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  1. I still have some from 97, my oldest and have some at xmass every year. not much left and berries were taken out years ago or it just taints it if left in more than a few years. still good stuff.
  2. catton hall has now closed for all shooting
  3. https://dryfire.com/ contact Andrea.
  4. said it yourself in opening question. if your shooting clays go for one thats designed for clays.
  5. Scully, it would take me to long to explain in writing, but if you want to meet up ill tell.
  6. my 2 penneth. easy hit beads work, problem is most dont know how or when to use them. ive used them with a few clients who have master eye problems and ALL have been successful. they are NOT a quick fix and need time.
  7. beretta


    cheers for replies people, just ordered one now.
  8. beretta


    In the market for a new flask now the weather is turning. Any recomendations for one that actually does keep the brew warm for a decent time and not just an hour.
  9. Hello Dave, you can also get extensions for them so can run 100m no problem.
  10. You obviously shoot pigeons better than you shoot clays thats all ill say. good to meet you and the mrs Ed. We will try to glue feathers on the clays for you next year. nice to see the magmen mob again as its been a long time, that lad has grown!
  11. it was a first for me, never seen a multichoke 410 before, Gorgeous little thing. To many eds about though, shouted for one ed and 2 men and a dog came. nice to meet Tedly also, bit scary on first visit but we settled down.
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