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  1. yes Mick next season will be just as good if not better this is a fantastic shoot all the best mate hope to see you there
  2. Mick its tomorrow 23rd great day great company don't think youll find a better day out there hope you can make it
  3. Do they insist on experience with firearms before grants or is this just for your peace of mind im just wandering how other forces differ on grants
  4. stokeshooter


    sent you a PM mate
  5. stokeshooter


    looking for a 410 for the daughter sxs or u/o cheaper the better as wont be used very often whats out there close to Staffordshire for collection would be good
  6. Profile says Newcastle on tyne
  7. If this falls through drop me a pm Cheers Kev
  8. As title only need one my other has gone missing Thanks
  9. I've just renovated a cottage no gas so we installed a oil combi we went for a firebird and it's fantastic very efficient
  10. Micks descriptions are spot on I was there the other day and saw this it was way too good for what I need and came away with an aya you will not be disappointed
  11. I'll take this Mick will be passing your way end of the week Thanks Kev
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