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    1. For the older ones amongst you there are lot's of free 1980/90 films on you tube including "Blastfighter" a 1984 B movie where the SPAS 12 out acts the cast. No ques, people with big heads in front of you, mortgage for tickets and pop corn etc.
    2. Crosman Ratcatcher uses small co2 bulbs, loads of mods available but low power in winter, usually runs around 850psi , 30 shots per bulb but lower if you adjust basic model.
    3. nnorman32

      Mossberg 500

      Hello Sorry to say that I tend to head north rather than south, RFD costs would add another £60. You should consult the one they call Wabbitbosher, legend has it he has a cave of wonders that no man can resist.
    4. nnorman32

      Mossberg 500

      Hello Twist the end of the choke to adjust from full to cylinder, I'm in York and if Kyle 13 isn't interested then I would like a fair price for an old pump action with a spare stock which would be £130 face to face with section 2 SGC.
    5. nnorman32

      Mossberg 500

      C Lect were the old style adjustable choke Mossberg fitted to their barrels pre ?1977? it is a twist choke, some people like them and some people like marmite. I have the pictured Mossberg doing nothing in my cabinet.
    6. nnorman32

      Mossberg 500

      Will assume you are sorted then?
    7. nnorman32

      Mossberg 500

      Hello Got a 12g Mossberg 600 synthetic stock pump action New Haven with c lect choke 28" barrel, used. Came with a odd pistol stock that I don't like so swapped it for a standard stock. I am in Yorkshire so would have to be RFD if you are interested. Unless you like long distance Christmas shopping.
    8. Cheers for the thoughts, will probably stick with the tried and tested method..
    9. Hello Any one used a Home Brew Online Moonshine Pack ? Amazon are selling a 5 Litre Spirit Kit for under £30, I was thinking could you use this for a base for bramble vodka? Spirit would end up around 21% or so the blurb says... Cheers in advance for your thoughts. N.
    10. Hello Please delete or remove post if it contravenes any rules. I am not employed by or have any business interest in The Phoenix Range at Barnsley, I have shot there a few times and find it a good range, they are having an open day on the 29th of September if anyone is interested. Blurb below is from their advert with contact details etc. PUBLIC OPEN DAY SUNDAY 29th September 2019 Where the public may attend having pre-booked AND FIRE ANY NUMBER of FIREARMS IN THE ARMOURY! Yes, thats the full power 7.62 AK47, Semi-Auto Shotguns, Lee Enfiled .303's, Police 7.62 Sniper Rifles, handguns, everything..... as a Home Office Approved Club we are allowed very few exclusive days throughout the year to open our doors in this way, a very special day indeed, limited places so to be a part of this rare opportunity....book now! (01226) 289770 Costings: Your Day Range Fee £30 - Pre paid or no shoot, call now to pay and book, then show up anytime on the day to suit you. Hire of any multiple firearms £10 each. Ammunition costs examples: .22 Rimfire £5.00 per 50 .357 Magnum £25.00 per 50 .44 Magnum £30.00 per 50 7.62 Russian (AK47) £19.95 per 30 .45/70 Government £25.00 per 25 One to one supervision and instruction free of charge. You must not be prohibited from handling firearms and you will sign a declaration under the firearms act to this effect. ID required. No show ups on the day, pre-arranged only. 🇬🇧 UK Indoor Shooting Range in Barnsley. 🏆 1st Class Corporate Entertainment 🛠 On-site Gunsmith & Gun Shop 🏆 Hand Crafted Award Worthy Venue 🇬🇧 Veteran Owned Have you got what it takes? (01226) 289770 Opening times: 2pm – 9.30pm Monday to Friday and all-day Saturday & Sunday 9am to 5pm. https://www.phoenixrange.co.uk/guns-for-hire
    11. Only ever fired the No4 and the Bren, L1A1 SLR in 7.62 etc, etc Don't get me started on what a shame the Army went to 5.56 with the SA80
    12. Hello Any Mossberg owners able to comment? Changing the stock over on a Mossberg Newhaven, the current stock is marked "speedfeed", not the cartridge storage model, and may belong to a ?870 Remington?, not a snug fit to trigger guard and not sure why it was attached in the first place although it also has a side saddle so maybe practical shotgun?. Thanks in advance. N.
    13. Check the brass butt plate, coin to open, may have oil bottle in, looks like a Lee Enfield .303 No4 bolt action single shot rifle,10 shot mag, kicks like a mule. WW2 British issue service rifle ? now converted to 410.
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