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  1. no its not leaking oil, i'll have a look and see if i can find this bearing
  2. I have an old 2 ton trolley jack that's leaking, as in it drops slowly, its a few years old, can you get replacement seals for them?, the only seal kits i have found are for the more popular branded ones. I don't want to scrap it really as its a bit of a waste.
  3. A nice shiny new exhaust arrived today, surprised how much it weighs, plan to fit it after our holiday in a couple of weeks. Its only two bolts to undo but i bet they will be rusted solid!
  4. Thanks so reading that as long as its not leaking which it's not it should pass. Although after looking online its £60 for a new exhaust so i might just get it replaced anyway, i am keeping the car for a few more years hopefully
  5. I have my MOT coming up in a months time, whilst doing an oil change today i noticed the exhaust outer skin is breaking up, the inner skin is still intact and its not blowing, am i right in thinking it will be an advisory rather than a fail?
  6. paul1966


    we have masonry bees that keep trying to get in gaps on our south facing wall so we decided to get a bee house for them, this soon got full so i had to build an extension for them.
  7. I think with the government committed to the increase in the use of electric cars and such in the near future that scooters like these will eventually be made legal to use. They might as well do it sooner rather than later as scooters are not going to disappear now.
  8. To resurrect the annual elderflower champagne thread I am starting to get together what I need to make a couple of batches next month, I have a load of brown pet bottles that have been used previously, will these be ok to use again?, I remember they swelled a lot last time I made some and I am wondering if they may have been weakened as a result. At least I'll be able to get some yeast this year!
  9. My first Lab was from a gundog breeder i got about 2003 we paid about £650 for her, the Lab i have now is 5 years old and we paid £870 so I guess with inflation the cost for a pup now I would have to pay £1000-1100, certainly not the 2-3K I have seen advertised.
  10. thanks, i have also found they work with google home as well so it may be best to get the Play 1's.
  11. I am looking at replacing out google home with a better sounding unit for music, I was looking at the new sonos one but have come across a pair of used play 1's for £120. i know they won't have voice activation and i am happy casting music from a tablet. At about £200 for the sonos one a pair of play 1's are tempting and from what i have read sound identical, any reason not to buy the older units?
  12. Blimey thanks you've just gave me a few unexpected jobs to do 😁. Seriously though thanks for the advice, appreciated.
  13. We have extended our kitchen and want to extend the original quarry tile floor, we can get some old 1 inch thick 6 X 6 tiles but what would be the best way of fixing them?, the original ones are laid on a bed of sand & cement so would it be best to use the same method, its not a big area, roughly 2.5M X 3M, about 320 tiles. I am going to put the concrete slab down but will get a tiler in to lay the tiles. Also what sort of cost might labour be, i am thinking about £200, we are in east midlands.
  14. seems to be happening a lot, here's another that's in the local paper, sounds like the dogs were shot although it does not state that in the article. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-news/sheep-dogs-dead-following-massacre-5265294
  15. The one i got is sold out now, they do tend to sell out quick so if you see one you like don't hang around. https://www.dellrefurbished.co.uk/laptops
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