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    Wildfowling, Game shooting in a small way, pigeon shooting when able, Sea fishing from beach, last but not least my dogs ( E/S/Spaniels )

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  1. 5 yesterday, I missed a couple that annoyed me but i pulled myself together. =239
  2. 3 this bright sunny afternoon. = 215
  3. 2 This afternoon hmr. Bunnies in the bean crop. = 203
  4. Just the one this afternoon, hmr. = 198
  5. 2 yesterday afternoon 28/01/2019. Total = 163
  6. 18 this afternoon from a small grass strip that`s not be shot for a while. = 55
  7. Sunday 20th, 3 Bunnies late afternoon = 36
  8. 5 bunnies this afternoon hmr. May you have many more Davetyler Total = 23
  9. truly magnificent well done PC.
  10. I have recently moved within Kent and was told by my FEO who came to inspect my cabinet, that the next time I renew my certificates I will have to get a medical report from my doctor, failure to do so and no renewal.
  11. From what you have said in those conditions 140 meters.
  12. Has he done a confined space training course.
  13. Text from farmer yesterday ( he was hedge cutting ). It said no acorns on trees there will be plenty of pigeon shooting on the rape.
  14. Cz 455 american, Remington 17grn spot on 100yrds anything else bad grouping. as said above can be Ammo fussy.
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