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  1. Shouldn't need to to anything to drastic off road just mainly farm lane / tracks and rough headlands ,just want something nice to drive which is comfortable with a bit of room in to
  2. That's great advice fellas ,how did you find them to maintain and mpg ??
  3. Not to sure ,the one I looked at was a 2014 r line but didn't check to see if it was add blue
  4. Been looking at various motors today and must these look amazing a lot of car for the money cheaper than the Q5 ,has anybody had any experience with one any info would be great
  5. picardy


    Still looking if anyone has one available
  6. Hi could you please send me some more information please, many thanks
  7. picardy


    Cheers pal
  8. picardy


    Looking to buy a shotkam if possible, thanks for looking
  9. This scum bag is trying to work her way back into society, a absolute disgrace of a human being , she even quoted in her interview yesterday that the Manchester bombing was justified!!! Scum of the earth
  10. Hiya pal ,just looking at your post I would be interested in this I'll drop you a PM .atb
  11. Thanks for the reply , I haven't got any experience training gundogs as I've had working lurcher for many years which I've trained to a good standard I also had a border terrier for 13 years which I would use for beating and pigeon shooting he would also retrive shot pheasents/ pigeons and ducks from of the water but he sadly died last spring , I've been rough shooting for around 6years and love watching the gun dogs on our small diy shoot work which are mainly cockers but I really like the springers .
  12. Not really sure about the trailing side of things but may possibly have a go ,if you get chance can you pm me the details of the pups please, many thanks
  13. Looking at a springer spaniel which i think would be best as most of my shooting is rough / walked up so need a dog to get into cover and flush birds , looking at various dogs which have been on our shoot mainly cockers and springer are used which seem to really do the job ,one fella has a beautiful working lab which is great at retriving but doesn't get into the cover and seems to get a bit tried later on in the day ,hope that helps
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