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  1. lord_seagrave

    John Wilson

    Yep, really enjoyed his thoughtful programs. “We’re in!” He used to exclaim when he got a bite. Clearly loved what he did. RIP, fella. LS
  2. lord_seagrave

    Single malt

    A bit late to the party here, chaps, but what about Bunnahabhain? It’s by far the least party of the Islay malts. LS
  3. lord_seagrave

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    Hi chaps, Half a determinate sentence is served inside, the other half is served on licence (outside). Any breach of the licence conditions result in a “do not pass Go, do not collect £200” sitch. The official line is that this helps with reintegration. Of course, it’s actually mostly to do with cost. I have to agree that, in my view, Chowdhury has 0% chance of rehabilitating or reintegrating. LS
  4. lord_seagrave


    If you’re going trick-or-treating, then surely the rule is that you only knock on doors with decorations/pumpkins? Or am I a grumpy old man? LS
  5. lord_seagrave

    Any thoughts?

    Give the child the father’s surname as a middle name. Job done. Similar situation: (Married) friends of ours gave their son the wife’s maiden name as a first name. It is an uncommon as a first name, but not entirely unheard-of, and so the boy has a rather classy-sounding name as a result. LS PS: anyone unfamiliar with Wodehouse’s Jeeves & Wooster story about “L G Trotter” refusing his knighthood, should treat themselves and look it up.
  6. lord_seagrave

    Two Hours after the rain Stopped

    A decent haul from unpromising circumstances - admire your dedication to the craft, PC LS
  7. lord_seagrave


    Thanks chaps - very good suggestions. If there is anyone in here with an accidental litter or one in need of rehoming, please give me a shout. LS
  8. lord_seagrave


    Hello, Has anyone got a dog for sale? We’re in Milton Keynes. A proper dog preferred. Not some nonsense squashed-up-face fighting dog. Must be good with kids, or puppy that could learn to deal with a child. LS PS: I am not spending hundreds of pounds on some designer breed. Just a dog, please. Like the good old days.
  9. lord_seagrave

    Bug Identification Please?

    There was a good programme on the wireless earlier this year about invasive species of ladybird. The conclusion was that that metaphorical ship has sailed, so just live and let live with these fellas. They still eat aphids (it’s just that they also eat native ladybirds too 😞 ) I cant now recall, but there is a species of wasp/hornet which is also threatening to invade but is not yet here. That’s one to watch out for (if only I could remember what it was!) LS https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07qbcbb ...and here’s link to listen again (if you’ve got a TV licence 😞 )
  10. lord_seagrave

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    Segs/Blakeys might well be a help. They're inexpensive, and might make a difference. It’s pointless buying shoes for anything other than FIT. It’s important for them to wear well, but, unless you have comfy shoes, you’re on to a loser. LS All my shoes are Eddie Greens, but, oddly enough, I found that the Dainite soles on one pair really didn’t last as well as I’d hoped. If I ever went for a rubber sole again, I’d go with their “Thames” sole, which is wearing very well on on pair (the ones I wore today, in fact). Love EG shoes LS
  11. lord_seagrave

    I'm Back

    Welcome back PC. Looking forward to your regular reports LS
  12. lord_seagrave

    Amazon question.

    Edit the quantity to zero LS
  13. lord_seagrave

    New Kit - love it!

    Obergurgl in December. The boy went on his first trip this year, and loved it. He’s had weekly lessons (we live in Milton Keynes) ever since, and he’s already better than me At least if I lack the skill, I will look the part drinking Jägermeister in my sexy new boots. LS (I mean that I will be wearing my boots as I drink Jäger, not that I will be drinking Jäger from my boots)
  14. lord_seagrave

    New Kit - love it!

    Well, in this instance, it’s a pair of ski boots But it could have been anything - it’s a great feeling to know that the quality will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten! LS PS: I’m presently clomping around my living room in them #whatwilltheneighboursthink
  15. lord_seagrave

    New Kit - love it!

    Having spent an absolute age umming and ahhing over some new kit, I finally bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago - and now my shiny new things are here, and I’m like a pig in mud 😃 I love old kit - well worn-in, and well looked-after - but there is definitely something delightful about spaffing a chunk of money on some top-quality stuff, knowing it’s going to last. LS