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  1. scarter

    BSA R10 FAC

    I’m looking for a bsa r10 in fac if anyone is looking to sell, gun only or combo anything considered. thanks
  2. Thanks for the info. What sort of range are you effectively and consistently shooting game at?
  3. Been looking at these, 29ft lbs . Anyone have any first hand experience with one and what are your thoughts? thanks in advance
  4. Hi just Wondering if you still have this? thanks
  5. Hi all just wondered who’s got which one and what are they like? Looking to get one on a .17hmr. what’s the differences between the 2? thanks in advance
  6. Never enough my cupboard isn’t full yet
  7. Looking for any old/new empty boxes. happy to pay and cover postage. many thanks
  8. I may be up your way some time Soon. If I am I’d be interested deffinately
  9. I had one, it wouldn’t eject 3 1/2 inch cases properly jammed every time. Don’t know what auto you have but there money well spent if you get a good one. I’ve got a beretta extrema 2 you won’t go far wrong
  10. Hi guys im looking for .410 eley bismuth for my collection. Singles or what ever anyone might have. If anyone can help I’d be very greatful Thankyou in advance
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