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  1. Ok. I’m in Driffield but I can’t justify that. I’m sure they’ll go quickly. Regards GG
  2. 1, 2 and 8 please Christian. Let me know how you would like payment. Best regards GG
  3. Oh come on!!!! Hands up, who wants to see a picture? GG
  4. I don’t get it, what am I missing? Someone enlighten me please. GG
  5. This fixed choke 687 owes me £740 if you are interested. Kickeez fitted and a really nice vacant gold oval. Also comes with a beretta case. Regards GG
  6. If it helps, I took my boy to our local clay ground when he was 10 and they lent me a little gun for him to try. We did that for about 2 years so he could try different guns and then I bought a spare stock for my 20 bore beretta from Welsh Andy and had it shortened. He’s used that for the last 3 years and this summer he moved up to a 12 bore 687 which seems to fit him well. I’ve been fortunate in that he has taken to it quite well and has been able to use my guns without too much extra outlay but it could have been a big expense. Added to this, when he first had a lesson, the instructor quick
  7. Have you tried Waites in Driff? regards GG
  8. I’m genuinely sorry for the person who may have lost money here but with respect, I think my previous posts show that I did warn potential buyers and that I did my bit. Regards GG
  9. Hello PW members, I think the moderators will be looking at this post anyway but if you want a pro sport, my advice is to look elsewhere. happy to discuss or clarify but suffice to say the OP has not responded to my posts, via GW or PW. It’s a shame , and I’d love to know who actually owns the rifle in the pictures as it’s clearly a cracker but I’m totally certain that it is not “John” “ and for that reason, I’m out” Best regards GG
  10. Ok, enough people have contacted me now that with our combined experiences, I can now say openly and with confidence that this ‘sale’ is a scam! Regards GG
  11. Hi have you got the pro sport for sale ? Cheers

  12. Hello PW members, if you’re looking at this, message me first!! Regards GG
  13. Looks like a crab apple ( Malus) to my eyes. Makes an awesome jelly that’s great with pork or chicken. GG
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