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  1. Outdoorsman

    Steel Rifle Targets/ Gongs

    200meters square does it come with a crane 😉
  2. Outdoorsman

    fishing rod + reel

    If only you were right haha
  3. Outdoorsman

    Reloading clearout...

    Where are you located ive checked profile cant see it unless im being daft cheers
  4. Outdoorsman

    17 hornet brass

    Where are you located or are you willing to paypal + post
  5. Outdoorsman

    10 - 50 x 60 target master scope mill dot

    Too far for me cheers good luck with the sale
  6. Outdoorsman

    10 - 50 x 60 target master scope mill dot

    Whats your location please
  7. Outdoorsman

    Tikka 595 rail

    Ill have a look
  8. Outdoorsman

    Tikka 595 rail

    Hi all ideally after a 20 MOA rail for a tikka 595 if any one has one or can point me in the direction of one that would be great
  9. Outdoorsman

    new year clearout

    Im after the 22amp cheers anyway though pal good luck with the sales
  10. Outdoorsman

    new year clearout

    What amp is the lithium battery and where in the country are you? Cheers
  11. Outdoorsman

    Mitsubishi shogun sport warrior

    This is going on Thursday if not sold by then cheers
  12. Outdoorsman

    Mitsubishi shogun sport warrior

    I should probably add its an 05 so is 200 and something tax as aposed to the extortionate tax on any newer model
  13. Outdoorsman

    Mitsubishi shogun sport warrior

    Co. Durham area im upgrading cars so selling my shogun, this has been used as my family car and shooting wagon its not pristine but not the worst has been mechanically reliable however the power steering pump has just gone and the electronic arial motor is siezed but this car has had a whole raft of bits put on it all in the last 10000 miles these remedy the common faults. Parts including all engine belts water pump etc, discs, calipers, tyres, fuel tank, fuel fill pipe, fuel lines, all but 1 break pipe, glow plugs the list goes on im putting this towards my deposit in a couple of days time but if anyone wants to buy it they can for £2500 it also has 8 or 9 months MOT left on. Thanks for reading
  14. Outdoorsman

    Old hatsan auto

    Thanks mate thats all i wanted to know lol
  15. Outdoorsman

    Old hatsan auto

    Has anyone got an old hatsan auto i was shown one the other day that when you try to unload it you extract the cartridge from the chamber the bolt then closes then to extract the two remaining cartridge you press the bolt release button and remove the cartridges one at a time from underneath. I want to know is this correct or has something broken in side ? I know its totally different to the autos i have but thats not to say its not how this one is supposed to work any ideas