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  1. Great to see this thread is still alive, sidexside is the way to go
  2. Always had very good service from them, guess the A1 bit in their name is there for a reason
  3. Odd isn't it, that to shoot a pigeon you have to prove that it is or is going to do damage to a commercial crop.But droppings on a golf course is sufficient reason to kill a noble bird like a Canada goose out of season.Is this just another case of the urban sprawl dictating what goes on in the countryside. Farmers are rich and can afford to feed the wildlife with their crops but goose droppings on the clubhouse carpet from shoes or even worse on the carpet of my shiny car is totally unacceptable.
  4. Why was none of this in Archie Coats book. Oh and number 2, if you see a pigeon in the process of rolling and chuck it on the ground the pigeon will never come in range
  5. 😁😁 If you have sat in the hide for a long time and not seen any pigeons, here are 3 sure fire ways to see some 1 Stand up and stretch your legs 2 Roll a cigarette, if you do not smoke consider rolling one anyway and as you look up you will see a pigeon just about to be out of range. 3 Use your phone, texting works quite well but making or receiving call works very well. I hope these tips are of use to others and please add to the list.
  6. Oh yeah, you have no idea how lucky you guys are, but on the flip side we have long seasons and no bag limits. Oh and we have no public hunting except on the shore and that is not everywhere.
  7. You need a licence for everything except airgun pellets over here, when I was hunting on your side of the pond the shells went through Wallmarts check out with the rest of the shopping.
  8. I think the law is a minimum of 6 projectiles to be section2 , which is a standard LG load, there is no requirement to deactivate the shells for display, but if you sell it then the purchaser must have a valid SGC.
  9. I agree, a couple of years ago I had a nostalgic moment and picked up a slab of Grand Prix, as that was what I started on many many years ago, they were a very poor shadow of those from the past or they seemed to be because other makes had moved with the times.
  10. S/A laying around ? Why can't you 'physically' own one ?
  11. AYA117


    Oh no, Mum is that you
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    Not me the Flatcoat wrote It is a age thing. I was thinking of door mouse oops sorry and I will go and sit on the naughty step
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    Remember field mice are protected
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