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  1. Have seen more around a mates farm. If that's down to the revoke or not I couldn't say.
  2. Ah man, that's not good news at all. Have got a few things from him recently, even when the online shop Was closed he did it over the phone for me. Gutted..
  3. What do people use for the first few weeks? Maintenance pellet or any specific pellet to give them a little help before going onto just wheat? I've used grower in the past to bulk them up after the time they've had laying. Will be getting birds in soon and wondering if anyone has any theories or ways they give them a bit of a boost post laying?
  4. When I had my sx3 changed, I said it was for flock Control, the shotgun sits on both licenses. So if granted you will have it as a shotgun on the sgc and then As a selflaoding firearm on that cert.
  5. A very physical team who didn't like losing is probably the politest way of putting it.
  6. Jerez it's all gone tits up.. Messy but entertaining
  7. Think the VAR has made it a little bit annoying at times. But yes it's a good watch.
  8. I have one and use it at farms that have corvids issues, find it handy..
  9. No where on form for that to be added.. Did ask for a 270 though so sure they will ring for my justification No signature on the online application, and I took a photo against my ivory cream painted wall using my phone. And uploaded.
  10. Just went through my renewal process online. Nice form to fill in, add all current shottys and rifles any rifles you want to acquire and why. So all being well it will be the usual and new cert in post shortly.
  11. She expected to be man handled out so that she could kick off like she has done. Clever woman unfortunately, knows our system will side with her..
  12. Loads of variables that could make this perfectly legal, but at same time not
  13. I found Norma 100gr so worked well in my M12, also Winchester have done well.. And have a box of rws as my local shop seems to have moved to them. So that will be a suck it and see when I get to the box
  14. A pigeon just flying over will be deemed as a pot shot. So sporting.. This is how this whole mad scenario started. That's all I'm saying. Pigeons are shot for pest control and protection of crops etc. Not 'sport' Same as the original post stated the corvids presented pot shots whne out decoying pigeons.
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