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  1. scotslad

    White paws

    Must admit i wouldn't be paying extra for it, seemingly if u look up the KC regs for showing they are allowed white patches on chest/paws as everyone else has said. Not seent that many but u do here of it. I'd guess MM would be right those dogs would probably have been PTS as pups in the past.
  2. A lot will depend on ur habitat, large grass fields aren't ideal, althou if ur fields are smaller with good thick hedges and the odd rough corner it becomes a far better babitat. Alos if ur 70acres of wood is 1 block or spread out and even the type of wood (commercial softwoods with no light/understory vegetation) So it all depends on the ground u have and wot u can do with it. If u went on either basc or gwct websites (read the stuff they done at Allerton as turned that into a wild bird shoot from nothing althou with a decent FT keeper) be loads of info wot u could do to increase habitat to encourage ur birds to stay and mibbee even breed. Also depending wot grant/streardship scheme's ur in possibly u could do some babitat improvements and get paid for them, i think some schemes are now actually paying/encouraging farmers to put hoppers out and feed throu the 'hungry gap' time (sort of Jan till april) as loads of wild birds also benefit from pheasant feeders. Or do u ever plant any fodder crops for winter grazing ur sheep? a field of turnips/kale/rap seems to attract for miles, also can be some good walked up shooting esp if u jkeep the sheep of till feb. A few well sited 'feed' strips could esay serve as mini drives if located well. If u have no other shoots around it would probably be cheaper just to put some feeders out, won't take that many, in decent places, even if u feed something like barley the birds will still eat it but not be as keen on if u were feeding wheat/maize so be slightly less dependant. But esp if only a few hoppers birds will still do plenty scavaging. If uwanted a 100% wid bird shoot, many smaller wild bird shoots will only shoot cocks, even try to release alll hens (or as many hens as possible) and just shoot the cocks. But its probably a big ask in the modern envirobnent to have a pure wild bird shoot with a FT keeper and alot of habitat/vermin work Ur probably as well just doing wot most folk do put a few down and a bit of habitat work/feeding/vermin and just ebjoy shooting a few birds with ur mates and not get too hung up onthem breeding
  3. The GWCT is carrying out research into this at the moment aand has been for a while. If u dome it the old fashioned way and got some eggs hatched under banties they'll have far more chance of success. I must admit not read the more recent work the GWCT has done on it but the earlier findings where that reared birds don't really know how to scavage/hunt food properly and spend far too long trying to get their daily rations as ther ewhole life had feed on tap add lib in hoppers, while wild birds (or reared under banties) are used to chasing grubs bugs and beasties so seemingly find there daily rations easier or in better nick if food is scarce. I think they were experimenting with putting small amounts of high protien food (mealworms) etc onto tightly strched material (like a drum skin) so when pheasants peck it vibrates and bounces meant to get them used to eating moving things. j Just like th eold keepers trick of hanging dead stuff up in pen so the maggots drop of and birds feed away at them If u already have pheasants ur probably better just to try and help them introducing more 'tame' birds will probably hinder their succesful breeding, or if u have a shoot nearby u'll always get a few wandering in if ur habitat is right. Not many shoots without a FT keeper who works very hard at habitat and vermin are lucky enough to shoot 100% returns without most of the birds wandering in from somewhere, even if miles away
  4. scotslad

    Badger damage

    While it does look like pigs, broc cn do the exact same too esp if looking for something ie below the crown of a large hardwood tree looking for seeds/fruit. On 1 paticularly wet farm ive seen badgers just get there snouts under the turf and just turn it over and keep going, u'd of thought the farmer had ploughed the end riggs along the woodsides as just 20-30m of overturned turf. I think that badger charity had scientific results a good few years ago but were scared to really publise it incase they got grief of the badger huggers.A very sad state of affairs. There reaklly does need to be a proper sit down and look at the effect predators have in UK and how protecting species works, should it be lifted if/when numbers recover even vary it locally (which is exactly wot ur special licences are meant to do anyway)
  5. scotslad

