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  1. Aye and remember to photograph or video it for evidence. It is a joke
  2. I thought on a sssi u can still carry out predator control or shoot if it was already being carried out as an existing land use. I know I shoot over a sssi
  3. Surely missing the 1st couple off birds with both barrels will count as warning shots??? Cutting down sitting/roosting trees has to be the most ridiculous advice ever, at a time when many of the UK's trees are under serious disease risk ( ash dieback, or in larch and sudden death in oak as well as elm previously) and they want u to cut healthy trees down???????! Just bonkers, which in itself may have legal implications ( bat roosts, TPOs or felling licences) If that's the best they can come up with were in big trouble, definitely written by a city person with absolutely no understanding of environment
  4. Are u not best simply remembering where they are. Ur just asking for folk to steal them
  5. Definitely islandgun anytime from now on nesting birds will be at risk, plus removes large acreages of nesting cover for years to come
  6. To be fair it will still be carbon neutral as long as doesn't go into the peat. But far higher chances of a wildfire on long rank heather going into the peat, as fire will be hotter, longer on same area as has far more woody fuel with the long heather.
  7. I think in Eng NE has pulled the rug out of burning down south, was an article in ST a few weeks ago even trying to restrict swiping/topping the heather
  8. Wmyberely u should mibbee clarify ur post about deer and explain that's for out of season shooting often called the farmers defence andnotfor normal stalking. I was always under the impression stubble, roost or even shooting on a shoot day was deemed to be protecting future crops so could be carried out under GL. Possibly/ probably clarity would be a good thing but u just hope it goes ur way.
  9. A cracking post by 243deer above. I have long said that ALL the orgs should stick £5 on subs to go into a joint education/fighting fund. The best younger minds in the 2 or 3 orgs helping together when neeeded on social media, like has been said they should be tackling FAKE news as soon as they see it. The antis are probably the founders of fake news when u think some of the stories they've peddled for decades ( releasing grouse etc) Also shooting orgs need to get on the front foot with educating. certain professions, esp journalists or environmental type folk, taking them out infield visits to estates showing them conservation in action, shooting clays even simulated drives and some targets with rifles. Target a few tabloids as well as university courses etc. While it would be great if more celebs stood up in public for shooting, but sadly it might not be that great a carear move for them. David Bellamy was the original TV naturalist but got binned because of his shooting opinions ( and just supporting not actively shooting). Nowadays with social media and the way many behave it's not that easy a decision to make. When u hear off something off the things said to that American hunter bird, plenty off death threats, just crazy It's all very well saying have 1 org but the danger with that is if that super org is rubbish, then u really have a problem relying on 1 org. In an ideal world the orgs should be keeping each other on there goes and hopefully pick up where the other has failed. Mick ur deluding itself if u think CA are doing anything better. U mentioned the GP fiasco, no other org has done anything, I also thought the 120 was actually 55 quid fee and still only in discussion stages yet. Far from ideal but more than any other org has done, in Scotland u here off GPs charging £200+ or worse still point blank refusing which means no guns. Least u will have an option
  10. But a dodgy curry/food poisoning is a pretty black and white situation with no personal opinion. Rough handling off a dog is massively a personal opinion and really depends on the situation, context and even the individual dog as no 2 dogs can be trained the exact same way or respond to praise/correction or even treats the same. Unless ur there hard to say either way, also the client may not have a clue wots going on either, possibly had to resort to a more physical approach than normal as the client/owner has made too many mistakes with dog. Just so many potential variations and all open to personal opinion By all accounts the trainer is an idiot from later posts,
  11. Fair play then, wasn't entirely doubting ur story but just not enough info for an internet witch hunt if unfounded. It amazes me that even the breakers are stupid enough to do it openly on a strangers dog . My 1st head keeper was a real dog breaker but that was 3 decades + ago when it was more the norm. I occasionally pick up alongside 2 with a terrible rep, atleasrt in the past, yet when u watch them and there dogs ud never know it. There dogs never seem to cower like ud expect and I've never seen them strike 1 on a shoot day or even a few training days where I've been shooting for them. So either changed tactics or just do it in private For me the thing u see most often is ur typical rubbish beating line dog bogging off and then being battered when it eventually comes back, just wrong on so many levels. Reidler any complaints bad reviews etc should be from the actual client not some internet witch hunt As an aside I was on a training wknd once for hprs yes ago with a good positive trainer and she reckoned u need to repeat something 150 ( I think) times for a dog to really understand/ engrained
  12. I should probably say nothing here, ( and I'm not condoning anything as wasn't there). But Probably going to regret sticking my head up here. But to name and shame is completely out off order, no one knows wot actually happened, no one knows the context and no one really knows wot he's describing as a kick, was it just a touch or more than that I also dont know wot the dog is like Dunno if any of u watch the dog whisperer bloke from America, he regularly strikes dogs with his heel, only softly I should add but I bet many UK owners would be shocked by that. If the trainer really has brutalised the dog then fair enough but I do find it hard to believe a trainer has just went out on the 1st training session and battered a strangers dog. But mibbee it does haplen Wot do u all think off the last comment, dog confined to kennel with no free running. I know a lad who has just took his 1st dog/gun dog to a pro trainer and he also has been completely taken aback by the training. I know them and they really are not a hard trainer by any stretch, infact a very soft positive trainer really but still shocked him Like I said I wasn't there but hoping the op's mate has over exaggerated slightly, althou I'm sure a few old-fashioned trainers still exist it mibbee is too early to out them on the internet as that's there reputation ruined (possibly falsely)
  13. That does sound a decent plan, the only drawback being if u have to send someone back for it or can walk in a circle back to it for lunch. I always find handbags quite comfy to shoot with too, which would give u slightly more room. Must admit never done the ptarm but I would imagine u want to keep ur dogs right in to heel as the birds will be really wild, seen that with later season walked up grouse or snipe ur far better with ur dogs at heel. Can u use pointers for ptarm. Never heard off it and doubt be enough cover for the birds to hold on point . If u can might be worth the extra as cover far more ground. Also dunno how fit u are but always worth doing a bit extra, far more enjoyable when ur not blowing out ur ####. I'm starting a bit of pre season grouse fitness shortly, hopefully be some grouse about this year.
  14. Thing is if never mount a gun carrying all the gear ur on about carrying. U will be walking big distances on the hill tops and shots will be very few and far between so if u fluff ur 1 shot cos it knackered or carrying a heavy bag. Binos are a great shout whoever mentioned them before. In Oct should be past midge season, same with ticks, and tend not to get many of both on higher ground. Really study ur OS maps afore u go and suss out potential escape routes ( trees, woods, fence lines, safe burns is no waterfalls etc) that take u down to low ground and back to bothy. And also any dodgy hazards. Althou that might depend how experienced/common sense u have for being out in hills. Do ur homework on the PLBs or sat trackers some are 1 off fees but really only a holy sh#t/SOS button, where some trackers are monthly fees but can link to ur phone to send texts etc Really with a PLB if something goes wrong big time mountain rescue will be notified within 10 mins and know exactly where u are. If ur really worried pay the extra and get the keeper out for 1st day
  15. I'm sure ull be fine spruucey, but that's the size off trees that can be tricky, just enough wieght in the trees to be dangerous but still wee trees Usually a combination of complacency or the mucking the cut up due to small stem size. Leandra can be ackward at that size as not enough room to do a proper cut. By rights at that size depending on tree numbers u might need a felling licence if ur over the exemption quantity.
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