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  1. You saw it right... Madness.
  2. Turn the unit off, remove the sim and then re seat it, then turn the phone back on. If no settings have been changed I'd expect it to be the sim causing the issue.
  3. ShootingEgg

    Storm Dennis

    Wind has picked up more this evening than rest of the day, less rain than expected here too.
  4. How can they bleet on about EU and it get to court. We left that club. And didn't think we are keeping all the red tape..
  5. Mine failed on 5 things haha, so booth and code fixed it haha
  6. I did mine this month, came back with an issue with my photo, sent a new one via the Web and done, new passport two Days later
  7. I'm 90% sure Braces in Bristol have been told by HSBC they have to find a new bank so this is not fake news... Think it even made the local news.
  8. ShootingEgg

    is weekend

    Just bunker down and hope it holds. Don't try and do anything that puts yourself at risk mate.
  9. ShootingEgg


    My passport ran out, only found out when going to book a holiday, new one with me now. It states United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.... But its not blue..
  10. How can she claim to be an activist Nd then get filmed which probably means carbon footprint galore
  11. I think the word Hero potentially is being missed used. No allegations that I'm aware of have been made, but coming out as gay doesn't make you a hero, in my eyes anyway Both men and women have fought and lost their lives for their countries across the world, defending the people of the country they fight for, they are hero's.
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