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  1. picardy


    Looking to buy a shotkam if possible, thanks for looking
  2. This scum bag is trying to work her way back into society, a absolute disgrace of a human being , she even quoted in her interview yesterday that the Manchester bombing was justified!!! Scum of the earth
  3. Hiya pal ,just looking at your post I would be interested in this I'll drop you a PM .atb
  4. Thanks for the reply , I haven't got any experience training gundogs as I've had working lurcher for many years which I've trained to a good standard I also had a border terrier for 13 years which I would use for beating and pigeon shooting he would also retrive shot pheasents/ pigeons and ducks from of the water but he sadly died last spring , I've been rough shooting for around 6years and love watching the gun dogs on our small diy shoot work which are mainly cockers but I really like the springers .
  5. Not really sure about the trailing side of things but may possibly have a go ,if you get chance can you pm me the details of the pups please, many thanks
  6. Looking at a springer spaniel which i think would be best as most of my shooting is rough / walked up so need a dog to get into cover and flush birds , looking at various dogs which have been on our shoot mainly cockers and springer are used which seem to really do the job ,one fella has a beautiful working lab which is great at retriving but doesn't get into the cover and seems to get a bit tried later on in the day ,hope that helps
  7. Hi all looking for some advice, looking for my first gun dog in the future thinking of a springer spaniel and not one to rush into things ,so I'm looking for advice regarding training dvds or books to buy to help me along the way . Thanks for looking
  8. Still looking if anyone can help? Thanks for looking
  9. Had a quick look at the kofs sceptre seems a nice gun for the money
  10. As title looking for a gun for my 15 year old son must be lightweight for walked up rough shooting if anyone can help ,thanks for looking
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