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  1. peejay

    nv monocular

    now sold
  2. peejay

    nv monocular

    Digital nv monocular. new £50 posted
  3. peejay

    insurance quotes

    tried them there at £550 pal
  4. my firearms officer told me that they dont send a report.. its the firearms dept telling the doctor that you are a firearm licence holder and its their duty to report to the firearms if you go and see them with any mental health/depression issues...
  5. peejay

    insurance quotes

    does anyone have a company thats cheap on insurance? ive a 96 landrover discovery, im 58yr old, been licence holder for 42yrs, only 1 claim in my life(under protected no claims) this year that the guy insisted we did it the insurance way, basicly i reversed into his car in a car park, smashed headlight and dinted bumper, no one injured. my current insurers (hastings) now want £1134 per year.. i cant get a quote cheaper than £600 on the net
  6. peejay


    wheres collection from?
  7. peejay

    Pulsar Challenger NV

    just make sure you try this before you buy it off him....
  8. peejay

    Pigeon rotary and flapper kit

    aa decoys
  9. peejay

    Cheap pcp hand pumps

    i got 1 for £35 posted (best offer accepted) worked just as good as any ive had before
  10. peejay


    sorted... thanks
  11. peejay


    just wondered if anyone got one before i have to order 1? thanks
  12. peejay

    Land Rover Automatic

    plenty of discoverys in auto about
  13. peejay


  14. peejay


  15. peejay


    Hawke Vantage 3-12x44 sf half milldot scope, brand new in box.. purchased for use with a add on, but couldnt get on with the add on.. £150 posted, will include the reciept