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  1. Bit late now to oil. And if the OP takes the eggs they may end up with pet geese
  2. Real let down that last episode was. Some of this series have been edge of your seat trying to figure it out. Last night was poor. And and awful end .. if that was the end..
  3. If you have permission on land then they don't really have a leg now.. they are just making things up to deny you. The whole experience thing is just a way of them getting out of granting you the ticket
  4. Pig wrapped in pig, what's not to like..
  5. Would be good if you could Put the little house over the bag and mesh the doors and windows, rain proof then too
  6. Depends he far pregnant you are as it is advised not to fly after a certain point.. But why make such a big deal out of it, just plays into her hands. The hands that don't want media attention unless it's a highly paid Opra interview
  7. Air Wick in ya bathroom 😁
  8. Not a snob. They are just lazy! But are you saying you've never had a picnic in the park or are on the beach, they will be plenty of carp there probably inc human waste.. I'm not going to section my garden just because I have a dog, never seen the need. I've had spaniels in my life since day one. And I'm normal and healthy.
  9. Yeah our veg patch is but that's just because it will stop the dog trampling it all. Do people who section off the garden use gloves to open gates or when out beating or in a hide? Lots of nasties out there
  10. What you talking about. My lawn isn't sectioned off because of the dog. Only thing i get is the pee patches due to his pee killing the grass but that's just part of a dog on lawn. Why keep the dog off apart from that and being lazy not wanting to pick up poop.. I don't roll around on the grass or lick it or eat off it. I walk over it to get to one area to another. Simple
  11. Stick to real grass, just a hardy variety. Plastic grass imo is an awful invention for garden's. Removes readily available earthworms for the blackbirds for one. Once worn out it will be yet more plastic pollution etc.
  12. Shiny good looking and over priced. Stuck to windows based machine for what you are wanting to do. And as Discobob says, base model will be over your price point
  13. If the machine has a second slot then yes you can put 4 more in. The rest of the spec is fine looking at them
  14. Had the i5 Vs i7 chat at work this week, and i7 can multitask(cache difference) better than the 5, so for you editing the 7 is the better option, other than that not alot different. The 2 in 1s are nice to look at etc but will you use the tablet function much if not then not much point buying one. Only thing I'd suggest is that get a machine that allows you to upgrade the RAM. for video editing is suggest you get 16gb not 8gb. So either save a few more pennies to get it off the shelf or upgrade it once brought.
  15. Have had my Hogg's pair for 6 years. Still as good as the day I bought them, although a little tighter now haha
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