    What size box section

    I totally understand the idea of going bigger/stronger as often do the same. But at same time ur only looking to hold 100kg's or so, if u want it to be relatively moveable i'd sit down and measure/calculate just how much box u'll need and then find out the wieght per m/ft and figure out just how heavy ur fabrication will be. ()think somewhere like Franklin steel has online tables for dimensions and wieghts per m)_ Personally i'd be going for something just a bit stronger than needed (as i could see wieght being a factor if to be moved about) and use triangulation/braces to add strength rather than heavier steel I know if i was using 2" box its the sort of thing i'd be expecting to hold quite literally Tonnes of wieght, my saw horse is welded out of 2" angle and 30-40mmish box(althou 4mm) not an awful lot of steel in it and surprising how heavy/ackward it is too move. And its had some big logs droped on it (occasionally with the digger as to big to move by hamd) and can hold 1/2T+ of timber and still holding strong after years of abuse. Built my shed extension with 2" box, for me 2" box is fairly heavy duty steel Ps Mibee i'm to tight but only realy get it cut if too big for my trailer, but i'm guessing u'll have a lot of quite small pieces= lots of cuts (30p's) which will add up. Also if ur anything like me ur idea/design might change as u start to build, if everythings already cut u don't have that option
  6. scotslad

    What size box section

    Must admit i'm very surprised by the size of box most seem to be reccommending, its only to hold 100 odd kg. Might depend on the dimensions (as u said to ignore the 1's in the daigram) but as long as not massively tall or wide think i'd only have used 1" box but possibly some flat bar or angle for daignols to give some extra strength. 2" box soon gets heavy, and while it doesn't look like a massive fabrication surprising how many m's of box u'll need. If i'm making something and using 2" box its generally something that is going to get a lot of abuse and/or needs a lot of strength
  7. scotslad

    Bird ownership

    If the OP is not putting any birds down the war will be pretty 1 sided war. As has been said the shoot is being a wee bit (wel big bit really) silly here and has no doubt just shot itself massively in the foot. Just mind just as u can't go onto his land to pick dead/imjured birds neither are they able to come onto ur ground to pick birds or flush or dog in either without permission. Know a fella in a sort of similar situation and used to let the surrounding shoot stand a few guns in his small field for a drive or 2, anyway things changed with the shoot and a bit of a fall out with the field owner yet they still set guns out in his field without having permission (not the same tresspass laws in scotland, althou u still can't do it with a gun) so he just grabbed his gun and walked out into the drive and stood in the hot spot shooting away.beside all the paying guns. They did wonder wot was going on when a stranger just joined in Eventually they took the hiint and shot come to apologise
  8. scotslad

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    I know i would think and expect the same Mice. The ony reason they're really is, is that EO are very intolerant of other BoP's have been caught on film raiding HH nests. So they're worried that if EO become more numerous they will scare many HH off, the fact that Buzzards have been doing that to Kestrals for decedes to the point hardly any Kestrals locally now, but they can't have that with their precious HH, as it is their best political/PR weapon to target shooting. I thik i said earlier in this thread 60% of HH chicks fledged of grouse moors this year. For me it all comes back round to Bothams They Forgot about the Birds campign, for some reason they only seem to care about birds that have a political gain in th efight t stop shooting. Waders almos extinct over much of their previous nest grounds 30-40 years ago- does it involve shooting = when answer is No they just seem to ignore it. Same with almost every 'prey' species of birds from farmland to garden all in massive declines since the 70's yet u never here owt. Songbird Survival is quite a good birdy charity that works in the real world. Exact same in Scotland the now with this Mountain Hare report, why is an rspb scientist researching mountain hare numbers in first place??? (tick box for involves blaming shooting esp grouse). The only real reason is because they can attempt to blame grouse moors for it or atleast tarnish them with a few half truths or blatant lies Same with the LAG stuff previously why is WWT and rsb funding research into concentrations and effects on humans of lead shot in game meat. Some of these 'conservation' charites don't seem to care much about conservation at all unless the species can be used as a political pawn or PR gimick if its not they just don't seem to care
  9. scotslad

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    Foresters used to give u free shells to shoot them too until pretty recently too. Althoui have also heard of old school traditonal highland keepers standing on any nest of red grouse they could find too, as they'd be more into the red stags and a grouse getting up shout 'go back go back' can easy spoil a stalk. Even had it happen to myself once on the Sika, still a very memorable stalk all the same thou.. The older generation of keepers could be a funny breed
  10. scotslad

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    Apologies i never seen ur post's scully, if someone doesn't re quote them i never bother to open them. Was quite a few years ago now and came from a couple of very good sources, but if the shoe was on the other foot it would have been front page tabliod news and every keeper in the district would have had there doors kicked in. I have absolutely no reason to doubt them even now an EO is quite an impressive sight and not something u'd mis id, so when there starting to look for a nest and in the same area and then start building in a spot where u can watch them every day and then suddenly missing I would imagine probably similar sources wot beefy was using for his article too, by the sound of it it is becoming far more common and far more 'overt' in trying to stop EO's nesting
  11. scotslad

