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  1. I've had remarks in pubs before, middle of the countryside and someone with cod n chips and steak on plate started to kick of about us murdering scum...
  2. That's because he ain't...
  3. Might you be getting directional feeders in at all, the above are great for feeding areas in woodland, but ponds etc I find can throw it everywhere but where I want it to go..
  4. Loved how they said grouse moors don't have wildlife.. And Avery rubbished the hen Harrier hatch success saying it wasn't actually on grouse moors.. 3 on 1 was always going to be hard.
  5. Mad, as it was so rough to it was hard to know what was a potential knock or just the current knocking it about.. Back in n. Somerset now, so no more fishing this weekend..
  6. God knows, if I'd hooked it I'd be able to tell you haha. I was right in the middle of weston. Maybe just my poor baiting skills last night haha
  7. Number 1 and 2 hook. And one was whole and had two hook and half squid, with bait elastic, was very tough...
  8. That's where I was. Outdide lifeboat Station. Then was on weston beach this morning, bait thief's... And rid got pulled off rest but hook bare.. Was using squid
  9. Was in Sidmouth, east devon, water was like sandy soup, had a few knocks but no hits. Going to do a bit of spinning in morning.
  10. Three hours in, SFA so far couple knocks but bait not touched for the last hour.. Madness
  11. Maybe tell them to stop restricting already law abiding firearms holders would be a start. Knee jerk reactions that put us under so much scrutiny. And make it so that there is a level playing field and all forces impose the same level of legislation and not make it up on a whim or do as they feel. Things like you have to do this to have that, or log everytime you go out and then we'll do this...
  12. They are in the car already!! Last time I was barred from taking them. Never again!!!!
  13. Anyone with the know how could make the image up. Show us the bird in the trap live video then I'll believe it. I've used photoshop for years and when I was in college many years ago I used to photoshop cars, putting the front of one onto the rear of another, unless you knew it was a photoshop it just looked like a interesting consept, no obvious connecting lines etc. Photoahop. Is an anti's dream..
  14. Pups look great, shame I'm not in the position to have another at the moment. God luck with the sales
  15. I have a place next to the donkey sanctuary so have Seaton, beer Branscombe and sidmouth all in reach
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