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  1. p@cman

    Happy Valley, Grazeley nr Reading

    I shoot there often and have always found it friendly and welcoming; a happy bunch of regular shooters. As @Dekers has mentioned, tea, coffee, soft drinks, burgers, hot dogs etc. on hand. They offer coaching and BASC Safeshot course too I believe.
  2. p@cman


    HSBC - the clue's in the name High Street Branch Closures
  3. p@cman

    Clay Clubs Surrey/Hants/Berks

    Yes, have been for several years. You don't have to be a member to shoot there though. Next shoot is next Thursday afternoon, starting around 4pm.
  4. p@cman

    Clay Clubs Surrey/Hants/Berks

    Happy Valley Clays, just south of Reading off the A33 near Grazeley. 50 bird sporting layout. Friendly atmosphere. http://www.happyvalleyclays.co.uk/
  5. I have at times used both Peltor electronic ear defenders and then went on to use some in-ear plugs. The Peltor ear defenders interfered with gunmount and were too hot to wear during the summer, so I moved on to some in-ear plugs (can't remember the name) which are more comfortable and gunmount is far easier.
  6. p@cman

    diy firework

    Superb! Love it!
  7. p@cman

    Shooting Insurance

  8. p@cman

    Congrats in order

    Excellent! Good shooting Well done
  9. p@cman

    Our great roads

    The roads network and traffic load have reached that point now where the slightest problem throws everything out for miles around. Hope it goes better for you next time.
  10. p@cman

    Taylor Landscaping

    Someone said the video was demonstrating decking..?
  11. p@cman

    Taylor Landscaping

    Not the sort of company I would want working for me, judging by these thugs. Fisticuffs on the highway. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-30846362
  12. Hi wizzard83, welcome to PW. If you don't mind the journey along the M4 towards Reading, then Happy Valley clay shoot is just south of M4 J11 off the A33. Shoots held on the mornings of the first and third Sunday of the month, so next one is Sunday 18th January. Starts around 10am. Friendly, welcoming place to shoot. Have a look at the details below... http://www.happyvalleyclays.co.uk/
  13. p@cman

    Favourite Bird..

    Tits. Lovely...
  14. p@cman

    Was it you?

    Not far from me at all, but no, not me either.