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  1. Mine came with a meopta r1 2.5-15 which is now on my 243 but have a 3-15 meopta ony HMR now.
  2. Well avon and Somerset are one man down as a chap I know who worked for the licensing team left last friday. And no they had not bought in a replacement. So as far as I'm aware they are even less staffed now. Id think there's a fair few licence holders in AVS
  3. To be honest there is so much carp i need to clean it off now I have access to it. But seeing as its accessible, may as well do it...
  4. Unsure if I have a crankshaft leak. Stupid question, is it visibly obvious with the sump pan off?
  5. Id get a full service pal. You need it
  6. This. My mums had both hers done and is a new person, mate had one done but due to putting it off now HAS to have the other one done. Dont put it off, you will only injur your self more if you do. My mates uncle now cant walk due to not getting it done, and now it being that far gone theres nothing to attach the replacement too! Get on the list and keep your mobility and standard of living..
  7. Yeah have been able to spin it by hand and chap I got it off has had it open to check and its all prese t and correct abd clean.. Got myself a steal on this one.
  8. A capstan? I didn't pay that...
  9. Got to fit it first and get the rest back together.. Got sump pan seal and plug washer so thats the next thing to drop off. The clean all filters.. Its slowly getting some tlc
  10. So went and saw a mate today and this happened...
  11. Sump plug out and oil drained.. Now to take the bottom off to clean out then clean the pickup and filters, then new seals and back together..
  12. Manual impact of sorts then
  13. So any ideas on how to get the sump plug loose when the car is on the deck and the plug is tight as.... Im feeling weak looking at it!! 🙈
  14. Yeah still not 100% but unless i take it out I think it will be a pig to get to some bits and my jet washer is dead 😂.
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