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  1. The gouse

    Would you consider helping future generations?

    Hi mate, I understand with members not wanting to get the app as I am also. I’m will to give £100 though mate. kind regards, steve,
  2. The gouse

    Bargain game shoot

    Just email them mate through gunsonpegs Where did you see no insurance needed?
  3. The gouse

    One to follow

    Mugs game my dad as race horses and all lower grade races are fixed,
  4. The gouse


    There has been 22 shot on are shoot up to now with one day to go. Are woods are full with them and when they are shot guns put them in there pocket so they get them. I think one beater as managed to get one, I do think we could hit the 30 mark after are last shoot,
  5. The gouse

    Pigeon Shooting £1000 per gun per day

    Do you think when game season finishes I could build big pigeon lofts in the pens and do driven pigeons.lol 😂 would be good 💰 at £1000 a gun. Have I got any takers 🤞
  6. The gouse

    Beaters needed

    Yes this Wednesday mate,
  7. The gouse

    Beaters needed

    Short on beaters on Wednesday if anybody is available. steve,
  8. https://www.gunsonpegs.com/classifieds/syndicates/available?id=64RLZqPuzmiNXoevJ&ref=newsfeed_class_new this might be of interest to someone local bargain.
  9. The gouse

    Mitsubishi L200 parts wanted 2004 -5

    Will get some photos tomorrow. Will pm you more details.
  10. The gouse

    Mitsubishi L200 parts wanted 2004 -5

    I’ve 2004 L200 that as stud for two years now but starts and drives good just never bothered MOT it. Would be will to sell.
  11. The gouse

    A long shot

    Will do mate.
  12. The gouse

    BREXIT - merged threads

    All the cabinet should stand down and re-elect new government from PW members. Sorted👍
  13. The gouse

    USA Shutdown

    On that note
  14. The gouse

    Automatic feeders

    If not sold I will have them,