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  1. I got a pack of Aldi sloe gin ones for my birthday (22nd October). Father in law and I demolished them. Absolutely delicious! LS
  2. Seagrave Jnr started learning the guitar this year, and to try and make practising more bearable for all involved, I’ve started learning along with him. I had my wife’s 3/4 size to begin with until I took it to get it restrung, to discover that it was completely knackered! So I now have a Gumtree spesh £20 3/4 guitar (Jose ferrero?) - the idea being that Seagrave Jnr can graduate up to it in due course. Others have said about make/model etc, but the key is (as with anything) PRACTICE. A book of tunes with chords is ideal: gets your fingers moving around for both single notes and for the c
  3. Just another thumbs up for Aspen fuel. My little side hustle very seldom strays into serious tree work, so my saw can go for months without being used. starts and runs like a charm each time. LS
  4. This is exactly the kind of native intelligence I require, my jaundiced ursine pal. LS
  5. Chaps, I will find myself, by some cruel turn of events, in Stoke on Trent tomorrow morning. If I want a decent breakfast within a stone’s throw of Stoke Minster, what’re my options? Crucially, by lunchtime a shall need a cleansing ale - where do I go? Is the Holy Inadequate worth the trek? Do I push north to the Bursley Ale House? Is there a hostelry off the beaten track that anyone can recommend? LS
  6. Full sentencing remarks at https://www.judiciary.uk/judgments/r-v-long-bowers-and-cole/ LS
  7. There’s a lot of foliage there. Perhaps try pruning it first. Do it now (summer) and paint the wounds with Arbrex. Get the size and shape of the tree more manageable, and that might make it easier to get on top of any rot next year. LS
  8. Hi chaps, does anyone deal with wasps’ nests in Milton Keynes, or know of someone that does? One of my gardening clients in Downhead Park has got a nest in the roof of their porch. LS
  9. Plenty here in Bedford. I try my hardest to appreciate them (for the sake of Lady Seagrave and Little Lord Seagrave), but all spiders give me the creeps >shudder< Live and let live though. LS
  10. I still, very occasionally get smoking dreams. The air is crisp and clean, the tobacco is fresh and leafy, and the smell of the smoke in the air is almost as good as the taste and the tingle. Like some sort of Alpine idyll from a BAT marketing exec’s wet dream. Funnily enough I have never dreamt about desperately sucking on a camel outside Bank station in the rush hour fumes and squalor! Grim old business, glad I smoked my last one years ago. LS
  11. Would a stump grinder work? I’ve had to face one yet, but it’s only a matter of time. LS
  12. My sympathies, Samboy. John’s advice is spot on. Triggers vary, but grain alcohol and offal are common. All effects and susceptibility are mitigated by plenty of water. Good luck. LS
  13. Shocked to hear. Best wishes to all. LS
  14. As above, does anyone have a petrol scarifier in fair nick? I’m also in the market for a backpack leafblower. LS
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