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  1. picardy

    Beating trousers for a 15 year old

    Cheers fellas just really struggling with sizes , but I'll keep looking
  2. picardy

    Beating trousers for a 15 year old

    That's brilliant many thanks 27-28 waist and 28 -30 leg
  3. Hi all any suggestions where I can get my 15 year old son some trousers for beating , can't find him any percussion or good old mole skins small enough. 27-28inch waist and 28-30 leg Thanks for looking
  4. picardy

    T38 or t50 torch

    Thanks for the reply ,just looking for a torch,don't know much about the ir
  5. picardy

    Anschutz 1517 walnut delux thumb hole stock

    Very tempting pal
  6. picardy

    T38 or t50 torch

    Hi , looking for a t38 or t50 torch if anyone can point me in the right direction
  7. picardy

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    Well said
  8. picardy

    Stihl blower

    Third dips please if poss
  9. Hi looking for a full or half gun in a small frendly shot in Shropshire area , thanks for looking
  10. picardy

    DjI phantom 4 drone

    Pm send ?
  11. picardy

    DjI phantom 4 drone

    Pm sent
  12. picardy

    Rifle Cases

    Good morning I’ll take the howa , or the larger of the two if still available, if you could post please , please please pm , many thanks
  13. picardy

    Rifle Cases

    Hi very interested can you give me some dimensions please , need one big enough to take a 22lr with scope and mod . Kind regards chris
  14. picardy

    Free to good home

    No worries pm sent