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  1. Should go on the general licence... The amount of damage they do
  2. Hey there,

    Total long shot, but I saw in this thread you had a bunch of old VHS cassettes.

    I was wondering, do you still have the Chuckle Toons tape after all these years?

    All the best,


  3. Appeal it You DO NOT have to pay private tickets but you MUST go through the correct appeals process. Once you appeal 98-99% drop it there and then Some then send a few more letters and give up If anyone needs the appeal letter I have a few..... Also this has been covered many times on money programs and I hate people paying for this as the contracts are unenforceable
  4. you try and get unseasoned logs round here....got no chance
  5. There was a court case on that one and the judge decided that only one set of fees need to be paid... If they have bought the contracts surely they should have done a formal introduction by letter or something... And don't I have a choice if they deal with it or not?
  6. EA1 did the introduction but have now gone bust.... And have heard nothing from EA3 who were meant to take it all on.... Asked for copy contracts and details 4-5 times and not heard a thing.... Just my view I have no contract with EA3 as never signed anything with them and no correspondence at all
  7. EA1 has been liquidated.... And we have heard nothing from EA3
  8. Bit of an interesting one... Agreed to put our house on the market Sept 17 with EA1 ...had one viewing which went no where at the time.... Sent 2 letters of complaint about the service and agreed to part ways in Jan 18 with the contract null and void. Signed up with EA2 who were great... Then the viewers from EA1 came back with an offer which we accepted in March which was done verbally .... Was told would need a new contract as that EA had gone bust and all business had been transferred to EA3 . Asked for all relevant paperwork to be sent then but have received nothing at all... I have had no contact with EA3 despite sending 2 letters asking for paperwork etc to be sent. Where do I stand with the fee? As looking to complete next week but they have nothing in writing from me to say they could market the house and have not even dealt with it
  9. Cheers Had a quote from them and they came up expensive... Using a firm in Norwich who agreed to nearly match the online prices.....
  10. and that is the source of the problem....people are more willing to save a few ££ that keep a local business in work.... I am doing the same...had online quotes for some work at about £3-3200 ......go to a local firm and its £4k+ ...so what would you do???
  11. Welcome to the PW forum
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