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    History of firearms & ammunition.<br>Woodcock, snipe, duck, pheasant, grouse, partridge, pigeon and all vermin shooting.<br>Rifle shooting - Target and sporting (bunnies and foxes)<br>Stalking.<br>Big game hunting (Africa)<br>Pianting (oil)<br>Fly Fishing (Salmon and Trout)<br>& a good game of Squash

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  1. Hi all Can anyone point me in the right direction to some Zeiss Hensoldt scopes? I want one. Thanks
  2. wish I had some land like that....
  3. my shoulder is pretty sore. I was finishing the last of my buffalo 36grm No.6s :unsure:
  4. Started at 9am and finished at 4pm Shot them coming into the wood after acorns. No decoys used. 136 birds picked. A lot of cartidges fired.
  5. Just wondering if anyone had any luck with the springers this year?
  6. a very fine animal indeed. Well done.
  7. The skin on the tail and backside didn't look irritated, just balled. Must be some sort of parasite..
  8. Well done dougy, you nailed it on the head.
  9. I shot this fox last night. He didn't look too healthy.... I have never seen mange on the foxes at home before.
  10. I hope everyone know what type of deer these are..........
  11. I didn't realise you are handy in the kitchen henry_d...
  12. Good one henryd. I thought you were a countryman.
  13. No its not my dog - found it on my doorstep this morning. Picture of **** removed.
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