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  1. AYA117

    PETA pillocks

    PETA doesn't that stand for People Eating Tasty Animals
  2. AYA117


    I ordered the same time as you and got the email, I on the other hand do not think it was 'poor' as Nick said he does not want to send out flappers that he knows have a fault in the motor and all will be contacted for a refund, I have never met him but found him very helpful, have you spoken to him?
  3. AYA117

    Which dog

    I am on my third and the medication really does work, also had two labs and they are much easier to train. A new pup in the spring and cannot decide which of the two to go for.
  4. AYA117

    Shooting game with open chokes

    Was that the 'Practice load' it was in a dark burgundy paper case with a rolled turnover? I shot 2 woodcock with those, it would have been a left & right, but the gun left my shoulder and had just ejected the right barrel before closing the gun ( with only a cartridge in the left barrel ) and dropped the second bird. That is the only time I my life that 2 woodcock came out close enough for a left & right. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was using my Arthur Howell 25" bored Improved Cylinder and 1/4. That was nearly 30 years ago!
  5. AYA117

    Which dog

    Get a Flatcoat and as long as you stay on the medication it will work out just fine
  6. AYA117


  7. Shot 38 on rape stubble and only 1 young bird, I would have thought they would have had a good breeding season, so where are all the young birds?
  8. AYA117

    Side by Side Club

    metal is no different to wood or hard plastic, see how you get on with it first.
  9. AYA117

    Small woodland shooting

    There is no way that you could shoot walked up on 2 acres of woodland, it is illegal for your shot to land outside of your boundary.
  10. AYA117

    Side by Side Club

    Good to have you back
  11. Same here, Hull High Pheasant Extreme 32g 5 is my go to cartridge in Fibre or Plastic, sometimes use heavier.
  12. AYA117

    Pigeon Magnet - Extendable Arms

    They work really well with Sillosocks flying crow decoys and the speed turned down, pulls corvids in from a long way.
  13. I have used them a few times now as they stock cartridges that are not available locally. they have always been very helpful and reply to emails the same day, sometimes within an hour or so, it seems that if you order early the cartridges arrive next day.
  14. AYA117

    Is this true?

    Sorry that cannot be true, how could she do her make up with both hands full