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  1. I have not asked a farmer for shooting permission for at least thirty years unless I have made friends with him first.
  2. You obviously haven’t made a friend of the farmer or he would likely have included you somehow. I find it essential to become farmer’s friends.
  3. Setter, at least your wife doesn’t mind you bringing stuff home. My wife has a friend and her husband loves a rabbit, but she won’t cook one for him or allow him to cook one himself. Get this.....he is a retired butcher!
  4. Well, they were definitely wasting their time with my granddaughter. When asked what they had done at the week end, she told one of them that she had helped granddad to skin a deer. That went well then.
  5. I have known the last two Licensing Managers and they signed my last three renewals. Renewed last year and do not know the signatory nor their rank, but google tells me they are not one of the top half dozen ranks in the area.
  6. It’s been done that way for many years, certainly as long as I can remember noticing it. The FLM doesn’t actually write pp but just signs it as ‘Chief Officer of Police”.
  7. Normal is only a line on a graph. We are all up or down a little bit. Can’t decide whether I’m abnormal or sub normal. Definitely not normal!
  8. Absolutely positive. In my county for sure.
  9. Beat me to it! The Firearms Enquiry Officer can only make recommendations. The OP should telephone and speak personally to the FLM...Firearms Licensing Manager. He is the man who signs your issued certificates pp the Chief Constable.
  10. Higher quality secondhand item every time.
  11. I’ve given up coastal fowling but have voted for Chris as it was originally a wild Fowler’s association and has been a member for a long time, unlike the other candidate who has only been in four years. There should be a minimum membership time for candidates.
  12. I would suggest that the best people to ask are Leicestershire Firearms Department.
  13. I have noticed our Greengrass seems to take the pic of a lifetime every time!
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