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  1. But a dodgy curry/food poisoning is a pretty black and white situation with no personal opinion. Rough handling off a dog is massively a personal opinion and really depends on the situation, context and even the individual dog as no 2 dogs can be trained the exact same way or respond to praise/correction or even treats the same. Unless ur there hard to say either way, also the client may not have a clue wots going on either, possibly had to resort to a more physical approach than normal as the client/owner has made too many mistakes with dog. Just so many potential variations and all open to personal opinion By all accounts the trainer is an idiot from later posts,
  2. Fair play then, wasn't entirely doubting ur story but just not enough info for an internet witch hunt if unfounded. It amazes me that even the breakers are stupid enough to do it openly on a strangers dog . My 1st head keeper was a real dog breaker but that was 3 decades + ago when it was more the norm. I occasionally pick up alongside 2 with a terrible rep, atleasrt in the past, yet when u watch them and there dogs ud never know it. There dogs never seem to cower like ud expect and I've never seen them strike 1 on a shoot day or even a few training days where I've been shooting for them. So either changed tactics or just do it in private For me the thing u see most often is ur typical rubbish beating line dog bogging off and then being battered when it eventually comes back, just wrong on so many levels. Reidler any complaints bad reviews etc should be from the actual client not some internet witch hunt As an aside I was on a training wknd once for hprs yes ago with a good positive trainer and she reckoned u need to repeat something 150 ( I think) times for a dog to really understand/ engrained
  3. I should probably say nothing here, ( and I'm not condoning anything as wasn't there). But Probably going to regret sticking my head up here. But to name and shame is completely out off order, no one knows wot actually happened, no one knows the context and no one really knows wot he's describing as a kick, was it just a touch or more than that I also dont know wot the dog is like Dunno if any of u watch the dog whisperer bloke from America, he regularly strikes dogs with his heel, only softly I should add but I bet many UK owners would be shocked by that. If the trainer really has brutalised the dog then fair enough but I do find it hard to believe a trainer has just went out on the 1st training session and battered a strangers dog. But mibbee it does haplen Wot do u all think off the last comment, dog confined to kennel with no free running. I know a lad who has just took his 1st dog/gun dog to a pro trainer and he also has been completely taken aback by the training. I know them and they really are not a hard trainer by any stretch, infact a very soft positive trainer really but still shocked him Like I said I wasn't there but hoping the op's mate has over exaggerated slightly, althou I'm sure a few old-fashioned trainers still exist it mibbee is too early to out them on the internet as that's there reputation ruined (possibly falsely)
  4. That does sound a decent plan, the only drawback being if u have to send someone back for it or can walk in a circle back to it for lunch. I always find handbags quite comfy to shoot with too, which would give u slightly more room. Must admit never done the ptarm but I would imagine u want to keep ur dogs right in to heel as the birds will be really wild, seen that with later season walked up grouse or snipe ur far better with ur dogs at heel. Can u use pointers for ptarm. Never heard off it and doubt be enough cover for the birds to hold on point . If u can might be worth the extra as cover far more ground. Also dunno how fit u are but always worth doing a bit extra, far more enjoyable when ur not blowing out ur ####. I'm starting a bit of pre season grouse fitness shortly, hopefully be some grouse about this year.
  5. Thing is if never mount a gun carrying all the gear ur on about carrying. U will be walking big distances on the hill tops and shots will be very few and far between so if u fluff ur 1 shot cos it knackered or carrying a heavy bag. Binos are a great shout whoever mentioned them before. In Oct should be past midge season, same with ticks, and tend not to get many of both on higher ground. Really study ur OS maps afore u go and suss out potential escape routes ( trees, woods, fence lines, safe burns is no waterfalls etc) that take u down to low ground and back to bothy. And also any dodgy hazards. Althou that might depend how experienced/common sense u have for being out in hills. Do ur homework on the PLBs or sat trackers some are 1 off fees but really only a holy sh#t/SOS button, where some trackers are monthly fees but can link to ur phone to send texts etc Really with a PLB if something goes wrong big time mountain rescue will be notified within 10 mins and know exactly where u are. If ur really worried pay the extra and get the keeper out for 1st day
  6. I'm sure ull be fine spruucey, but that's the size off trees that can be tricky, just enough wieght in the trees to be dangerous but still wee trees Usually a combination of complacency or the mucking the cut up due to small stem size. Leandra can be ackward at that size as not enough room to do a proper cut. By rights at that size depending on tree numbers u might need a felling licence if ur over the exemption quantity.
