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  1. I don’t think I have ever put a gun away dirty in my life. It’s not the way I was taught to do things.
  2. Virtually the only two places I ever visit are the U.S. and Africa. When I go to Africa I never want to come home!
  3. I haven’t actually BOUGHT a copy since 1976. I get given a few now and again. I don’t think I missed a copy from ‘61 to ‘76, then I suddenly realised I was reading stuff I’d seen before so I stopped buying it.
  4. In those days they had writers with some experience, not people who had been shooting just a few years.
  5. I was all set to say I would fetch them today, until I noticed that they have plastic wads. I have always refused to use plastic wads.
  6. Eley subsonic just will NOT work in my old BRNO Mod. 2. Accuracy is fine if you can get one to fire. The rifle never misfires with any other brand I have tried.
  7. Sorted the cases. There are 21 RWS and 80-odd Winchesters. I will try and post them tomorrow, Tuesday. No idea what postage will cost but it won’t be much. i will send you a PM and we can exchange addresses.
  8. I will have to check the make, but they will almost certainly be Winchester or RWS, possibly a mixture of both. I shall have a sort through today and report this evening, then we can exchange details by PM.
  9. I am happy to let you have a hundred but they will need a bit of a polish up as they are a bit tarnished. You pay postage or you can collect from me, Derby area.
  10. It’s the integrity of manufacture that counts.
  11. Yeah, I find a real noticeable difference in a hot corner.
  12. I remember all the programmes mentioned but it is the original Lone Ranger series which makes me emotional every time. I only have to hear the opening music and a shiver runs down my spine every time. It is still my favourite music and I want it played at my funeral whilst I go up the flue.
  13. Thanks John, I didn’t realise. About 20 years ago I met a gentleman on a shoot and he let me fondle his pair for a few moments(!). They were new, beautifully made and handled like a dream. Just to my taste, but maybe not everyone’s as they were quite ‘fast’. He had paid about £7k I think he said.
  14. Arrietta do some very nice stuff.
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