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  1. Look at the surroundings, got to be the best place for a child to be and grow up 👍
  2. Is that Harboro Rocks? I've heard good reports from a few folk
  3. Just looked at CPSA insureance and it says, Legal expenses insurance for shotgun certificate revocation and renewal issues (excluding colts and clubman)
  4. ianspire

    Various Chokes

    Payment sent
  5. ianspire

    Various Chokes

    1/2 - black paint faded/scrubbed away - £10 I will take this if still available
  6. Hello all, been loitering in the background for a while thought it was about time i said hello, had my interview for my shotgut cert on Thursday so I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas till my ticket arrives and blow the bank balance. Ian
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