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  1. Yeah, friends are easily made in the shooting field. As you said, like minded people. But occasionally one or two pop up on a shoot day that you don’t want to shoot with again. Most are good people though.
  2. Coastal wildfowling is truly magic. Geese of any sort are always exciting. Duck at evening flight never fail to increase my heart rate, coastal or inland. In driven shooting, grouse are truly the epitome of sport with a shotgun. But traditional partridge are a good more affordable second. That is not to say that I am not excited by pheasants, because I can be. Strangely enough, woodcock do very little to excite me and now I am often happy to let them pass. With pigeons I have always preferred a good roost flight to a day’s decoying. I still get great satisfaction from o
  3. That is the best bit! As I get older I become more choosy who I shoot with.
  4. Pretty gun. Personally, not a fan of skip-line.
  5. Were you on a driven day, or walked up? Both can be equally good fun.
  6. The engraving is all hand done, the gun is over 100 years old. A friend bought it in a poor state and had it rebuilt by Wisemans in 1992, reproof, the lot. He found he couldn’t shoot with it and put it in his safe. I had to pester him for about ten years before he let me buy it. Unfortunately it’s a non ejector so it does not get used for the majority of my shooting, which is driven partridge. Nice light walked up gun though.
  7. Well, if I can avoid it I have no intention of ever having an electric car, let alone one which drives itself.
  8. What we DON’T need is bloody cars which drive themselves!
  9. Now that looks like a rifle. The thing four posts above it does not.
  10. I went to two or three meetings of the North Lincs Coursing Club. It truly was fascinating to watch. A great day out.
  11. Another interesting video, thank you. I was very interested to read your comments re the rise and fall of the Lough. Ted did well, particularly with the diver, they can be swines to catch. I became very worried one night nearly forty years ago. We were just leaving some flood water alongside a very swollen River Trent when some geese flew past my mate’s position. In almost pitch blackness he dropped a Canada into the middle of the river, which was going like a train. It was so dark I couldn’t even see the action from my position. Mate shouted me to send my dog (he was dog less) and I
  12. Way to go! A man after my own heart. My 12 bore game gun weighs just 6 lbs 2 oz.
  13. I’ll second that, a very good post.
  14. 7 1/2 pounds is a ridiculous weight for a 16 bore and completely negates the point of having a 16. To me, that is the weight of a 12 bore wildfowling magnum. Each to their own, but I like light guns.
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