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  1. Sounds like it is time to teach it rule number four hundred and ten?
  2. Your mate sounds like a real hypocrite.
  3. Team tractor should have it. He is bound to need it one day.
  4. Just shows it is always best to shoot with a team you know!
  5. If I had to do that and sell all my guns and start again with left handed ones, second time around I would only buy one........ Honest!
  6. See my previous post. Daughter has owned the house for very many years.
  7. Use a small toolmakers clamp.
  8. My daughter reckons there will be no money left for her. She is expecting only the house and a worn out shotgun.
  9. Hopefully they will offer one in 2 1/2 inch.
  10. Certainly not. I don’t consciously line anything up, just stare at the target put the gun up and pull the trigger.
  11. I must disagree, Stu. A red dot will draw the eye to the barrel which is disastrous to good wing shooting. I would advise that the OP sticks to closing his left eye.
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