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  1. My partner has two cats, so far this year two starling fledglings in kitchen, three mice, sloworms ive saved 5... Hawks arent on my list of hate. Is amazing to watch them
  2. ShootingEgg

    Unusual flower

    Quite a cool discolouration.. Are they all like it on the plant? Our bed of dalia are all the right colours....
  3. Not a hope in hell...
  4. ShootingEgg


    Yeah may not see eye to eye with him buy HS2 is a waste of time, money and woodland thats going to be destroyed.
  5. Here it was stuffy and silly hot until about 8 and it suddenly went really windy then clear skies no rain and cooled down
  6. Hope all is okay ditchman.
  7. ShootingEgg

    New coat.

    You struggle to work yourself let alone two dogs 😂😂😂
  8. ShootingEgg

    New coat.

    No he is just a crazy welsh man living in Bristol. Who loves to ask questions. Hows the second pup mate. Did you need it 😂😂
  9. I wasn't even thinking of covid, and if its not that wide then they should be respecting the road and riding at a sensible speed.
  10. So if a motorcyclist hit it, and came off, that would be ok in your eyes? Id like to think a big old pile of horse poop was visible enough to miss. Honestly think in 2020 we have bigger issues than horse poo
  11. Thats better than listing items out of stock and selling them to you, only for you to not receive them and get annoyed.
  12. It says men in masks - secret camera, so innocent until proven guilty??? Anti set up a camera knowing a trap is there so could it be them? Taking one hawk to show shooting in a bad light. Only ones who know the truth os the person(s) who did the deed.
  13. Glad you were able to talk to them, hope this can be resolved in a amicable way and you dont fall out.
  14. I am in the process of going through planning for an extention. If the deck is going to be over 300 then it needs planning, and if it will allow them to overlook id be surprised if its allowed, you could have the conversation with them and just say you're concerned about being overlooked.
  15. Have had it with a buzzard on crows, dropped a crow and within 5 seconds it had been picked up and flown off with. Then out one evening on fox, waited 2hours with no show so dropped a rabbit for the pot and just after it dropped the fox jumped out the hedge and took the rabbit.
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