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  1. For sale 300tdi Auto, MOT runs out 26th August. 224,700miles. I've had this Discovery for almost 4 years and has been a reliable workhorse. Good points: Starts first time. new alternator, new straight through exhaust, (sounds good), new boot floor, polyurethane bushes, new transmission filter & oil. Tow bar, Diffs work ok. New Teflon ball joints, bearings etc.. Fitted last year. Spare X5 7.50 rims and tyres (not road worthy). Not so good: brakes sometimes (rarely) require another press! Spare wheel is on vehicle as other has low tread. require another press! ABS light on perm
  2. With regards to payment, that work he did was putting x2 pipes at a 45 degree angle, then bulk of the work was moving radiators and re positioning a boiler, so even if I wasn't to pay him for the pipe work, it would have only been approx' 1 hours worth of work. Still not overly happy with the end result, but I'll way wait for the Building regs officer to give his verdict, but as mentioned it's within the Section H, he's in the clear, just not flexible. Thanks again for all your comments / advice Ratus
  3. I know he will state that it's within Section H, but the plumber stated this, and was not flexible, if we'd known before all the pitches etc... Where required to get the waste pipe in the desired position and found he was not prepared to be flexible, we would have looked elsewhere for another plumber. It's just to see if he'll give me his professional opinion.
  4. The waste pipe was a straight drop down concealed in it, I'm aware the BCO won't condem it, but just after his professional take on it,
  5. The original kitchen lights where off due to the sparky, there is plenty of light, and another row of ceiling lights to be installed, but instead of a discreet pillar either side, we now have a arch-type way. Cheers Ratus
  6. Tightchoke, yes I still have the original pics and a few more which I'll be showing them, this is going to be interesting. We where planning on having a small boxed area on both sides, on the left where the work surfaces finish and on the right where the waste pipe would be, no where as big as this. Cheers Ratus
  7. Evening guys, here is the almost finished job, just requires rubbing down painting etc.. Sorry it's dark, sparky not finished all the lights yet. As for paying him, the Mrs is paying for the alteration, and doesn't want agro from him, as I'm away soon and it was a convenient time to get the alterations done. As stated earlier i'm going to speak to the Building Regs Officer, show him the pic posted on here and see what he says. I will keep you updated on what the Building Regs Officer says, if I get the same response from him as I have on PW, he will be named, to prevent anyone
  8. Thanks again for your replys and advice, I said to him I'll be on to him IF I get a blockages in the pipes he's done, I'm also going to email the photos to the local building regulators, just to get their opinion, (wish I'd done this straight away) if they say it's ok then I havent a leg to stand on, if I get the same response as from you guys, then he'll be named and shamed, we are happy with the end result as its all covered now, but like a few of you said and in section H about the waste getting left behinde by the fast flow of water. And it will anoy me if he's lied to us and the builder
  9. Sorry for late update Guy's, The plumber pulled out building Regs sec H and gave it the big licks, and insisted 45 degrees was the minimum fall for a waste pipe. I've told him if it gets blocked I'll be calling him every time! The builders have boxed round the waste pipe now and have mirrored the other side, Plumbers not happy that I doubted him, not that bothered but told him I woukdnt recommend him, can't afford to get rid and get it all redone, in the time frame I have,will post pics tomorrow evening, looks better now, Thanks for all advice comments etc.. PW members font of kno
  10. Just found this in Part H, I'm assuming this is what they are quoting? Any ideas 1.17 Junctions on branch pipes of about the same diameter should be made with a sweep of 25mm radius or at 45°. Connection of branch pipes of 75mm diameter or more to a stack of equal diameter should be made with a sweep of 50mm minimum radius or at 45°.
  11. Polester, cheers found it, thanks will use tomorrow thanks again
  12. Millrace, looked on line but it means nothing to me, you could be right about FSOG LOL Polester, I assume part H is building Regs? Cheers Fielddweller, thanks for the link worked a treat much appreciated. Ratus
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