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  1. friend on mine looking for a good quality springer air rifle in .22 if anyone got anything. Hes j29m1, but dont mind a bit of travel for a good 1..
  2. will take this as discussed in pm. thanks
  3. peejay


    can anyone tell me what the best filling for the benchrest bag is please
  4. peejay

    shot maker

    message sent
  5. ? why not, is there an alternative?
  6. peejay

    Huma Regulator

    sol t you pal. message sent
  7. Huma Regulator for the bsa ultra/scorpion. for 12ftlbs gun. £50 posted.https://www.huma-air.com/Bsa-ultra-se-pressure-regulator
  8. peejay

    muzzle break

    small muzzle break, 1/2 in unf.. £12.50 posted
  9. peejay

    177 pellets

    provisionally sold
  10. peejay

    177 pellets

    2500 eco superpoint 2000 eco diablo 1500 h&n sport field target trophy (not in picture) app 800 rws superpoint app 700 bsa elite the seperate 6 tins all contain 3-400 each NOW SOLD
  11. peejay

    few bits

    all items now sold. thanks
  12. peejay

    few bits

    message sent pal
  13. peejay

    few bits

    Cyls sold.
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