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  1. GSP84

    96 .308 rounds

    Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
  2. GSP84

    96 .308 rounds

    I have a mixed selection of .308 rounds that I want to clear out of my safe. These would suit someone wanting to try a mixed selection of brands through a rifle to see what groups. 14 x Winchester extreme point 150gn17 x Federal Power Shok 150gn20 x Federal Power Shok 180gn20 x PPU 150gn11 x Sako superhammerhead 180gn14 x Sako Superhammerhead 150gnface to face with visibility of license onlyLooking for £60
  3. GSP84

    Any winter pigeon experts?

    Well I’ve been playing about over the last few weeks with a) a lot more decoys, and b) the pattern for laying them Steadily been getting better and better results, and today had 70+ over winter rape. im using a lot more decoys (30+) and placing them a lot closer together and bunched up rather than U shaped. getting a lot more success.
  4. GSP84

    Decoy set up . Sheffield

    Do you have any pictures?
  5. GSP84

    Any winter pigeon experts?

    Yeah not many, and that would make sense with the flocking up in winter. Will try that next time out
  6. I’m struggling at the moment on the pigeon. I shoot mainly over rape. The farmer seems happy for us to just keep them moving, but I’d prefer to keep him even happier by reducing the numbers. My fieldcraft is not terrible, in early spring I have good days when the flocks start breaking up, and harvest time every day is a big days... but December to February is always a massive struggle. The spring and summer fieldcraft just doesn’t cut it... do I perhaps need to invest in some extra kit like a couple of mechanical flappers to go in the pattern, the rotary magnet is nothing more than a scarer I’m find at this time of year. Any guidance or tips will be very well received.
  7. GSP84

    TransK9 B8 large dog transit cage For Sale

    I'm afraid I don't travel that way often, and not in a vehicle this cage would fit in when I do. I have a preference for collection only at the moment due to the size and weight. The cage fits on a pallet and is £60+ to ship.
  8. GSP84

    TransK9 B8 large dog transit cage For Sale

    Nottinghamshire :-)
  9. Due to a change in vehicle I am selling my TransK9 B8 dog cage. Its designed to fit in a landrover defender but will obviously fit in other vehicles. Its only 2 months old and like brand new, barely used. http://www.transk9.com/select/land-rover/land-rover-defender/land-rover-defender-90-1990/b8/ I am looking for £300 for a quick sale, no offers.
  10. GSP84

    Mossberg 500 .410

    Thanks guys. Not sure why this advert has posted twice, but I believe I have sold my Mossberg and will update the listing tomorrow as sold once it has gone. Thanks for all the interest.
  11. GSP84

    Mossberg 500 Hushpower .410

    Not sure why this has posted twice, but I believe I have sold my Mossberg and will update the listing tomorrow as sold once it has gone. Thanks for all the interest.
  12. GSP84

    Mossberg 500 .410

    I haven't received a PM from you, a couple of others but not your username, sorry.
  13. GSP84

    Good evening on the bunnies

    Cheers, wood stocked one is a Annie 1417, plastic stocked one is a .17hmr Sako Quad . Had another good night last night, 30+ pigeon on some freshly planted game cover and another 10 bunnies off the paddock.
  14. I bought a new electronic fox caller as on Tuesday night I saw a vixen with 3 cubs so thought I'd try it out this evening... The weather was terrible and I didn't see a single fox :-( I did however see plenty of bunny rabbits, the number have increased significantly around here recently, much more than previous years. I had 15 good hits but the rest went back flipping into oblivion (also known as soaking wet 4ft tall super thick heather) so couldn't be recovered and I had not dog with me :-( Anyone who contributed to my other thread (http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/338433-22-lr-different-noise-levels/), well I can confirm it wasn't such a big problem tonight. I don't think the rabbit in the paddock I was asked to clear had ever been shot at! Not compared to my main permission where they are jumpy as hell.
  15. GSP84

    I have only gone and ......

    We did 1000 miles in our this week around north wales, it's more comfortable than my 5 series, mainly because you can move about and are not locked into these rubbish tight sports seats most new cars come with. It's got plenty of character, but even my wife has got used to that. There is a technique to 'shutting the doors' and you get wet when it's raining, plus water running through the fuse box seems normal pre 2007 when it's raining lol. I'd suggest there is always some value in doing a training day with a professional or going out with some people that know how to use one and all its functions. It's surprising how quickly you can also become unnecessarily stuck. Knowing what one is capable of give you more confidence too. image hosting site over 5mb