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  1. Jumping Jacks and those hand held roman candle things, surprised we survived. Fond memories.
  2. Thought it was clear . -- petrol. also forgot free wheeling hubs. No pics. Imagination more exciting. also for anyone interested , location is west mids. Dugley.
  3. Merry xmas everybody. heres one to ponder , thinking of selling my old landy early next year, as above spec, hard top, side windows, 2 and quarter petrol. overdrive fitted, cleared last 2 mots. next due Feb. colour blue. Interior good. Nice tyres. I have had for about 6 or 7 years. mileage was 86000 when the speedo stopped ! Has a few bad points, jumps out of 2nd sometimes if you let it. only happens since overdrive re fitted so linkage i guess. speedo doesnt work. Good points . mega reliable, never uses any water, presume tax exempt/mot soon. First registered April 1980. Very straight motor. Dont do pics yet but will try next year. Offered to any pigeon watch members to ponder before advertised properly. Looking 4k No offers. Thats dirt cheap for one of these. Getting too old for spannering now. Register an interest if you want, not going to sell this side of xmas. Happy new year. Steve.
  4. Done my bit for climate change and bought 3.2 litre automatic Shogun. Plenty of room for Greta in the boot. Whoopee.
  5. Join everything - get lots of stickers.
  6. Back in a previous life I came across this from someone wanting to purchase some .22 ammo, Short or acorn) - cannot remember now, but they were members of something like the association of circus/fairground traders. Checked it with Firearms Dept at time and was legit. this was in the 80s though.
  7. In my sixties now and suffering a bit, enjoy game management side a bit more. New rifle in cabinet for 10 days now and still havent zeroed it ! Overall 5/10. Pheasants and ducks.
  8. Hello Picardy, I may be able to help you, i run a small syndicate rough shoot over 3 farms with pools. Release ex layers, shoot Wednesdays. Plenty of dogs so not a requirement if you don`t have one.. Target on the day is 2 x birds! although we often have more. You may have guessed its not about numbers. There may be a vacancy possible. Cost is 450 pds . pa. Plenty of duck/geese. Approx 4 miles from Telford. Not sure if it is what you are looking for . PM me with a bit about yourself. Dont worry if reply is a day or so, not always available..
  9. First car was a Wolseley 15/50 bought between 4 of us for 20 pds after a party. We drove straight to Wales for the weekend after I had got a cover note 3rd party. Car lasted 3 days before we wrecked it. God bless the 1970 s .
  10. I will bow to superior knowledge. Plus I finish in 10 minutes for the weekend - so im off.
  11. Is it too late to take it back.?
  12. Fixed chokes - better patterns , hate chokes, skb 25 inch sxs improved cyl. o/u miroku skeet. exception my old English webley sxs. Tight as a ducks whatsit. Cant bring myself to let anyone loose on it.
  13. I shoot 20 and 12 sxs on game., prefer the 20 now especially with partridge and like you thought of trying 28. A couple of guns in my syndicates use 28 and seem to manage ok however last Monday one of them forgot his cartridges and ended up ********.no one else had any. I think availability and cost of ammo might be a concern, but 25 yd birds all day.
  14. What a shocking programme. , Why have the BBC funded the purchase of 2 x delightful antiques, paid 5k. Paid production team air fares to USA and then given them to police for "safe-keeping".. Yours and my licence fee funds this drivel. They could have at least re sold them through the auction houses, might even had made a profit. Were all doomed.
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