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  1. Udderlyoffroad, I agree with every word of your last post. Change is always coming, all around us. The status quo at the moment is that EV’s are shopping trolleys and useless to anyone who wants to travel anywhere there are no charging facilities. EV’s may be coming as a regular thing, but fortunately I have just got my life in in time and won’t live to have to drive one.
  2. Couldn’t give a flying ****. It was just a thought that occurred to me for yet another reason why EV’s are no use.
  3. How are Australians going to fill their Toyotas from a Jerry can of electricity in the outback?
  4. The Americans seem to think so! But .410 actually works out as a 67.49 gauge.
  5. The last goose I shot was with 25 gram tungsten 5’s from a 20 bore.
  6. I certainly ate a few years back, before I knew it was a disease.
  7. At normal ranges you do not need heavy cartridges to kill duck.
  8. You are all missing the point.........it’s not Christmas yet.
  9. Plus one! I wish somebody would pinch all my neighbours decorations that have been up since the middle of November. It’s like living in Santa’s grotto for two months of the year. They’re barmy, and none of them have kids. Why can’t they put them up for Christmas? I believe it starts on 24th. Dec. Bah, Humbug!
  10. The proof marks tell you it was reproofed after boring out from the original size. Providing it is still substantially in the condition as proved it is as safe as any other gun.
  11. I renewed during lockdown. Everything done over the phone.......and then the FEO delivered the certificates personally by hand! Go figure.
  12. No, it’s not illegal, but most will think you an **** hole for doing it.
  13. As an Englishman, obviously I support England, but I do love the sheer passion in Welsh Rugby.
  14. I make sure to close the breech before it contacts the sheepskin.
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