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  1. I think it was Eley and they had put 7 shot in a case that professed to be 5, but it was a long time ago.
  2. Some 'marketing gimmick' if you do no believe they work but will pattern well. The whole point of Patternmaster ( not including the turkey tubes ) is that technically they are not a choke as there is no constriction, it is simply a parallel tube with 5 lugs to arrest the wads progress through the tube the length of tube after the lugs changes the degree of ' choke '. So you can shoot steel through it and achieve a pattern that is up to extra full, way past the recommended half only. That is like inventing the wheel in shooting terms!
  3. Does anyone know where I can find a Patternmaster Classic Miid Range tube to fit a Benelli Super Nova? All I can find is the Code Black online in the UK
  4. Go old school and get 7x57, got a Ruger No 1 in this calibre and works well on all deer and fox. As above the .243 hardly ever goes out.
  5. Hi,

      Just looking to start wildfwling this year.  Don't suppose you are in the North of UK, would love to help with you geese problem 😉

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you again for the replies, I have just ordered a Benelli Super Nova in Max4
    2. Thank you for the replies. Still not sure which way to go. I like the fact that the Mossberg has the safety in the ' normal ' place, but the Benelli seems to be better made. Toss a coin I guess.
    3. Thanks for the reply, We have been asked to shoot a lot of geese this winter and my stock of 3" Tungsten is getting low and do not fancy 3" steel through my AYA No.2. The long arm thing is a bonus for me as I shoot a 15 1/2" stock.
    4. As above, thoughts from those that own or have owned would be much appreciated.
    5. A 1967 Series 11A 88" diesel
    6. I use mostly full bodied flocked decoys from A1 plus a dozen shells also flocked, I am lucky enough that I can get the truck to where I want to shoot so put 70+ decoys with a rotary with extended arms and speed controller with two Sillosocks. Now that does pull them !
    7. With you on that one, think it is called 'field testing'
    8. I find Hull Pro one very good, but then I rarely shoot clays.
    9. Spot on it is a No2, I have a 117 with hand detachable locks.
    10. Has anyone tried these for ducks over decoys?
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