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    shooting hw90k and any shotguns jack russels also having a pint with any ex members of 2rrf.

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  1. Think my best option is just to keep it and if i do need parts off it its there for me to do as i wish. Thanks for your replys.
  2. I have just purchased a new mossberg 535 ats as my old one is now worn out my local gunshop wouldn't even take it as a part exchange. I was just wondering could i take parts off it as spares for my new one then scrap it. Things like barrel stocks non load bearing inner parts etc.
  3. 2013 with gmp for a sgc grant from posting to getting cert 11 days. Just posted my renewal now will keep you informed.
  4. My webley exocet is beautiful it's got to be bad gun drills.
  5. moving from a hw100 to a webley exocet is a bit of a culture shock but i have a webley and mine is spot on i love it. try rws hobbys
  6. reminds me of a case in merseyside when a fella lost his sgc because his son was selling ammo to the local scrote gang....... kids
  7. may i ask what you did with 192 dead rabbits , good shooting
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