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  1. A friend of mine has an English box lock he’s looking to get rid off. I will try and get details.
  2. Is there a reason RC use these instead of a fibre wad for the 28?
  3. Does anyone use these? Get on well with sipe fibre through my 20 but had no experience of cork wads.
  4. What chokes are you all using? And what sort of patterns are you getting out to 30 yards?
  5. Looking at purchasing either a new yildiz or second hand Lincoln 410 for fun, what game loads would be recommended? Must be fibre
  6. 1x Quarter and 1x Half in good condition. £50 buyer to collect or pay postage. Located Norwich.
  7. Wouldn’t let me attach any more pictures
  8. Lincoln premier gold 28 bore full length stock. Or standard premier/premier gold complete gun.
  9. Selling my L200 due to no longer doing the amount of shooting I dod and an expanding family. Black, 2015 with adventurer hard and and plastic load liner. General grabber at3 tyres with loads of tread. NO VAT 25,000 miles, I have owned it since 6 weeks old. The chassis was under sealed before it ever even saw any rain. This was topped up last year. Genuine seat covers, mats, chrome rear bar, bonnet protector, wind deflectors. Bluetooth, climate control, super select 4wd with traction control. Never towed, never been used hard off road, you will not find a better 4 year old truck. Mitsubishi warranty until June 2020, just been serviced. Will be gutted to see it go. £13,250 no vat. Pictures on request located near Norwich.
  10. Is that one of the 4cyl turbos?
  11. Worn once, just sat in the cupboard, couple of months old. Continuing my clear out £5 buyer pays postage
  12. I rate my general grabber at3's highly. No road noise, no drop in mpg. they were great in snow, and wearing very well.
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