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  1. picardy

    Stihl blower

    Third dips please if poss
  2. Hi looking for a full or half gun in a small frendly shot in Shropshire area , thanks for looking
  3. picardy

    DjI phantom 4 drone

    Pm send 😊
  4. picardy

    DjI phantom 4 drone

    Pm sent
  5. picardy

    Rifle Cases

    Good morning I’ll take the howa , or the larger of the two if still available, if you could post please , please please pm , many thanks
  6. picardy

    Rifle Cases

    Hi very interested can you give me some dimensions please , need one big enough to take a 22lr with scope and mod . Kind regards chris
  7. picardy

    Free to good home

    No worries pm sent
  8. picardy

    Free to good home

    Send me your email address pal
  9. picardy

    Free to good home

    Large double tier ferret pen with sleeping compartment and ladder ,and new felt roof last year , free to pick up from Telford Shropshire asap pm for photo , thanks for looking
  10. picardy

    Brattonsound ss5+

    Hi I’ve got a brattonsound ss5+ vault door spare keys mint condition available before it goes on eBay ,please pm for photos £120 ono these are £220 new in , Telford Shropshire
  11. picardy

    Petrol power washer/ jet wash

    Great stuff,the misses is there now so I’ll give her a call
  12. picardy

    Petrol power washer/ jet wash

    hi looking for a petrol jet wash if anyone can help .
  13. picardy

    Ranger Wildtrak or L200 Barbarian

    Have a demo in the the Isuzu pal , great truck , ATB