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  1. Red-dot


    50% of candidates that fail fail on the shooting tests and it is usually the ones that think it's easy but it is designed to catch the know alls out. You need to practice especially the standing and sitting.
  2. Red-dot

    Glascow Police Helicopter Crash

    It never ran out of fuel on the night. Maybe it did now.
  3. Red-dot

    Beretta 627 EELL sbs 20 gauge

    800+ views and one scam email.
  4. Red-dot

    Glascow Police Helicopter Crash

    I heard rumours of a love triangle.....
  5. Red-dot

    First snow of the year

  6. Red-dot

    New Discovery Sport

  7. Red-dot

    Seeland & Swarovski caps.

    Seeland Keeper cap in olive green size L reversable blze orange. Fleece lined RRP £35 for £20 9/10 condition. Swarovski Optik light biege cap OSFA £20. 10/10 condition.
  8. Red-dot

    Uma Thurman / Harvey Weinstein

    I know of a BBC "person" who humped her way to the top through journalism then on to a BBC newsperson.
  9. Red-dot

    New Discovery Sport

    Trade descriptions should prosecute JLR for labelling them as a Discovery as it is no more a Discovery than an Evoke is a Range Rover. More Freelander even to a blind dog?
  10. Red-dot

    Beretta 627 EELL sbs 20 gauge

    Beretta sidelock...... it is a present rarity which will only rise in value but more importantly is a dream to shoot. As for it being expensive that is relative as it should really be up there with guns 10X the price. In USA rough examples start at $5,000.
  11. Red-dot

    Decent Mud Mats

    Michelin H/D 4x4 mats from Halfrauds in my L200 and genuine LR in my Defender.
  12. Red-dot

    Beretta 627 EELL sbs 20 gauge

    Not one enquiry.... the market's dead!
  13. Red-dot

    New Discovery Sport

    It's called running costs.
  14. Red-dot


    I have had shingles on my left side for 14 months now. Two deep operations to remove abcesses that left holes you could hide a 12g cartridge in and daily trips to have them cleaned and dressed to allow natural healing. The nrve pain caused me to drop on the ground twice in agony. My left lower back looks like i have been shot close range with a No3 cartridge. Shingles can kill if the sores turn infected.