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  1. I sympathise hugely with you chaps. Had a hideous bout of indigestion brought about by stress about 5 years ago - I didn’t know what it was (felt muscular - like I’d been punched in the stomach) and took a load of ibuprofen... Turns out this was a mistake! A course of rinitidin helped (finally getting redundancy cured it tho). Bad times. Not recurring and don’t know if any triggers for me - not terribly helpful, but this thread just makes me want a curry! 🤦‍♂️
  2. I’m with the live-and-let-live crowd - be selective if ever the branches start to interfere with each other, but I would be inclined to leave it alone. LS
  3. How much money are we talking about? Roughly? A straightforward savings account (Nationwide offer a pretty decent rate on children’s savings account), with regular deposits, soon adds up, and is a great place to start. As I was saying only yesterday, unless you actually start doing something, it will never get started. Stop thinking, and stick a tenner a week into a savings account. It’s up to you what else you do, but why not just crack on? LS
  4. The return of @BerettaMan1 ?! Didn’t think I’d live long enoigh to see it! LS
  5. Lemon and sugar. Little Lord Seagrave and his mate lapped them up Gearing up for a solid commination tomorrow, and a spiritually nourishing Lent. Good luck everybody. https://www.churchofengland.org/prayer-and-worship/worship-texts-and-resources/book-common-prayer/commination LS
  6. A very handsome tricot seedling amongst the “Vampire” chillis. It’s also slightly greener than the others (which are very dark purple). LS
  7. In the Seagrave propagator, the first of the “vampire” chillies has burst through and opened up. Purply-black from root to tip by the looks of things! LS
  8. Get to Aldi - they do a box of bite-sized pork pies!! You can literally scoff them like popcorn! er, apparently LS
  9. Loads of variations out there. I’ve had domesticated blackberries before - big and mostly thornless, but also sugar-sweet and, well, a bit bland. These ones had pretty average-sized fruit on ****** thorny brambles, but the flavour was perfect! Hopefully, I can grow something out (setts fruit in year two, FYI), but it might be a long wait! LS
  10. Things are chipping along here in the sunshine LS
  11. Back in August, I was on a gardening job and tasted some of the best wild blackberries I think I’ve ever had. The brambles were choking a client’s conifers and so they were unceremoniously slashed and burned, but I did keep a handful of berries. Having read a bit of advice online, I crunched them up and spat them out and extracted the seeds. I bagged them up with a handful of moist compost (ericaceous, I think it was), and lobbed them in the salad drawer of the fridge. Well, I’m intrigued to see that at least one has germinated, and is apparently pretty eager to get going! I’ll pot them up and see what happens. LS
  12. I went to St John in Smithfield for the suckling pig for my birthday about 10 years ago. It was a great experience, but, as the OP says, the eyelashes and teeth do put you off a bit. The crackling was wonderful, and there was a bit of a fight over the ears! LS
  13. Mine are growing well. Germination rate so far is pretty low (50% in some cases). I will re-sow the dud pots after a fortnight if there’s nothing going on. Luckily I had tons of seed from my Basque chillies last year, so I can afford to be generous! “Vampire” and “Belgian Carrot” going in this week. These are new seeds, and, as @Mungler says - a mere half-dozen per packet 😠 LS
  14. JDog, thanks for the photos. My concern was the attaching of the wires to the eyes, rather than achieving a very high tension. The gripple buckles dealt with that pretty neatly I thought. Cheers for the input, chaps. I’ll give the turnbuckles a try. LS
  15. Thanks chaps. At least I know what I’m looking for now. Hadn’t a clue what to google! LS
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