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  1. London Best


    You don’t participate in country sports, then?
  2. London Best


    I think that Labour and the hard left are just totally against my entire way of life.
  3. Warm ‘em after waxing. Works with wax proof coats.
  4. London Best


    For me it’s always been the ONLY reason for going to vote!
  5. London Best


    Come on chaps(esses), surely NO Shooting man can even contemplate voting Labour?
  6. Sorry, you would do well to saw any choke from my gun(s), they don’t have much. Out of eight guns the tightest barrel has .015 thou choke, none of the others have more that .010 thou, most have .004 or .005 thou. I shoot imp cylinder at everything. I like short barrels too! PS No offence meant, I was only joking with you.
  7. Nah! Saw the silly barrels down to a sensible length.
  8. No, squirrels, invasive alien species.
  9. I have my initials on all mine. Well, the English ones anyway.
  10. Sorry, I hadn’t realised the oval was already in a stock.
  11. I can remember you and your wife coming to shoot driven days and having two Vizslas sitting on the peg with you.
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