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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-48295698 Well he’s got his medal from Prince Charles
  2. You lads have nothing to worry about. Defra will issue licenses to all farms and land owners with CPH and SBI numbers. Which is pretty much all of them.
  3. In content 5 reply on behalf of an organisation. can we not Express all bullet points with one reply from PW members. This would show professionalism and the backing that comes from pigeon watch members. This would stand out then and would be more likely to be read in depth than loads of individual emails.
  4. I think you missed the most important one the Duke of Westminster
  5. Well old’en he’s got nothing in there premonting is zoo in the Isle of Wight. The zoo’s tripadvisor reviews are not the best with ripoff prices animal welfare how animals are kept. But one thing that gets me is what dose he feed them all on. Loads of big cats, birds of prey, snakes, he must have them on a veggie diet.
  6. So wot your saying is every spring crop let the pigeons get on with it. Every field of peas barley wheat beans just let them destroy it. Game birds don’t do this. I wouldn’t won’t you looking after my crops.
  7. Well I’ve sent email told them what I’m doing I will apply for license when I know more about what licensing I need. In the meantime them crows will get shot. It’s my land my livelihood and I’ve work hard for it.
  8. Hi all, we will be looking for some more beaters to join are team this coming season. With our with out bogs please PM me if your interested. We shoot every Saturday from the 19th October kind regards Steve,
  9. Hi all, we still have the 16th Nov available for a full team of guns and some pegs lift on the syndicate days, kind regards Steve,
  10. So I’ve brill my mazie in on Monday and I know when the shoots come through the crows will be all over it. If I put a couple of scarecrows out and use a gas gun to no avail. Reading below I can still shoot them if I email NE and explain what I’ve done to stop them to no avail I can still shoot them legally till the license comes through.??? Is this correct.
  11. Son came back from clay shooting today and said was a good job you told me about a wad and getting stuck in barrel. As he had one stuck today. He said he new the sound when he shot was not right and check is barrels to find the wad in the barrel. If I hadn’t read this post could have been a different story. I shot clays for 20 years and never had a plastic wad get stuck. Is this problem just with fibre wads.???
  12. https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/factual/out-of-their-skin-itv/5134779.article Did no one watch what them players had to go through with all the death threats. Watch it then tell me what them players went through was justified weather they earn £5000 a year our 1M a year.
  13. My daughter makes unbelievable sausage rolls for the shoot 💯 mince pork a proper sausage roll. But to sample you need to get your name down for beating.
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