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  1. peejay


    does anyone know anywhere local to chesterfield where i can get some maxam csb5 powder please?
  2. peejay

    blacks with hushpower

    double pal.there a over and under investarm hushpower
  3. peejay

    blacks with hushpower

    very quiet with the hushpower carts, but at £9 a box i decided to reload,, the 1s i have seem a tad quieter, and they do hit well. i tried the pump hushpower before this, but couldnt get on with it, there very front heavy.. this shoots just like a normal o/u 20 bore,
  4. peejay

    blacks with hushpower

    must have been the scales i bought pal....
  5. peejay

    blacks with hushpower

    had another decent afternoon sat under a tree near the silage pits today. Been reloading subs for the 20 bore,(many thanks to the members for sharing data etc) so thaught lets have a proper field test.. well pleased with these results... hit hard and didnt have that many that wasnt dead in the air.
  6. peejay

    cz452 5 shot steel magazine

    cz452 5 shot steel magazine, for the .22rimfire, £20 posted NOW SOLD
  7. peejay

    lead shot

    anyone localish to chesterfield do lead shot? looking for some 5 or 6.. thanks
  8. peejay

    20 bore cases

    thanks message sent
  9. peejay

    20 bore cases

    thanks.. no, both 65 or 70mm.
  10. peejay

    20 bore cases

    looking for some 20 bore cases for reloading if anyone got any.., thanks
  11. peejay


    all sorted now, thanks
  12. peejay


    looking for some reloading scales. lee etc.
  13. peejay

    Lee Loadall 20g cost?

    well .. i was offered this at £30 plus post, i said yes get a price for postage.. he informs me after 5 days hes listed it on ebay.. well shove it where the sun dont shine.......
  14. peejay

    Pop up hide

    used 1 for sitting waiting for a fox, but wouldnt recomend 1 for pigeon shooting...
  15. peejay

    Lee Loadall 20g cost?

    message sent