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  1. lord_seagrave

    Skiing trip

    Surely the PW ski trip is long overdue?!? LS
  2. lord_seagrave


    When I was wooing Lady Seagrave, I spent an entire weekend (so it seemed) double-cooking oxtail for a pie. What compounded things was trying (for the first time) to make puff pastry from scratch, whilst, at the same time keeping my housemates at bay and trying to play the sophisticated urban male for the benefit of Lady S! I recall we eventually started eating at about 10pm LS PS: pie was delicious - I slow-cooked the oxtail and mirepoix in red wine the day before then left it to cool. I shedded the meat and marrow into the gravy, and added a load of pan-fried kidneys before making the pie. Perfect combo of great big pieces of just-done kidney, in a magnificently rich meat sauce. Exquisite. And the whole thing cost me next to nothing (from Ridley Road market)
  3. lord_seagrave

    Garden waste collection

    Hi chaps. I’ve got a lot of sympathy, but, since getting a shredder last year, I’ve not had a problem. From Screwfix, a Titan “silent” shredder for about a ton. 30kgs, even though it’s mostly made of plastic, and I’ve been astonished at how happily it munches through branches. It is slightly fussy - it prefers long straight branches, with little foliage, but, to be honest, it’s worth a little bit of tactical de-leafing just to enjoy the “om nom nom” sound of it chewing through it I use mine on a semi-professional basis, and, whilst it is doubtless slower than a petrol jobbie, it makes very little noise, and is portable (I lug it in and out of my pick-up at least a couple of times a week). Absolutely recommend. LS
  4. lord_seagrave

    Splitting Axe

    Splendid - thanks for all the help and advice. I’ll let you know how I get on. LS
  5. lord_seagrave

    Splitting Axe

    Gosh, those Gransfor Bruks are beauties The maul looks the bizzle in terms of weight and length... Might need to save up a bit. LS
  6. lord_seagrave

    Splitting Axe

    Chaps, I’m after a decent axe for splitting logs. I’m tall, so it either needs a good long handle to start with, or have the option of a longer handle. I liked the look and feel of the Fiskars X25, but see that there is a bigger version - the X27. Do the PW axe-users have any advice? LS
  7. lord_seagrave

    Upstart Crow.

    Liza Tarbuck’s costumes are worth the ticket price alone. LS
  8. lord_seagrave

    Orchid Cancer - A new challenge

    Hi chaps, yes, definitely keep an eye on things, especially as you get older. Bear in mind that “elevated” PSA scores are not necessarily indicative of problems (likewise a “normal” score doesn’t mean everything’s OK). Ensure your physician is considering a range of symptoms and see a specialist to get more information before there is any move towards biopsy. The potential risks of invasive tests have the potential to hugely outweigh their effectiveness. MRI scanning is a helpful (and non-invasive) step that may help with the assessment. I read a stat somewhere that most men will die with prostate cancer, but, of the ones that had it, most died of something else! I don’t know if that’s reassuring or not... LS
  9. lord_seagrave

    Raised Veg Beds

    People used to use lead pipes to supply drinking water, but now they don’t because lead is poisonous. Likewise leaded petrol, likewise radium pills, likewise various other poisonous preparations and products that have been found to be injurious to health. “Proper” railway sleepers now fall into the same category - and it is unecessarily dangerous to contaminate your vegetables with the preservative chemicals. I don’t have enough experience with modern “outdoor” timbers to comment on their longevity vs their health implications. Either spend the extra money and buy hardwood (a la Monty Don), or go with concrete or steel (until they discover something dodgy in either of those!). So long as the beds are good and deep, you need not bother with a weed barrier at the bottom and, so long as you fill them with good quality soil & compost, drainage shouldn’t be a problem (in fact, if they are anything like the ones I had, they will be prone to drying out). Meanwhile, if you want a spoonful of chilli seeds (Red Basque - fruity, medium hot chillis that grow outdoors) DM me and I’ll put them in the post - I’ve got loads. I had a great crop this year and made a wonderful chutney from the unripe fruit at the end of the season. LS
  10. lord_seagrave

    Bad handling of guns on television

    Don’t get me started on the courts - A High Court Judge wearing a civil robe in the Old Bailey? (Sherlock) A High Court Judge being referred to as “your honour” by Counsel? (IT Crowd) And that’s just the stuff we choose on Netflix - Gawd knows what I’d be like if we ever reinstated the TV Another vote for the “off” switch, lads! LS
  11. lord_seagrave

    Gee Gees over Xmas/New Year

    There’s a bit of dough burning a hole in my Sky Bet pocket, after I had an uncharacteristic winner from one of those “free bet” promos. Any of you chaps having a cheeky punt on some well-priced nags over Christmas? How daft is it to go with one of the longer-odds contenders for the Christmas Hurdle? The favourite is reckoned to be unbeatable... LS
  12. lord_seagrave

    Canada goose

    Anyway, OP, if you can bothered to pluck it, then joint it: Confit the legs with loads of salt and a few spices (juniper, coriander and caraway). Cook them long and low and then keep them in the fridge for a few days in the fat before roasting - exceptional! The bones and bits make a good stock, the the crown is far easier to roast on its own than with the wings and legs attached. LS
  13. lord_seagrave

    Strange world

    I’ve been to the Philippines many times. Every time I quietly tell myself I will try it. And every time, I don’t. There’s little half-formed feathers and **** in there “Nope, nope, nope” as the kids say. LS
  14. lord_seagrave

    Aldi Geese tomorrow

    Best before 26th - so it can happily sit in the fridge until the big day. £35 for a 4.75kg bird I paid £90 for a similar-sized one a couple of years ago. LS
  15. lord_seagrave

    Aldi Geese tomorrow

    They were missed off the delivery in Bradwell Common so legged it to Westcroft and got the penultimate one!! All the gammon is too lean, though. LS