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  1. You need to update your email address with BASC then, as I got an email from them regarding this week's ago.
  2. ShootingEgg

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    Oh i dont disagree, I use thermal in devon for spotting but unless I see the whole animal, only done that once woth a roe buck id never rely on it for a scope to shoot at something.
  3. Tells you that shooters in England and Scotland are not fussed by the issue in Wales. In the most blunt way of putting it. Very much a case of its not affecting me, i dont shoot in wales, which is the worst way of looking at it. If basc have 150,00 members, 8k is a pathetic hit rate on the website, sorry Debbie if this is a negative reply but im sorry its true, 8,000 hits on the website when there are 150,00 members, and will be more than 8000 welsh shooters too. I have responded, I dont shoot in wales and live just over the bridge in Somerset so one day I might want to, so that is the reason for me responding. But everyone should be responding, no matter where you shoot or dont shoot, if it goes ahead in wales it will happen else where.
  4. ShootingEgg

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    But spot in thermal. Dont you??
  5. ShootingEgg

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    On thermal I think the Shape would not resemble any wild animal. Would be a very odd shape.
  6. ShootingEgg

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    Very sad and thoughts with the family.
  7. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    😂, what its authentic lol..
  8. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    Another Saturday another day on the truck. The thermo top housing all back in, got the water pump fitted, all with new hoses, and have filled water up inc anti freeze..
  9. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    Haha love it... Might jist do it
  10. Will watch this later as this is my force. I have met him and been interviewed by him unsure about the good reason part, as I got mine with just clay shooting. Then got a multi shot (over 5) auto with no issues.
  11. ShootingEgg

    BASC reports Lush to advertising watchdog

    I still cant get my head around peoples attitudes towards the shooting community. Saying we woild poison poor people, saying we are all high flying snobs with more money than sense, I read this whilst sat on the bus this morning on my way to work. Not sat in my rolls with heated seats and a driver. Im an average joe, working for a living and have a hobby that involves so much more than just killing things.
  12. ShootingEgg

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    I do this. The only debt I have is my mortgage.
  13. ShootingEgg

    ashers bakery

    Id of said no because bert and ernie werent a gay couple. So was that not just as bad by making out they were a gay couple?? Its the right decision but should never ever have gotten to a court room.
  14. ShootingEgg

    Sako or tikka

    This. I have one and it is a lovely rifle.
  15. ShootingEgg

    Modern life.

    Just saw him going through broadmead at the bottom of union Street, he is living the dream.