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  1. paul1966

    Annual Booster

    we had ours vaccinated when she was a pup, not bothered with boosters. she won't be going into kennels so don't see the need.
  2. 3 hours from me unfortunately otherwise i would have been definitely interested.🙁
  3. just asked the question, answer was 18mm laminated carcasses with 6mm backs
  4. if we go ahead with it we plan to view it, so can have a good look at the carcasses
  5. we are on a strict budget and need some kitchen units as cheap as possible. I have found these for sale which should do, if anything there's too many. They are priced at £350 for all the units except the wine chiller, the oven hob extractor and sink is included. I am hoping to get the price down to £300, is that a fair price? do the units look decent quality?
  6. paul1966

    Samsung mobile phone

    now sorted thanks
  7. paul1966

    Samsung mobile phone

    really needs to be samsung thanks, another S5 will do if any one has one.
  8. paul1966

    Samsung mobile phone

    Anyone selling a samsung mobile, i have an S5 thats just died so something later than that would be good, limited on price though. must work on O2 or be unlocked.
  9. paul1966

    Troy Shadow X3 metal detector

    hope you don't mind me asking, where do find land to detect on ,assuming its not land you shoot on. when i had my detector a few years ago i struggled finding permission and gave up eventually. is anyone in any detector clubs? is that a good way of getting good land.
  10. paul1966

    diy car smart repair paint

    not a bad idea, i have just been reading about a paint called por15 thats supposed to be better than hammerite. might be worth looking into.
  11. paul1966

    diy car smart repair paint

    the bloke i got a quote off did say it would return, i am really just trying to prevent the rust taking hold and rotting through completely, the car is 11 years old but i plan on keeping it at least another 5 years! not after a perfect job just something that looks better than rust.
  12. paul1966

    diy car smart repair paint

    anyone tried one of those diy smart repair kits you can get, i have had a quote of £180 to patch up four small patches of rust caused by stone chips on my cmax, one either side of the rear doors and either side just behind the front wheels , i plan to touch it up but is there anything i can put over the area for extra protection?
  13. paul1966

    antler dog chew

    yes mate cut it in half for her and she's made good progress so far.
  14. paul1966

    antler dog chew

    after a piece of antler suitable for a chew for my lab if anyone has any spare.
  15. paul1966

    where to get a used apple laptop?

    well they went to a computer fair today and were looking at a 2011 macbook with warranty for £450, i talked them out of it as its a 7 year old laptop and by the time she's finished uni will be 10 or 11 years old. i have put them onto one i have seen on facebook, its a 2014 model for the same price, ok it will have no warranty but the guy has owned it from new and uses it daily so it should be ok. if it was me i would get it, left it with them.