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  1. Naths only good at putting holes in himslef...
  2. Then the mark should reflect the lack of thought and research put into the paper. Marked down for not having a clue where they breed for a start. You are right though, god help us of these are masters students who want a career in conservation.
  3. I would do this anyway, as the police dont look after your belongings very well. Mate of mine is currently going through process of buying a new rifle and invoicing the local force, it came back to him with scope damaged beyond use, took a shot and the front fell off. And gge synthetic stock had chunks out of it.
  4. Definitely time to call them back and to do the job properly.
  5. A world wide pandemic should never have become political. Yet again when all of Parliament should of worked together they have point scored and picked holes.. This..
  6. Builder i am currently using for an extention is booked up now until this time next year. He is flat out. With more calls coming in
  7. Surely their would be be some form of documentation to say it was a prefab deeds/title docs would show construction, as for thr family saying they didn't know... That's got to be false. But proving it wouldn't be easy
  8. Sometimes a theory is nice and easy to pass, but at the same time fail, what some Consider a safe shot others may not and vice versa. I know ive been out with rifle before and not taking a shot, to then be asked why id not taken it. Explained my reasons why etc. Someone else would of taken it. Its all down to the trigger finger and whos finger it is. Unsure if a course like this would change people's perception of a safe shot
  9. ShootingEgg


    EDF keep nagging me about one. I just put the reading in on a phone app, I am the smart meter. Some meters are locked to the supplier too so if you tey and move supplier at a later date it can cause issue
  10. Either ignore, or be overly nice and say thank you for their emails. But as they are not interested then you wont be participating in any other conversation.
  11. Overcast and minus temps in southwest but no snow.
  12. Agreed, England look awful
  13. Well one team has turned up...
  14. Got two boxes up, put up last year when we moved in. But so far neither in use, bit of a shame as the feed station is a hub of activity at times
  15. Paying what you are ditchy for sky but it includes tv with a couple packages like cinema option etc
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