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  1. Thanks O.B. Old expression round here: as much use as T. I. T. S to a nun. Think about it!
  2. London Best


    Try Timsons. They will pressure test after fitting the battery too.
  3. Yeah, I had gurgled that’s, but it was as much use as ***s to a nun.
  4. Somewhere I have seen a list of Spanish gunmakers name codes which they stamp on action flats when they have made a gun. eg: Armas Garbi...........GA. Ignacio Ugartechea.........IU. etc, etc. I cannot for the life of me find this list again or remember where I saw it. Can anyone help please?
  5. Nothing of the sort. Simply that I have always found most o/u guns ugly. I did see a nice Boss 20 bore at the game fair though!
  6. As a bit of a .410 enthusiast, I have shot many ducks in the past, flighted to a pond, not foreshore or pass shooting. When it was legal I always used my usual cartridge, a 2 1/2 inch Express with 14 grams of lead, which I found perfectly effective on duck. The gun is choked imp cyl and quarter choke, from memory. I have to say that since the lead ban for duck I have not been able to use my little gun on them as I have been unable to find any non toxic .410’s.
  7. Providing you don’t do it over 28 days per year.
  8. Strangely, I have gone in the opposite direction. Having spent a lifetime doing most forms of shooting, I am now finding I can’t be bothered carting and setting up pigeon gear any more. I have started to consider letting Fallow bucks walk free, as I am beginning to struggle to handle them, so I wait for a Muntjac instead. I used to love an evening flight for duck, but have lost enthusiasm for even that. I no longer spend all night looking for foxes several nights a week. But I am keener than ever for decent driven days with a couple of busy drives on the peg.
  9. I’m certainly in agreement on that one! I have no objection to a chap on a bike, but the idiots who think they are practising for the Tour de France should either go and practice in France or get on a track where they belong. It’s time they were legislated against.
  10. BMX and skateboarding asOlympic sports? Most places they are just a public nuisance.
  11. Using a .22 Hornet at circa 3000 FPS it always amazes me that, whilst I never see the bullet in daylight, I generally see it at night in a red lamp.
  12. You just have to get to know all the farmers in the area, and all the gamekeepers and gain their trust and respect if not actually their friendship. I found the first thirty years were the most difficult! Seriously though, don’t give up and you will find somewhere eventually. Obviously, you stand more chance if the person you are asking actually knows/recognises you. But you are right, it seems that these days there is always someone offering the farmer money to buy you off. Good luck.
  13. It seems to me that you are confusing shooting rights with permission to shoot pigeons. Or, perhaps, you don’t know the difference. They are very different things. If someone gives you permission to shoot, you do not have the shooting rights.
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