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  1. Surely that is high priority as it's a live cable flapping round..
  2. Food is insulation for the body, so bit silly not insulating herself...
  3. I could do with the rifle one bud. My current cab is not that deep
  4. We lost our shed roof over night and today the birds were missiles.
  5. The amount of dates you go on.. you ain't lonely, just fussy 😂🤣😂🤣😂
  6. Never going to happen. Is the sad truth on that statement
  7. Sounds about right. The cost only has to be higher for X number of days before they can reduce it to what ever they like and normally other savings in the year are better
  8. The test one is like 700million miles away obirting a larger one...will take a few years to actually get there!!! So if we have to do this in the next few years as there is a rock headed at us, the test won't actually of happened....
  9. Good to keep you working as if you do anything else you break yourself ...
  10. ShootingEgg


    Top one, has been on going for years 2nd one, three attempted it, he pushed it through As for the rest, he is Boris, enough said
  11. Sounds like a cracking nights shooting.
  12. We've had three dead swans at a local lake grounds, one was found headless, unsure if this has any bearing on avian flu, rspb did post mortem and it was inconclusive, so not stating idiots killing them...
  13. Same here, but I'd guess over in America, due to the recent verdict in court
  14. Their breakfast is one of the main reasons I go when down visiting family, have a static right next to the sanctuary so it's a littl stroll up the lane, OH likes to see the Donks and I get fed, win.... They do alot of work abroad, I'd not be surprised that some are rescue animals from abroad
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