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  1. Go on Facebook mate there are loads of shoots wanting beaters in your area.
  2. Hi Brad, yes your welcome to come along will give you a bell steve,
  3. I did wonder why there was so many empty’s behind you mate 😂
  4. What’s everybody’s bird to feeder ratio
  5. Afternoon all, I’am putting two additional walked up days on the 15th 29th Oct 30/40 bird days shooting 4 guns we still have 2 pegs left on the 2nd Nov on the main shoot 150 bird day we are fully booked when these 2 pegs go. Best regards steve,
  6. Hi mate, are dates are 15th 29th October 19th November 4th December and the 14th January, best regards steve,
  7. Just come to the shoot and I will show you round mate. These days are not dogging in but utilities ground we don’t use on shoot days the is 2500 acres.
  8. When my birds come in they are put on medicated pellets for the first week the second week they are all warmed and the water as also got the acid in. My birds this year came in small but have grown like squitsh they are 16 weeks old now and look ready.
  9. Bristol is only 1hr half mate
  10. Just £10 mate it will be a special lunch as my daughter is the chef. steve,
  11. It’s just £150 per gun with lunch provided in the field shooting pheasant partridge woodcock snipe and duck. If you just want to come and work your dog is just the price for your lunch. steve,
  12. These days are informal and I’m putting them on to push the birds back to we’re I want them. There will be 4 guns shooting 30/40 birds over working dogs I just thought I would offer this to some people on PW that would like to come and work there dogs, next season we will be running dog trialling days run by a gundog club. steve,
  13. This season on Hilderstone hall shoot Staffordshire we are doing dog training days. Days are just the 4 guns shooting with a bag 30/40 bird days. If your interested in this PM. best regards steve,
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