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  1. Probably one of the few times that's easier to explain than provide a photo. I need a floating line that doesn't tangle. Braid floats but tangles. Mono is relatively tangle-free but sinks. Instead, I went for a fused line, they float and don't tangle. Fused lines have a relatively large diameter vs braid, some memory and are not great for casting so they are harder to find in larger diameters. Berkley Fireline is the exemplar product. Next problem was finding a fused line strong enough as most are sold for freshwater bass fishing in the USA. Tracked down a guy in Scotland believe it or not who sells the only 100lb Fireline in the world as far as I can tell. Got some a few months ago. It's like tow rope and does exactly what I need it to do. Here's a photo anyway ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Ha! Good point, but for my own fishing, I may have 50+ metres of line out with foot long livebaits or bigger which are very lively. Braid is a disaster because of the tangles. I have come up with a solution that is more elegant than pilot floats though.
  3. As a diver, I wouldn't be thrilled with a 270 bar fill in a 300 bar cylinder, but I would probably accept it, especially if I was in a rush to get the cylinder filled.
  4. Cheers, good to hear. Red deer are out most common species, plus we have even bigger species like sambar which I've yet to encounter. Cheers. Whatever I get, it'll be moderated.
  5. Good question. If it becomes the all rounder, then 2 - 200 meters. If not, then 25 - 250 metres at a guess.
  6. If this was guns NoBodyImportant! Although, it sounds like you have a problem with fishing gear as well ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Americans seem to love 6.5mm Creedmoor, so there's a bit of that around. To be honest, I'm not too bothered about calibre, they all seem to work! I was quite happy with 7mm08 apart from ammunition availability. Of .243 and .308, I'm quite interested in .243, the reduced recoil is appealing, but the decision will probably be based on rifle rather than calibre.
  8. He was dismissive of sub-12ft/lb air rifles saying they would barely kill a squirrel at 50 yards, or something like that and took the view that people spend an awful lot of money on air rifles which are basically glorified toys. When you look at the bigger picture, as sad as it is, he has a point.
  9. Shortage of 7mm08 ammunition has got to crisis point here and I've jumped ship before it sinks and sold the Tikka. Apparently, it's not a popular calibre in the USA and manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with demand for what their main customer base does use, so are diverting resources in that direction. Anyway, no problems obtaining .223, .243 or .308 here. So what next? I'm so enamoured with my single shot Bergara in 300BLK that I may get one in .308 and put a high end scope on it suitable for close bush work and longer range shots. In that case, I would sell the 300BLK (or possibly keep it for my son when he is older). Alternatively, I might go for another bolt action in .243 or .308 in "bush pig" format. It's what we call ultra short barrel rifles with an over-barrel suppressor. I'd want something very light, so probably a carbon stock and a price tag to match. Decisions, decisions! Opinions? In the meantime, goodbye to the Tikka. It got me my first deer, boar and goat ๐Ÿ˜ข
  10. Steve Rinella is American. I really like what he does (promoting hunting among other things) and I don't hand out praise lightly! Lots of videos on YouTube on the MeatEater channel. I don't think the British guest on the show got every last detail correct, but the flavour as he describes it was spot on.
  11. Quite a long way in. Start at the end and work backwards.
  12. Depressing, but interesting. You'll have to skip the other chat if you're not interested.
  13. I have Talley rings on my Tikka and rate them highly. Here in NZ, new Tikka rifles come with rings. They're a bit marmite, some think they're good, others regard them as unreliable. As a result, you cannot sell Tikka factory rings. I gave my last set away to a deserving young hunter. Anyway, agree with the comments above, do it once and do it right if you can. Unreliable mounts will cost you money in the long run re: ammunition wasted.
  14. As a point of interest, here in NZ, shooting from boats is generally allowed, but they must not be under power when the shooting is done. Drifting down a river shooting ducks is popular in some parts of the country. Others moor or anchor and put decoys out. Issues relating to land, or in this case river access is complex and no one really seems to understand the situation as it relates to private/public access. In the old days, nobody cared, but that is changing and I wouldn't risk my firearms licence now. Public land duck hunting is popular. There is a quaint system of pegging hides or blinds (or maimais as we call them). Once you've tagged a spot, it's yours for as long as you want it (and peg it every year), but they can be hard to get. If someone isn't in their maimai by 0730, anyone can use it. Some are quite elaborate structures with beds and cooking facilities! I've been lucky enough to get maimai access this year.
  15. A perfect voice for "A Passion For Angling". RIP.
  16. Not sure why shooting/hunting attracts more from the right of politics. It's a worldwide phenomenon and not necessarily due to British class politics.
  17. Me too. I literally have a garage full of fishing gear. All perfectly organised and stored. I do think you have a bit of a gun problem though ๐Ÿ˜‚
  18. Shocking story/experience for the OP. Thought it would just be a matter of time before reading something like this happening in the UK (or even NZ). A man with a gun on a "block of winter barley" is a completely different kettle of fish to a man with a gun at a school or shopping centre. What were the police thinking? As for the politically correct stuff, there may be a point to be made, but as ever it detracts from the important message which is a law-abiding individual being held at gunpoint for no good reason! Some perspective please.
  19. About 18 months left. Can't see her surviving, but you never know. My biggest concern is that Labour go back in to coalition with the Greens. That would be a disaster!
  20. You think you have it bad. View from downunderer.
  21. UK sounds like a wild and dangerous place! Nice article here, for humans, not dogs. https://www.bmj.com/content/331/7527/1244
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