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  1. Getting weight on a dog

    I see no one has mentioned and probably taken for granted but make sure ur up to date with worming. Almost every dog is different, sometimes u can up the protein/ammount and it just runs out the other end. I have 1 lab that is looking a bit skinnier now than I'd like him to be, but he has done a lot of days so far this season
  2. wheres my girls

    150 acres is quite a small area, depending on the habitat it may suit cocks better than hens. Even on large commercial shoots is quite common to find certain woods have far more hens than cocks or vice versa. Often hens like warmer woods. For all most keepers blame cocks for wandering, GWCT studies reckon that hens actually wander more. Can see the logic to it with cocks being territiorial the only problem being often their territory might not be inside the wood but along some hedge row/rough corner of field away from other cocks. Also the cocks stand out more and u often don't see the 5-10 hens hiding round about them
  3. Outdoor CCTV system

    Do u get much voltage drop throu the cables? Say if u had a long run to a kennel/stable/shed/front gate or something do u need special/thickier cables or is the voltage too small to notice much drop?
  4. Eating Game - lead shot

    Some studies have travelled to some subsistence type cultures (scandinvia , alska etc ) where they pretty much all their protein comes from shot game and even there they could not really find elevated lead levels in the blood. Rally don't worry about it, compared to the rubbish and chemials/additives they fill up ready meals with game is still a very healthy option
  5. How Should I feel....?

    I was trying to give the shoot the benefit of doubt in case u just had a bad day or were on a bad beat, but sadly CharlieT above could be right, it's harsh but true
  6. How Should I feel....?

    2 a week isn't neccessaryily?sp a lot, it all depends on the area, amount of drives and amount of birds put down. If it can do 2/3 days back to back shooting doing different drives 2 is not a lot, if he only has enough for 1 day then 2 every week does become quite a lot Do u know if the other guns getting there bags? It's easy to critise and moan if u don't get ur bag, but it really depends on the reasons behind it, just having an unusually bad day/season or never put enough birds down in 1st place, There still wild and even released birds can wander off or die unexpectedly, so even on a bought day there will be no absolute guarantee's (altou u night have a chance of a refund)
  7. How Should I feel....?

    There is some good advice already esp from OF. I would agree on the 1st day possibly the shoot captain could be slightly to blame for not briefing all the guns on the size of the day (fair play to u all for holding back thou, often many teams don't and finished by lunch or paying overages) It sounds like the keepers/shoot organiser must realise his day/bag has fell short when he has given u 2 extra drives. Many shoots will do a rough cartridge count althou in my area not strictly adhered too, more in case there is any complaints about lack of birds. Really the ratio should be around 3/1 althou possibly higher if higher birds U definitely need to have a talk with all the guns to see wot opinions are. For me a lot wot depend on the shoot itself, does it come with a decent long standing reputation? Is it well established? Have u shoot there before? Even the best shoots/keepers can have bad days or even bad seasons, i'd say it does sound worrying the lack of birds when ur only in end Nov (but many shoots are really struggling this year to hold birds) If its a decent shoot with a decent shooting tenant/keeper/agent he should be offering u something (even an extra day as ur almost 150 birds short of where u should be) even if it is for next season. The mark of a good shoot is how they come back from it and make it good Most keepers I know if they had a returning party who had a disappointing day last time out would be pulling out all the stops for them the mext time to give them a cracking day
  8. Dogs ear defenders 😁

    Aye I have thought about that, but to be honest I don't really like seeing dogs wearing a collar for work and esp not E collar's. Can imagine most guns/beaters would just presume my dog is wild/ or I haven/can't train it when they see it wearing a collar (must admit I know I do and in most cases they'd be right) I'll think about it over the close season, I might try it on the grouse as not much dangerous cover don't think I'd be happy working him on he pheasants shoots with a collar But to be fair he's 10 or 11 now and been a cracking dog for me, while he is still very fit I don't grudge him his retirement either, some seasons he'll have done close on 100 days Plus my old lab is retiring this year too, so it would give him company in the retirement kennel. The lab's still going strong at 12ish and I've been meaning to retire him for past 3 years and still bright as a button the next day even after back to back days, but they do go downhill quick if u wok them too long
  9. Dogs ear defenders 😁

