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  1. So how the **** are you supporting a shoot when you expect your deposit back when a shoot as outlaid tens of thousands and come the season we are still in the same position????? Who is giving the Shoot their money back???? But your keeping a keeper in a job but bankrupting a shoot. All shots need guns like yourself
  2. That’s all well and good your going to get your deposit back! If it comes October and we still have in place social distancing our we have a second wave of this virus?? You get your deposit back is that supporting shoots???? All the work and cost that goes into the season to be lost would you have the balls to go a head this season.
  3. I’m not a wanna be I’ve got two shoots myself and your figures tell me you haven’t done your home work mate. You need £27 a bird just to break even.And that’s not keepered
  4. You need to look at your figures mate. 10x 120 bird days at £1500?????? Not possible to do unless you are willing to loss a lot of money. At a 40% return you would need 3000 birds if you buy poults that’s 10k Feed to get them ready to shoot at 20 weeks is another £4.500 pellets for 3000 birds will cost £3200 to get them to 14 weeks. To achieve 40% you will need good cover crops, good woodland and cover crops are about £500 an acre to put in then they have to be fenced. then you will need to buy all the feeders, drinkers, all the fencing for your pens, electric fencing. You will have no change from 25k and that’s not paying rent. Then you need all the beaters and picker ups hospitality on the day the cost just go’s on.
  5. It’s not me mate is the wife she needs looking after so she keeps cooking 👍
  6. We have 1 gun come available for a walk up day this Wednesday 8th Jan. 30 bird day shooting just the 4 guns. Best regards steve
  7. Hi Tom, we shoot every Saturday and your more than welcome. do you have dogs.
  8. No help mate from PW I’ve managed 3 from Facebook. I think people just want shooting permission to come to them???
  9. We are short on beaters for this Saturday if any body can help out. Steve.
  10. It’s for teams of 4 guns but would sell individual if enough interest.
  11. I have two more dates for walked up shooting over dogs. 12th November and 17th December just 4 guns shooting 30 bird day. lunch provided in the field. best regards steve,
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