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  1. 3 miles from East Dereham
  2. 250 unopened Jocker fibre 21 gram 8’s. Collection 10 miles from Norwich £40
  3. So I assume you shoot steel or another lead alternative?
  4. I would like to see everyone who shoots over farmland voluntarily stop using plastic. Yes fibre may be a few quid more, but it would show the shooting community care about the land they shoot over. Shooting plastic wads is no different to leaving empty cases in my opinion.
  5. I’ve got 2 friends with affinity’s now, and they both love them. Bargain with the 7 year warranty.
  6. I love the RC sipe 26 gram fibre but my 725 is slightly heavier. Feiend of mine shoots Eley Grand Prix fibre 25 gram 6’s through an old English sxs and I seen some very good birds taken with them.
  7. Franchi affinity, friend bought a synthetic for just under £700 new with a 7 year warranty. Cracking gun.
  8. I would be tempted to find a 2.5 out of a Pajero and drop it in. Much older engine yes but bulletproof and for a cheap truck it wouldn’t matter.
  9. Planning on taking the 28 out for a go roost shooting in the next few weeks. Normally shoot sipe 26 gram fibre through my 20, but can’t seem to find any fibre in 28. Do RC produce a fibre 28 bore load? If not what are people’s alternatives
  10. Got numerous friends that have had discovery’s, 3’s and 4’s. ALL of them have had expensive issues. I’m sure there some good ones out there. But a major fault in an older disco 3 could cost a big part of the cars overall value.
  11. Regarding the shogun I’ve had trouble free Mitsubishi’s for years which is why I’m wary to change. The kias 7 year warranty is attractive though
  12. My other half really wants one of these, whereas I’m wanting a shogun, at the minute I’m loosing the battle! It would be going down to one vehicle so would be used for my syndicate shoot at weekends, occasional feeding round the shoot etc. Does anyone have any off road experience with them? I know they are more of a soft roader, but wouldn’t want it to be hopeless.
  13. My dad had a 2.8 Pajero for about 15 years, undersealed soon as it came in to the country, was still solid as rock when he sold it about 18 months ago. Manual box with a set of maxxis mud terrains it went anywhere, never gave any trouble at all. Changed it for a pick up and he still misses the Pajero.
  14. 250 23 gram 6 shot fibre. £60 cash on collection from Dereham Norfolk.
  15. SBC customs in Barnham broom, brilliant work
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