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  1. I suppose I spend more time shooting driven partridges in Lincolnshire than anything, with a pheasant or two thrown in. My family were originally from there, although I have never lived there myself. Dunno about perfect company though!
  2. @ Marsh Man, I too only have the state pension and small private pension as income now. But I saved hard and invested well whilst I was working and it is that which pays for my shooting. I agree with every word you say about being out on a shoot day. I have done A LOT of picking up and loading over the years and always enjoyed it just as much as shooting myself. I no longer have a team of dogs but potter about picking up with just the one I do have.
  3. I am just the same, exactly the same. My shooting costs me about £5k per year/£100 a week. Lotsa folk think I have a lot of money, but I don’t. One life——-Live it.
  4. We had one for the cockers. Rigby ate it!
  5. From my village you can hear two, sometimes three different clay shoots on some Sundays. It gets on MY wick a bit, but nobody in the village has ever mentioned it to me.
  6. Must say I had no success with S&B shotgun cartridges or metallic rounds in .22 Hornet, despite my Hornet rifle being made in the same country as the ammo.
  7. You only have to watch programmes such as ‘Police Interceptors’ to see the scum the police have to deal with. No wonder they are hyped up and a bit sharp when they stop you. I have only been stopped once for a ‘routine’ check in54 years driving, coming home from work at 11 pm travelling slowly in a Morris Minor Traveller.
  8. Yep, tried that too, works fine but not quick enough for me for deer in the woods
  9. Try 2 garden canes and a rubber band for standing shots. For steadier sitting/kneeling shots use 2 thirty inch pieces of 3/4 by 3/8 inch timber with a brass bolt about 6 inches from the top. Cheap and works fine.
  10. A proper motorbike! You don’t see so many like that these days.
  11. Have the silly birds not heard of social distancing?
  12. My old man said, don’t let any of them pick on you, they will always be in a group, just pick the biggest one and flatten him, the others will back off. Worked every time, but can you imagine being given that same advice today? You would be branded the aggressor every time.
  13. Try growing up as a copper’s son on a council estate!
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