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    Thing is where is the evidence? HH have never ever really been numerous in Eng anyway even historically, yes been a alot of grouse moors for years, but for quite a few years there grouse was out of fashion/unprofitable so they really wouldn't be being persecuted as wasn't the keepers. Why is the rspb's own flagship upland nature reserve not full of HH then?? If persecution is the only thing stopping them they should be loads. Surely there not persecuting them too?? The way the are 'allegedly' with the the Eagle Owls. If the evidence is so overwhelming why is there NO prosecutions for it??? And again ur back to 08, 10 years ago, study probably previous to that, times/attitudes HAVE changed a lot in the last 10-20 years If u looked at confirmed police deaths of BoP have cae down massively in that 10-20 year time frame, as i said scotland now in single figures (apart from recently when a wildlife charities own feed station poisioned 30 odd and still have never admitted it to this day, despite offering big rewards for info on who done it??)
  12. scotslad

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    I've had many days/morning/afternoons riuned by all sots of birds when been on the grouse (including GE's and Herons, Ravens). U'd be amazed the impact it can have on a drive (althou can be a great help for walking up) but thats the way it is, and the folk that shoot grouse just accept it as it is a truely wild bird and a day can be affected by many diiferent things from weather to wind (1 treason i'd never pay for a day of driven grouse at market rates even if ii could afford it, just so much can go wrong) U really are in the hand of the shooting gods. I picked up 1 small day years ago, due to weather and birds the shootng was very focused and bizarely the same guns where always in the 'hot' butts, wouldn't surprise me if 80ish brace where shot by only 2-4 guns and i think a couple of guns didn't get a shot off all day. Keeper tried everything but other things went against him. Even the guns who never had the luck enjoyed they're day and the lucky 1's were grinning like cheshire cats! A day they'll never forget 1 of the things i hoped would come out of langholm 2 was how grouse cope with seeing so many HH's all the time if they become more used to them and it becomes possible to drive them again unfortunately it never got that far. Must admit i did raise the point to them a couple of times they should try driving the birds just to see the impact the HH's have but i think the point was lost on them. If u actually looked at the data for langholm 2 they were almost on the verge of having the summer count densities of grouse for shooting, but there spring counts were almost identical to similar moors that had shot, so something was eating all the grouse that should off been ur shootable surplus/harvest. And that was at a time when most HH aren't even on the moor, so they weren't to blame. To be fair from wot i seen/read the diversonary feeding did work pretty well, which was a slight bonus and 1 off the points of the study hoped to prove. But they rekon the ammount of dead rats etc they put out was collossal and it also was almost a FT job feeding the bait points, so how vaible in the real world?? Plus would a keper be allowed to get close enough to feed the point?? But last i heard the 'stakeholder' groups still can't agree on any conclusions t the study and almost 10 million quid in funds (or i should say 1 group won't agree with the rest!!) I think ur deluding urself if u only think upland keepers are 'under pressure' and infact for the past 10 or so years most englisjh moors keepers have never had it so good, most have broke records for beat bags and totals 4-6 times in the last 10 years and shooting more and more days. I would bet some lowland keeprs with high densties of young birds in confined spaces and many days alrady booked (not like the grouse where it can be the norm to cancel days or reduce bags) if birds not there, thats wot i call pressure. I even know wot its like runninig a tiny diy shoot and finding 2-6 birds every single day killed and on a bad day 10+ and thats only putting down a few hundred, no pressur eon me at that scale, but i would not want my house dependant on it. For us that was a big % of birds The 1 and only reason there targeting the grouse is because of class envy, no matter how u look at it, it is bloody dear and only the richest can really afford it. That said many decent moor owners really look after there staff/helpers, plenty will have mid season days for helpers and 2-6 keepers days is not unheard off, i once heard off a moor having 14 trying to get birds off before winter. So while it is a 'tof's' sport plenty of 'normal' working class lads do get the chance to shoot them, also pay quite decent unlike lowground shoots. Also the money it brings into lovcal areas is massive, no offence to folk living near some moors but there often ****ty valleys with very little work and most appreciate the extra money. A lot of areas will really notice the difference this year with little shooting
  13. scotslad

