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  1. Lady S and I had an unintentional vegetarian dinner the other night - homemade dhal (just red lentils simmered for 30 mins in water with turmeric and salt, with a load of fried onions, chillies and spices chucked in at the end), salads (including a really simple thing of grated fresh beetroot, cucumber, lime and coriander), and breads. We did enough for four (on paper...) but ended up scoffing the lot! Delicious, and it wasn’t until later we realised that if we hadn’t buttered the bread, it would have been completely vegan. Setting out to “replace meat” isn’t, in my view, the way to do it. Cultivating/celebrating a love of vegetables is a much more positive path. Hugh Fearnley-Whittington’s book on Veg Every Day is a great book to have on hand (if you can ignore the stoopid doodles on the pictures - who on earth thought that was a good idea?!). LS
  2. If anyone needs an excuse to donate to the RNLI, a chap I work with is “celebrating” 15 years as a Thames lifeboatman by doing the London Marathon in full kit! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/stephen-wheatley4rnli Definitely a worthwhile cause, and top marks to Stephen for this marathon effort LS
  3. I had a bad attack last year. Big toe fit to burst. Ghastly, excruciating pain. As others have said, there are some clearly-defined triggers (for me, these were dehydration, offal and grain alcohol). Plenty of water, and everything in moderation. I’ve read that it’s far less common in women than men, but it can happen. Good luck, Ditchy. LS
  4. Slap a smile on (if you have to), and do something for other people. The central message of Christmas is humility and service. Visit long-lost relatives. The wife’s relatives. Your neighbours. Strangers. Christmas gives everyone a free pass to make conversation with people they wouldn’t usually touch with a bargepole at any other time of year. Use the opportunity to do something nice, or say something nice, to somebody else. That homeless bloke, that nutter, those awful neighbours, that old dear, even that chav scumbag with the horrible dog. Seriously, buy a couple of bags of Malteasers for 50p or whatever, and be nice for 5 minutes. It’s a piece of **** to be a better person at Christmas, and if you don’t really mean it, you can go back to keeping yourself to yourself for the rest of the year. LS
  5. Heard him talking about how, when he died, he’d like to be buried under an oak tree, so that he could become part of the countryside he loved. I hope he is. A true naturalist, and a fair player. LS
  6. Some terrific advice here, chaps. Will upgrade my drill bit and crack on! LS
  7. Got it. Nice one. This was my instinct, but all the other external fittings on this house are in the mortar, and I was doubting myself! LS
  8. Chaps, I’m going to drill a hole trough the wall to install an outside tap. I’ve got a nice long 16mm SDS masonry bit (for the 15mm pope), but: Do I drill through a brick or through a mortar joint? LS
  9. Goodness, there’s a lot of vitriol on here for those poor rap fellows. I’ve got a whole Spotify playlist of mandem gangsta types with their “big screen TVs, blunts, 40s and bitches” Some absolute classics on there. You all act as though you have forgotten about Dre... But, then again, I’ve got another playlist full of Kylie Katie and pop-era Charlotte Church - so what do I know Anyway, I hate Coldplay x5 LS
  10. Tied a neat couple of monkeys fists not so long ago for Lady A’s shop sign. Did a lovely eye splice too for a rope in the back of my pick-up that was starting to fray. My favourite has got to be the shoelace knot that Nick Beardo (?) posted one here years ago! I start it with a surgeon’s thumb knot and that combo never seems to undo. The other one I use now and again is a fisherman’s knot - two ends of rope joined with two thumb knots. So beautifully simple. LS
  11. Mods, please delete if not appropriate. Some of you were kind enough to donate to my charity skydive in the summer, and I thought you might know of someone eligible to apply to the charity for a grant. Today is the deadline for 2020 grant applications. Basically, the Guild of Entrepreneurs Trust supports business skills and entrepreneurship - especially in education. It has made grants to schools and universities to provide business education, but it has also made grants to individuals who want to study these subjects (but who might not otherwise be able to afford to). It’s not huge sums, but if you know of anyone who might ostensibly be eligible for a grant of about £1,000 to help with uni costs (course fees or living expenses), or anyone connected with the provision of business and entrepreneurship, there is more info (and a link to the application form) at https://guildofentrepreneurs.org/deadline-for-entrepreneurs-trust-beneficiary-applications-30th-september/ The charity literally just needs an outline of their situation/aspirations to put them onto a longlist (for consideration by the Trustee board in more detail in the early part of next year). Final decisions about grants are made in April, which may help to take some of the pressure off ahead of final exams. LS
  12. This is the comment I came here to find. LS
  13. Trufitt & Hill I wear quite a soapy-smelling cologne called “Clubman”, but there is a sandalwood option if I recall. LS
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