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  1. anyone got a airarms s410 superlite stock for sale please
  2. its 7kg, comes with instructions
  3. super ser mini calour gas heater, had max of 30 mins use, comes with nearly full bottle of gas, £40 collected, pics via email
  4. solaris srx, couple of months old, comes with remote switch +dimmer £125 to your door replies via this thread only please
  5. got one here with dimmer+ remote switch £125 posted
  6. husqvarna 340 chainsaw £200 collected ono advertised elswhere pics via email
  7. thanks for the help/advise, been and got a quote that the lady as agreed to pay, just hope she dosent go back on her word
  8. pics please to pigeonbasher1@gmail.com cheers ray
  9. my other half just came out of the hallway reading a note, from a neighbour opposite side of road stating that her car as rolled down the drive, across the road and into my car, she has left her contact number, (cant get through) it has caused quite a dent, advise as to the best route to take please, atb ray
  10. will have a deal with airarms s410 superlight .177
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