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  1. my m8 as a tikka 590 with a photon rt mounted, and is struggling with eye relief, ie struggling to reach the scope, what mounts are recomended please, atb pb
  2. 07 crv diesel, looked at fuses all seem ok, can only see on relay but dont no how to check, do they just pull out?
  3. cant find anything relay related, is there another name for it?
  4. honda crv, just been to have my air con regassed (£50) ok said he try it and its still blowing warm, the guy said it must be something else, electrical probably ive rang the local honda dealer and they said it could be a relay as they have changed a few, as anyone changed a relay on the said car please, if so the location and price please, atb ray
  5. just had a look at mine, it says , diana mod2 made in gt britain if its any help, atb ray
  6. ive got a diana mod 2 with no probe, do you know if this will fit, if yes ill have one please
  7. pigeonbasher1

    brocock mag

    brocock concept .22 6 shot mag wanted please, thanks ray
  8. pigeonbasher1


    ipad wanted please
  9. yes pal, made of some sort of plastic
  10. recently bought a stick with this motif thing in the top, the stick was past it but managed to salvage this from out of the handle, anyone no where i might purchase these from please
  11. just heard freddie stars dead ?
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