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  1. I've got agree with Ferret, I found them heavier on recoil than most other 28g cartridges I've tried.
  2. Thanks, I will give them both a try
  3. Anyone got a trap style forend for a Browning 525. Thanks Ian
  4. Sounds like a perfect day out 👍
  5. How about a Browning 525 Shadow sporter, grade 4 wood about £2K new
  6. ianspire

    Midas choke

    12G modified midas choke wanted, thanks Ian
  7. Depends on the barrel, I've got a BSA ultra that I've had for years, used more than most and never had to clean the barrel and its a tack driver ( if I do my bit ). I've also got a Pro-target with a walther barrel that needs a pull through after 300 to 500 pellets as it stars throwing flyers.
  8. Just checked the barrels on my 525, no step where the chokes are, invector plus barrels if that makes a difference
  9. The BA is possibly the date code which if it is, it is a 2004
  10. I find Eley Superb or Gamebore Evo are smooth to shoot
  11. Speak to the guys at Chesterfield sheds on Storforth Lane, everything made to order and great quality
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