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  1. picardy

    sons band

    Very good well done atb
  2. Just done mine this evening on our mountfield theres a plastic tray on the underside ,have to take the blade off then unscrew the plastic tray the release the screws around the motor casing so that if moves back and forth then thread the belt around the motor first then the blade pulley which is very tight but do able, hope this helps atb
  3. picardy

    face masks

    What a fantastic thing to do well done
  4. Hi looking for a friendly rough shoot/syndicate wanted around the Shropshire/ welshpool area to join if anyone can help ,kind regards
  5. Hiya thanks for the reply lost our ox Croft border last year ,best little dog I've ever had ,I've put a wanted add on hunting life so fingers crossed I might hear something back ,thanks again chris
  6. Hi looking for a quality breed working border dog pup if any one can help
  7. That's a quality rifle ,a bargain for someone atb
  8. Well done pal ,great video thanks for sharing
  9. Morning I'll have these if they are still available
  10. Concrete floor really Wouldnt fancy sleeping on that myself Great stuff many thanks 👍
  11. Hi any recommendations for tough chew resistant bedding to put in my outdoor insulated kennels ,always use vet bedding but looking for a thicker alternative, any advise would be appreciated
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