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  1. Outdoorsman

    Is there a cartridge reloading book?

    Cheers pal thank you
  2. Outdoorsman

    Is there a cartridge reloading book?

    Thanks panoma I’ll have a look do you know if it will contain loads for european hulls such as the fiochi’s its probably those that i will reload is all. Cheers
  3. Is there a book similar to the richard lee one for centre fire but for shotgun cartridges or whats the best cartridge reloading book available. All i can seem to see are second hand and what look to be quite old books. Any help much appreciated.
  4. Outdoorsman

    Bretton & Gaucher Phantom .410

    I too would have had it if you wernt so far away
  5. Outdoorsman


    Whats your location pal
  6. Outdoorsman

    Leather gun slip

    Is there still someone on here makes leather gun slips I remember seeing some for a good price before
  7. Outdoorsman

    .17 Hornet

    I think i paid 795 but then the prices went up i would get new but saying that i bet there are a load second hand with very little round count due to the ammo price / availability join the face group page for 17 hornet if your on there sometimes people hint that they are going to sell up
  8. Outdoorsman

    .17 Hornet

    I’ve got the cz 527 varmit deluxe its a beaut head shot rabbits well out to 200 with 20 grainers or reload 17grainers for a round thats cheaper than hmr and just as accurate out to 150
  9. Outdoorsman

    What chokes are browning maxus

    What pattern chokes are in the browning maxus im in the usa at the minute and google isnt being very helpful I’ll be buying a maxus when i get back from this holiday but i want to buy a pattern master choke while im here any help appreciated
  10. Outdoorsman

    Tracer lithium power pack 22a

    Whats happened with this has it sold im local could collect cheers
  11. Outdoorsman

    Steel Rifle Targets/ Gongs

    200meters square does it come with a crane ?
  12. Outdoorsman

    fishing rod + reel

    If only you were right haha
  13. Outdoorsman

    Reloading clearout...

    Where are you located ive checked profile cant see it unless im being daft cheers
  14. Outdoorsman

    17 hornet brass

    Where are you located or are you willing to paypal + post
  15. Outdoorsman

    10 - 50 x 60 target master scope mill dot

    Too far for me cheers good luck with the sale