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  1. decoyman

    28 bore v 20 bore

    I shoot 20 and 12 sxs on game., prefer the 20 now especially with partridge and like you thought of trying 28. A couple of guns in my syndicates use 28 and seem to manage ok however last Monday one of them forgot his cartridges and ended up ********.no one else had any. I think availability and cost of ammo might be a concern, but 25 yd birds all day.
  2. decoyman

    Panorama (Merged threads)

    What a shocking programme. , Why have the BBC funded the purchase of 2 x delightful antiques, paid 5k. Paid production team air fares to USA and then given them to police for "safe-keeping".. Yours and my licence fee funds this drivel. They could have at least re sold them through the auction houses, might even had made a profit. Were all doomed.
  3. decoyman

    Shropshire SY6 Rough Shoot Position

    Hi Matt, Very interested in vacancy. have 3 yr old working cocker, sgc, fac, basc and countryside alliance. all my own teeth. seriously, run my own little rough shoot Telford area which shoots 6 Saturdays this season. also in semi formal syndicate that shoots Wednesdays. will be giving that up next year after several years as I prefer the smaller scale. 63 yrs of age , relatively fit. can supply references if required. 07922546087. steve.
  4. decoyman

    SxS Meet at Oakedge

    I would be interested in the full package but my wife thinks all day would fry her brain, so a smaller competition would suit nicely. Never been to this ground, would it be suitable to bring my 2 spaniels, To save leaving them all day. (not to retrieve clays !) They will help out with the bacon butties, Keep me in the loop please. Regards. Steve.
  5. decoyman


    West Mercia have/had a vacancy for head of firearms dept. recently at below 40k if I remember correctly. I think most of these positions are filled by retired/ex officers anyway. Resources are limited but Best practice isn't happening. Good old time and motion study required. Regards.
  6. decoyman


    Good morning Lloyd 90, Phew, my idea of militant is swelling the ranks of shooting orgs and applying pressure on them to be more forceful. Yours might be more direct, but there is not really very much we can do as individuals. Long term I think were up a creek.
  7. decoyman


    Hi FSE10, For reference, application submitted plenty early enough as required. 8 week extension has only just been implemented. my 1st temp expired without the second being received. It only came 8 days later after my e-mail to firearms dept. I would not take a gun with me without some form of authority. Judges don't always follow nods and winks. As stated, very poor service all round.
  8. decoyman


    Hi Dougy, I'm not saying they are being difficult. Just that the admin process has become something of a joke and spiralling downwards rapidly. Some parts of the country are excellent. Some are diabolical.(As detailed on this forum) A renewal should be routine. Thank God my FAC is not the same date. Regards,
  9. decoyman


    Sadly very true. Regards,
  10. decoyman

    Side by Side Club

    Just found this . I'm in. Webley 700 20b (Italian Fausti sisters). Webley /Scott 12b 1954 . SKB 25 inch.
  11. decoyman


    I am in Basc and have just joined C.Alliance also. I realise if I shout at the police or bring in orginisations, then it would appear. My wifes renewal was over the phone. The point is the admin involved in 2 x temps and logging 4 x shotguns back and forwards at firearms dept must be counterproductive. I feel the time has come for shooters to be more militant. My way is the long wait, To my mind they are just digging themselves a deeper hole and losing the respect of people they cannot afford to alienate. I know there will be some on here shouting at the screen but we all have our own ways.
  12. Sorry to bore you all with another tale of woe but am now on 2nd temp permit for renewal after 1st one expired(technically leaving me in contravention of law for 8 days). luckily I could lend them to my wife on her ticket and give her keys to my sg cabinet. However, could not access shotguns for vermin or pigeon control on my little shoot. Interestingly, I could use the x bolt or t bolt. DAFTNESS. If the police do not want the job, then let someone else do it. West Midlands/Staffs take note.
  13. decoyman

    Premium Bonds

    Hi Scully, I had maximum amount for a few years, finished at 40k. have closed now. It was the case that you would return about 3 percent and always the chance of a big return, the average being 9 a year at 25 pounds average payout. I tended to do a little better. Also , once had a 500 pds draw. HOWEVER, Draw choices have been reduced in number and payment totals limited to low interest rates, so not so good nowadays. Also. any repayment, however small after death is subject to probate. Regards,
  14. decoyman

    Getting the Mrs a SGC..

    Pay attention...Encourage your wife . Have all guns joint and make sure her application is nowhere near your expiry date, so when youre waiting 6 months for a renewal you can still both shoot. My wife has one of our 3 cabinets, but all the shotguns are joint. Enjoy.
  15. decoyman

    Middle aged fat bloke first post

    Blimey, could almost have been my post. Welcome.