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  1. Hi, Regarding the Vodka mix. If I add 125ml Home bargains syrup to 650mls Vodka,do I mix and leave for a couple of weeks or is it good after 24hrs like the commercial Flavourings? Cheers N.
  2. Hello Time to renew my VP 90 cabinet sachets, looked around on usual suspects and found a place on line in Wales called ANT supplies who did a good deal and even have a freebies page to add to your purchase, free postage, arrived two days later. Happy meals all round. Usual disclaimer, I don't work for, have interest in or been promised anything etc by this company.
  3. The deadline for the online consultation is today, Tuesday 16th Feb at 23.59 hours. The link is below https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/firearms-safety If you have been to gallery rifle ranges like Phoenix, Skill at Arms or The Tunnel then you may want to preserve .22 rimfire semi auto ranges for future generations or see them go the same way as MARs rifles and .50 cal because you never know what will be banned next.
  4. Hello there. Here are three suggestions for you in Yorkshire, in order of friendliness, location and price. Thimbleby 20mins Humberside 1.5hrs Park Lodge 1Hr Opinions may vary of course.
  5. Vodka gives a smoother finish than Gin, try some glycerine/ sugar syrup rather than loads of sugar. Also wrap kilner in a towel and leave in car boot if you can't shake / agitate daily.
  6. Not sure about eye protection with spec savers. How about Ballistic Glasses (Topgun/Sawfly) and get the lens insert prescription, then you can change your coloured lens overlay? N.
  7. 7.5 Hull comp x, 21g on clay's and 28g for 30/40yds
  8. For the older ones amongst you there are lot's of free 1980/90 films on you tube including "Blastfighter" a 1984 B movie where the SPAS 12 out acts the cast. No ques, people with big heads in front of you, mortgage for tickets and pop corn etc.
  9. Crosman Ratcatcher uses small co2 bulbs, loads of mods available but low power in winter, usually runs around 850psi , 30 shots per bulb but lower if you adjust basic model.
  10. nnorman32

    Mossberg 500

    Hello Sorry to say that I tend to head north rather than south, RFD costs would add another £60. You should consult the one they call Wabbitbosher, legend has it he has a cave of wonders that no man can resist.
  11. nnorman32

    Mossberg 500

    Hello Twist the end of the choke to adjust from full to cylinder, I'm in York and if Kyle 13 isn't interested then I would like a fair price for an old pump action with a spare stock which would be £130 face to face with section 2 SGC.
  12. nnorman32

    Mossberg 500

    C Lect were the old style adjustable choke Mossberg fitted to their barrels pre ?1977? it is a twist choke, some people like them and some people like marmite. I have the pictured Mossberg doing nothing in my cabinet.
  13. nnorman32

    Mossberg 500

    Will assume you are sorted then?
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