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  1. The gouse

    Driven pheasant,partridge,duck

    This day as gone now thanks. If more come available I will list.
  2. The gouse

    Vote for Red Squirrels

    Done that mate. What is stopping you voting as many times as you.
  3. The gouse

    Driven pheasant,partridge,duck

    I still have one gun available for the 20th Oct I will reduce this by £15 a day till sold so if book today will be £450 book tomorrow £435 and so on till sold.
  4. The gouse

    Using a lap top on your lap

    So what is the difference of having a mobile phone to your ear all day?
  5. I’ve put a fox grid on one of my partridge pens. I put a small bale of straw both sides of the gate so they could just hop on and come and go as they please. For the first couple of weeks this worked with just 20/30 in the pen through the day and the rest all out in the cover crop. Now they just will not leave the pen. I’ve got loads of buzzards all over the cover crop where the pen is what is the answer. watched the pen for just over hour today and they come out then with in ten minutes mr buzzard +4 comes along and the partridge are all back in the pen with three hen pheasants also. why are then not just running into the cover as all the pheasant do?
  6. The gouse

    The mrs and energy drinks

    +1 hope she managed to get your Coca Cola TT
  7. The gouse

    thorn apple

    Are they new lay cover crops and what have you put in.
  8. The gouse

    sugar beet

    Carn’t say will get two points
  9. The gouse

    sugar beet

    Doing a good job? But can you sort out these points if I get 3 points for speeding thay last for three years. Get two points on PW you got them for good. I'm on my final warning for mock swearing.
  10. Well that’s a nice welcome to the forum.
  11. The gouse

    Beaters needed

    Post code ST15 8SL Are first shoot is the 13th Oct.
  12. The gouse

    Beaters needed

    Thanks Kev,
  13. The gouse

    Ads all over the site

    I think you need to chill out like as been said it’s being sorted. The 🌍 is not going to end with just an IT issue on PW.
  14. The gouse

    Beaters needed

    We still require 2/3 more beaters with dogs are first shoot is 13th Oct
  15. The gouse

    Cheap flight to Berlin?

    Sorry skyscanner you can go from most airports tomorrow for less than £100 same day return.