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    Wildfowling, Game shooting in a small way, pigeon shooting when able, Sea fishing from beach, last but not least my dogs ( E/S/Spaniels )

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  1. In winter. Home made bread, laughing cow cheese spread, branston pickle, flask coffee Summer. Pork pie, tomatoes, water.
  2. As wisdom said zebrite, her indoors has been using it on our cast iron stove since 1985 no problems. Just rub it on and away you go.
  3. Yesterday evening 8 Tonight 2 Total = 984
  4. That is a very interesting point of note, as I am looking to fire subs through my auto probable eley 5s.
  5. Thank you Stuartyboy for your reply, looks like I shall have to invest in one to keep the neighbours happy.
  6. Evening all. I have been mentioned on my village whatsapp whinge group, shooting corvids early Friday morning on a field which will be planted with vining seed peas next spring. They will be hit heavily by woodpigeon as well as corvids. Does any body use the A-tec A12 sound moderator,and if so, is it any good because I think the villagers might get grumpy with me having essential crop protection fun! I would be grateful if anybody could share their experience of one of these.
  7. 9 This evening hmr plus wall90s total = 939
  8. Friday afternoon 4 hmr. Total = 666 spooky.
  9. 8 Bunnies this evening 17hmr Total = 634
  10. Sund 21st - 12 mon 22nd - 15 tues 23rd - 21 wed 24th - 13 thurs 25th - 18 frid 26th - 10 New Perm, good weather all shot in the evening. 22 fac air. 17hmr Total = 580.
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