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  1. Apologies if there’s an easy internet resource that tells you this, but I canning now remember when we last had frost here (in Milton Keynes). Spring has been so mild, and I honestly can’t remember a frosty morning in April. Only curiosity, really, sparked as I’m hardening off squash seedlings ready to plant into the allotment this weekend. Last year I sowed them indoors far too early and they were a tangled mess (and about to flower!) by the time I actually managed to get them outside. However, I’m wondering when the earliest I could have planted them outdoors might have been... As I said, just simple curiosity, rather than anything else, I doubt I’ll start any earlier next year! LS
  2. You may be interested in this recipe https://toads.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/salted-ramsons/ LS
  3. Thanks guys, really interesting. I especially appreciate the tip re not forcing the drill - not something I was aware of LS
  4. Hi chaps, I bought a Makita SDS plus masonry drill, and it came with a selection of bits. However, I almost always need the 7mm bit, and, after a year of regular (fortnightly) use for installing vine eyes in brickwork, this isn’t going in as quickly/easily as it ought. The 8mm bit that I used today is definitely a bit wonky! I like to buy good kit if I can, so, if I am looking for SDS plus masonry bits (6mm/7mm/8mm) - where should I spend my money? LS
  5. The Meerkats offered me half a dozen energy suppliers I’d never heard of, but then my current supplier - at over £100 cheaper than what they had offered me. I rang my current supplier and was told that that particular tariff was *only* through the comparison site. Couldn’t charge direct? LS
  6. A bit like pipe smoke - smells far better at a distance than close up. LS
  7. I bumped it in a chair leg just as we were sitting down to dinner this evening and terrified Little Lord Seagrave (and most of the neighbours) with my outrage and profanity. I’m not embarrassed to admit there were tears in my eyes. 😠 LS
  8. Thanks chaps. Misidentified as amalanchier and has been niggling me even since. Definitely need one of these beauties in the Seagrave garden - the fragrance is orgasmic! LS
  9. lord_seagrave

    Shrub ID

    Hi chaps, can you help me with this one please? This shrub was in flower at the end of last month (picture was taken on 22nd of February). It had the most wonderful strong fragrance, and the bees were going mental for it! LS
  10. I was in B&Q last week and some numpty in an orange apron came up to me and asked if I wanted decking. Fortunately I got the first punch in. 🤛 LS
  11. Always look on the bright side I’m sorry for your condition, Hitman, but that has really made me laugh!! LS
  12. Ugh - I innocuously caught my little toe on the bed post yesterday morning, and OH MY GOODNESS I’ve royally smashed it (the toe). Whats the point of little toes, please? Can’t I just cut them off? I’m in bleddy agony and the whole thing is an unattractive plum colour (and shape). Stoopid bed. LS
  13. Thanks chaps. Ply is 18mm. Will look for the timber flex products. Appreciate the replies - always do when I’m slightly out of my area of experience LS
  14. Hi chaps, Ive got a plywood counter top in the bathroom that I want to tile. Do I have to seal the plywood first, or put some sort of plastic/membrane down, or do I just crack on and tile it? Any tips on adhesive? Just regular stuff, or is there a better way? LS
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