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  1. I think the thing with introducing young dogs is althou the training may be there/almos there often the concentration/maturity isn't. There is a lot of young dogs spoiled by too much too soon, it's very rare to any damage holding them back an extra season, esp if a lot off scent/excitement on the day. As everyone has said back to basics and u could be on he edge of a unruly dog, if it starts chasing at tha age often the trigger for them to start squeaking/yipping. Very hard to cure
  2. Are some of the top cocker studs now not well into 20s . Will be a few years ago but mind there was an article in ST about grouse time as I was picking up alongside some decent cocker breeders, where it listed the CoI of top 5 cocker studs and all were in high 20s and 3 were closely related to each other too from the same kennel. The most likely problem U'll have is it will be the 'well bred' working dogs will also be the dogs with a higher CoI. 1 thing wether buying a mongeral or non of registered dog is if u don't know the breeding u can't breed of it in f
  3. Must admit I never wear a tie and not about to start now. Nowadays mainly picking up more than shooting, but even when I ran my own syndicate never wore a tie. Just not me, always tidy( ish) often +4s and shirt waist coat but all about being practical and comfy. I'm paid to put birds in the bag not look good in a tie, most of the other pickers on most off shoots I go to including the grouse rather wear a tie Like a few have said earlier wearing a tie does not mean u will respect the bird, seen folk dressed up like they stepped out of a catalogue many times with no cl
  4. Like others have said impossible to predict, every licensing authority will be different. But if guns being stored on club house/cabinet can't see there being an awful lot of risk. But still easier to say No, which then covers there behinds. It might be worth him joining basc or another org, or possibly more than 1. God knows if basc would be any help but they definately won't if he applies for FAC 1st before he is a member as it would be an ongoing issue, which ever org he joins join it before he applies. That's why I would join multiple orgs so if basc are u
  5. Just not sure how useful it will be in true survival situations, as u will need a phone signal and battery life, not something u want to depend on in the wild or remote places A map and compas will always be king in my eyes as long as u can use them, which sadly is a dying skill And u will run the increased risk among the numpties wrongly thinking w3w means they don't need any other maps or emergency survival gear. The sort of folk doing ben Nevis in flip flops which happens To be honest it will make no difference for emergency services etc wether u give gtid refs, long/lat or
  6. That's a fair compliment coming from u ditchy 😀😀😀 The ultimate handy man It Works well. My old fencing boss had 1 made with a jack hammer tar chisel, but quite a numb edge for cutting heavy roots. We hand balled everything with him and dug every strainer in so u dug plenty of deep holes, quite a few with roots. I adapted that idea for the brick bolster, works real well esp on a heavy bar, holds a decent edge and easy sharpened with a buff. I ended up welding a 2nd 1 on a lightweight pipe for less demanding jobs.
  7. By the time u take ur bar and chain off, get grinder off shelf and set up u could have sharpened ur chain by hand easily. I thought it would be handy for my 3ft bar but still think less hassle doing it by hand.
  8. An old axe is handy for shallow roots. For deep 1s I welded a 4" brick bolster to a pinch bar/ 1" solid bar, works a treat seen me going throu roots the size of ur leg and not taking that long either And easy to sharpen with a grinder Needs must when u need to get a post in the correct place
  9. The harvester driver I was cutting for today still sharpens all his chains by hand. Reckons grinders don't come close for sharpness or holding there edge, but not many drivers do that as they can get throu a few chains in a day and usually 60-80cm so plenty cutters to sharpen.
  10. For a hobby user those above files are the best things, keep ur rakers at correct hieght. U will hand sharpen a chain far quickier than u will with a grinder, esp by the time u take the chain off. I've got 2 chain grinders sitting in my she'd never used a cheap 1 and an Oregon 1, originally bought them for doing my 3ft milling chain. Still use normal files less hassle
  11. Must admit not really bothered by the above, I have a bigger problem with the show types actually breeding and promoting dogs with genetic defects and that will create health's problems in the future. Got it squashed nose/face breeds with breathing issues yet still want faces flatter. Droopy eyelid breeds Or others with excessively long/short legs/back or anything else causing movement issues. Is the pronounced ridge on a Ridgeback not a genetic flaw to? But modern FT are no better springers pure white and smaller to make them look flashier when working,
  12. I'd say that's a bit harsh when u see the state modern FT bred dogs are in. Atleast show folk generally think about there matings, not saying I free with some off there ideas. Labs, skinny whippet looking things, no double coat and no otter tail they wouldn't pass the the breed standard. Not unusual to she a modern bred lab sitting shivering on a peg or tip toeing round thistles as coat so thin Modern spaniels are no better springers tiny and pure white, cockers even smaller and severely inbred, apart from the many sprockers that still have KC papers as cockers
  13. Surely us still be allowed to, as ur culling to prevent future damage. If ur only shooting where there feeding to protect crops, niether roost shooting or shooting over stubbles would be legal as no crops to protect.
  14. Just as well it can continue. Most grousey areas there is very little emp!oyment or spare cash flying about. After last season next to no shooting on most moors due to poor numbers, next to no tourism this summer. Many hotels and businesses will be praying for a decent shooting season wether grouse or otherwise, just to keep there doors open Surprising the money involved even in only making the lunches every day. An estate near me is booked 6 days a week until Feb ( not grouse) and the bodies and money it brings in to an otherwise ****Ty valley is unreal.
  15. I have seen them kill far more than they can eat. Seem to scare the hell out off birds and they flap /clamp down, glossy was just walking round pen killing birds with its talons. We built a new pen and had to abandon it after 3 years just could not stand the losses due to a gossy, plenty cover, CDs, kiddy's holigraphc windmills, reduced buzzard and sparrow hawk losses to almost nil. Couldn't do anything with the glossy, to make matters worse was a big ride next to pen so poults would not even hang about the wire and would not cross the ride even when walked back in. The n
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