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  1. Thanks for the suggestions I appreciate it. I just prefer the all metal versions although I would consider the part metal part plastic ones.
  2. Hi there I'm after a all metal co2 pistol either .177 pellet or BB if someone has one knocking about they no longer want and would let go cheap please, I really like the Dan wesson revolvers but would consider anything as long as it's metal as it's just for garden fun. I'm located in Cambridge so if not close it would need to be posted. Let me know if you have something please. Thank you
  3. Hello mate, nice lanber my brother in law has the same one haha
  4. Thank you for the suggestion I will ask and see what they say.
  5. Just wondered if anyone has a replica or co2 version knocking about they no longer want and would sell to me. I am based in Cambridgeshire but would pay postage. Please pm if you have anything. Thanks
  6. I play a little and also work at a school that uses them in music lessons and would say the octopus ukulele they use here are a good beginner ukulele for sound and playability and price as they bought 30 in brown and all were set up correctly and came fitted with aquila strings as standard and after tuning with a cheap clip on tuner produced a great sound but they may have payed for the set up im not sure so don't count on getting one set up. They also had a couple of dolphin ukuleles and they were set up horribly sounded and looked terrible and had cheap strings the same as the tanglewood ukulele I first bought. I use a lanikai lu21 I bought locally second-hand as the previous owner had it set up correctly at the music shop they bought it from. My best advice would be to go to a music shop that sells a lot of ukuleles and get them to set it up for your daughter to make sure the strings are set at the correct height and decent quality and it sounds good. Otherwise if you have to buy online but from a uke shop that will set it up at extra cost before sending. It is worth it as otherwise it'll just put your daughter off as it'll never sound nice and will be hard to play.
  7. I'm looking for a broomhandle c96 mauser co2 pistol as a present for my father as it's his favourite gun and as I can't get a replica or blank firing version a co2 will be perfect. Do you have one you no longer use or want and would sell it please? I am from Cambridgeshire but would pay extra for postage if further afield. I have tried a few times before and had no luck so just trying on the off chance. Thank you.
  8. Sorry for your loss Mel, condolences to you and your family.
  9. smokinggun

    FREE cars.

    What a good idea about marking all of their cars and singling disabled people out, While we are at it why don't we mark all of the Jews as well, oh that's right someone tried that before that's why we went to war.
  10. smokinggun

    FREE cars.

    Yes so the op seeing people walking the short distance to their cars without discomfort fulfills the criteria then so he was wrong as I stated. The point is the peoples conditions only needs justifying to the person deciding if they qualify not the op watching from behind his curtains and then running back to his computer to make a smart remark about the so called gravy train.
  11. smokinggun

    FREE cars.

    I don't want to debate the issue I was just letting the op know how small minded and ignorant he is as clearly he knows nothing about disabilities or he wouldn't have such a stupid opinion. Seems all to common for the keyboard warriors on here though and you have to remember the battles these people face every day and a new car every 3 years doesn't change that it just makes things a little easier for them to get around.
  12. smokinggun

    FREE cars.

    No I'm afraid you are wrong as my wife can walk slowly short distances and to a untrained eye would look fine but is in severe pain and discomfort and although she may well enjoy a day out will then pay for it for days afterwards. She also has a motability car and has done for 6 years.
  13. smokinggun

    FREE cars.

    Yes some people do abuse the system and they should be rooted out such as your example but the op stated people walk to their cars and go to bingo etc which is very ignorant as you don't have to be crippled and unable to walk to be disabled. People can be disabled with a condition which cannot be seen on the outside. And yes they can go to bingo and go out to enjoy themselves as they still have the right to have a quality of life and by the op commenting on something he clearly knows nothing about he is just showing how stupid he really is.
  14. smokinggun

    FREE cars.

    A lot of ignorance from fools on here thinking that you have to be crippled to be disabled. Some disabilities don't show on the outside such as heart and lung conditions etc and as I've said before they would all trade the car for the chance to be a normal healthy condescending idiot like you lot seem to be.
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