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  1. £450m to Iran

    Worked there for three years. Lovely country, lovely people. Bakshesh talks unfortunately.
  2. Heads up (Lidl

  3. Scottish borders raiding due to start

    .....but there isn't a tipple strong enuff to make us dance around a Maypole.
  4. Fishermens friends?

    I thought Canadian Club was a drink till i went there.
  5. Cluny Clays

    Cluny is good so is Auchterhouse and the newly refurbished National Shooting centre-Scotland.
  6. Scottish borders raiding due to start

    A simpler method would be to only sell cider and Buckie to people with teeth?
  7. Scottish borders raiding due to start

    The additional money goes to the shops.
  8. $400,000,000+ commision.

    In poor condition and the artist not proven. Was it someone off here?
  9. Food banks.

    Oi! Start your own topic.... FOOD banks not MONEY banks.
  10. Soldier 95 Gore-text trousers - Brand New

    Where are they? I can't see them!
  11. Nicest stock wood for my budget?

    So Liege' is twinned with Disneyland?
  12. Food banks.

    Top reply that.
  13. Food banks.

    About 5 years ago i woke up with no money, not one penny and nothing to eat in the house... trust me it can happen.
  14. Could a fox bother full grown sheep?

    Sheep huddle when in fear or in need of shelter.
  15. Food banks.

    I was donating 50 vacuum packed venison burgers as my freezer has gone down.