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  1. Well, chaps. After leaving the house at 5.30am and arriving at Old Sarum at 8am, I eventually got to jump at 5.30pm I’ve got to say that it was all pretty amazing. I’ve been bricking it for weeks (sleepless nights, nightmares, panics etc.), but the lads from the Red Devils were absolutely brilliant. Funny, nonchalant, but very disciplined when the kit came out - very reassuring for chickens like me! The plane was late arriving (sticky flaps needed sorting out apparently 🤷‍♂️), and then some tricky low-lying clouds delayed the start even further. I had to go and have a nap in the truck at about 3pm! As the day wore on, the turnarounds became quicker and slicker (there were 48 skydivers being managed that day - most tandem, but some solo “recreational” jumpers), such that, when the time came for my lift, we had about 10 minutes to switch jumpsuits and harnesses (hence no “before” picture). The trip up was a brilliant - the weather was fine, bright and still, so we had a terrific view of Salisbury cathedral, Stonehenge, and, in the distance, the Isle of Wight. I was taken through a final reminder of the drill by my tandem partner, Cpl Steve Handley, shackled to his harness, and, within a matter of minutes, we were at 13,000 feet and ready to drop! Assertively, I was bum-shuffled along the bench to the door, and, hooking my legs under the aircraft Steve rolled us out into nothingness... It’s weird - all my nightmares have focussed on the height and the anticipation of a stomach-churning drop, but THERE IS NO “DROP”. We tumbled weightlessly into the sky, but I experienced no sensation of “falling” at all. The indoor skydiving thingy I did a few weeks back was exactly like the real thing - or, rather, the real thing is just like indoor skydiving. I only felt the “wind” holding me up. Unfortunately, the hat I’d been given (I later discovered) was an extra-large, so, in the rather stiff 100+ mph breeze, began to come off - taking my sunglasses with it! Cue mad scramble to keep them on (cheers Steve for some quick-thinking!). And then, all too soon, the deployment of the parachute, and a very leisurely (albeit with a couple of sharpish turns to get us in the right position) descent into the drop zone. Beautiful, beautiful views of Salisbury and the surrounding countryside - absolutely magnificent. We practised our landing position (my knees hugged against my chest) and then, very gently, we swept along into the DZ, and Steve plonked us down perfectly. A bit of cake and posing followed, and then the day was pretty much over. What an unforgettable experience. I’m glad the nightmares are over, and I certainly wouldn’t rule out doing it again, now I know what to expect! From 13 skydivers, our charity raised nearly £20,000, and we were presented with a further £10,000 from another charity too. It’s made all the anxiety totally worthwhile, and, most importantly, is securing years of support for business skills education and entrepreneurship. Thanks to all those on here that supported me (both financially and with morale-boosting quips). The JustGiving link is still live, I think. Now that I’ve survived, the cash can go to charity rather than to the local undertaker!! LS Edited for spelling
  2. Remember the 5 Ds of Dodgeball! DODGE DUCK DIP DIVE DODGE RIP Rip LS
  3. The instructor did something similar after our session - lunacy! LS
  4. As you know, in literally a fortnight, I am to be thrown out of a plane in the name of charity. Because of (or perhaps despite) the kind “reassurance” of you guys and others, I have been having actual nightmares almost every night since I was volunteered for this stupidity. The ever-practical Lady Seagrave therefore booked me into an indoor(!) skydiving(!) experience, which happens to be pretty much on our doorstep here in MK. I’ve got to say that it was quite an experience. Essentially, a fan blows air at a high speed up a shaft, into which the victims are pushed, Temple of Doom style, to then “float” in the airstream to simulate freefall. I was pretty anxious, but, in fact, the experience (including getting blown UP about 20’ in the air and dropping back down again) was really quite exciting. I don’t think I’d go so far as to say I “enjoyed” it, but it certainly was really interesting, and, above all, felt pretty safe The place is called iFly. I paid £30 for two 2-minute sessions, and a further £7 to be taken up and down the full height of the shaft (no sniggering at the back). Will post a picture in a moment. LS
  5. Thanks guys - that’s enough for me to go on. LS
  6. Hi chaps, I cannot find this info on the Royal Mail website. We’ve got a big book of mixed postage stamps, of which some are 1st, some 2nd, some have values (in £ and p) and others just have the letter “E” on them. Anyone know if I can use them to pay for postage, and, if so, how much is the value of these stamps? A stamp-collecting website suggests £1.35, but I’d like some reassurance (and the local co-op Post Office thingy lady with the Perspex didn’t know). LS
  7. Eurgh - thanks a bunch Ditchy!! LS
  8. Well this is all very reassuring! Thanks a bunch guys - there is still a space left if anyone is keen. £100 deposit, and the Trust will pay the rest of the jump fee (another £200) if you raise a grand. Have checked the link and it seems to work for me, is this better? https://www.justgiving.com/3e765bcc53 LS
  9. Chaps, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything with a charitable angle, and, unfortunately for me, I have mentioned to the Trustees once to often that a “charity skydive” would raise a few quid So, I am royally bricking it, and staring down the barrel of a tandem parachute jump/skydive thingy in July. Honestly if anyone has any tips as to how to survive - please let me know!! I must be insane. If any of you feel able to chuck a few quid at this to get the ball rolling, I would be immeasurably grateful - as the CEO (on paper, I don’t actually get paid by the charity) I’m supposed to be “leading from the front”! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/simms-falls-out-of-a-plane Even a fiver makes a difference to provide business skills bursaries and support research into entrepreneurship education for those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. It’s often the case that necessity leads to innovation, and the Entrepreneurs Trust is there to offer financial support to students and young people who have got big ideas but need academic and practical business skills. Thanks in advance, as always, and Mods please move/remove if this is inappropriate. LS
  10. Apologies if there’s an easy internet resource that tells you this, but I canning now remember when we last had frost here (in Milton Keynes). Spring has been so mild, and I honestly can’t remember a frosty morning in April. Only curiosity, really, sparked as I’m hardening off squash seedlings ready to plant into the allotment this weekend. Last year I sowed them indoors far too early and they were a tangled mess (and about to flower!) by the time I actually managed to get them outside. However, I’m wondering when the earliest I could have planted them outdoors might have been... As I said, just simple curiosity, rather than anything else, I doubt I’ll start any earlier next year! LS
  11. You may be interested in this recipe https://toads.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/salted-ramsons/ LS
  12. Thanks guys, really interesting. I especially appreciate the tip re not forcing the drill - not something I was aware of LS
  13. Hi chaps, I bought a Makita SDS plus masonry drill, and it came with a selection of bits. However, I almost always need the 7mm bit, and, after a year of regular (fortnightly) use for installing vine eyes in brickwork, this isn’t going in as quickly/easily as it ought. The 8mm bit that I used today is definitely a bit wonky! I like to buy good kit if I can, so, if I am looking for SDS plus masonry bits (6mm/7mm/8mm) - where should I spend my money? LS
  14. The Meerkats offered me half a dozen energy suppliers I’d never heard of, but then my current supplier - at over £100 cheaper than what they had offered me. I rang my current supplier and was told that that particular tariff was *only* through the comparison site. Couldn’t charge direct? LS
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