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  1. I'll take that please pm your details and I'll send you the money over, kind regards picardy
  2. Hiya I'd be very interested in your second pair of ray bans if they are still available,  kind regards chris 

    1. Hiya yes I know it's a long shot but I'm open to anything really I have even asked some of the farmers where I look after the pest control if I could rent one of the overgrown pool but to no avail
    2. Hi all thanks for looking , I'm still looking for a syndicate / rough shoot to join in the Shropshire area if anyone can help
    3. Shouldn't need to to anything to drastic off road just mainly farm lane / tracks and rough headlands ,just want something nice to drive which is comfortable with a bit of room in to
    4. That's great advice fellas ,how did you find them to maintain and mpg ??
    5. Not to sure ,the one I looked at was a 2014 r line but didn't check to see if it was add blue
    6. Been looking at various motors today and must these look amazing a lot of car for the money cheaper than the Q5 ,has anybody had any experience with one any info would be great
    7. picardy


      Still looking if anyone has one available
    8. Hi could you please send me some more information please, many thanks
    9. picardy


      Cheers pal
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