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  1. I think it's all down to personal preference really, and more to do with that than anything regarding which cartridges we choose, with specific cases as exceptions. As shooters we try many many different guns and loads over the course of our shooting lives, and some ( by more to do with luck than good management ) happen upon a cartridge and gun with which they experience superb results, and regardless of shot size or weight of charge, nor recommendations from other shooters, they stick with. There are two for me, the first of which is Gamebore Clear Pigeon 30grm 6's. I discovered these many moons ago and found they were the best all round cartridge through my Winchester 101's for ferreting bunnies to guns. They will bowl over those rabbits no problem whatsoever, even going away ones. In the past I have shot some unforgettable pheasants with these, and they are my go to cartridge in the hide. I am never without these. The second is SIPE 32grm 5's which I now shoot game with exclusively throughout the season. I can't recall why I initially tried these cartridges, but after having great success with them on a shoot, and realising I was going to need something a bit punchy on last seasons beaters day I decided to use them in my Gamba and I had my best ever days shooting. I've used them throughout this season and they are the dogs danglies for me, they just fold up stuff in the air. Saying all this, most foxes on driven bird days are killed with shot size 6, although it isn't ideal as sometimes a follow up is needed, and if you put that pattern where it matters, within accepted parameters, any cartridge will do the job. People shoot game with .410's.
  2. Are you really as naive as that post would suggest?
  3. One of the best looking rifles ever made in my opinion. I owned one in .243. Great bits of kit.
  4. Scully

    Tv programs

    Daughter has highly recommended 'When They See Us' on Netflix. She said it is harrowing to watch.
  5. I have that John Batley book also. I have a good collection of gun books and shooting related books. I enjoy looking back through them and the guns and equipment which were the latest thing back then.
  6. Scully

    Tv programs

    The Bridge was an excellent series, very very watchable. OH is currently watching ‘Anne with an E’ , she says it is very soothing with a feel good factor. Am really enjoying White House Farm, and can recall the murders at the time. I find it staggering how anyone can remain unflustered or unmoved by having cold bloodedly murdered five people. Finally watched The Irishman, and although I enjoyed it I felt the attempts to render the main stars younger wasn’t really convincing.
  7. Mate had the Winchester version, and have to admit it was a quality piece of kit, but as has already been said, very heavy. Great clay gun.
  8. Can anyone tell me if the barrel from a Montefeltro will fit a Super 90? I've actually found a Benelli 24" auto barrel and emailed the seller but he's not responding. Anyone know? Will make some phone calls tomorrow, but if anyone can give me an answer in the meantime I'd be very grateful. Cheers.
  9. Yep. And the answer to why we can’t cope ( or some of us can’t) is that we just aren’t geared up to deal with heavy quantities of snow, whereas Canada is. People would be very quick to criticise if councils or governments spent huge amounts of money on expensive equipment which is just sat idle for nine or ten months of the year.
  10. I wouldn’t have thought so, no.
  11. Scully


    Just had a close up look of your avatar....made me chuckle. 😀
  12. It can be, but an addicted smoker does have a genuine need, like all addicts. Not getting your ‘fix’ can be detrimental to concentration and the therefore affect productivity.
  13. ‘Barmpots!’ A much underused word; hadn’t heard it for ages. 🙂
  14. Scully


    Beat me to it! It’s all part of what I believe Boris called ‘Bung a bob for a Big Ben bong!’ which really made me chuckle yesterday morning! That’s what we need, a PM with a sense of humour! 😀
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