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  1. Bagsy

    Passed out

    Well done, you have every right to be proud. Will he get his first stripe now, or have times changed?
  2. If I have the right venue didn't we have a really long wait for scoff at the Bedford Marina? For that reason alone I'd vote for another pub. On the other hand there were some pretty hot looking chicks about the place.......hmmmmmm
  3. I hope to pop in for a swift couple. See you there.
  4. Hope it's something simple. Had a similar problem with mine only yesterday. The internal mechanism was knackered and had to replace it - £130 later and it's all sorted. I could have picked one up for £30 cheaper on the net but found one locally and wanted to get it done ASAP.
  5. Top Gear and Duck Dynasty. Both are pointless trash for immature middle aged men. Precisely the reason I love them both!
  6. So that rules out the RAF Regiment then. Sorry, couldn't resist it.
  7. I suspect a few BASC members on this thread will be handing their cards back in disgust at the thought of getting discounts from carefully selected companies. Jeez, will you listen to yourselves? Nice one Welsh1, pizza it is this weekend!
  8. Well done Will, drinks are on you the night before the next charity shoot!
  9. Never stick a fork in your Jap's eye.
  10. Good darts to Alan for the shoot and the crew at the Ploughshare pub for the spread. Top day out, thanks!
  11. Well that was the mother of all **** ups Wouldn't mind but I was on the plonk until 1am this morning. One happy Mrs too......not! 20mins....I drove
  12. Bagsy

    Stolen plants

    Funny old thing, I've suddenly got some lovely planters outside the front of my house (insert that whistling smiley thingamajig here).
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