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  1. Hi Tom, we shoot every Saturday and your more than welcome. do you have dogs.
  2. No help mate from PW I’ve managed 3 from Facebook. I think people just want shooting permission to come to them???
  3. We are short on beaters for this Saturday if any body can help out. Steve.
  4. It’s for teams of 4 guns but would sell individual if enough interest.
  5. I have two more dates for walked up shooting over dogs. 12th November and 17th December just 4 guns shooting 30 bird day. lunch provided in the field. best regards steve,
  6. I’m with it Mr Jdog I was just asking a question on the day that was had.
  7. If so why the sarcastic comment.
  8. It was just a question! As with are shoot we pride are selves on the day not just the shooting, I’ve have been invited to chatsworth house on two occasions but did not have time to stop.
  9. Good value for money that for driven shooting what hospitality did get.
  10. We still require 2/3 more beaters for this season to join are merry band of men women and children. We start are season on the 19th Oct and shoot every Saturday. All will be well feed and watered with a full driven day for the beaters on the 28th Dec.
  11. I would second this as maize is selling in my area at £450 acre so it will not be there long. Just make sore they leave the blocks you put in place to be left.
  12. Steve, sorry mate I’ve missed this post will give you a call tomorrow if that’s ok. Best regards steve,
  13. Go on sky scanner and book flight there are loads mate for £56 to £160
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