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  1. 😂😂will do cheers
  2. Thanks rewulf and others for the supportive replies 👍🏻
  3. Like others have said it’s lawful pest control,,, like it or not!!!! If you don’t want to see pictures don’t look on this forum! If it said no fox pictures or bullet wounds I wouldn’t post would I!!! You don’t no me so don’t judge me ok,,!
  4. What u goin on about,, what u calling me there with that🍆 ey
  5. I shot this rabbit afew months back with my 17 hmr,, @ 134yards,, on first inspection I thought,, good shot , until I turned it over😣,, them Hornady v-max don’t half pack a punch!!!
  6. I generally don’t shoot hares,, but when ur on land that you have gained permission to shoot,, and the farmer asks you to ,, then in my opinion you do ask your asked within reason,, and as I checked the breading season is February,,, not now🤷🏻‍♂️,, but as I said I dnt shoot hares unless asked to control them,,you never no with land owners,, you say no and that’s it your off!!! There are 2 other older guys who shoot the land aswel,, shotgun only,, and as I was walking round,, we’re they had been a week previously they had left all there empty cartridges everywhere and coke cans,,needless to say me and my son picked up around 170 empty shells🤬🤬.
  7. Hi all,, went out today with my son to zero my new optics iv fitted on my 223,,after zeroing in we decided to stay for a while,,spoke to the farmer who told me he’d seen a fox 🦊 lately and 2 nights ago had taken 1 of his cat's!!! Decided to have a look about for signs ect,, over the next few hours we managed 2 huge hares at 156 yards and 138 yards,,,around 8:30pm we were sat patiently waiting in our chosen spot,,calling the fox every so often but didn’t show,, so I thought,, my son says there it is dad,, it was sat right at the boundary about 600 yards away🙄,, I kept calling and calling got him within around 170 yards Then he turned and trotted off before I could pull the trigger,,,we moved further down the field towards were she went,,,, got into a new position and started to call again within seconds she showed herself,,, click and that was it,, over she rolled square in the chest,,@ 246yards,, needless to say we were well chuffed👍🏻🦊
  8. Well chaps I zeroed in At 100yards this afternoon after taking rewulfs advice and had a very good session with my son tagging along with me,,2 hares @ 153 yards and 136yards then at last light got this little beauty at 238 yards square in the chest,, very health aswel (vixen)
  9. 😂😂 I’m shooting mainly fox mate with these,, 👍🏻Thanks for the help aswel much appreciated.
  10. Hahaha iv just put the bolt closed for the picture looks better😂😂 Fox mate 🦊
  11. Just wondering what you guys do with your shot fox’s 🦊
  12. Brilliant them ranges are pretty bag on wjat I’d shoot at maybe upto 250yards so if I zero it at 1” high at 100yards it will be flat shooting from 60 to 200 with the need for hold over????
  13. Hiya all,, iv mounted an new set of optics on my howa 223,,but unsure if the zero I should set it at,,what zeros are yours set at,, and why,, just to give me a bit to think off.
  14. 😂😂😂 no didn’t show,, back out tonight with the NV👍🏻
  15. Waiting on mr Charlie,,🦊
  16. Thanks very much for the replies guys,, I’m getting my stuff together as we speak 👍🏻
  17. Hiya all,, with Boris’s new lockdown announcement last week,,are we aloud out to shoot now the rules have been slightly relaxed??? I’ll be on my own away from any public footpaths or roads,, on a large farm! Surely this is more safer than goin out meeting somebody from a different household,, that now is allowed?? Anybody have any answers? Thanks Phil.
  18. Hiya guys I’m selling my Swarovski scope due to it not being right for my new NV,,the scope is emasculate and very very clear no marks or scratches,,unfortunately I can’t find my box,,(iv just recently moved house so it’s probably in the loft with the rest of the stuff I haven’t unpacked).iv had this on my 223. I’m looking for £450,, thanks phil?? It won’t let me post a pic,, keeps saying only aloud 2.75mb?.
  19. Hiya guys just took out new gun insurance with GUNPLAN,,£25 for the year and £10m public liability,,anybody else with gunplan ??just wondering what you think???
  20. ?????100% my mate ??
  21. It sure is mate??Sat up there many a time nestled in the hey nice and comfy waiting patiently ?
  22. Ok thanks guys I’ll get the rifle out after my tea and have a play around with it??
  23. How much am I looking at to get it repaired???
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