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    I love ferreting and going out foxing with my good feind who also has two albino ferrets(i have a polecat ferret (deceased :( ) and an albino). Vermin control is needed in the area so as that fox and mink numbers dont get too high.in my spare time from school i love to go fishing or do some kind of hunting sport of wich i enjoy so much. My uncle was 24 before he shot his first woodcok ....i was 14(sorry if im being modest :D), im waiting for my first shotgun cert to come through, im buying a decent o/u, its a Special, Iish game, really good condition,<br />im with the Copeen and others gun club and am fully insured with the N.A.R.G.C, if anyone in the area wants to meet up give me a PM and well talk!,<br />happy shooting guys

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  1. dogfox


    another one from last night, a little further than the last one, roughly 175yds. wouldnt come in any further, applied same method as before, aim 3, 2, 1, fire, 2 simultaneous headshots from my cz and my mates 10/22, both using HV rounds. Dropped like a rock, now for all who for dont believe that a .22 can do this, why would i bother posting it when i know from experience on this site how thick people can get when they hear or see something that they cant believe, i didnt believe it myself until i saw it the first time, and since then it has worked every time, no inhumane kills and no get aways. best, DF
  2. dogfox


    kinda pointless comment, we use hi velocity rounds, they still have more than enough enrgy at that range to take a fox down, as we have found on more than 1 occasion. we were confident that we could make the shot, we took it, and it resulted ina clean humane kill, Personally i dont see what the problem is, as if we werent confident we wouldnt have taken the shot.
  3. dogfox


    was meant to be head, but slightly misjudged the hit, i knew it would be fatal either way though, went straigth through the vertebrae
  4. dogfox


    and the last one, taken at 150yds with cz and a buckmark .22's fired simultaneously, 2 hits in the neck, dropped like a stone
  5. have a look at my photots thread in the piccies section, you will see what the cz 452 can do over a semi, you would be hard pushed to take a fox at 135 with a semi
  6. dogfox


    it was a number 4 eley, nope there are no bans at the moment, lamped up 17 foxes tonight, only had 1 though that was sat in front of the jeep like a dope! saw more charlie than bunnies!
  7. dogfox


    cheers! will hopefull have a few more on saturday night, need to test the mates new 4x4
  8. dogfox


    cheers mate, We do have a load of big fattys here, lamped up 10 the other night, they werent having any of it though and legged it, ill get them saturday night i use Fiocchi 38gn High Velocity rounds in .22lr, the pic with no mod on the gun was when i was using subs, had that vixen at 55yards
  9. Alright lads, Havnt posted here in a while, thought id share some of my trips out with you! Any questions regarding Guns or rounds or Calibers just post! best, DF
  10. my thoughts exactly! and with this the meat isnt jellyfied!
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