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    Pigeon and corvid shooting, deer stalking, filmmaking and photography!
  1. Matt Cole at Leicestershire Pigeon Shooting. Always a good day.
  2. So should I be there when the tractors are there? Also, how many days afterwards will it be good for shooting? Also, I'm assuming decoys are best? Thanks in advance?
  3. Hey folks, A little advice please. The two farms I shoot over are putting beans down next week. When would be the best time to shoot? Many thanks in advance, Crash
  4. Hey folks, I have started a website interviewing top long range shooters across the globe. Check it out, it's full of inspiration and knowledge. Shooters include, Richard Utting, 260rips, Si-Snipe, Gary Lowe. Absolutely awesome shooters! Next up is Thomas Haugland among many more. Subscribe to the site to be notified of upcoming interviews and much more coming soon. Take care, Crash http://www.longrangeshootersuk.com
  5. I would love to join you guys Andrew. Thanks in advance. I would love to join you guys Andrew. Thanks in advance.
  6. Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter FAC. It can't be beat for the price, super accurate! I'm getting one in a few months in .25 calibre FAC.
  7. I would have taken you up on that Paul but I'm going on the Friday to miss the weekend crowds.
  8. Try John at Action Pigeons in Derby. Great guy and day out.
  9. Would like to join you. What is the postcode and what time would we start? Thanks, Crash
  10. Hey Brett, Sounds good to me. I'm in the process of deciding on a .22 FAC air. The Wolverine B or C are at the top of the list at the moment although the Sumatra Stinger is awesome. You will love the Huntsman at 30 ftlb's, proper hunting gun. My Rapid is more of an ambush/hide/sniper gun. Send me a PM and it would be cool to shoot together.
  11. Thanks Brian. I'm loving it! Glad your enjoying the Cricket. I'm thinking about one in .22. Nothing to get Dekers. I love air rifles, there a passion of mine and I have always wanted a .25 FAC. Long range vermin shooting and target shooting out to 100 yards = a lot of fun times.
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