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  1. Oh yes, no wonder one day it was happy the next utter sputter....
  2. Look likes the bed has a pair of browning boxers on.. Haha beretta would look better 😬
  3. Well found out why it may have been running like junk, the fuel pump res was full of crud, full of dirt and I'm guessing rust from the fuel tank. So that's a new tank to buy..
  4. I did wonder when you wrote it to be fair pal.. Was asking myself what you'd been smoking ha...
  5. I'm saying the system is flawed also something I might think is not safe you may be happy to take, there are loads of factors, personally if not use a thermal scope as it restricts what you can see in my opinion, yet some love them and use them alot. Also how does the feo know what the land is safe to, what rule book are they going by. It goes back to the same as above, everyone will look at a shot and see and think differently.
  6. Say what.. Any round is deadly, what do most of us use them for... Pest control. The 'restricted / open' conditions are not worth the paper they are written on. Its a completely useless setup. I am cleared on a mates land up to 308. He has been shooting years and has an open ticket, if his land was cleared for 243 on my ticket, he could still use a 308 on that very same land under an open ticket... So police says its safe for me at 243 yet an open ticket can use what they feel is safe, even if in fact its not.
  7. But how old is that 110 compared to. Modern cars that get swapped every three years to keep up with the fashion etc, your 110s footprint is probably better than some newer cars as it's lasted a hell of a lot longer
  8. Yet this is where the rules make no sense, open ticket = you can shoot and police don't have to look, restricted, they come out and say its only good for 223 max. Yet open ticket rocks up and feels its okay and safe to use 243 and does so. Your safe maybe different to mine or anyone else's on here too.
  9. You can help me by doing my stairs for me hahaha.. And maybe a new front door 😁
  10. This quote does my head in. Campaigners West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs have welcomed the decision and say: “This means that for now the 908 km² area of West Leicestershire and North Warwickshire are completely hunt free and hundreds of foxes lives will now have been saved Fox hunting has been banned how long, drag hunts take place, yes the loop hole allows a chase if one flushes but to say 'hundreds' is massively miss leading and false information surely.
  11. They are using diesel gen is and getting McDonald's take out. Piers Morgan ripped one to peices too... They stupidly told him they owned a TV..
  12. Mate of mines just had a 243 pout onto his ticket due to someone having their licence revoked, don't know details and don't really need to, just know my mates got an early Xmas present.
  13. No one on here can answer the questions you have put forward, no one knows the reason for the sentence and I fully understand you're not wanting to put it out on a forum. As has been said, your best course of action is to contact your local firearms office and have rhe conversation. If granted then you get to keep the shotgun, if denied then unfortunately you'll have to sell when the time comes.
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