  7. I read a stat a few years ago that UK and Oz could turn back the clock to stone age times is almost no co2 emissions, and within 2 years India and China would off filled the gap. The other big problem u have is most green energies are just 1 great big scam and only visible because of the massive amounts off subsidies paid to prop the technology up.. Really the only way forward is nuclear but these idiots won't want to hear that either
  8. I'm guessing trees off that size u won't have to tell many before u need a felling licence. Possibly ur just small enough to get away with it. Also take it u have someone that knows wot there doing felling, not massive trees by sound off it but easy enough to get into trouble and get a few hung up or worse any leaning trees could easy barbers chair on u, esp in that size of tree as not a lot of space to do the correct cuts Again trees might just be wee enough to get away with. Any of the plants on the other thread would do depending on soil conditions etc
  9. Sums up a lot off exactly wot is wrong with modern breeding and even modern dog ownership Can't be bothered to train the dog but happy to let it sire pups. Also can't imagine letting a dog that young line bitches is going to help with steadiness training/working. I would also bet zero health checks ( not that there is a lot for cockers) and far too young and lack of work for any ailments to show up. I know a respected cocker breeder who has been breeding/trialling for 30 odd years and has pretty much gave up breeding as so much sh@t around and folk charging proper money for them. The more I hear and see about modern folk owning/breeding dogs the more I see breeds going down the pan.
  10. I'm with John UK here, I wouldn't be carrying much at all, esp on ptarmagin u'll be covering big distances for very little birds on the higher more rocky tops. I'd ask for a radio that links to keeper/ghillie/estate contact and also buy some sort of PLB ( or satellite tracker) Weather can be dodgy at that time off year but not massively so, just apply a bit off common sense and self control. Keep ur eyes on forecasts for wot there worth and if it looks like rolling in make sure u know some easy to follow escape routes to bothy. Local shepherds, keepers, stalkers etc will be walking similar hills often with just carrying a pair of waterproofs.
  11. Do u know any friendly arborists/tree surgeons.. Really u want to get someone round to ***** and document any damage, ideally the council Tpo officer would be doing the above. Tree law can get quite complicated ( without the planning permission) nieghbours generally have right to stop any encroachment but not to the detriment of the tree.
  12. Try looking at a forum called arbtalk, either ask the question or search as I'm sure it will have been asked before While the law way be straight forward enough I think in practice its a bit of a minefield
  13. Sorry but u can't tell me that much planning goes into a mongeral litter other than wot stupid name there going to advertise the pups as to make the most money. How many designer dog breeders will travel past the 1st poodle/stud dog Will they even ask any questions about its health, breeding, temperament or intellegance before the mating But to be fair many pure dog breeders are just as guilty of breeding there average/poor bitch with a top fashionable ftch dog without asking if it would really suit the bitch. BB had it spot on it's crazy that designer dogs are going for more than proper well bred dogs, esp the more ft bred where breeders will watch dogs at trials to see wot dogs lines they like and often travel great distance for the right dog Hybrid vigor only works in the 1st generation when u get into 2nd gen crosses their health tends to be worse. U don't see many farmers keeping 2nd gen crosses for meat and will only keep pure bred bulls/tips for breeding with. PS I've got 2 mongerals in my kennels both work well but not any better than the pure bred parents would. Also while technically u could call all dogs mongerals, they now bred true as any pup/adult that wasn't up to standard was PTS and the breeders had clear aims wot they expected off they're dog/breed
  14. If ur going for much cheapness and land fairly flat u could probably space ur posts out to 5m centres some 2.5 or 3.15 HT plain wire top and bottom like u said, u might even get away with just a top wire? And clip ur net onto the wire 1650 is that a 5 6" post by 21/2" round?? I still work in 'old money' when it comes to timber/fence posts, probably don't need to be as long, prob 4 6" or 5ft be plenty (5 6" is an ackward hieght for melling too unless ur tall), u might even get away with thick tree stakes? Mibee just 2 longer bigger posts to act as mini strainers lean them back in head and 'stell' a post into them, not that u need it very tight. Or even mix posts with tree stakes inbetwwen? If its only for mallard they won't jump or climb so it wont have to be very high, they may dig so mibee an overlap pegged down. It really wont take much too stop mallard as there generally pretty lazy if plenty of food on the pond
  15. Sorry about that, on a tablet and it had jumbled the name up a bit. Cheers perce
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