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  1. Thats the man, good sort and same as you say a good sense of humour
  2. Hi, it wasn't Mr Globe by any chance?
  3. ianspire

    Lee Loadall II

    Nearly spat my coffee all over my tablet 🤣
  4. Im loving every time i get out with the gun, I would be enjoying it more if i wasn't working so much
  5. The main thing is you're out and enjoying it
  6. @Jacko3275 i like the fact you put your video's up even if you have bad day, showing your hits and misses, so thank you
  7. Just a quick follow up, my certificate arrived within a week and i treated myself to a Browning B 525 Shadow
  8. Look at the surroundings, got to be the best place for a child to be and grow up 👍
  9. Is that Harboro Rocks? I've heard good reports from a few folk
  10. Just looked at CPSA insureance and it says, Legal expenses insurance for shotgun certificate revocation and renewal issues (excluding colts and clubman)
  11. 1/2 - black paint faded/scrubbed away - £10 I will take this if still available
  12. Hello all, been loitering in the background for a while thought it was about time i said hello, had my interview for my shotgut cert on Thursday so I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas till my ticket arrives and blow the bank balance. Ian
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