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  1. Well it again goes to show that every constabulary is different, I couldn't have CF at first application, and then had to go on an awareness course so I could have. I have also worked for the force in question so am SC cleared too.
  2. Of course I do, you still got ya man bags??
  3. With regards to open ticket, how long have you had the license, what calibres for how long. Mine I've had 5 years, CF for three of them, both rimmies open, CF still restricted.. Seems I've not enough experience. Yet a 22lr I have open licence, yet can be as deadly as my 243 and bounce anywhere ... Depends in the day and the person deciding I guess.
  4. Thirded... Ha As for the topic. Vest, real or fake, the now dead terrorist killed two and injured others, was apprehended then police took action when seeing what they believed to be a bomb vest. The police did the right thing in my opinion. The signs were spotted and he got put away in 2012 for trying to pipe bomb the stock exchange, 16years and he served 7/8 of them. So the system failed two innocent people yesterday.
  5. You would have to work again because you'd have to pay it all back as tax...
  6. I just find it interesting how a labour major has now made 45,000 people jobless.. But hey they're for the many not the few... Right....
  7. Oowee although I agree ith the issues regarding broadband in this country, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to live out in the sticks in possibly a nice area and nice home. Broadband, sky, a nice car, fancy holidays are in my book still luxuries, and alot of people work hard to get them. Infrastructure for broadband could be better, but even if it was, the further away from the exchange you are the slower the speeds, WiFi and phone signals all work on line of sight, its a bit like us communicating via voice, face to face we hear and understand the ways in which things are said, put us either side of a wall or a peice of glass and the communications will drop or become poor. So you sya you live in a valley. Two hills either side of you are your walls. In a corbyn utopia only those who are at the bottom win, and some chose to be their so they can win. The people on the middle will be the hardest hit. And the top X% will just move their assets and investments away from his grubby mits. He really is not for the many.
  8. ShootingEgg


    Looks like energy firms are preparing for a labour govt, not just leaving the EU https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50536205
  9. Used to have an 1800 eunos, such fun cars and you don't have to have silly power to have the smiles
  10. In short, yes... You must be able to prove you have sold and no longer have the current 223. Then they will do the variation. I did this last year on my HMR. It took my force 13weeks to do it. I was less than impressed, it is something you could do in the shop, it's basically a trade in / part X Hope it's not a long wait for you
  11. Best not sign this one then... Let's hope they will dismiss this due to the utter nonsense and lies, and also the money that is put through the gates of the NEC should surely show a financial benifits.
  12. So you'd like - pan fried Sea bass with oven baked chips with a side of artisan bread? I am with you on the Bass, it isn't sea Bass!!!!
  13. ShootingEgg


    Unreal, the garage took your vehicle to a safer point as not to cause potentially a very bad accident. How can that then void your cover on that occasion..
  14. We are on Somerset levels, scrape 2ft off the area making sure water from ditches go in then back out... Keeps it clean that way. Also @bumpy22 id suggest just feeding and flights, putting remote controlled ducks down imo is a bit to easy for the guns... This, a few nesting tubes would do the job and much better shooting the flights
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