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  1. fleabay jobbie, chinese about 6 years old, never been any trouble till now, its been suggested, its the dvr as apossed to the monitor
  2. any cctv chaps on here please, this is the view im'e getting at the moment, i have tried another monitor but its showing exactly the same image, anyone help please, thanks ray
  3. yes i agree, ill try and shorten it a bit, if not can one of the mods help please hows that
  4. i had the same op, nowt to worry about, got to agree about the viagra bit lol
  5. £65 posted Please order this item for me!
  6. its for a lee challenger press
  7. as above, local gun shop as none in stock,, its the one for the lee loading press, thanks pb
  8. yes please, send payment options
  9. ive sent message requesting payment details please?

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