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  1. Great friendly fair this, been to a few and well worth the drive from deep South....
  2. Binners

    BSA Lightning MK1

    I know where you might find one on Sunday, pm or email me if interested.
  3. Good afternoon Old'un I have TIGHTCHOKE'S original, unedited post as an email, and responded to that. He was rightly concerned that I was 'only promoting his weapon fair' and that I should be 'trade member' So I can see why you thought my reply was over the top, I hope I have clarified myself.
  4. Sorry if I have offended anyone by promoting something that might be of interest to people that shoot. I have asked the question before about the need to be a trade member and did not receive an answer either way. As for multi posting, I put one in General and one in Airgun, I did this so both types of shooter would see it. Yes, this is a mini family business, 4 days a year and came about due to the demise of Bisley Arms Fairs. What we make out of this is peanuts compared to the hours and hours spent organising it. Believe me, if I was not passionate about the sport, I would never have taken it on. So, please tell me: How do these posts cause offence and if I can not promote our sport on here of ALL places, where can I? It is hard enough fending off the 'Anti Brigade', let alone fellow shooters.
  5. The first 250 people through the gate at Kempton on Sunday, will receive Gun Mart and Shooting Sports magazines, thanks to the nice people at Aceville Publications Ltd.
  6. I hope I am not breaking any rules by giving this 'heads-up' If so, please delete
  7. Well done for organising this, if you have any flyers or posters, I would be happy to promote this at our Fair next Sunday
  8. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday 9th December.
  9. Just a reminder, it is on Sunday 9th December. Please note the closing time is now 2.30
  10. One of our fellow riflemen kindly added another £100 today 😊
  11. A very big thank you to all that attended and help raise £400 for Cancer Research UK.
  12. This time next week, I will be getting the hoover out.....
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