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  1. I am now thinkiing of spending a bit more and getting a dewalt twin pack that includes a impact driver along with hammer drill, i borrowed an impact driver to take a shed apart and it was very impressive, i struggled to undo the screws holding it together with a drill but with the impact driver they came out very easily.
  2. from looking online the 10.8v are equal to 12v as they output 12v peak power, i will use it for general diy but i want something that won't struggle drilling and one that will last, the dewalt i have is over 10 years old and still working. budget is £100 but will go up to £120 for a good deal.
  3. just found this combo pack of a cordless drill plus impact driver for £120, only possible downside is that the batteries are 12v and 2 amp. https://www.its.co.uk/pd/DCK211D2T-10.8v-XR-2-Piece-Kit-with-2-x-2Ah-Batteries,-Charger-and-Case-_DEWDCK211D2T.htm does 18v give a lot more power than 12v? never thought deciding what drill to buy would be so hard
  4. just found this one, with a 4 amp battery for £114. Why do they have so many model numbers, its hard to compare models. https://www.tools4trade.co.uk/brands/dewalt/dewalt-combi-drill/dewalt-dcd785n-18v-xr-2-speed-combi-drill-with-1-x-4-0ah-battery-charger.html
  5. any thoughts on this one- https://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-dcd776s2t-gb-18v-1-5ah-li-ion-xr-cordless-combi-drill/2710p top end of my budget but i want one thats going to last a few years.
  6. I have just remembered i do have an old dewalt DW995 that is probably 10 years plus old. it needs a new battery which is about £30 and i could also replace the brushes for a fiver, is that an option? its an 18v battery show should have some power when working correctly.
  7. My cheapo drill packed up today so looking for another, will only be used occasionally for diy but want one that will last.
  8. no i did not, thats the good thing about the place i took it to to have the four wheel alignment done, you could stand and watch them.
  9. tracking done today and here are the results, steering wheel is central which is good, after halfords did it last time it was off centre slightly which was annoying.
  10. its going in to have the wheels aligned tomorrow, its a place that does 4 wheel tracking so hopefully they will sort it.
  11. I think i might double check the bushes again, and then start with the cheapest option and get the tracking done. worst case i change the other lower control arm which is about £60.
  12. for tyres they are reasonably priced, for anything else i would not trust them, thats why i think it could be the tracking thats the problem.
  13. Yes you are correct that the worst side is the one that was not replaced, but the bush looks ok and no play in ball joint from what i can see. i see what you mean about a lot of wear but would have thought that a ball joint or similar would have to have a lot of play in it to produce that much wear?
  14. Just noticed both front tyres are heavily worn on the inside edge on both sides, googling suggests it could be worn suspension or tracking, the tracking was done by halfords when i had the tyres fitted 10 months ago. I have checked for worn ball joints, bushes and broken springs and all look ok, infact one complete lower control arm was replaced last year, the tracking was done after this. Would a four wheel alignment place be able to tell if the camber is out, its a C-Max so camber is not adjustable but if it is out it points towards the suspension.
  15. thanks, i am only looking for a temporary fix as i am planning in the future to put a warm roof system on top of the slab so when that is done this problem should go away too.
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