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  1. Cleverly got her to select from the samples - taking no chances this time! It’s possible that some of the satisfaction I am feeling is due to the fact that I am finally out of the doghouse! LS
  2. I happened to see an ad in the back of (someone else’s) Field magazine for a 6-person cutlery set from a company called Glazebrook for £360 Lady Seagrave has always hated the fancy cutlery service I chose for the wedding list (11 years ago), and so I gave Glazebrook a call because the pictures looked sensible, and the price looked pretty good too. The guy there (Jonathan) was an absolute pleasure to deal with, and, with no hesitation, sent us a selection of samples completely free of charge/obligation, which arrived the next day. We chose, I telephoned and paid on Thursday afternoon, and this morning (Saturday) a full six-person cutlery service arrived in the post by special delivery. I don’t know why I’m so surprised, but it really felt like an exceptional customer service experience, and so I wanted to share it here. The website is https://www.glazebrook.com/Special-Offers.aspx and I quoted the “Field” offer, which is even cheaper than their standard special offers. I have done zero research, and so I cannot tell you if this is a particularly good price, but it really felt like good value to us. Highly recommended. LS PS: no reasonable offers refused for an 11-year-old Sophie Conran “Rivlin” mk1 cutlery service.. 🤣
  3. That makes a lot of sense, chaps, thank-you. Will update with pics when it goes nuclear! LS
  4. Really appreciate all this advice - especially about the importance of handling. My concern is that Seagrave Jnr will be twice shy if bitten once. Off the Baldock next weekend to look at some more! LS
  5. I had a good old chuckle at this: https://www.independent.co.uk/tech/google-users-nonce-mass-confusion-b2081620.html?amp LS
  6. Terrific - a wealth of knowledge. We trekked down to Stevenage to see a fella with his kits and had a very enlightening experience handling the parents. The kits were all reserved apart from one jill, but we were really there to suss (and sniff) it all out. Seagrave Jnr was in his element, which was good to see. We weren’t able to handle the kits as they were very nippy, which is what makes me think that a slightly older ferret might be less intimidating! At least we are coming into the game at the right time Will keep asking questions and seeing as many as we can. Happy to travel. Have invested in an enormous cage LS
  7. Seagrave Jnr is convinced (I may, possibly, have planted the seeds with this one) that a ferret will make the perfect pet for him. Are we OK to keep a hob ferret by himself, or do they really need to be kept in pairs+? Despite years of pestering, we don’t have much combined experience of animal husbandry - are we better off getting an older animal, or starting with a kit? Opinions welcome. We’re in Bedford if there’s anyone local who fancies answering our noddy questions in person. LS
  8. Chaps, as per title - 2 x standing tickets for Bowling for Soup Thursday 14th April at 7pm at Grimsby auditorium. paid £35 each, and no reasonable offer refused. Collection from Sutton on Sea, Lincs. LS
  9. Unforgiven is an excellent film - huge, cinematic, and Richard Harris’s cameo is perfectly weighted. Three Burials is probably the only modern western that comes close in terms of size. (Not Clint Eastwood, I know) LS
  10. Thanks, chaps. Really appreciate the advice - especially the listing nudge. May well have spared me some blushes. Will revert with pictures. LS
  11. Morning all, New Seagrave Towers mkVI (or possibly mkVII, I’ve sort of lost count) is an 1830s property with a Grade II listing (which references the external appearance only). Anyway, there is a pretty grotty top floor spare bedroom, which has saggy pitched ceilings and is cold and miserable. Setting aside any listing hoops I might have to jump through, what sort of practical problems at I going to encounter if I attempt to replace the lath and plaster with plasterboard? What are my insulation options as I do? Im reasonably handy - is it even DIYable? Are there any reasons for repairing/restoring the lath and plaster, rather than replacing it? Cheers, as ever, LS
  12. After years of pestering, the Seagrave household will finally be augmented by a few furry snakes and I couldn’t be happier. We’re in Bedford, so if there are any ferret fanciers nearby that will have kits this year, I’d definitely be interested in making contact. We’re in no rush. These will be pampered family pets rather than workers, and some advice would be most welcome too. LS
  13. Sheet bend is a useful one for tying together ropes of different thicknesses. Fisherman’s knot is a good one to know for ropes of the same thickness. I’m always tying a round turn and two half hitches to branches and trees. Did two this afternoon even though the rope had a carabiner at the end! Trucker’s hitch is very handy - and looks pretty classy too BUT the best knot is that double shoelace knot that someone put on here years ago! I’ve tied my shoes that way ever since LS
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