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  1. Oh dear! The country will grind to a halt!

    We do not get this kind of weather enough to throw millions of pounds at it, for what, a week or two in January.. Enjoy a day off work, I would.
  2. Bisley 100 cartridge bag

    Sold pending usual...
  3. Barbour wellies

    Now sold. Ta
  4. Bisley 100 cartridge bag

    Green cartridge bag for sale. Used twice. There looks to be possible cleaning oil mark on the back. Roughly £45 new so thinking £20 delivered
  5. 20g to 410 adaptors

    Saw theese today when I dropped in for a catch up with bumpy. Very good quality adapters for anyone looking for some.
  6. Barbour wellies

    Brand new still in box size 10 barbour wellingtons.. £40 posted
  7. My first beaters day

    Thats the sad truth unfortunately. Its been conditioned into people to just accept that meat comes in small plastic vac pac containers. They don't have to know or think if where it came from.
  8. Petition response

    There was a petition thst some signed, snd some didn't due to its poor wording. The govt have responded, so here it is for those interested..
  9. A little dissapointed in BASC

    This was in no way to get myself publicity, the event was to get a group of youngsters introduced to game shooting snd the whole cycle from keeping the birds to getting them to the table. And promoting the sport to them.
  10. A-Tec mod

    The mod in question is for a 22 so the diameter is fine. Might be as suggested, plastic tip round and potential issues with that. The gun fires grouosuof a 20p peice size. So must be the mod.. Will have to try another.. See if it shoots straight...
  11. **** ******* Facebook bad news?

    Not hard guys.. Cp on shot birds being burned or buried.. Hence why this months basc mag had an article about big bags.. Also matkm is right, there are rumours about panarama filming it happening. God help us if true
  12. A little dissapointed in BASC

    To just confirm my stance The day was a huge success, James Green from BASC, myself and my mate put together a great day for ten young shots. I have no issue with the south West team who worked with us to set the day up. My issue was the way the editors just pop a few pages at the back to say what has been done in the regions. Yet will do a "what to wear" feature of two or more pages. Just seems they are writing about the wrong things. Im not a rich city slicker, i put my self in a workg class background and enjoy fieldsports. I know what to wear and so do most shooters. So why cant publications write something a little different that some of us normal folk would find interesting and then know what kind of things we can do to work with BASC to help the fieldsports community. Most regions would of done young shots days, so they could of done a write up incorporating all regions..
  13. BASC free lottery tickets?

    Alot of the carp that comes in with the magazine will be down to the way the sponsors and advertising is done in the magazine, yes some of the membership fees will pay for the publication but sponsors and ads will be part of that. And they will have weight on what gets put in the magazine.. So doubt it was necessarily BASCs idea.
  14. Its a nightmare, the two sides singing from totally different genre's of music let alone the sheet!!!
  15. And no form means no renewal?