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  1. Where in the country are you located?
  2. Are there any game farms or rearer’s in the northeast where i will get some pheasant, partridge and mallard eggs. Or even a company that will send them through the post. Im only wanting 50 of each thats all. Cheers
  3. Hammo when i made enquires about the trigger no one would touch it there was mention of a mod to be made but it was risky involved voiding the warrenty as you said and if it was knacked during the mod a new trigger unit was 150quid i think at the time. Given how easy the whole sealed trigger unit removes i thought that there would have been an aftermarket trigger by now 😞 never mind they are a great little rifle other than the trigger in my opinion I must have shot thousands of rabbits with mine. Another plus point great safety in an easy to use position and I believe if you buy the synthetic stock you get additional mags for free or at least you use to
  4. Really accurate absolute work horse the trigger lets it down big time the average person may not even notice it but i shoot 4 other rifles all with nice triggers and i notice it, nothing can be done about it either 😞
  5. Sadly lead breakfast never got back to me hopefully something will come up
  6. Thanks stephen i thought there would be a facebook page then thought with there political views on shooting that there may not be but I’ll for sure have a look on there I have also tried guns on pegs I’m not too keen on signing up to be honest if that data base ever got into the wrong hands some one would have home addresses for a fair few thousand people who more than likely have a firearm in their possession, it may just be me over thinking it but until im desperate I’ll be keeping my home address to my self cheers
  7. Hi all, Im looking for a days shooting either pheasant or pheasant and partridge or even a mixed day, all either driven or walked up I’ll consider anything within 2-3 hours drive of SR8, if anybody knows of anything or needs an extra gun for a driven day let me know. Im not looking to spend thousands just to be clear. cheers
  8. Champion im not in major need to have the work done immediately i can wait however the gun is in nice condition and im not keen on some one just giving it ago
  9. I pm’ed you my number the other day feel free to call me any time through the day or before 9pm thanks
  10. Co durham ill travel with it though if needs be
  11. Hi all anyone know of a good gun smith in the northeast, i only need 2 firing pins sorting on a sxs, also is there any gun engravers in the northeast anyone knows of cheers
  12. I’ll take one of the guns on 2nd of November let me know if i need to pay a deposit etc, as soon as you confirm i have a spot I’ll book my hotel is it ok to bring the missus and bairn along to watch
  13. That post code is no good pal im intrested in taking a spot i the 2nd nov but ill have to stay some where the night before hence why i need the post code cheers
  14. Whats the price feel free to pm me if required
  15. Do you have a post code and just so im clear 120 quid gets a days pheasant and partridge shooting and an extra 20quid gets a duck flight on the same evening
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