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  1. The gouse

    Goose shooting

    If your willing to travel to Nantwich Cheshire I will sort a day out for you,
  2. The gouse

    My wife (yet again)

    Nantwich show I guess
  3. The gouse

    My wife (yet again)

    Wife picked me up from pub after football end of season drinkers. on the way back a dog runs in the road she,s screaming at me watch the dog. I replied your driving love.
  4. We have pegs available on are shoot this season. This is a new shoot in Staffordshire. We just have 6 syndicate guns so we will be selling 2 pegs each day, these days are all Saturdays. we are putting on 100/125 bird days with breakfast bap in our new log cabin, with refreshments in the field and then back to the Cabin for a full home cook meal at the end of day. the price is £450 for the day we have 10 days available. We have some very testing drives and a good bunch of lads. pm me for shoot dates. kind regards, steve,
  5. The gouse

    I’m going nuts

    I think you should have been born a girl.
  6. The gouse

    Red squirrels Scotland

    I was just joking mate.
  7. The gouse

    Red squirrels Scotland

    I know one thing I will have no chance in attracting reds on my shoot as its inundated with grays. As my squirrel man as gone on strike? I think.
  8. The gouse

    opt out organ donation

    I’m going to donate my body to medical science and make my dad happy. he always wanted me to go to medical school🤓
  9. The gouse


    They look good poults 11/12 weeks old I would say. Looking at the picture I would say the pen is there on the left but also a feeder that’s why I asked the question.
  10. The gouse


    Are you feed aside the pen mate how long have they been in the pen.
  11. The gouse

    Beaters needed

    Your in mate
  12. The gouse

    Slow gun sales

    My son is wanting a 687 if it is MC 30inch in top condition. pm me if so.
  13. The gouse

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    The Celica awesome car in there day with the Lancia delta, thats when cars where cars and drivers where drivers, the sound of them in the Forrest was just awesome. Will get round to having the engine rebuilt then take her out one more time then give to my boys, mick the machanic from Congleton as always rebuilt my engines. He built Richard burns 205 when he won the British championship.
  14. The gouse

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    If your not sure what to do next I’ve got a group B 205 rally car that needs engine rebuild if your short of something to do. It’s not been out the garage for 6 years.
  15. The gouse

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    Will not happen mate as we have been doing this for years as have the USA they where just a bit slow to catch on.