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  1. ill have a pint of whatever you have had......
  2. peejay

    fac air

    pms sent for info.. thanks
  3. peejay

    fac air

    ticket just come for 22 fac air, anyone got anything?
  4. peejay

    fox trap cage

    anyone derbys ish selling a live fox trap?
  5. i did shop around. that was the best quote on comparason sites i could get.
  6. had my renewal notice for this year..£825 with £400 excess from coop eco... phoned Adrian Flux direct and got it for £497 with £250 excess...
  7. any recomendations for a nice burger seasoning? not spicy though,
  8. no.. asda ones 4 for £1 nice
  9. mtc mamba lite 3.12.44.. took this off my rimfire. perfect optics. will come with the mounts. selling due to the rimfire will be used with dedicated nv. i dont have box, but will be well packed. NOW SOLD
  10. peejay

    fishing tackle

    just general coarse fishing tackle. seem only to be able to find carp gear at moment.. thanks
  11. peejay

    fishing tackle

    looking for a full set up of coarse fishing tackle.. thanks
  12. peejay

    night vision

    no idea pal. came on a r10 i purchased at weekend
  13. peejay

    night vision

    replied.. on hold for you
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