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  1. Ah thanks for the kind offer. He is pretty bad really, must have been introduced to it badly, I have tried a few things but a normal gun is always going to be too much I think
  2. Thanks all for the helpful replies, I think I'll phone the saddlery and gunroom as advised, I'm not too worried about effectiveness as long as my dog doesn't mind it. I'd much rather go home with 2 birds but have a good day with the Springer than 40 birds without him. If that makes sense 😁 That being said. I don't want a single shot full modded 410, that's the only one I want to disregard
  3. Could anyone tell me if a modded pump 410 will be much louder than a full length 410? I'd prefer a pump unless it's way louder. Thanks
  4. Ok thank you, you mean a pump 410? When I got my Springer he was 4 1/2 years old and I was told he had some training as a gun dog. I quickly discovered he is excellent at retrieval of birds but doesn't like the gun noise. It appears as though he was shot over too soon or too full on, which is sad because I don't feel right going out to a field and leaving him at home
  5. Some great info received here. Many thanks
  6. Thank you for the replies, very informative. The reason for purchase is solely to take my dog with me, he is quality but he just turns off at the sound of loud bang. So if it is quiet enough I think he will stay interested in the birds, but I don't want to buy one and it be pretty much a regular shotgun and just a bit of a gimmick, if that makes sense
  7. Hi all I was thinking of buying a Hushpower shotgun, mainly so my springer can come out with me, he doesn't appreciate the bang of a 12g but he is an excellent retriever of birds so id really like him beside me, so my question is: how quiet is a hushpower really? is there a comparison anyone can think of to give me a better idea, as i don't want to buy one only to find out there isn't much difference and waste my money. And also is there much difference between a 20g and 12g hushpower? the quieter the better, thanks in advance Alex
  8. Ah sorry, I was un a hedge that separated a fresh planted crop, I think beans but I'm not sure, the other half was cut maize, so I was fortunate to get them to come in from both fields
  9. Thanks haha. The dog is my friends, he brings him out at the end to help collect any that went in the hedge row. He's a good team player. And yes, SxS handed down to be by my grandad. It kicks!
  10. Hey all I recently put a post up asking for advice on where to take shot pigeon. Thanks to everyone I managed to get onto a game dealer and they are happy to take frozen pigeon from me. So instead of going home after 10-15 pigeon I stayed out a few hours and got a bag of 67 and a rogue crow. Not bad for a beginner
  11. Oh I see. I actually assumed they would want to feed close to trees so that they can get up in them if a predator came along! In that case I will set my decoys out a bit further and see how I get on. Thanks a lot
  12. Makes sense, only issue is there's a public footpath and byway that runs through that corner... 😤
  13. Hi all I've read a lot of great tips and since I'm very new to pigeon shooting it's been helping a lot. At the moment I am shooting on a large field of oil seed rape, this has a great island of trees about 1/3 of the way into it, perfect for setting a hide, I can then see about 2/3 of the whole field. Pigeons tend to come from behind me over the top and from miles away in front and land right in the far corner of this field, I'd say up to 300 can land if I don't fire a shot off. Here are a couple of things I'd like advice on please: I only have 12 half shell flocked decoys that I put out
  14. Thank you for clearing this up for me. I had read about the 72 hour rule before but wasn't 100% happy to risk it incase I'd got it wrong. Going back out tomorrow for a few hours
  15. Ah ok I see. I'm still learning haha thanks
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