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  1. I am 3rd generation and next year will our centenary. I have come to the same conclusion, that trees when stressed go into panic mode.
  2. Weeds are doing very well but trees are not growing as well as they should, a very odd year !
  3. I am a nurseyman and in 34 years have never seen so much seed and flower as this year on mature trees.
  4. I agree, I saw the old GL come in, but clearly quite a few of the later people to join the sport were unaware that they even existed, it was a quick look at the quarry list or a 'mate' said and off you went. Personally I think the new GLs are better. The best thing to come out of it, is that a lot more shooters are now aware that they exist and that can only be a good thing.
  5. It has to be the invector and not the invector plus I think.Hope this helps
  6. I think they are the same as Browning Invector chokes.
  7. But you can for lamb that has been reared for slaughter ? What is the real difference !
  8. That is more than likely why they had it taken away from them and it handed back to DEFRA.
  9. The problem I think, is it would be inadmissible as evidence in your defence as it is not witnessed and is only your say so.
  10. Yes it says advised not required.
  11. I think it's because he is nontoxic
  12. The full interview was posted on here
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