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  1. Weird question

    In answer to the original question. Nothing illegal has been done, just a bit careless to dump them in such a visible place. About as simple as that.
  2. Stumble!

    Sounds like a bit of a 50/50 good and bad. But good to hear the bloods came back clear.
  3. Another old codger

    Neither am I but they latch onto anything.
  4. Another old codger

    He was not.. Im just saying that no matter if he was or wasn't, anti gun people will bring it up.
  5. Another old codger

    Think the only way this is bad press for legal owners is because the topic of licences will no doubt come up and antis will make some drivvel up.
  6. Stumble!

    Id miss the season over the rest of that post. Hope your son recovers well from what sounds like a nasty ordeal..
  7. Line spacing on topics

    This will do the job.
  8. Not sure they need to on This one, seeing the footage and the police findings. Although the way they report it and the wording is pretty poor. But no doubt he was doing it and manufacturing thousands of rounds for them
  9. Food banks.

    This is the sad truth. I know someone who said they were hard up... This year they have had 4 holidays one being a month in Aus, own a flat, a car, just bought sky.. But they are hard up. Most People in this country dont know what poor or hard up actually is.
  10. Stranger Things

    Yes, yes it was.. Hahaha
  11. Good old Surrey Police

    Staff levels at avs are the issue for me
  12. Ugh. Dog walkers

    Mate an myself today working on our shoot noticed two people and two dogs miles off the foot path, so hopped on quad and over we went. Nice young couple and the girl said straight away can you point us towards the footpath, wece completely lost it.. So we got lucky, just asked them to put the dogs on lead for the last field as sheep in it. And they were on their way. But ive had a few idiots on the land when ive been out shooting.. And they seem to take offence when i say they are off the footpath and there is live firing in progress.
  13. Ugh. Dog walkers

    If the dog is doing that and attacking wildlife and stock, sod the PR, well within the law to destroy the dog.
  14. lynx escapes in Wales.

    At what point did I say im an expert. But yes a captive animal that has never had to stalk or chase its prey ever has taken 7 already. Again im no expert.
  15. lynx escapes in Wales.

    A bucket load is a bit much for one lynx.. No need to get defensive. And oh if the government have had it checked then it must be true..