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  1. Syndicate prices

    Fair play to u gouse, must admit i'm a great believer in starting small and grow as u learn. Unfortunately u/everyone makes mistakes but not as expensive when u have less birds to lose. Big financial outlay too, I'm guessing if u were buying poults in u'd be looking at £14k just to buy and feed them, never mind ur other birds and rent, pens, hoppers, cover crops etc it really is not cheap to set up a shoot and there is masses to go wrong, even when u know wot ur doing or don't do anything wrong (weather)
  2. Syndicate prices

    There seems to be some unbelievably cheap shooting mentioned here. I would say most syndicates will not be as cheap or shoot as many birds for the money as have been mentioned, I'd say they are the exception rather than the rule. My area has heaps of DIY syndicates (possibly too many as almost all of them are short of members) and all are dearer and with poorer returns than wot have been mentioned here. Many shoots subs are roughly about £1 per bird released, so 1000 birds to wood is around £1000 subs, if ur any cheaper than that u are getting pretty good value. I know 1 syndicate releasing about 700 birds and is lucky to shoot 20-30 birds even at the start of the season. not a great example but plenty like that do exist and something in between will be the more likely norm Every syndicate is different but sometimes the bigger bag syndicates u'd be better of buying days, if ur syndicate is priced roughly for 10x100 bird days (ie 1000 birds over the season) u really need to be shooting close to 200 early season as most likely ur end season bags will be down to 50's, many just shoot around the estimated bag size and then they drop off. It will depend on ur ground but that is not a massive amount of birds to be selling (and guaranteeing 100 bird days) esp in the first season. Dodgy weather on the shoot day or a disaster or 2 in pens (foxes or disease) could really put the pressure on with not a lot of extra birds in reserve Also a hell of a work even attempting to carry that out on a park time basis, ur easily talking about 20-25T of feed to be put out
  3. Tax for pickers up

    Do u have an accountant? or do u work FT too? I'm SE anyway so do claim all my vet bills, dog food etc throu as expenses. Speaking to an accountant might be the best option, I'm sure I read something about due to the nature of picking up its easier to go SE than it is beating, as ur working under ur own initiatie. Was a fairly lengthy thread on here a while back about it all, think it would be in the keepering section thou
  4. Hay or straw

    I would imagine straw will break down easier than grass and isn't really the bendy for nest making. It might do for re wrapping the outside off the tubes if they need down. Really only 1 way to find out, I'd do every 2nd tube or so or 2 close together and see if ducks prefer 1 or other
  5. Centrefire rated gongs/silhouettes

    Going to ask a stupid question, but wot is the point in using gongs at relatively close ranges? (Say 50-200m) Can see the point at silly ranges for a bit of fun where ur only interested in hitting the gong. But for a zero check at normal range are u not as well doing it on paper anyway. I'd want to see where I'm hitting on the paper and my groups rather just hearing I was within 4-6"
  6. Centrefire rated gongs/silhouettes

    Just mind and hang the gongs on a chain rather than securely so it can move with impact. I think I'm right in saying ideally u want 'Hardox' (think they use it for digger buckets) or something similar, but it wouldnae really matter if u could get plenty of new ones form the agri engineer for cheap. I'd also guess u will have more scraps that are square shaped than round, I'd just get him to cut it to roughly the right size and use it like that (but it also wouldnae take that long to knock the corners off with some oxy). When u get into heavier steel, even mild it can be slow going cutting with a grinder
  7. National resource Wales

    The GWCT have been doing this for decades, if it wasn't for them the relevant org's would have NO real info to defend shooting with. In my opinion anyone who shoots released game/game or just conservationists should really be a member, do far more good the useless rspb has done in recent times With gwct ur chosen org is useless. Some of the studies they do are really quite interesting too. The historical work they've done don at Allerton over the decades is really good (starting from a farm turning it into a successful wild bird shoot, then stopping to show the decline due to no keepering (ruling out the typical habitat change BS) and then done some feeding/keepering and measured all the changes) I really hope the GWCT get involved with both Langholm and Ilkely moor and document the decline in bird species, atleast then some good will come out of it
  8. Bullets do the strangest things