    While it does seem a ridiculas idea, if I done a lot of hide shooting/pigeon bashing I probably would train my dog to use them. My old spaniel is going to have to be prematurely retired purely throu deafness, still very physically fit but can no longer hear where the whistle is coming form. He seems to almost cope on the usual shoots i go to as he knows the woods and where I go, on a new shoot last week and he was totally lost. Not nice too watch for me I've never really shot big days over him but if I was regularly shooting 30 plus pigeons over it in a hide I would think about ear muffs
  10. business rates on shooting land

    Alright stagboy, I agree with most of wot u have said. But it is the shooting tenant Not the landowner who is liable. I know of a few local farms who do not own the shooting rights but do own the land. Also I know of folk who really only shoot foxes and occasional pheasant yet have been charged for shooting rates
  11. Thermal imaging and foxes

    Must admit I'm with the OP babs and Charlie here. I must admit I'm amazed at the number of folk that have them now at the price they are (and the amount for sale after 4-6 weeks), its a massive expense to justify. Fair enough if ur FT pest controller or a big estate with 1 between a few keepers, ut I still now quite a few keepers who still lamp. Plus when u learn to use 1 of those u'll never learn the ticks and field craft u had too to be successful with a lamp and all those skills will be lost. I also worry about safety issues with these things,not because there unsafe themselves, but many folk will only have it in there rifle so will have to scan fields with the rifle. I did buy a cheap homemade NV spotter but to be honest I still like the old fashioned way of lamp/full moon/binos, so that I'm never tempted to use my rifle for scanning/spotting. I mind many years ago and I got my 1st ever scope mounted lamp for the air gun really did not feel safe even with an air gun
  12. business rates on shooting land

    But shoots will already pay tax on any profits they make. Why should they pay tax twice? Yes shooting is the income, but there is still plenty of expenses to come of that 30 quid a bird, infact I'm surprised shoots can sell birds for that. In the 80's most of the shooting round these parts was all in house but still plenty of big days going about even back then. Ps the brain may thing was to show wether or not u shoot on the ground is irrelevant, and antis/non shooters will be charged the exact same sporting rate as
  13. business rates on shooting land

    Fair play if that's wot u think. But have u actually looked in detail at sporting rates and the way they are charged. It actually has nothing to do with shooting but the potential for shooting. So if badger hugging anti brain may owned 1000 acres he would be just as liable for sporting rates as a big commercial operation of 1000 acres and both would/could be due the same exact same amount of rates. The reason they were abolished is they cost so much to enforce. I bet there is only a handful of shoots big enough to have to pay sporting rates in the whole of Dumfriesshire (need to be over 10k acres) Shoots turn over massive ammounts of money each year but there is actually very little profit, shoots are always going bust. The old saying about football clubs would be equally true about shoots, "the only way to make a small fortune with a shoot is to start off with a big fortune"
  14. business rates on shooting land

    I'm a wee bit ccnfused by ur 2nd paragraph Uilleachan. Wether or not u shoot on the ground is irrelevant to the shooting rates, as is if the shoot makes a profit or not. As has been said the devil will be in the detail and how the exemptions are dealt with. I have already heard they are talking about adding water rates in the future, wether that will affet many shoots I don't know The 1 groupi can see affected will be landowners/shooting tenant who already run small businesses so have already used there exemptions so will be liable to pay the rates. But I can imagine they could either lease the ground or change there name/start a new company to dodge the rates. The folki can see being most affected are estates that don't shoot or let any ground is they will be laible for the whole lot as long as over 10K acres
  15. business rates on shooting land

    Yes they have. Will it effect stalking syndicates or shooting in general?? Haven't got a clue. its not quite that simple, most shoots or syndicates 'should' qualify for 100% exemptions. Its only shoots over 10'000 acres that should be laible, depending on how it is applied I can see it actually benefitting shooters as some estates might try to get rid of sporting leases so might lease areas just so there not liable (as its the sporting tenant who is liable) Really far too early yet to tell wot will happen, they reckon 80-90% of bills will be wrong anyway, it is a typical SNP cluster @uck Althou its ur local councils and not Holryrood that have to chase it up, will be costing councils an absolute fortune and getting very little back. Walker u are right its the exact samething sort of rejiigged to be even more ineffecient, and they scrapped it originally as it cost more to implement than it ever brought in.