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  1. lord_seagrave

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Henry - built like a tank. For sheer power though, nothing beats a Miele - ours is ridiculously strong! LS
  2. lord_seagrave

    It could reduce a grown man to tears

    I’m on the fence here. The dealer got a bargain, and the lad got shot of a whole load of stuff he didn’t want or need (and a grand in his pocket). Is it any different to buying that thing on eBay for a song because the clueless seller has misspelled a vital word or put it in the wrong category? Didn’t Mungler find a classic Merc for next to nothing in a similar situation? I can’t recall anyone on here clamouring for him to have offered the seller the full market rate? LS
  3. lord_seagrave

    Tong Hao (Chrysanthemum Greens)

    Chaps, If you’ve got an oriental market or know of a stall holder/greengrocer with lots of Asian customers, you might well come across “tong hao” which is an edible kind of daisy, grown for its leaves. The taste is VERY herbaceous, but it makes a delicious side dish once you get a taste for it. The stems keep their crunch, and it’s not easily overcooked. Any preparation (steamed/boiled/sautéed/stir-fried) benefits from a splash of soy sauce, a bit of garlic and a pinch of five-spice. It’s particularly delicious if boiled briskly for a few minutes, squeezed dry and then chopped finely and added to an omelette, tortilla or scrambled eggs. Anyway, hopefully I’ve inspired you to try something new. LS
  4. lord_seagrave

    Gutless Antis

    Thanks Scully. LS
  5. lord_seagrave

    Gutless Antis

    I have to confess that I didn’t know traps were being used, I thought it was only shooting. LS
  6. lord_seagrave

    The Salisbury Poison Gas Incident II

    I’m no tin-hatter, but this is what I keep coming back to. LS
  7. lord_seagrave

    Damson Trees for the garden

    Thanks Walker - I’ll show that to the local nurseryman and see if they can id the variety. Does it sucker? LS
  8. lord_seagrave

    Damson Trees for the garden

    Thanks Walker - will do LS
  9. lord_seagrave

    Damson Trees for the garden

    Chaps, Can you recommend a variety of damson (or two) for the Seagrave garden? I’ve got a run of 6m, divided into three 2m sections. Is that enough room for three specimens? My plan is to fan-train them? What rootstock is most appropriate? Do I have to worry about polllination? Where should I buy them from? How long ‘til I can make my own jam!? LS
  10. lord_seagrave

    How easy to repair a fridge?

    It was a decent move, and you did the right thing buying a quality brand, LG. Someone will be along who can help you out, I’m sure. LS
  11. lord_seagrave

    Any business tax experts?

    Surely these are second-hand goods? The VAT has already been paid. Anyway, there’s a HMRC margin scheme which allows you to only pay VAT on your profits. Or charge commission as others have said and apply VAT to that (same sort of thing, I suppose). Simplest way, of course, is to keep your turnover below the threshold. Lord “Bloke down the Pub” Seagrave
  12. lord_seagrave

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    Thanks chaps - some good points in there. We’re considering a pet, and, although I very much like cats, the accepted model of cat “ownership” is something I struggle with. We’re pretty much agreed that our lifestyle isn’t presently compatible with a dog. Looks like it’s a couple of ferrets for us... LS
  13. lord_seagrave

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    Chaps, So-called house-cats - I can’t help thinking that the moggy’s natural instincts are being compromised. Are some breeds truly domesticated, and do any PW-ers own an “indoor cat”? I disagree strongly with the concept of “outdoor” “pet” cat “ownership”, but is keeping an indoor cat just as morally repugnant? LS
  14. lord_seagrave


    Slightly off-topic, but I was fascinated to see footage of a Lammergeier in Ethiopia swallowing huge pieces of bone - apparently its stomach juices are more corrosive than battery acid Nature is brilliant, isn’t it⸮ LS
  15. lord_seagrave

    Cracking day for me

    Great write-up 7DIAW LS