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  1. Two days ago I watched a buzzard sitting in my garden. At one time I had to travel at least 100 miles to see a buzzard. For about five years now there has been a nest 200 yards from my sofa.
  2. Because fourten cartridges only make up about 6% of sales.
  3. As we say in the shooting field, “Your bird, sir.”
  4. TOTTY! Any spare pegs available. Will travel and have a nice companion for your lovely gun.
  5. Looking the part there, sir. When you think about the price they d*mn well ought to work nicely! Did your butler/loader take the photo?
  6. Nice to see a bit of quality on PW.
  7. I currently have a very nervous Lab bitch. I fall out with at least one irresponsible dog owner nearly every time I go out. When it really makes me mad is when you have a pup in training and other folk let their unruly dogs run around yours and often undo weeks of training.
  8. Figgy, I think people cheat because they ARE pros. Don’t remember much cheating when Rugby Union was amateur. Now they are paid massive money it will continue to slide to the level of football. Yuck!
  9. Scully, correct again. Of course it should be down to individual choice, and it is. I don’t actually refuse to shoot game with users of O/Us, I just wish they wouldn’t do it. Oh, and I love to use hammerguns. I’m sure I will never own an OU, I just don,t like them. Fine if you want to shoot clays with them. I don’t stalk deer with a target rifle either.
  10. Whilst I obviously endorse the posts re ailments and injuries I am very much for retaining the traditions of driven shooting to the point where, personally, I STILL hate to see people turn out to shoot game with O/U guns. It just doesn’t seem right to me. (fixing tin hat as I type).
  11. Bullseye! Spot on again Mr. Figgy.
  12. Not had this problem, sorry. could be??? throat erosion? Dunno.
  13. I meant the eight isn’t versatile enough to shoot drive game. Sorry, should have been clearer. I know you weren’t advocating the eight for that, I was trying to say the shorter gun was more versatile. Basically, I agree with your choices but prefer a shorter game gun than your 28in.
  14. What I found best with mine, having had the same problem in the early days with early let-off, was to adjust the set trigger almost a heavy as it would go. That made it feel like a nice light, smooth, normal trigger. Works for me.
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