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  1. Sheet bend is a useful one for tying together ropes of different thicknesses. Fisherman’s knot is a good one to know for ropes of the same thickness. I’m always tying a round turn and two half hitches to branches and trees. Did two this afternoon even though the rope had a carabiner at the end! Trucker’s hitch is very handy - and looks pretty classy too BUT the best knot is that double shoelace knot that someone put on here years ago! I’ve tied my shoes that way ever since LS
  2. Thanks chaps, I think I naively assumed there was some sort of electronic labour exchange/market place for this kind of thing. I’m willing to pay the going rate (can’t expect a stranger to do it for pocket money). I’ll have a mooch on social meedjah and see how I get on. Meanwhile, if anyone in Milton Keynes want half a day barrowing and raking topsoil on Friday - drop me a line! LS
  3. I need an extra pair of hands on Friday for a landscaping job. Is there a safe and reliable way of getting a labourer for 5-6 hours? It’s not something I’ve needed to do before, but my usual cronies (mates who would do it for a bit of beer money) are otherwise engaged. LS
  4. Helleborus is a great plant, and a nice clump of them with some support makes for a fabulous low-maintenance flora early in the year. Periodically inspect to remove any blackened or damaged leaves and cut them right back later in the year. As others have said, there is a beautiful range of dusky pinks and purples that look very exotic, but they are hard as nails and that clump will keep expanding year on year. LS
  5. That’s right - and in strong Leave-voting constituencies, they will remember that the Tories did indeed do what they set out to do (we may be reaping the whirlwind now, but fair play, they did what was asked of them). Most interesting commentary out of the last few days came from the Mayor of Teesside, who spoke absolute sense on the importance of elected officers getting on and doing what they say they will do. He stood on a “Conservative” ticket, but is certainly not a Thatcherite Tory. He was picking and choosing “left” as well as “right” policy positions to improve the Teesside area. That’s what his electorate wanted and that what he stood to deliver. As others have said traditional class and philosophical divides over “Conservative” or “Labour” are far less important to voters today than they were in the past. LS
  6. Here in Bedford, my broad beans are just coming into flower. They were sown in October, and have been frozen solid half a dozen times (once to the point of almost no return), but are only a few days away from full flower. They are in a sunny walled corner of the garden, and I should have harvested them by the first week of June to make room for pumpkins 🤤 LS
  7. My little corner of Seagrave Towers featuring all sorts of goodies - including a beech seed and a conked I found on a walk that had started to germinate. My favourite are about half-a-dozen Basque seeds that seem to have crossed with something, as they have purple cotyledons and a purple blush to the leaf edges as they are coming through. They grew next to some “Vampire” chillies that were 100% black, so maybe they were pollinated by those 🤷‍♂️ LS Basque x
  8. Chaps, if anyone need pumpkin seeds, hit me up for a little baggie. I’ve got all sorts of culinary squash I want to try, and I reckon I’ve actually only got room for 3-4 plants. I must have a thousand seeds in different varieties from successful accidental crosses and saved named varieties. Looking for tomato seeds this year - ideally early-ripening large-fruited continental varieties. LS
  9. But late to the party this year, but seedlings doing well. Lord knows I’m probably on some drug squad watchlist after ordering a grow-lamp from Amazon! My usual selection - big fruity warm Basque chillies, long thin Palivec goatshorn chillies, and some Apache that Des on here sent me a few years ago. I don’t know why I don’t just sow one to pot, because my germination rates have got to be 80-90%, and I cannot bear to pluck out any to throw away. I reckon there must be 50 seedlings that’ll need potting on tomorrow! This year, I’ve also sown some unspecified sweet peppers. Amazingly, these came free with a heated propagator that my wife bought me 10 years ago, and they have all come up (bar one). No idea what they’ll turn out like, but I just love growing stuff LS
  10. My point is that PCCs are paid for by the Treasury, and that all the money that is wasted in these pointless elections and on the PCCs and their staff could be far better spent on actual police officers. I do not think that PCCs know more about policing priorities than the police themselves. Coppers love deterring crime and nicking criminals - they should have as much manpower and funding as they need to do it. If axing PCCs and the attendant admin will put even one more Constable on shift, that would get my vote. LS
  11. Hi chaps, apologies for the radio silence of late. All OK, btw. I am not a ranter, but, I’ve just had polling cards through for the PCC election. Having had a look, the average salary for this position is nearly £100k, with average offices of 10 salaried staff. If any of the candidates truly cared about policing, they would get real jobs and donate their salaries and budgets to fund police officers and crime investigation/prevention (although, I dare say the Chief Constable would probably spend it on new flags for HQ and dancing lessons for Bobbies >shrugs<). Many of the candidates are ex-coppers/specials, so they surely understand that the police just want to get on with the Job? Turnout for PCC elections is some of the lowest recorded. Factor in the costs of holding the elections themselves, and I cannot understand how these roles can be justified. LS
  12. I got a pack of Aldi sloe gin ones for my birthday (22nd October). Father in law and I demolished them. Absolutely delicious! LS
  13. Seagrave Jnr started learning the guitar this year, and to try and make practising more bearable for all involved, I’ve started learning along with him. I had my wife’s 3/4 size to begin with until I took it to get it restrung, to discover that it was completely knackered! So I now have a Gumtree spesh £20 3/4 guitar (Jose ferrero?) - the idea being that Seagrave Jnr can graduate up to it in due course. Others have said about make/model etc, but the key is (as with anything) PRACTICE. A book of tunes with chords is ideal: gets your fingers moving around for both single notes and for the chord patterns. Loads of YouTube tutorials for your favourite riffs and solos. I was amazed at what I could play with just a handful of beginners’ chords! LS PS: is @Axe still on here?
  14. Just another thumbs up for Aspen fuel. My little side hustle very seldom strays into serious tree work, so my saw can go for months without being used. starts and runs like a charm each time. LS
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