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  1. Yep! With you there, point and squirt.
  2. Like it! Edit: who’s gone metric? I’m British. We are not in the ruddy EU you know.
  3. B. U. L. L.......you know the rest!
  4. It was more like stillborn in my case!
  5. Must be very late 80’s because I definitely bought a gun from Halls in 1989.
  6. And the old saying is still true for 99% of “mere mortal” shooters: Choke will lengthen your range, a little, and lighten your bag, a lot.
  7. Nice colour! My favourite in that colour was always a Healy 3000. Never owned one though.
  8. .177 or .22. now where have I heard that before? I don’t think our American friend knows what he’s started here!
  9. The one in the picture looks to be a similar model to the one I mentioned in Africa...........but in FAR better condition!
  10. All I can say is that imp cyl seems to work for me, even on driven pheasants in the Welsh mountains. You must remember that shot slows very fast and is only travelling at around 300 mph at about fifty yards.
  11. Who was in charge fifteen years ago? My certificates are with Derbyshire but I had stalking in Leicestershire and they contacted me seriously trying to tell me that they required me to contact them each time before I visited. I just told them it simply was not going to happen and heard nothing further.
  12. Firstly, I must say that I do not have any removable chokes. My choke of choice would always be improved cylinder, or even true cylinder, certainly never more than quarter choke. I have never felt undergunned, anywhere, ever.
  13. I reckon I might just fight A LOT!
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