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  1. Are other countries not so infuenced by supermarkets then?? The more u here about things and this 'global market place'' u'd think all farmers would be paid the same, this 'global price' I struggle to see how any farmers could produce anything to a higher standard and cheaper than UK farms as most of them are very good at producing a good quality product in an effecient way. Makes u wonder how farmers from other countries even come close I generally refuse to watch coutryfile, althou i did turn it on last nite but missed this part, i know its purely scottish based but Landward a scottish farmig programm for all BBC produced is completely different and often shows shooting/fishing and usually pretty fairly too
  2. Wot i can't understand about modern farming/CAP/grants is how elsewhere small farms still see to thrive? It just seems to be the UK where its all about production and costs per unit. Is it because the supermarkets have such a big hold influence over things?? In france small farm still survive, i know i was speaking to a dairy farmer recently who was moaning about milk prices (now gave up milking) some of his mates emigrated to Canada and yet can still milk 40 cow herds and be happy. They were in the middle of nowhere too so even getting the milk to dairy plant would be costly (only lifted it every 3 days) I bet theres not a 40 cow dairy left in UK, yet 20 years ago they would be common on mixed farms
  3. scotslad

    Permanent Weed Killing

    Never knew that, but i know the more reputable local agri dealers now won't sell unless u show ur sprayer ticket. Just watch with rock salt/brine it's also pretty corrosive with concrete and will take the top off it. I ruined some patches at my old house with salt/grit, concrete was only lais that summer and i left the salt down infront of garage doors during some prolonged snow, when i eventually swept it up all the top skin of concerete came with it. I'd be cautious of using rock salt on tidy concrete or try it in 1 corner 1st
  4. scotslad

    Sky/free sat boxes

    Spot on ph That's exactly wot i wanted to know. Reading between the lines i thought that might be roght but couldn't see how if a box had memory it couldn't record. It is for my main tv, the lack of channels won't really bother me but i do find recording stuff really handy, so i can watch it when it suits me. Ithink most of the channels i watch are free 1's anyway (as i don't have discovery) but get the older stuff on dmax Infact i'll have to check exactly how much i'm paying now, it was cheap with my intial deal but i'm sure it will have expired now. 1 of those things u sometimes don't keep on top off For a final stupid question. How do all these firestick, netflicks things work?? Is it all internet stuff? So basically downloading tv programmes throu the internet when u want to watch them. If so does that not cost a fortune in internet bytes? and take ages. My computer/internet connection can barely load a still photo without buffering. The joys of living in the sticks
  5. scotslad

    Sky/free sat boxes

    Cheers thats the sort of thing i'm looking for. But was wondering will a sky box do the exact same when u stop paying for sky?? So u just get the free channels and then if i decide i want sky again i don't need a new box I remember years ago my folks had sky and cancelled it but the sky box still worked and u got some extra free channels (probably before digital tv really came out) Just when u lokk on evilbay boxes that lok the same as mine but some have complained that the recording doesn't work, so i'm guessing the recording is involved with the sky viewing card
  6. scotslad

    Sky/free sat boxes

    Alright I don't know much about these sky/free sat boxes, only got basic sky in for the 1st time 18 months ago (always been freeview/plebs tv previously) but can't get a TV reception where i live so have to go down the satelite route. Know even less about these 'stick' things but i take it for them u need a decent internet connection? My box has packed in, well atleast the memory/recording side has. I very rarely watch live tv now and after being used to the recorder it's so handy recording anything u might watch and catch it when it suits u and forwarding throu all the adverts. Never realised how many there are nowadays. When u look at proper shops for a reciever/recorder ur all £150+ yet on ebay getting them for 30 quid, fair enough some/many are reconditioned which wouldn't bother me. But when u read some of comments a couple say the boxes don't record/pause programmes despite having memory. Does that need the sky card to allow it rather than the box itself? In the past even quite cheap basic freeview boxes recorder etc Just i've been thinking of getting rid of sky altogether and just use the free channels, which would be plenty for me but still handy being able to record programmes which i'm guessing i wouldn't be allowed to if i cncelled sky as they'd cancel my sky card. Cheers
  7. scotslad

    Permanent Weed Killing

    Most/all agri places shouldn't be selling 'farmer' grade weedkillers now unless u have ur PA tickets, and been that way for quite a few years now. Up till 5 yrs ago u could get it on a holding number or ur farmer mates account, no longer unless they have spraying tickets. Bizzarely u can still get it online, usually from ireland for about £20 for 5 liters (which would 😃 about 250L of shop bought pre diluted Glyco) But as been said u'd e better of with a different chemical as glyco is a contact only and becomes inert in soil
  8. scotslad

    Mosquito Repellent.

