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  1. AYA117

    Side by Side Club

    Welcome to the club, but we do need to see pictures of your 'proper' gun.
  2. AYA117

    shooting on a Sunday

    If they are covered by the wildfowl legislation ( pretty sure they are ) then you can shoot them in England any time you like, as you have a licence.
  3. AYA117

    RC JK6 T5 36g No4

    On the box it says. HIGH PERFORMANCE CARTRIDGES Use only in guns with proof test at 1320 bar And on the cartridge it says MAX 1050 bar
  4. Hannams Reloading are the importers. sales@hannamsreloading.com sales@hannamsreloading.com
  5. AYA117

    What to do with ammo?

    Interesting, had not heard that. I was working on info. from my renewal 12 months ago.
  6. AYA117

    What to do with ammo?

    Dorset, Devon and Cornwall have joined as one police force, and it has not been going well on the firearms dept. side.
  7. AYA117

    Rough shooting gun

    Sorry, it was meant a bit 'tongue in cheek' , we all will go for it, if it comes our way.
  8. AYA117

    Rough shooting gun

    If that is the case, do you never shoot a right and left? Never understood why it is called a left and right, as on a SxS the right barrel is the front trigger.
  9. AYA117

    Rough shooting gun

    Or an AYA No.3 being non ejector it would mean you do not have to look for your empties.
  10. AYA117

    Side by Side Club

    Also think that ' the largest stock of AYAs in the country ' is wrong, I think Sportarm of Dorchester for one, would disagree with that. Maybe his poor mounting of the gun is why he favours 24g cartridges, if he tried some of my 36g it would probably put him in hospital.
  11. AYA117

    Side by Side Club

    Well spotted sir, you are quite right it is a model 117 There is more, things we all need to know
  12. AYA117

    Victory Cartridges

    RC now do the HPF3 in 35g & 36g Fibre and it is a very good cartridge.
  13. AYA117

    Side by Side Club

    I have a No.2 that was made in 1964, I have owned it for over 20 years and in that time has had a lot of use and apart from a broken top lever spring ( a very easy repair ) it has never let me down, they are a lot of gun for the money.