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  1. The one i got is sold out now, they do tend to sell out quick so if you see one you like don't hang around. https://www.dellrefurbished.co.uk/laptops
  2. just as an update i got a refurbished dell laptop direct from dell. must say i am most impressed, the condition is as new and it runs great with windows 10 pro on it.
  3. They use Teams at the minute, but when she changes school next year they use google
  4. could really do with a windows machine, and could stretch the budget to 300 ish, Del refurbished have a latitude 7280 for £330, although looking again it has no wifi!
  5. i am looking for a laptop for my daughter, does not need to be anything special it's just for school work mainly and no doubt playing roblox. I would rather buy a refurbished one to get the best one for the least cash. Can anyone recommend any companies? budget is about £250
  6. if it's just the odd letter you print look at laser printers, with inkjets the heads dry out.
  7. do you need a cupboard full of various spices to make a good curry ? Or are there just a few favourites people use
  8. i have a Merkur, cost around £25 and a very good quality razor
  9. I'm on reduced hours which at the minute equals a 5% reduction in wages, the company have the option of a reduction up to 20%. hopefully it won't get that bad.
  10. my daughters school is similar to above, but the only odd thing is that any children going to kids club which is after school day ends will mix, so they are separated all day only to mix in kids club.
  11. paul1966

    Iphone wtd

    Thanks mate, whats the battery life like and are there any bad scratches on the screen? Are you around tomorrow, you are fairly local so can collect.
  12. paul1966

    Iphone wtd

    My daughter is pestering me for a mobile, she wants an Iphone and my budget is £100 ish, i have had some good phones off here before so if anyone has anything suitable, must be unlocked.
  13. i've been working full time but just had to sign a temporary 18 month contract that will see my hours and pay reduced initially by 5% but depending on orders could go down to 80%. At 5% i can just manage any lower and it gets very dificult, hopefully it won't come to that.
  14. mines gone up £9 from last year so i am staying put, i had a claim on a windscreen two years ago which seems to bump the price up when i check on comparison sites.
  15. just to resurrect an old thread anyone brewing any this year, i haven't done any for a few years but tempted to have a go again this year, just need to get some yeast and some steriliser tablets.
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