂
  6. Scully


    They could hold a competition for architects from around the world to devise a modern design to replace those parts which are lost.
  7. It gets worse! I have a distant recollection of buying a KFC family bucket. 😳
  8. Scully


    I'd like to see it restored by all means, but I think the call to use contemporary materials in those parts which wont be seen is simply unnecessary. To build a structure in oak which is then to be clad in lime, stucco or painted, may be in keeping with the original but is an extravagant vanity. In the art world, I sometimes wonder how many so called 'masterpieces' are in fact originals, and know for a fact that some religious paintings by Hieronymus Bosch are mostly modern restorations; most of the original paintwork being gone for some time. It doesn't seem to diminish their value or attraction.
  9. 😀 Brilliant! Panicked for a moment when I had to admit I’d bought something from Iceland, but all turned out well in the end!
  10. Despite believing there are many faddish elements about guns and shooting, there are indeed horses for courses. I do enjoy using my 32” barrelled gun for driven game, and although it responds ok on clay bolting bunnies, it wouldn’t be my first choice for the real thing. I believe shorter barrels to be more responsive but that’s just my opinion.
  11. Scully


    😃 The same thought had occurred to me.
  12. When you try to sell 28" models they'll tell you everyone wants 32" barrels today, so they wont be able to give you a lot for it, unless of course you're trying to sell a 32" gun, when they'll tell you everyone wants 30"s. 🙂
  13. Scully

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Yes, I'd watch it again. It has rekindled a bit of interest in songs I'd forgotten about. Watched a documentary about the group earlier on Netflix.
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