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    It all depends where he done his study, i would be very surprised if any english grouse moors have ever persecuted a GE in the last 50 years as never been any there anyway to persecute. If ur talking about scotland, not going to say will never have happened, but i would imagine most keepers would rather have a GE on there beat than a HH hoping the GE's will keep the smaller BoP's away. Really GE in scotland are really pretty common iin many areas so much so they often take chicks away to release in other areas, so i don't really think the population is suffering. Not about to generalise and blame shepherds but often a shepherd would have far more to lose/at threat from GE than agrouse keeper. The grouse industry in scotland is taking a right bashing the now, more so over the Hares, but the strange thing really not that many grouse moors in scotland and most scottish moors will NEVER make a profit (not year on year), even now with smaller beats and plenty staff stil can't produce enough grouse to shoot every year, It wouldn't surprise me if 1 or 2 big english moors will shoot more grouse than all the scottish moors put together, be very easy this year as few scottish moors shooting, althou not many english 1's are either, ut a few big boys are, and they will still shoot a few birds no doubt. Many english moors will shoot more in 1 day than most scottish moors shoot in a season even when they are shooting Plus back in 2001, thats alomst 20 years ago now, depending how many years the study was over, back them all sorts really was happening and not just on upland shoots, even in the 80's some old school keepers main form of vermin control would be the 'tin' or the 'bottle', luckily i'm too young to have seen it but heard stories that would curl my hair from some of the old timers
  14. scotslad

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    Must admit Stag boy i do agree with panama above, there is far far too many 'real shooters' and 'sportsmen' who would happily throu grouse shooting under the bus despite sounding like they have no real knowledge or experience of wot is actually happening on the moors and just how much attidudes (which in many cases were very much entrenched/set in stone) have changed massively in just a few decades. Ur blaming the 'grouse lot', more lowland keepers are done for wildlife crime than upland keepers, was only a few years ago some idiot got done way down south and had feed bags of dead BoP's just lying everywhere at his house as well as some in his freezer. Think he was well into double figures+ about of bodies lying about. I think somewhere in that brilliant article by Beefy botham ( doing far more good in the las few years than all the other org's combined) that a grouse keeper has not been convicted of shooting a HH for something like 15 years. Some folk need to stop believing all the propoganda that is spouted by some. The whole grouse thing is just a political football for the anti's, it is far more easily defended and truely self sustaining than every other aspect of game shooting (including wildfowling, as ur totally dependant on migratory birds). Wether u like wot u percieve to be the grouse lot or not, if it goes the rest will fall like a deck of cards very very quickly. Very few shoots including DIY syndicates could provide much shooting if it wasn't for tr release of non native birds. I spend alot of time on grouse moors with my dogs and just love it, while the guns are often very rich they are some of the nicest folk i've worked dogs for and there knowledge and respect for the countryside is second to none generally far higher than wot i usually see when on lowand shoots (also there marking/counting ability is generally pretty good too, usually compeletly absent on low ground shoots, well most i go too) I also read in that article by Botham it looks like the rspb is going to be in for a real ruff ride over the next wee while, seemingly there manipulation and mis quoting of scientific studies has upset some real scientists as well as some real shody studies. In the ST this week there's an article about Blue/Mountain Hare numbers in scotland (again very much aimed at grouse shooting) claims BH numbers at !% of the 1950 total yet every one else rips apart the whole study, methods and conclusions, they have there own very detailed BH counts going back decades upon decade and shows no real change in populations
  15. scotslad

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    Totally agree with Panoma above, we're playing right into the anti's hands the way we behave. Yes it still goes on but it really is a tiny % now, u only have to go back 20 years and many things that used to be fairly coommon are now no longer done, the shooting industry has came a long long way in a very short space of time. It could do with coming the final distance but i doubt that will ever happen as they're will always be someone willing to break the law, like almost every law. A certian charity is not exactly above the law either, 1 pair of nesting Eagle owls went 'missing' pretty quickly after they decided to nest on a nature reserve Must admit i think instances like this should push shooters the other way and stand up to these so called 'conservationists' had force EN/DEFRA to have a long hard look at its General Licences and Protection laws esp relating to predators. It is not normal or good to constantly protect predators at the expense of every other animal in the environment. Very few other countries have blanket protections laws for ever, most adapt as the population either rises or falls which is the waty it should be. How is it ok to have licenced culls of Cormarants and Goosanders and have canada's and Greylags on the GL when Buzzards out number them massively but are completely protected?? Nature in this country is in a real mess, and the blame is not farmers, habit destruction or climate change. For comparision it took the rspb 1 week to release a press statemnet after it dropped and killed an osprey chick, think only 50 pairs in whole UK (really scotland) so 1 chick is a massive big deal, yet mainstream media has hardly picked up on it. It never owns up to any nests its observers disturb either and the birds abandon. Hell the rspb doesn't even admit to legally culling predators on its reserves Not sure the numbers of short eared owls in that area or UK but guessing a lot more tan 50, same with perry's not that rare really Been suggested a few times and was a major part in the HH recovery plan (brood management) which happens in many other countries but the rspb were the only stakeholder group which refused to sign up and agree with it.