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  1. Hi there i currently have 30mm standard mounts but the shot is way off and can’t seem to zero. been told adjustable mounts are the way to go. Can anyone point me in the direction of exactly what mounts to buy for the ruger and the photon as a combo. Sorry I have no clue what I’m looking at here thanks in advance
  2. Hi if you look up 

    John Bowlett’s official fan 

    On face book they can help I had my R10 tuned by John who designed the rifle for BSA he put mine to 18ft lbs I think for 177 it’s super accurate and reliable has been since I had it done years ago


    cheers K Mac

  3. scarter

    BSA R10 fac

    I think they are 28ft lbs. I have a rapid mark 2 28ft lbs which doesn’t group at all well and the shot count is terrible! It’s under warranty. 50 shots ish at a full charge sounds good @oldypigeonpopper 👍
  4. scarter

    BSA R10 fac

    Hi guys. looking into the R10 fac.How many shots do you expect to get on a charge? also with these guns being regulated is it correct that you get say 50 shots at exactly the same power and then after the 50th shot the gun is empty? thanks in advance
  5. I’d be interested if they came up for Sale depending on the location
  6. No I haven’t , surely that’s all it can be , burnt out mayb? would Make sense I could hold my pard 007 up against it as it’s got it’s own ir and see
  7. I can see fine in the daytime. TooK it outside tonight , tried lens cap on and off. If i Start with the gun pointing at the floor in front of me slowly raising the gun I can only see a few meters in front of me. That’s trying all 3 ir settings the only thing i Can see Any furthers is lights on buildings
  8. Hi there silly question yukon photon xt.....new batteries in. tried it with the end cap on and off and tried the ir on all 3 settings(it is turning on as I can see red) . Adjusted the focus etc. I can see about a meter in front of me on the ground that’s it.any ideas? thanks in advance.
  9. Miles away from me sorry good luck with the sale
  10. Where are you located?
  11. Can you get a scope mount and picatiny mount to fit the one in the link U sent?
  12. I have a pard 007 and a photon xt. What are the best additional ir’s for these? it doesn’t need to be anything super flashy as I’m not shooting stuff at silly ranges. the Yukon has a picatiny rail on one side so an ir the goes on there would be useful. I was looking at a t20 as this looks like it would Go on the photon picatiny rail? let me know your thoughts
  13. Yeah just 1 or 2 for collection purposes not seen them for years! thanks zak
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