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  1. general grievous

    Most bizzare job you've had

    Paddling pool attendant (seriously) GG
  2. general grievous

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    I'm on it this weekend, I live in Hutton!! Next stop for me, the Environment Agency website. GG
  3. general grievous

    Beretta Sporter

    Hello, I have a lovely 686 28" with an unusual straight stock. It has been a sleeper so it's in superb condition and well within your budget. Regards GG
  4. general grievous

    Plastimo 2.4 m inflatable c/w Mariner 2.5 o/b

    You have a PM. Thanks General grievous
  5. general grievous

    Free Books

    Hello OB, I read your original post and thought the pigeon book looked fascinating just from the cover so I would be happy to pay your postage plus a few quid if you still have it. best regards GG
  6. general grievous

    What weed is this?

    Isn't Canesten good for sticky willy? GG
  7. general grievous

    Beretta 687 12 gauge

    Hello, This is my gun, thanks for looking. General Grievous
  8. general grievous

    Browning O/U or Silver pigeon .

    Hello, I've got a really nice 687 that has been hardly used. It's in superb condition, has fixed choke 28" barrels and an unusual straight stock with an unmarked gold oval. It also has a new kickeez pad and will come with a beretta case. I would have listed it on here if I could work out the new format!! PM me if you think you may be interested. Best regards GG
  9. general grievous

    Famous last quotes

    “You can see our house from here” Jesus
  10. general grievous

    Fessing up !

    Personally I dont yet have a problem with crack cocaine but if I ever do, I can see how those sausages could save me a fortune. Do you have to dry them out or do they go straight into the pipe? Just curious. GG
  11. general grievous

    First time sloe Vodka

    Leave it in the boot of your car or stand it on top of the washing machine if its in a dark place then you dont have to agitate it. Enjoy GG
  12. general grievous

    Interesting day!

    Yes you did!! Congratulations my friend. GG
  13. general grievous

    3 quality slip leads.

    And me. Thanks GG
  14. general grievous

    2000 (W) disco td5

    I'm selling my D3, it's an 07 manual and has never been off road 104k miles. PM me if you are interested. Regards GG
  15. general grievous

    Simple pleasures....

    Just on bikes... Every kid in north Hull had 2 bikes, their 'best' bike that they usually got for Christmas and which only came out for showing off and a 'bomb' bike which was made from bits of other bikes that were nicked. Mine had cow horns, fork extensions, a fairy cycle wheel on the back and a racer wheel on the front with a 5foot aerial on the back of the seat. Down our tenfoot the best bikes were as follows: Mark 1 choppers with the screw on gear knob that you had to unscrew every time you went to the shops or it got nicked. 10 speed Raleigh banana racers with 1/2 inch wide tyres Grifters - A kid at my school wheelied his one handed around the outside of the playground whilst he was in blue gear. (Anyone who had a Grifter will know how hard that was. After that we graduated onto stripped Honda CUB then as soon as you were 16 try to get a job and save up for an AP50 just to annoy the fissie boys. GG