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  1. The BA is possibly the date code which if it is, it is a 2004
  2. I find Eley Superb or Gamebore Evo are smooth to shoot
  3. Speak to the guys at Chesterfield sheds on Storforth Lane, everything made to order and great quality
  4. ianspire

    Midas choke

    Still looking
  5. Look on YouTube, XTX Air did a video for these, if I remember correctly you dry fire till empty, turn the fill valve as if to tighten it then there is a lock ring in between the cylinder and valve, remove this using a pick or small allen key and the valve should unscrew.
  6. BSA carbine backpack would be my choice https://www.uttings.co.uk/p102940-bsa-carbine-backpack-38-inch-black-729/#.YBqcnc6nw1I
  7. There is only 6mm difference between standard and long , standard listed as 375mm and long at 381mm
  8. They look the same as a set of Lanber chokes on the bay
  9. ianspire

    Midas choke

    Thank you, it an option if I can't get one second hand
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