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  1. Hi am from Bedlington, at the moment there is supposed to be someone coming 2moro for the last 2 Jill's if doesn't turn up could let you know if still interested thanks David
  2. 3 Jill's and 3hobs comes from working stock north east Free to good home
  3. Photon rt 6 x 50 s Had problem with ir on my previous photon rt sent it back to Scott and country and they sent me a replacement but i had waited for months to get it sorted due to covid and in the meantime i had purchased a wraith so selling this scope never been on a rifle. Looking for £320 posted. Thanks David
  4. Anyone had any problems with the photon rt 6 x 50 used to work fine then suddenly problems with zeroing. Gun zeroing cz 527, 204 zeros at 50 yrds but when I take it back to 100yrds its 8/10 inches high where it should only be around 1.5 / 2 inches high tried rifle today with day scope on and it was spot on so problem must be photon. Thanks
  5. Message from farmer saying he had lost a lamb to a fox so headed up last night said he had seen it between 1 and 3 going to be along night got up for 9 set everything up ready and sat and waited nothing till 2.10 then this big vixen turned up hunting around where lamb had been stopped and looked up bang down it went 1happy farmer
  6. Hi is this still available also how old is it thanks David
  7. cracking night headed up to a few of my local farms first farm got talking to the farmer he had a lamb killed last night so headed down to where it happened dusk was setting in fast couldn't see anything so headed to next field got set up by this time i had to use the nv spotter with no ir could see everything crystal clear nothing moving 30 min past the suddenly spotted a fox far end of the field then it vanished waited another 30 min nothing so decided to head back to other field scanned bingo fox around 200 yards moved along field and got set up by this time there was a sheep trying to protect its lamb trying to head butt fox it was running around it trying its best to get around it not safe shot with sheep and lambs around it just sat and waited for my opitunity give a little squeak had no idea i was there ran about 10 yards and sat down nice clear shot put cross on chest slowly pulling the trigger then another shows up right next to it twice the size big dog fox first vixen a lot smaller so decided go for dog first put cross on chest slowly pulled trigger bang dog goes down vixen runs another 20 yards or so stops turns around by this time gun was reloaded bang she goes down first was 123 yards second 156 yards ruger 204 lovely gun had a call around other farms nothing about one happy farmer.
  8. Am from bedlington you anywhere near thanks
  9. Mtc viper 10x44 scb reticle like new no marks boxed with mounts £120
  10. Mtc viper scope 10x44 like new still boxed comes with mounts £120 plus postage. http://m.pellpax.co.uk/optics/sport-optics/rifle-scopes/mtc-viper-10x44-ir-sf-scb-reticle/2352
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