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  1. Download Firefox and try. Fresh install may work
  2. Next step @Lloyd90 would be to go into the internet settings and clear cache and cookies,but the private browser would be clear of this which is odd ...
  3. As @Nuke says the largest is the Boss, taking them can sometimes cause more issues as the group now won't have a Boss. Interesting to see them in N.Somerset. didn't think we had any round here...
  4. Three of the bird feeders in garden recently, using the HW100. 1909
  5. I use Millie's wolfheart. Have used gundog mix for a few years now, spanner is as wired as he was at 6months old and his coat is soft and has great condition, only issue I have is he sneaks off to get the cats food which can't be that good for him ...
  6. Sometimes there doesn't need to be a motive, someone who knows what they're doing, decides to hack then share the info.. and did they put the details up showing the source of the data, or just share the data so those details can be harvested and you end up with spam calls and junk mail on you floor inside the front door ..
  7. Lloyd, try in an inprivate or incognito tab.. if it fails in there then it's not cookie based ..
  8. I think that who ever they have looking after the website and then in turn security of it will need a talking to for sure. If they have ignored Comms that have told them of this again a huge mistake by them and they should be pulled up on this. Any personal data is exactly that and private. I'm sure the right people will be asking the questions we all are about how they could be so slack as to let it happen.
  9. By you from another comment I've seen, who else has told them? What vulnerability did you advise them of?
  10. Hackers are always one step ahead of the protectors. It's a reactive job to block new attacks. This is nothing new when it comes to breaches. Yes it will now put them in a very tricky position. But yes they should be making sure details are securely held. But they are not the first and will not be the last company to get caught out.
  11. Definitely not a scam, not sure they should be shut down, plenty of higher profile companies have had data breaches. Just this is one regarding firearm owner's. Who knows what the reason for the hack was. No different to the innocent badge site getting hold of cull details.
  12. It def feels hotter. I'm pretty much in the middle of the orange blob, and out this evening in the high seat I was dripping....
  13. More likely a gold fish. Hahaha
  14. Doubt you were on your own with that. After Pickford saved the first pen I was optimistic.. again penalties just aren't our thing Because he was put further down the order by Southgate. Sancho, saka, and rashford also take pens. And have good % from looking at stats If it went to sudden death, then you'd want them to be stepping up, so it's a hard decision to make by the boss. Not surprised, he didn't exactly get a huge amount of game time.. something behind the doors for that decision to be made.
  15. Probably practiced that over and over and snuck in just inside the post, but on the day and when it mattered, scuffed it , it happens and it must of felt horrible for him
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