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  1. fracture7

    Wet shave.

    Can not add to this as I have not shaved in 40 plus years.
  2. fracture7


    Thanks for all comments, have taken heed of Daves!!!
  3. fracture7


    Advice needed, building raised beds and have topsoil that was washed off sugar beet is there anything I should watch out for i.e spray residue or weeds.
  4. Landscape with Solitary Figure, Colin Willock. I think his best book.
  5. I have one on a Beretta auto makes for a very long gun! but very quiet with subsonic carts,they do not recycle the action, normal carts will.
  6. Beatings the way to go. I travel 20 miles to a shoot that is 13 miles from you, most of the days the guns are farmers plenty of contacts plus they know my face.
  7. This Saturday near Clanfield which is just above Faringdon,no shooting plenty of ploughing,hedgeing and old stuff good day out.
  8. Thanks for all the advice-well most of it! Pigeon Shredder- lifted the door, lock is Ok just binding will ease things with a file.
  9. Need advice on this. aluminium side door to a house Chubb 3K70 mortice lock which is locked and will not move, is there any way I can deal with it before I pay for a locksmith.
  10. Missed your chance ,should have done it in the summer, I did about a dozen pairs of leggings easy in the heat used barbour wax.
  11. Full load liner protector cargo tray -rigid. used but vgc.£ 100
  12. Sounds like powler is going to see Tony Morris , if you were closer to me I could show you most of the variations some with 2&1/2" chambers.
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