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  1. glad you payed by credit card, at least you should get your money back one way or another.
  2. I was thinking it would have been about £150 for skim only so I would have been not far off.
  3. quick question for any plasterers on the forum, what would be the rough cost to have a 3m x 3m ceiling skimmed. Also would it be a big pain if it had spotlights fitted before skimming. I am in the Midlands.
  4. ours is 3 year old now, fully health checked with good pedigree and she was £750
  5. its a bit more complicated than that, in my old role i had extra duties for which many years ago i was given £1000/yr on top of my basic wages. when i applied for my new job they took my total salary inc the 1k and gave me a bit extra on top for moving. since i have took the new role they have restructured the pay for the extra duties, basically they took back the 1k and gave an 8% pay rise based on your basic wage. What i think they will do now is take of the rise i got for the new role plus the 1k i had originally and give me 8% on my previous old wage. its confusing but hopefully you follow. just to add i am happy for them to take back the small rise i had when i took the new job, but not the 1k i had for the extra duties as that was took as the baseline for my wage in the new role. its not evolved as they can't find anyone to replace me, we deal a lot with agencies who have'nt a clue what we do.
  6. quick question i applied for different job in the same company 12 months ago, got the job new contract and pay rise, due to a combination of reasons, none of which are my fault i am still in my original role so i asked what options i had for staying where i am now. The manager has now stated they will advertise my original role and state they have a strong candidate (me) then he mentioned wages and from i understood they will base my salary on what i was on before i applied for a transfer. surely if i have a new contract they have to use the salary i am on now?. if they use the previous salary i would be about a grand worse off. Am i correct?
  7. heres a link https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/17805566.home-belonging-former-itv-legend-goes-sale-850-000/ and house details https://www.in-cumbria.com/homes/homes_for_sale/in/Blandford+Forum%2C+Dorset/gallery/16122848/
  8. paul1966


    took my cmax for its mot on monday and it failed due to a hole in the outer cv boot, a bit miffed that it failed as i inspected the boots when i serviced the car a month before, the damage must have happened between then. its booked into a local garage as i can't be bothered to do it, should only take an hour i would have thought so £45 + parts
  9. we plan on having one last holiday in our van and then look at what options we have. so will probably buy out of season so hopefully bag a bargain
  10. Our old caravan is on its last legs and we can't really afford a newer one so we are looking at cheaper options. Basically it's a tent or trailer tent. Has anyone on here got one, are they any more harder to errect than tents. Not sleeping on the floor is a bonus to me. We would have a budget of around £500 for a used one.
  11. trouble is there is a concrete slab there at the minute, the new ceiling will be below rsj's so i suppose i could put noggins on the beam and fix uprights to that
  12. i need to build a suspended ceiling in the kitchen, it will be about 2.5m X 2.6m so not masive, bear in mind i am only a keen diy'er so what would be the easiest way to do it, would 3x2 timber be ok to use. I am thinking of fixing timber around the perimeter and then using 3x2 joist hangers with timber across the 2.5m width. would the weight of the plater cause the centre to sag without support? any advice appreacheated
  13. need to get a basin wrench myself, changed the bath taps but struggled tightening up the nut using an adjustable.
  14. got my renewal came through today from direct line, its gone up £15 to about £280 fully comp probably due to a windscreen claim last year. I got a quote Admiral and they wanted £498!!!. i think i'll stay put.
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