    Aye I've seen when I picked up on some real high drives could be standing 1/2 a mile or more behind the guns (its only 800m not as far as u think) and birds could easy set there wings and glide to the area where I stood, but also seen some fly almost normal flapping away only to stop suddenly and just fall to the ground stone dead. On the grouse any bird that pitches in within 200m of the butts I usually go to investigate, later on in season they are quite often hit. Must admit I was told that towering birds were shot in the lung and that was the birds flying higher looking for air, but to be fair I've never examined 1 and just took his word for it.
  9. Dog bite - what to do

    A good post breastman. have u tried seeing a 'proper' dog trainer or dog behaviourist? Someone that really knows wot they're doing may be able to help and desensitise ur dog but I would imagine it would be a long slow process if even possible. (U see that wee dog whisper boy sorting some right headcase dogs out) While some dog training clubs can be really worthwhile it really depend on the individual trainers
  10. Muntjac in Wales

    I was just going to say the same, good old iffor finally bringing them home. Amazing the places they've ended up
  11. Gun dog training

    A proper lab will do the job almost as well. but a decent working bred spaniel wit not too much red in the lines will also do the job very well. I'd stay away from well bred FT lines. Is there no one u beat/shoot with that has decent dogs and u could help train there's and learn of them? I wouldn't worry too much if u find a decent trainer locally if there into a different breed than wot u have, the basics/philosphy are pretty much the same anyway. A good trainer could train almost any breed of dog (esp just to a working level) Most of the beating lines in my area are 80-90% labs, my 5 yr old lab looks like he's been in a fight as has no hair left on his snout with going into brambles/whins etc. It's the more modern bred labs with thin coats can't do it.
  12. Gun dog training

    Is magaret allen not down about the south coast somewhere? She's mainly labs but has wrote a book which is meant to be quite good (not read it yet, but meaning too) Like dave said it's never been so easy to find info on how to train dogs (possibly the biggest problem now is sorting the good info from the BS, as with the internet anyone can put info out there uncensored) To be honest its really not hard to train a Lab to an average working standard (spaniels and other breeds can be slightly harder depending on the dog), and to be honest most gundog u see in the field aren't even at an average standard. Wot type pf shooting do u do? Do u want it a peg dog, rough shooting or even a completion dog as ur best to think wot u want before u pick a breed and pick a breed to suit ur needs. Offer to help with a local gundog club, if they do working tests or training days/evvenings they will need dummy throwers and usually can't get enough, or could u help someone u shoot with who has decent dogs? Plenty of info out there and once u have been shown the easy ways it makes life so much simplier. In my area it costs about £100 a week (but then again costs 70 a week just to board a dog) to train a dog and often will want it for 3+ months, I imagine could be a lot dearer down south
  13. Long Range Shooting Calculations

    I tried to watch it last night but think I was dozing off, it was lateish. Did he say there was 1000" of drop?? He was also on about 84 mils? I take it that is MOA?
  14. Pick up

    In my opinion the dog is too young to really be out working, they reckon a dogs ears can't cope with gunshot till 9+ months so even at 12 months I wouldn't fancy firing a shot so close to the dog's ears at that age esp in the close confines of a hide. Pigeon inside tights, or dummies with wings tied to them, dummies with fur on them, anything to get the dog's mouth used to different textures etc, then move on to cold pigeons. Even if u can get some duck/teal of someone as there ideal as the feathers are so tight and don't fall out, pigeons can be murder for young dogs thou.
  15. Kent Wildfowler’s Press Release

    1 of the big problems u have is things like that take time, so ur limited who can do the work running the org. Even look at basc, by rights the way they're set up should be ideal with the committee, but the type of folk that have the spare time to go on it will limit the type of folk that can sit on it. Even when ther eelection time comes round many officers are getting in with only 1000 odd votes, that's a tiny % of votes cast by memebers. Really if it wasn't for the apathy basc should be at the fore front of shooting, sadly its not. And to be fair wildfowling is quite a specific almost niche type of shooting, it is hard for 1 org (possibly even harder for CA with there links to hunting) to cover all aspects of shooting and keep everyone happy