    Really the best thing is a midge jacket (hoody with face viel) i live in a wood full of midges (althou mibee's not as bad as Uilleachan in Wester ross) if it wasnae for the jackets i wouldnae get much done outdoors at night, even training the dogs. I refuse to use deet, if something can melt plastic spraying it on ur skin every day does not seem to be a good idea. I used to use SSS but not so much nowadays, i do think Smidge works fairly well but can sting ur eyes a wee bit if ur working/sweating. Planning to plant some Bog Mrtyle plants this weekend round my kennels as that seems to keep midges away
  9. scotslad

    Handing in rifles

    I'm with Lord v above, i definately would be taking proper legal advice. I think it is really harsh to even put guns into RFD, but i can see the reason behind it and not a silly idea if mallicousy allegations are made.. But to hand ur tickkets in means u can't even go shooting, (stalk or round of clays) how long will the domestic situation carry on+ time for a new grant of tickets. U could be talking about no shooting for months if not years throu absolutely no fault/blame of ur own. If u do book ur gun out for a shot it will be documented by RFD so if an allegation is made then u may have a problem while its out but otherwise i can't see an issue
  10. scotslad

    Car puncture repair kits?

    Pretty sure it used to be legal 20 odd years ago (atleast that was wot i was told) but now they always put a patch on the inside. To be honest the money most folk invest in cars and some cases tyres why scrimp on a puncture repair? I wouldn't fancy my homemade repair giving way coming down the Mway Most tyre places will still plug tractor/quad tyres from the utside
  11. scotslad

    Tool idea for gutters / truffins.

    By the looks of the waay its threaded ur meant to push it along the gutter adding more draining rods?
  12. scotslad

    Stihl 2 in 1 Sharpener

    It is really easy to change as has been said and easy to order online. Really u should be turning the bar upside down every so often so bar wears evenly (and clean all crud out of groove) BUT do u know the chain pitch, bar guage and length and number of drive links. If u don't be worth going into a proper saw shop where they know the right chain/bar combo for ur saw. It should be printed on the bar anyway but often rubs off with age/use There is a multitude of chain choices nowadays and many saw shops aren't that expensixe anyway if u stay away from the garen centre types (Fr jones is down ur way somewhere londonish? and honey bros out by guildford? i think I'm completely guessing here, but if an old pro grade FC saw most likely a Husky (stihls were never that common a few decades ago esp in smaller saws) probably be either 3/16's(=.325.) pitch for smaller under 15" bars and often 3/8's for larger bars, husky's usually run on 1.5mm guage (thickness of groove in bar) while stihls are 1.6mm guage If its a more random make it could be anything
  13. scotslad

    Car puncture repair kits?

    Not really worth it, usually only cost about 10 quid to fix. Didn't think plugs were road legal anymore?? Plugged plenty of quad/utv/tractor and off road trailer tyres thou and usually have a kit with me but wouldn't do it on roads tyres. With the plug kits u don't need to take tyre off rim anyway
  14. scotslad

    How is taxidermy priced ?

    Had a few moles done over the years and usually rubbish, the best 1 we had was heavy and felt like he'd poured concrete into it but looked really well and lifel like. Had a white one looked like he'd shoved a bog roll up its bum, it was truely rubbish. Even the white/ginger ones never really look that good, actually prefer the look of black ones when stuffed
  15. scotslad

    Handing in rifles

    I'd get ur mate to get proper advice from his org. While it is completely wrong to take his guns (i can see there flawed logic behind it). The polis are just trying to take ur guns off u at every oportunity nowadays, just not right. They don't come round and take ur kitchen knifes, axes, hammers, chainsaws etc off u when u split up with ur bird. And be far more domestic abuse/assults caused by kitchen knifes and hammers Possibly guns need to be at an RFD so there is a record of them being stored, if at a mates house u have have ur mates word he had ur guns on such anc=d such a date? But never heard of that before. I'd get proper advice if ur handing ur tickets back thou, i'm sure i had read something about it a while back possibly effect future renewals as uhanded it in. Can't see any harm in keeping ur tickets going even if ur guns are in storage