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  1. Never really liked the feel of A Tikka
  2. Really like the look of these for a family car, and to use on my syndicate every couple of weeks, anyone got one and any thoughts on them? around a 2015 plate.
  3. Hi all, been looking at Howa 1500, Winchester XPR and Remington 700’s. Has anyone got any recommendations and which bullets work well in them? Will be used for the odd muntjac but mainly fox and long range corvids. Want to buy new. Thanks.
  4. I bought a premier gold 20 bore as needed a gun after selling my Browning 725 20. Still using the Lincoln now, cant fault it.
  5. Thanks for the replies, been looking at a CZ as my 22LR 452 has been faultless. Have read good things about the vmax 30 grain, any more ammo recommendations for 40 grain?
  6. Oneshot what ammo do you use?
  7. Any users of this calibre on here? Looking at one as a short range fox rifle on a couple of small permissions.
  8. A friend of mine has an English box lock he’s looking to get rid off. I will try and get details.
  9. Is there a reason RC use these instead of a fibre wad for the 28?
  10. Does anyone use these? Get on well with sipe fibre through my 20 but had no experience of cork wads.
  11. What chokes are you all using? And what sort of patterns are you getting out to 30 yards?
  12. Looking at purchasing either a new yildiz or second hand Lincoln 410 for fun, what game loads would be recommended? Must be fibre
  13. 1x Quarter and 1x Half in good condition. £50 buyer to collect or pay postage. Located Norwich.
  14. Wouldn’t let me attach any more pictures
  15. Lincoln premier gold 28 bore full length stock. Or standard premier/premier gold complete gun.
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