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  1. Add bookmark #1 i would like to try my hand at fly fishing, but dont want to lay out a load of dosh and not take to it, anyone got any tackle laying dormant at all please?
  2. I managed to remove a lock without a key by gaining access through the rear mounting holes with an extended driver bit but this all depends on how the locks are attached? I had considered cutting a larger hole with a hole saw.

  3. not a sales thread, more of advice wanted please, just acquired two gun cabinets, locked but no ke be a ralistick price to get them unlocked, will they sell as they are? thanks
  4. just looked at my two safes, ones a brattonsound, 3 fixing bolts, and not like yours, other is a boxx that as four fixing bolts, again not like yours, is there no stickers anywhere?
  5. a above, not the cheap ebay rubbish, approx 28ft, 8.5 mtr, bargain @ £40, or make an offer?
  6. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/rails-and-a ... pters.html ive got the nine slot on mine
  7. ill take them if you post at my cost?
  8. forgot all about them m8, ill have a look now all iv'e got is stainless im'e afraid
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