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  1. ShootingEgg

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    You have seen her defense lawyer, they will apeal...
  2. ShootingEgg

    Golden Eagles

    Think this is a pretty accurate comment, i doubt there is enough natural prey for them to thrive. Might be wrong but got to agree with the above
  3. ShootingEgg

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Makes a change..
  4. ShootingEgg

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Again moving production to Japan, not europe, so again not brexit causing it. But wait for that to be the reason by all bias news outlets
  5. ShootingEgg

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Keeping people safe is not bringing this twisted individual back into the country.
  6. ShootingEgg

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    She was not impressionable, she wasnt naive and wasnt lead, she went there, she saw and is happy to talk about seeing beheadings and now says Manchester arena was retaliation for bombings in syria, she can stay and rot over there. I couldn't care about her age. She is not a victim she is a terrorist.
  7. ShootingEgg

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Think you mean, fed, washed, supplied new clothes for her and her baby(who is innocent in this), a nice little council house(4 bedroom of course) and then anonymity so she doesn't get hassle from others.
  8. ShootingEgg

    Country file tonight

    But...... Even if we know this, the general public who have their eyes shut, it will point out its happening..
  9. ShootingEgg

    Helping hand

    Yeah popped back yesterday, week pn from getting the first, only a few weeks until they start to fill the growing fields with millions of plugs. Owner is happy to see some, so am trying to be selective on what im taking. Luckily my mates daughter living on a farm see's the cattle from start to finish, the few pigs each year tgey have for themselves and the Christmas turkeys.. So has a good understanding.
  10. ShootingEgg

    Helping hand

    Went out to my new perm again yesterday afternoon, arrived later than i wanted but still heades to the area deer are seen, got halfway up on field, thinking wind wasnt ideal, then spotted the group in the next field and down wind, with one doe staring right at me, blown it i thought, they slowly walked out of the field. Tucked up out of sight for about 45 minutes and nothing showed, so thought id properly blown it. Walked down the field back toward the truck, look overy shoulder to see the buck out. So slowly turned, got to a pallet and uses it as a blind. Waited for one of the does to show, and took the shot. Got it back to skin and butcher and was greated by my mates daughter who happily helped
  11. ShootingEgg

    British Shooting Show 2019

    Just got back, good to see the new products on show, new pair of stalking trousers with £80 off so bought them but nothing else really. Watched chris green as his demos are always a bit of a laugh.. Home by 2pm
  12. ShootingEgg

    Series 2a

    Trucks now running sweet, clutch issue was just the flexi hose, replaced and sorted. Brake hub oil leak sorted and brakes adjusted. And fitted new matts in front and loadbay, looking a bit tidier now.
  13. ShootingEgg

    22lr and Horses

    You will find they will react worse in the stable. As they cant see what madethe noise or where it came from. Also will harm themselves in stable so owners do get a bit funny if you spook them, vet bills are not small for them
  14. ShootingEgg

    First doe of 2019

    The area i am in is very heavily populated with Roe, have land i shoot with a mate on Exmoor which is Fallow and yes they are not stupid and do move around, but are not hammered so stick to the area's making it a little easier.
  15. ShootingEgg

    British Shooting Show 2019

    Sunday for me, have a few things on the list and will probably add to it when im there haha