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  1. I'm on reduced hours which at the minute equals a 5% reduction in wages, the company have the option of a reduction up to 20%. hopefully it won't get that bad.
  2. my daughters school is similar to above, but the only odd thing is that any children going to kids club which is after school day ends will mix, so they are separated all day only to mix in kids club.
  3. paul1966

    Iphone wtd

    Thanks mate, whats the battery life like and are there any bad scratches on the screen? Are you around tomorrow, you are fairly local so can collect.
  4. paul1966

    Iphone wtd

    My daughter is pestering me for a mobile, she wants an Iphone and my budget is £100 ish, i have had some good phones off here before so if anyone has anything suitable, must be unlocked.
  5. i've been working full time but just had to sign a temporary 18 month contract that will see my hours and pay reduced initially by 5% but depending on orders could go down to 80%. At 5% i can just manage any lower and it gets very dificult, hopefully it won't come to that.
  6. mines gone up £9 from last year so i am staying put, i had a claim on a windscreen two years ago which seems to bump the price up when i check on comparison sites.
  7. just to resurrect an old thread anyone brewing any this year, i haven't done any for a few years but tempted to have a go again this year, just need to get some yeast and some steriliser tablets.
  8. bargain that, not willing to courier i guess
  9. on a simililar theme, what is the best glue to stick them onto the metal taps ours have come unstuck, i have tried araldite but its not worked.
  10. I am now thinkiing of spending a bit more and getting a dewalt twin pack that includes a impact driver along with hammer drill, i borrowed an impact driver to take a shed apart and it was very impressive, i struggled to undo the screws holding it together with a drill but with the impact driver they came out very easily.
  11. from looking online the 10.8v are equal to 12v as they output 12v peak power, i will use it for general diy but i want something that won't struggle drilling and one that will last, the dewalt i have is over 10 years old and still working. budget is £100 but will go up to £120 for a good deal.
  12. just found this combo pack of a cordless drill plus impact driver for £120, only possible downside is that the batteries are 12v and 2 amp. https://www.its.co.uk/pd/DCK211D2T-10.8v-XR-2-Piece-Kit-with-2-x-2Ah-Batteries,-Charger-and-Case-_DEWDCK211D2T.htm does 18v give a lot more power than 12v? never thought deciding what drill to buy would be so hard
  13. just found this one, with a 4 amp battery for £114. Why do they have so many model numbers, its hard to compare models. https://www.tools4trade.co.uk/brands/dewalt/dewalt-combi-drill/dewalt-dcd785n-18v-xr-2-speed-combi-drill-with-1-x-4-0ah-battery-charger.html
  14. any thoughts on this one- https://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-dcd776s2t-gb-18v-1-5ah-li-ion-xr-cordless-combi-drill/2710p top end of my budget but i want one thats going to last a few years.
  15. I have just remembered i do have an old dewalt DW995 that is probably 10 years plus old. it needs a new battery which is about £30 and i could also replace the brushes for a fiver, is that an option? its an 18v battery show should have some power when working correctly.
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