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  1. AYA117

    Clay ground fall out

    And we wonder why shooting has a bad name, it is because of idiots like this , who have no regard for others or the law.
  2. AYA117

    Would you take the shot #2

    Totally agree, there are times when I have started shooting at first light and know I will wake some people up, but it is crop protection and if that is when they are hitting it then that is when I will be there, no complaints yet, but sure one day there will be. One thing I do, is stop at 9:30 on a Sunday morning on one place I shoot corvids as there is a church 2 fields away, I am not religious in any shape or form, but just seems right some how.
  3. AYA117

    Would you take the shot #2

    Yes the 7x57 in a Ruger No.1 is a fine rabbit gun, also very good in the rookery for branchers. It is a reasonable gun for decoying geese but limited as only single shot.Tend to use 12g slugs for all my goose shooting.
  4. AYA117

    Would you take the shot #2

    For rabbits, nothing less than 7x57
  5. AYA117

    Would you take the shot #2

    Well it is all down to good fieldcraft. I set the farthest decoy at 25yds so most of my shots are under that.If they will not decoy that close, then of course I go with 3" mag BB. Saves time on plucking and the dog has less to retrieve.
  6. AYA117

    Would you take the shot #2

    And here we go again Think I may post one about the advantages of 42g 3s for pigeon shooting.
  7. AYA117

    Clay ground fall out

    Why isn't Darren' aware ? Surely he knows how far is boundary is !
  8. AYA117

    Clay ground fall out

    Odd isn't it, someone put a 'would you take this shot' post on here and was verbally lynched for it. Here we have a case of clearly stupid and unlawful conduct and the general reply is take a soft approach. Why no calls for contacting the Police, FEO or strong words of disapproval. All that take part on this clay shoot are breaking the law, not just those that run it. Or is clay shooting exempt from condemnation ?
  9. AYA117

    Clay ground fall out

    What is the land owners view on this ?
  10. AYA117

    Would you take the shot?

    Could be a 'Would you take this shot club' then we could see how many people could say the same thing. Personally I like the 9.3 idea, rabbit and weed control all in one.
  11. AYA117


    Now that is very nice indeed, yes should really be in Side by Side Club.
  12. AYA117

    fiocchi Shotgun cartridges 38g 5 fibre

    Yes they are a very good cartridge.
  13. AYA117

    Side by Side Club

    Any chance of some pictures ?
  14. AYA117

    Side by Side Club

    Maybe it is because of Side by Side Club, people are slowly stepping out of the dark and buying 'proper' guns again
  15. AYA117

    AyA Trade Label and Cloth Embroidered Badge

    Yes please,pm on the way.