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  1. I've reared some pheasants under bantams, and i've put them to wood about a month ago. They're now 8 weeks old and are starting to explore... I've been hand feeding them every morning where i released them, there is also a hopper but they don't really use it. My question is when and how do i start pulling them to a small drive? I've released them in a wood about 10 acres and would like to get them to a maize strip about 400 yards away from the wood. Many thanks!
  2. BelgianHunter

    Incubating Mallard eggs

    I was thinking of doing some ducks. I was thinking of putting 50-60 under a heat lamp, feeding duck crumb and five them plenty of water through a bell drinker. If weather permits i would let them out on the grass after a couple of days. Hopefully they're off heat by 8-9 days. By the third week i would introduce some water trays so they can get used to the water/swimming. And by 5-6 weeks i would put them on the ponds on the shoot. You guys think this is doable?
  3. BelgianHunter

    Soaking feed overnight?

    I've heard of chickenfarmers used to soak their wheat, and let it sit until it started to germinate. At this moment they gave it to the birds. I was told because of the germination, it now contained a certain vitamin, vitamin E. This vitamin would improve fertility in the chicken eggs.
  4. BelgianHunter

    Flushing cover

    As in what do you prefer at the end of a drive at the flushing point. Or are most flushing points just open woods, so you can group them up nicely?
  5. BelgianHunter

    Flushing cover

    Hi all, what is your prefered cover to flush birds out? Open Woods, brambles, maize,...? And Why? I like to hear your opinions. cheers
  6. BelgianHunter

    Rearing duck

    I was wondering how you rear mallard from day old? As i find a lot of info about pheasants, but not that much about ducks. As to when to get them off heat, when to introduce water and when to eventually put them on a pond. Hope you guys can give me some info. Thanks
  7. BelgianHunter

    Shooting ducks

    Thanks for the input! The last couple of years I just inviteded a couple of friends for an evening flight, but i was looking for something different. That's why i wanted to make a drive out of it. So if i understand you guys correctly, if I were to feed them away from the pond they would be good flyers. So if i were to drive the duck from the pond, would they keep cerciling at a good height? I would only shoot them 2-3 times, with 4-5 guns. What do you think?
  8. BelgianHunter

    Shooting ducks

    Thank you guys for your insight! I was thinking to put down 100 duck or so. I was wondering if the duck would fly back from the feeding site, in small groups or would they all take off in one big group. And does the flying ability of the birds affect the shot birds ratio? As in bad flyers give a better return, and good flying birds give a lower percentage shot. I'm really interested in how everyone else does it.
  9. BelgianHunter

    Shooting ducks

    I'm looking to put some duck down on a pond. I would feed them away from the pond. But how/when do you shoot them? Do you feed them somewhere else, and then put the guns in between the feeding place and the pond? And will they circle around the pond, trying to get to the pond. Or how do they react?
  10. BelgianHunter


    But if you have a picky gun, whom only shoots at high birds. And there is another gun who shoots at everything that flies. How do you cope with this?
  11. BelgianHunter


    Great, thank you guys a lot for the clarification!
  12. BelgianHunter


    Hello, This might seem a stupid question. But how does the financial part of a days shooting go? Does everyone pays for the amount of birds he shot, or how is it done? Kind Regards
  13. BelgianHunter

    Making Home made feed blocks

    Isn't it possible to make them, the same way you can make homemade feedingballs(don't know what its called in english) you give to small songbirds? I just read something about using Gelatin as a main substance. I have no idea, whether or not it is to expensive. Just putting it out there
  14. Hi again, Is it possible to keep poults in the same closed pen(i mean with a net a top) as adult pheasants? Kind Regards, BelgianHunter
  15. BelgianHunter

    Hatching Pheasant eggs

    I just had 1 cock for 4 hens, so I don't think that should have been the problem. And indeed, I washed them before storing them. I just oped the eggs, at the end i had 12 fertile eggs(which had chicks) and 28 unfertile. Is this due to unfertile hens or bad handling of the eggs, maybe the eggs i used were to old?(i stored and collected them for 21 days)