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  1. I have killed several geese over the years with an oz of no.6, when that is what happened to be in the barrel when a goose appeared. I am not saying it would be my first choice for geese, but it will always work with a headshot. Same goes for foxes.
  2. Very interesting Mr. Impala. How the other half lives, or what?
  3. That’s the way it should be learnt, not just buy a gun and turn out like many want to do.
  4. Now 71, been shooting since 1960.
  5. Looking at some of your points from my own POV: 2, ditto, same here, and I expect the same for many people. 3, ditto again, same here. I know many ( most even) prefer a heavy, long barrelled gun but, like you, my preference is a light SxS. I find shooting with heavy, long barrelled guns to be like dancing with a pregnant woman. And that from a man who, as a dancer, is a good prop forward. 4, to be fair, I have never had any problems on the odd occasion I have had to use a single trigger. But I agree they were probably invented by the devil. I wouldn’t have one as a gift. 5, every gun I ever shot hit my over ear muffs until I got my present game gun eight seasons ago. The fit is such that I tend to shoot it more head up and it works with muffs on. But I still use emtecs on game days.
  6. Look after it. Guard it with your life.
  7. Now that would have been something, to be taught personally by either of those gentlemen. As a young teenager I was struggling to ‘shoot flying’ until I read Churchill’s book and tried to use his method. Just now and then I managed to make it work a bit and started to hit stuff ( now and then). Then I read Stanbury’s books and found his methods sometimes worked for me too. Dunno what I do these days, perhaps a mix of methods depending on the type of shot offered. Sometimes it works.
  8. Yes, your ‘top strap pin’ is called a ‘breech pin’.
  9. Once sent a big Labrador bitch I had into a plantation to find a Roe doe which had run at the shot. She emerged backwards dragging the roe.
  10. Looks gorgeous to me! Recent refurb? Maybe a little over polished? Breech pin not tightened properly.
  11. Ahh! Don’t tell me it’s not, please.
  12. If the man is only shooting clays there are bargains galore at present in old English box lock non ejectors. I can’t understand why clay guns invariably have totally unnecessary ejectors.
  13. Two mates both dropped lucky in charity shops.
  14. You can hardly go wrong with an AyA if you don’t pay over the odds for it. Victor Sarasqueta guns are often of comparable quality to AyA. This is not the case with Felix Sarasqueta guns. V. Sarasqueta have ceased trading nearly forty years ago. Obviously, fit and suitability are everything. Try different guns and see which suits you best. My choice would be a Brummy boxlock ejector if you can find one you like.
  15. We had a BMW 5 series last year for two weeks. Definitely put me off BMW’s for ever. The visibility from the driver’s seat was awful, couldn’t see in any direction properly. Pig to park. I was expecting great things after all the Top Gear hype about them.
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