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    1. Double Deuce range is in Walsall.
    2. Hi. Sadly the owner Mick Jackson passed away in August, the ground closed last month. They put out a post on Facebook and are hoping to open again soon. N.
    3. Hello If you are unlucky with your search for an 88 then drop me a pm if you would consider an older model. I have a 12g Mossberg 600 Newhaven with a clect, spare stock and a sidesaddle which is not being used. N.
    4. nnorman32

      Cartridge bag

      Aldi Fishing bag, £10, waterproof and pockets for stuff.
    5. well known on line auction site, seller is alliancehobby Crosman Rifled Barrels .177 .22 - 10" 14" 18" 24" - 2240 2250 2260 P1322 P1377
    6. Hello Selling a couple of parts. Shotgun pistol grip stock Taking off a 500 Mossberg but ? looks like an aftermarket part and may/would fit something else ? Remington 870 ? Don't know , just don't like it so I am changing it for a standard stock. 8/10 Black plastic with long stock bolt and butt pad, marked as Speedfeed. York area if you need to check fit first. £35 posted. Maverick 88 standard fore end . This was switched off a Mossberg maverick 12g in favor of a mag rail and is in good condition 9.5/10. Will not fit other Mossberg slide action shotguns, the 88 is compatible with some 500 series but not this part. (molded unit) £15 posted Cash, Cheques, Paypal (but not as GIFT) Open to sensible offers if they don't sell by payday. i work odd hours so leave me a message and I will get back to you.
    7. Cheers for that, may end up going down that route, taking a pistol grip stock off and putting on an original.
    8. Hello Anyone got a Mossberg bolt for attaching the stock to the receiver? I think it is 5.5 inches long and 5/16. Cheers N.
    9. UKpsa do a 2 day safety course that is really good, look on their website for details. If you don't have a S1 then they can usually loan a semi auto section 2 shotgun, you need a cartridge belt and a slab of cartridges (I used 7.5 28g). Find a local club and see what other people use before spending loads of dosh. North Coates in Grimsby is good if you are up north.
    10. Hello I have some sloe gin and sloe vodka due to be filtered in a couple of weeks, I usually reuse the boozy sloes with sherry but I heard about using them for sloe Whisky. Anyone do this, and if so do you add anything else - more sugar, cloves /cinnamon stick?. Thanks in advance. N.
    11. Hi, anyone got a black synthetic stock for a Mossberg 500 going cheap? Just asking around before I approach the person you are all going to recommend. Cheers N.
    12. Hello Many apologies to PW for my language. This not a joke, simply a question as stated in the title about a gunsmith re crowning and shortening a barrel to open up the choke. The idea of posting on the forum was so that suggestions, ideas and views on this particular issue could be be exchanged. N.
    13. Hi. Having difficulty hitting a cows **** with a cricket bat at the moment. I am right in thinking that cutting the end of a fixed choke and removing the choked section will make the new barrel a wider choke ie: full choke to cylinder? Also has anyone had a gunsmith do this and a rough idea of cost? This would seem a cheaper option than having chokes fitted? Cheers N.
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