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  1. paul1966


    if i had a van i would have had them, we are getting a log burner fitted soon, it would take too many trips in a car.
  2. I need to lay some quarry tiles in the fireplace ready for a log burner, i need to raise the existing concrete floor by about 35mm and then lay 25mm thick quarry tiles on top. Would a simple screed made from sharp sand and cement be adequate ?
  3. i know its a repeat but its a very good program, it just seems so wrong that the person responsible for the two murders can be sat watching it.
  4. And there i think you have hit the nail on the head. If i were living in a new build no problem but a 1950's house that is draughty anyway why bother? We have dug out down to about 400mm and a majority of the hardcore was broken up clay pipes, no doubt thats what is under the existing kitchen floor, whether there is a DPM under it who knows, what i do know its not sank and there is no damp.
  5. is it possible to lay the floor as- hardcore, sand, DPM, insulation, concrete slab, doing this way would be easier for me as i can get the concrete done in one go.
  6. Ok thanks there is hardcore down already, won't know how deep it is until i gig down a bit. The DPM I knew about, the insulation, is it worth having as the existing floor hasn't got any and the new slab is only 3m x 2.5?
  7. I am currently digging out an old concrete floor to lay a new slab and then i want some 1 inch quarry tiles laying, the slab will be 150 mm thick so allowing 25 mm for the tile and 10 mm for adhesive. Is it as simple as adding all that up so i dig out to about 185 mm below the top of the existing tiles that will be tiled up to?
  8. Yes John i will need to fit a liner, that's another conundrum 316 or 904, its a multifuel stove so we might burn coal but the majority of the time it will be wood so i am leaning towards getting a decent brand of 316.
  9. That looks good mate, the trouble i have is that i have exactly 150mm as per the regulations each side of the stove to the wall so i can't stick anything on top as it will make it narrower, i think i am going to clean up whats there and either paint it or leave natural. Is that slate for the hearth? i am thinking of using the same.
  10. Right so we went to AR Peet stoves and had a look around, chap there was very helpful, we have decided on a burner made by Town & Country fires who are from Yorkshire, its the Saltburn eco model, its multi fuel and takes 30cm logs. So the next question is now i have removed the coal fire and opened up the chimney do i clean up the brickwork or do something else with it? i also need to sort a hearth out and the flue, has anyone had one of those flue kits of ebay?
  11. That's where we are off to tomorrow, this place has been recommended by several people.
  12. we are going out tomorrow looking at wood burners, our budget is about 1K could go a little bit more. Are the any makes we should avoid or are they all pretty much the same? any features we should look for? We are going to a local place that's been recommended by a few people to see what they have.
  13. looks like a tidy car mate, what mileage is it
  14. no its not leaking oil, i'll have a look and see if i can find this bearing
  15. I have an old 2 ton trolley jack that's leaking, as in it drops slowly, its a few years old, can you get replacement seals for them?, the only seal kits i have found are for the more popular branded ones. I don't want to scrap it really as its a bit of a waste.
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