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  1. The gouse

    Does anyone make their own raw dog food?

    Get yourself a mincer and get tripe from your local abattoir cows is best. Mince it up and freeze when your there also get some cows liver boil it up when the wife is out it stinks more than the tripe. your bogs will shine.
  2. The gouse

    Photo ID Rant

    You bid not have the gun under your arm at the time did you? Yes your 100% correct but SGC in a bank as ID???
  3. I’m looking for around 100 pheasant eggs if any one as some spare? Like rocking horse **** to get hold off. putting under my bantams and they are all broody now so any help will be much appreciated.
  4. The gouse

    Fancy a drool over a new motor

    She not looking her best she’s had a hard winter.
  5. The gouse

    Fancy a drool over a new motor

    My first rally car was a Suzuki swift cracking little car. Not a patch on a jimny though.
  6. The gouse

    EUROVISION...heelllp !

    I think people have got to start making there mind up
  7. The gouse

    Fancy a drool over a new motor

    The fun starts when you drive in the BDRDA forst rally championship. That takes a driver with balls great fun and them that think it’s good to go round and round a circuit and average 100 mph plus when they know the circuit in side out that’s not a driver. average 70 mph in Grizesdale forest now that takes balls when your co-driver is reading the road from maps. No pase notes.
  8. The gouse

    Fancy a drool over a new motor

    I take it you have never been behind the wheel of a Lamborghini then?
  9. The gouse

    How was your bank holiday weekend

    If she is out riding mate it will save you a job.
  10. The gouse

    Fancy a drool over a new motor

    I’ve got a 54 plat Lamborghini will be selling at end of this year for new model. If anyone is interested will upload some pictures.
  11. The gouse

    Can anyone identify this bat?

    I’ve also been in that state mate.🍺🥃
  12. The gouse

    Working Away

    Bromsgrove is the good side your straight on the m5 to go Cardiff. you could travel one stay one as its only just over 2hrs from Bromsgrove. If your not liking the drive the trains are ok.
  13. The gouse

    Working Away

    You might need to get some weekend work over there.
  14. The gouse

    Can anyone identify this bat?

    https://goo.gl/images/2poNiq Looks like this one to me? he’s sleeping in that picture but at night watch yourself. https://goo.gl/images/PirCpe
  15. The gouse

    Working Away

    So are they any better in Jersey....? I’m working away in Edinburgh nice city but would not be here if it was not for the money.