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  1. Definitely stuck down with gobbo. Here’s my outside kitchen that I made using someone’s old granite bought off eBay for £100. I stripped the mastic off it then re-cut it using a £20 circular saw from tesco and a blade from screwfix. GG
  2. Yes please for the torch. Please pm me your payment details. Thanks GG
  3. Ask Christian Sutton on here. He’s your man. GG
  4. Hello, please can I have 2 x 12g and 1 x 20g, nice looking ones if you have any left. Thank you. GG
  5. Hello Dave, My wife is selling her Fautras Pro van Club so I read her your post. It’s absolutely bomb proof but we are in East Yorkshire so too far away for you. She did however say that if you are travelling around, you should look for a trailer in a less affluent (she’s from Oxfordshire!!) part of the country or look for an auction mart that specialises in farm machinery. Good luck with your quest. GG
  6. Put it in the Guns and Equipment section then and not here.
  7. I’m sure the OP will be delighted with your assessment.
  8. Ok. I’m in Driffield but I can’t justify that. I’m sure they’ll go quickly. Regards GG
  9. 1, 2 and 8 please Christian. Let me know how you would like payment. Best regards GG
  10. Oh come on!!!! Hands up, who wants to see a picture? GG
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