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  1. we'll probably watch jools holland on new years eve again, pity its not live.
  2. looking at nowtv the price is very cheap £25 with unlimited landline calls. trouble is i have heard the customer service is dire should you ever need it, but then its only a 12 month contract anyway.
  3. in that case i'll wait and see what deals they do.
  4. trouble is a lot of the good deals are for new customers not existing.
  5. we are quite rural and have no virgin media
  6. I am currently with BT and my contract is coming to an end, they want an extra £3 a month to keep the same service i have now. i currently pay about £53 a month thats for unlimited fibre plus unlimited landline calls, looking at plusnet they do simillar for £35 for 18 months contract. any one on plusnet or have any other recommendations?
  7. That's what i am trying to do but i think they don't see it as a big problem. they are right at the bottom of their garden.
  8. Thanks for all the replies, i think i will start with baited traps and see how it goes. I'll get the air rifle dusted off and get some target practice in too.
  9. at the minute we have lots of rats at the bottom of the garden, we keep two chickens and bring the food in at night but next door have a few more and leave the food out all the time so its that that is attracting them i think. I have unbaited fenn traps set which have caught a couple but also have bait stations down, to start with they took the bait but for the past few weeks they have hardly touched it. I use roshield bait blocks that are Bromadiolone and also switched to rodex2 bait blocks, i did put some rodex whole wheat grain in a box which was taken to start with but now even that is not taken. I feel like i am losing the battle at the minute. I am thinking of baiting the traps but that will only make a small dent to the bigger problem i feel. Any advice??
  10. now thinking about getting a few bags of postcrete and using that under the blocks. i need something that sets quick as i want to get the shed up tomorrow.
  11. I have a 6x4 shed that i was going to stand on breeze blocks and fence posts, the shed will only house chickens but i dont want it to sink over time. I was just going to sit the blocks on soil but now i am thinking of diging down a bit and filling the hole with some stone we have that we removed from a rockery, the stones vary from about 5mm -10mm size. would i be better using the stone first and tamping it down with a sledge hammer and then the block or would the weight of just the shed be ok on soil?
  12. glad you payed by credit card, at least you should get your money back one way or another.
  13. I was thinking it would have been about £150 for skim only so I would have been not far off.
  14. quick question for any plasterers on the forum, what would be the rough cost to have a 3m x 3m ceiling skimmed. Also would it be a big pain if it had spotlights fitted before skimming. I am in the Midlands.
  15. ours is 3 year old now, fully health checked with good pedigree and she was £750
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