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  1. BASC Training Courses

    You say not all local towns.. Bristol a city has nothing closer that Cullompton or Dorset for dsc1 from looking online. I understand supply and demand but a circa £300 course plus hotel makes it an expensive piece of paper.
  2. Hi from Bristol

    Welcome to the madhouse, from South Bristol..
  3. Fox club

    Out tonight on the High seats, myself and Lloyd90 set up on a farm. I saw three pheasants and a canada... Lloyd msgd me to say he was losing feeling in his body due to the cutting wind, and that his end was empty. Then the phone fell silent and a few monutes later Boooom and thud, then a text saying something along lines of 'I think I missed'... I heard the plop from the other side of farm thanks to the wind..
  4. How many Foxes are killed in 2018

    Lloyd90 took a good dog fox tonight after moaning at me about it being cold and nothing out. 189
  5. Magpie/Crow call bird register!

    I put my larsen out yesterday and over night have two, am in North Somerset if anyone is needing a bird
  6. renew licence

    I had Pete last time I renewed, great bloke, and very easy going
  7. Nanny state

    "In some of the more extreme cases, students can be doused in ketchup, brown sauce and other condiments" Oh no.... Extreme Ketchup...
  8. Vet Nurse with Gundogs

    "graphic photos" from Facebook.. Why cant a vet also enjoy hunting?? What utter ****, I know quiet a few vets who shoot.
  9. Big cat?

    Id say it was.. But who knows...
  10. camera

    You sir are shocking.. Can I borrow it
  11. Big cat?

    Who said the goat was dead when broxk came across it? 😮
  12. Big cat?

    But they are cute cuddly and wouldn't hurt anything
  13. How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    1 with air rifle last weekend on golf course I have perm on. 294
  14. Badger cull

    Being able to shoot fox all year round doesn't seem to wipe them out so why would it be any different for badger? Having a season would work in my opinion.
  15. Thieving #$%*&%,s

    This is what I do, they love them.