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  1. He does this on a daily basis.. I find people empty skips ive had in the past.. Rather than add to them...
  2. If the chicken you got was in date and off surely take it back for replacement or money back. Or do what we all have to and pit it in ya bin.
  3. You’ll also need to turn it twice a day.. No need to wash it though is there?
  4. ShootingEgg

    Fence Price

    Thats where my pricing above is from. They've always been great when ive used them
  5. Ah, thats about as far away from the southwest you could be... Shame ive a Brinsea you could of borrowed
  6. ShootingEgg

    Fence Price

    9ft between posts, about £1.00 per feather and id say you'd need about 100 or so pieces. (18ft used 60 at mine ) Amy's bro inlaw does fencing so could see if its local if he can do something for you bud? Edit - just looked at local timber yard, 0.71p per feather £10 post £4.52 ***** £5 grav board, these are all starting prices so cheapest options. So the A rail word gets starred out... Is it. Naughty word??
  7. Where are you based? Looks quite big egg in the image though, or is it a little hand?
  8. Bit of an update, have left the grass to grow, still a few patches but will tackle them when i can, raised beds made and the veg patch fence started.. Bit more colour now and a few ideas on what to do next. Got a soil siv (lazy typo yes) as the soil here is very good(was an old nursery pre and post ww2) so as i dig it out of one place it moves to a new home
  9. Get a bucket and fill it. Then empty it on the deck and try amd slip?
  10. If you're willing to pay it then yes. But it doesn't mean its worth it. Its a nice piece but no not £180
  11. Do you want it. How much do you think its worth/do you want to pay? Its only worth what someone will pay.
  12. Well a google of flag with black vat bought back underwear images so Google didn't help with ID
  13. On phone it wont let me close the cookie settings so cant read article.
  14. Are people putting weight on in lockdown and not buying to fit clothing, if zips are popping.. Hehehehee
  15. Is quite funny really, the men want to get the two wins and the trophy, yet the manager has said life and safety before trophies which I think fair play too. Then on the other hand you have the wsl, Liverpool want it scrapped for players safety but also if its completed they are relegated. Funny old game hey.
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