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  1. GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    This is were you squirrel men have got it wrong your not using the right equipment lol,
  2. Pigeons

    I will be sowing wheat, barley/peas in at the end off Next month, looking for two guns to keep the pigeons at bay. i would like to offer this to the ones on PW that have none our little shooting but you will need all the gear, The best time to hit them is when I put the muck on and when I drill, The muck will be spread when land dries up looking at the next couple of weeks, The land is at cw2 5rs Kind regards, steve,
  3. Syndicate prices

    Not far away mate £15k I’m a firm believer that you learn from your mistakes and only make that mistake once???? I’m going to try and rear partridges from day old and 500 pheasants to save on cost. all the rest are ordered as poults. The feed wheat will be about £65 a ton and barley around £60 as that is what it will cost me to grow. Cover crops the likes of kale is cheep to grow the mazie is the expensive one but I have got 3 bags left over from last year. I’ve got all machinery to do this just no mazie drill.
  4. Syndicate prices

    We have a lot of big warm woods with loads of cover the land is all down to grass with a lot of birds already in residents. It’s testing ground with a lot of cover crops going in. If we get the birds going over the guns where we won’t them they will take some hitting. I will supply all wheat and barley at cost price. I will also be trying to rear day olds if I keep the little beggars a live I will do lots more next year. like I said it’s are first year we have a lot to learn. I just hope this time next year I’m not putting up a post saying are returns are below 30% ????
  5. Shooting to let

    Did anybody put tender in for this shoot.
  6. Syndicate prices

    How many birds do you put down just asking as them figures do not add up?
  7. Syndicate prices

    The keeper must do it for the love off the job also,
  8. Anyone fancy moving to Shropshire

    HS2 Crewe to Easton 1hr 5 mins 6 trains an hour 2024 but we are building it so 2030 and will be 3b over budget lol. The price for ticket after a year you would have paid for a house in Chelsea lol.
  9. Moving forward from Big Cat sighting thread.

    No worked up there when they had foot and mouth burning cows all over the place that’s what the beast came for is roast beef
  10. Syndicate prices

    Why do you think this is it’s fact
  11. Moving forward from Big Cat sighting thread.

    Great Strickland little Strickland is in Cumbria
  12. Syndicate prices

    This is are first year taking over the shoot we have 12 to 14 drives over 1150 acres, we are going to put down 2000 pheasant 500 partridges and 300 duck, DIY with work parties two new pens to erect also feeding on rota, 8 guns with pigeon vermin and lots of duck fights and geese Two 100 bird days will be sold with 10 days to the syndicate members and beeters day.
  13. six nations

    Mice the proper game as finished the mighty SPURS won
  14. Syndicate prices

    What is your acreage just asking as you shoot 8 drives for not a lot of birds put down, is your land good for holding birds can you not up your numder of birds. what numder as been put down in the past.
  15. Syndicate prices

    Can I ask number off birds you put down and guns in your syndicate