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  1. Thanks again for taking time to help with this. we’ve been posting leaflets and talking to people in the local area today, a cat got shot with a .22 air rifle 1 year and 1 day ago from when our poor pooch was shot, a bit of a coincidence... we’ve also got our CCTV password restored and found the shooting happened within a 20 minute period, so I know where she was at the time, very close the the racist flag man. we’ve also got the police coming to see us on Wednesday, I know they can’t really do much, but it’s a good show I suppose.
  2. Good call, we have one in the freezer, I’ll shoot it sat morning whilst her ladyship is asleep 🤫 I just want to know who did it, no reason whatsoever, the gardens are all lined with fence panels, so there’s zero chance of the dogs getting in, they’re usually in the brush flushing out all the pigeons, they know not to chase them too.
  3. If I can get hold of some of those pellets, I can fire them through the gun into a bucket of water and see how they compare the the pellet I have
  4. Excellent, thank you! I’ll buy one of those, do you happen to know where I can get hold of said suspect pellets? The pellet didn’t go strait through, so it rings true with your theory of an air pistol.
  5. Thanks for your insight. I think you may have just halved my suspect field, there’s a row of bungalows, all owned by elderly folk, there’s one in particular who has a flap pole and fly a racist flag, his gardens are immaculate, I’ve tried raising a conversation a couple of time, but all I’ve ever got off him is a dirty look and some muttered verbals Thanks for your help, if you would like any more photos, measurements, I can get some precision scales and weigh it too if that helps nail down the theory of an old rifle
  6. Pooch is ok by the way, we have a large field out the front of our house which is surrounded by a lot of houses, So I let her roam when I’m outside (she only poops in our garden) 😏 I think you’ve nailed it there, the pellet I have has a smooth lower skirt after the grooves on the upper skirt. so do you think I’m looking for an old air pistol? pooch is doing ok, she’s going bananas being stuck in the cage all the time, out other dog hates it too, they haven’t been separated ounce since birth, it’s been a long week of stressful, and sleepless nights, the police have been round to take photos of the pellet, but even if the do find the waste of skin that did this, if there’s no concrete evidence, they can’t do anything
  7. I agree, there aren’t really any rifling marks on it at all. What air weapons have a smooth bore? Air pistols? I can’t say I’ve ever seen or shot a pellet like that before, it seems to be an old pellet or cheap pellet. thanks so much for the info, keep it coming, we really appreciate it. This will the appetiser before the main course... you can’t pull a trigger if you don’t have any fingers... just saying
  8. Evening all. I need help identifying a pellet, it is .22, and this particular pellet was removed from my dog last week. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Just bought one last weekend, like it a lot, although I can’t hit a barn door with it, I usually shoot a 725 black which shoots nicely high, where the sx4 shoots very flat. Think I need to spend some time and money on the Skeet field
  10. Hi, sorry, gun is now sold. Thanks for your interest.
  11. This is my add, feel free to ask any questions.
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