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  1. ShootingEgg

    Three Landrover Series 2/2a/3 manuals-Haynes

    Yes please.. Just aquired a 2a so these may help....
  2. ShootingEgg

    How many Foxes are killed in 2018

    Two tonight with 22 250 lamped 350
  3. ShootingEgg

    landy advice

    I hope so
  4. ShootingEgg

    landy advice

    Looks good!! Sometimes practicality wins over originality..
  5. ShootingEgg

    landy advice

    Hahaha you not want a ride then Grant, could drive you to game fair in ot if you want a bad back for a month haha
  6. ShootingEgg

    landy advice

    Got a 2a front end on it.... i got year wrong ha 1967 one i was watching was 79
  7. ShootingEgg

    landy advice

    Well I jumped.. And got a swb 2a 1979. Will be picking it up next week.
  8. ShootingEgg

    Another glorious 12th, another protest

    They did, atleast currently the water company see it as economically viable too. But it is a slippery slope, I'm guessing that ilkley is now no longer managed so will go to ruin and grouse will disappear, maybe if this is the case then it should be heavily publicised that the removal of shooting has contributed to that if it does happen
  9. ShootingEgg

    Another glorious 12th, another protest

    Would be interested to know what you get.
  10. ShootingEgg

    Another glorious 12th, another protest

    One reply... I understand you feel the report fails to provide a balance of views on the topic, and should have featured more detailed contributions in favour of grouse shooting. We appreciate the time you have taken to raise this issue with us, however, we would emphasise the focus of this short article is on calls for Yorkshire Water to ban grouse shooting from moorland in West Yorkshire and the company's response to the protest. The debate on grouse shooting itself is not the subject of this particular report. The article explains the context of the story before featuring comments from Luke Steele (Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire's Moors), Paul Carter (Yorkshire Water), and, as you acknowledge, Glynn Evans, (British Association for Shooting and Conservation). The latter said, "the benefits of grouse shooting are "massive and varied" and"Grouse shooting supports rural communities; families, schools, shops, garages". We assure you impartiality is a core value of the BBC, and one reason why we believe our news coverage is trusted and respected around the world. We apply this principle to our reporting of all issues and never take a position on anything that we cover - we always aim to reflect a broad range of voices on any given subject. However, due impartiality isn’t necessarily always achieved in one single report or programme, so we would ask that you take account of how we cover a topic over time. Nonetheless, please be assured, we appreciate your feedback on this issue and I have passed your comments forward on a report which will be read by senior BBC management and the BBC News Website team. Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Kind regards Emma Duff
  11. ShootingEgg

    Another Fox attack on a child.

    And what lovely photos they out on the article showing how cute and fluffy they are... Does my head in, call it savage then put photos that will make people go awww. Urban foxes are becoming a problem but as NAH just said, people feed them in their back yards. It will always happen.
  12. ShootingEgg

    I'm to be arrested by HMRC........

    I got one a few weeks ago. I should of been executed last thursday... Was death penalty due to tax issues..
  13. ShootingEgg

    More problems for wildfowlers in Scotland

    As an "englishman" I did not know this so learnt something.. I agree with younlast points, work together rather than in fight would be a good direction to go in.
  14. ShootingEgg


    This... Its getting to a point where we need to start pushing back.. Ive sent in one complaint about an article on grouse. Maybe we should be more proactive in defending our sport
  15. ShootingEgg

    Another glorious 12th, another protest

    Certainly, I highlighted the very one sided article where the quote feom basc was 3words. And that it was very much anti, rather than anything else. Moor management is so much more than jiat shooting grouse. Blinkered views of the masses though.