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  1. Hello, I used Nath on the airgun forum for mine. It was a fairly tatty stock matched to a forend that’s 35 years old. Now it looks like these pictures. Every now and then he does a group deal so this cost me £65 which I’m delighted with.
  2. Where are you please? Thanks GG Sorry, I’ve just seen your location. GG
  3. I think they are interchangeable. I swapped this for the beaver tail forend on my 687s in about 10 minutes and I’ve got very limited skills. Regards GG
  4. Along with my other listing, I am selling a beretta 680 series schnabel forend. This is for 12bore guns and has no cracks or splits. There are some small shallow dents on the underside that look like they could be steamed out, but overall the condition is good. I would like £55 for this and I’ll post. Best regards, GG
  5. I am selling my silver pigeon 20g stock as my son has now grown out of it. It’s a standard 686/7 20g stock shortened by 1 1/2 inches and then with a kickeez pad added giving a LOP of 13 1/4 inches. The pad itself is a 20mm version so there’s still room to go shorter without removing any more wood. I’ve also got the off cut if it’s of any use. The stock is in near mint condition with no cracks or repairs, having been bought new. I would like £150 for this and I’ll post. Best regards, GG
  6. Hello, I will be listing this for sale shortly. PM me if you want first dibs. Best regards, GG
  7. Hello, Yes, I still have it but it’s now got a sporter stock with a beretta microcore recoil pad which suits my son much better. Hence the straight stock being for sale.
  8. I’m currently on Jersey but I’m back on Wednesday. pm me your number and I’ll give you a call when I’m back. Best regards, GG
  9. Not exactly what you need, but I have a beretta 20g shortened stock with a kickeez pad fitted. I bought it for my son who then moved up to the full stock and then on to a 12g. let me know if that’s any good. Best regards, GG
  10. Hello, I have what you need. I'm in Jersey until Wednesday but if you pm me your phone number I’ll call you when I get back. It’s a schnabel forend and the colour looks pretty similar to yours. Best regards, GG
  11. Sorry, it was for Button. Best regards, GG
  12. PM me your number, I may be able to help you. Regards GG
  13. 10 years ago when this was listed he was in Northumbria.
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