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  1. Mark is a good guy. shot my first Boar with him. www.scrofahunting.co.uk
  2. I'll second all the points a above. Just make sure you have fences 10 feet high!
  3. I have 4 guys including myself who would be very interested in this if it comes off!
  4. Hi, Are there any places left for the March outings? I have a .243 Open ticket with deer condition. BASC insurance but limited experience gralloching. regards Paul
  5. Have a flock of maybe 20 - 30 in my garden and surrounding area in the summer, bloody noise they make. I have no idea where they nest or where they go in the winter.
  6. If your breaking it for spares, I need a locking block. Mine snapped clean in half :-(
  7. Thanks guys. Budget is not a problem as the wife is buying them ;-)
  8. Hi Guys, Any suggestions for a pair of high waterproof boots. I have a great pair of wellies so not looking for any of those. all advice appreciated. Paul
  9. Thanks guys, I didnt think he had closed but was assured he had. Bryan3, he always seems ****** off lol. I must make the effort to get down there and then i would know without asking.
  10. HI all, I have been told that leech & sons in Boreham Essex has closed. can anyone confirm ?
  11. Or it will make a great fox round if you have land cleared for the cal.
  12. Two of my mates have them on cz .22 lrs. they also made one bespoke for his Browning Tbolt.
  13. Yes he is, I spoke to him last week. I have been waiting 8 weeks for my renewal (sgc / fac) I was issued a temp cert on the 12th Jan. That runs out on the 2nd Feb. Essex have lost three FEO's for one reason or another and now have two being trained up.
  14. I think, They often ask questions and make statements just to get a reaction.
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