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  1. lord_seagrave

    Bee attractor

    At our cottage, a huge patch of pink sedums was totally covered (and I really do mean covered) in bees all September. Very rewarding perenials to grow imho - easy to establish and very reliable. Also, make sure you let any ivy flower - the bees love these as some of the very last of the year’s nectar. ive planted some Korean mint this year, the flowers of which are supposed to be super for pollinators. LS
  2. lord_seagrave

    2018 Chilli Growing

    Hi Sako, Yes, this first batch (February sowing) ended up fruiting inside as it was too wet and cold to put them outside. I’ve since planted in the open ground, and I’ll see how they get on in the heat! The second batch were sown about 6 weeks ago, and have also now been planted outside. Need to work on my timings next year, but the good news is that I’ve now got loads of self-pollenated seed to play about with. Tomatoes finally went outside and the “Indigo Rose” are fruiting happily, with some (saved-seed) “Stripy” ones a close second. LS
  3. lord_seagrave

    Decent Fence Paint - That’s not like water

    Blimey JD that looks great. Why did you buy it in the first place? Was it recommended, or did you just like the look of it? As I said, the stuff I’m using is going on the rough-sawn timber a treat, but is lifting a bit on the planed surfaces. LS
  4. lord_seagrave

    An honourable politician

    Yep. Top chap. Dressed him for Garter Day many times and always mischievous, chatty and cheerful. LS
  5. lord_seagrave

    Decent Fence Paint - That’s not like water

    Yeah, I didn’t want to say it, but I was very impressed with Garden Shades. Two coats, and the opacity was excellent, and the finish was jolly nice. Urban Slate was the colour as I recall. Good stuff. I’m using Ducksback (black) at the moment on a shed. It’s going on OK, but it was noticeably better on the rough dawn stuff than on the planed timber. LS
  6. lord_seagrave

    Most bizzare job you've had

    Like many of the yoof in Kettering I made bubblewrap. I did it for 8 months, diligently learning the art of co-extrusion (and once losing the wooden prodder in the plastic recycling machine). IIRC there was a cage about the size of a basketball court into which all the scraps and offcuts went, and, by the end of the week, it was effectively a gigantic bouncy castle for those brave enough to scale the sides and leap in! Terrifying. I then worked for the Queen’s robemakers for well over a decade. Mostly spent helping middle aged men into tights! LS
  7. lord_seagrave


    My father in law (who knows a thing or two) maintains that the best G&T he’s ever had is Botanist with elderflower Fever Tree (mixed c.50/50) Lady S has joined a gin club, and gets a bottle of something fancy in the post every couple of months, together with some slightly left-field mixers and accompaniments. We had a Norwegian one last month, which was very pine-y. Not to my taste, but very interesting to read the blurb, and taste the tastes. LS
  8. lord_seagrave

    Navy Diver

    RIP I must admit, I haven’t been following the whole story, and haven’t read how they got in there in the first place? Did they go exploring before the rain, and then got trapped by flood water - is that it? LS
  9. lord_seagrave

    Horse fly bites

    Good god - really? How are you even typing that? I don’t appear to have an allergic reaction to insect bites (especially by comparison to Lady S, who erupts monstrously when bitten by anything), but even I have been suffering with a quickly-batted-away nip from a horsefly this year. You poor chap. Ice and alcohol is my prescription. LS
  10. lord_seagrave

    Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing

    I liked Botham on the Fly - similar concept if you haven’t seen it. LS
  11. lord_seagrave

    Anyone into Japanese cooking?

    There’s a good book by Joy Larkcon all about growing oriental greens. Could be slightly left-field, but they might enjoy growing some of what they eat. LS
  12. lord_seagrave

    Licorice Allsorts

    Thats just nasty. Even the name sound like an STD. LS
  13. lord_seagrave

    2018 Chilli Growing

    So the “Basque” chillis I sowed back in February motored away, and, before I was able to get the garden ready for them to plant out - had already started fruiting well. Really tasty chillis, with medium heat and a nice fruity flavour. I’ve started some more, which are now 6” tall, which I will plant outside this week. It’ll be interesting to see if the size/yield is markedly different. My gardening goal is to grow a wide range of chillis and tomatoes outside, so: early, hardy, tasty specimens will have their seeds saved and in a few years I ought to get there. Interestingly the saved seed from those big brown tomatoes has resulted in the sturdiest plants. Only “Indigo Rose” has fruited so far. LS
  14. lord_seagrave

    Strange food combinations

    Peanut butter in porridge LS
  15. lord_seagrave

    Horse fly bites

    I’ve got nothing to add for the OP other than “get well soon”, however, I wanted to comment that this is the first year in over 20 years that I have been bitten by a horse fly. Luckily it was on my forearm, and I swatted the little chancer away the moment I felt it. Only slight inflammation, and itching, but it’s all but gone now after 8 days. Anyway, are there more of them about than usual at the moment? I saw another thread about horse flies - is it just a coincidence? LS