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  1. Hi guys, after a drone NV if any body is selling please. Chris
  2. Thank you for asking for pictures but have zip tide them on pain to carry but can drive right up to where i shoot so all good Chris
  3. Funny you say that we were in orchard and put up in there and shot 285 CROWS left the odd pigeons that we seen so i think it worked. But that was not what i asked thanks. Chris
  4. Hi all out there. First time out with the lofting pole and the crows on the hooks did find when lifting from the ground need some way to keeping them on the hooks what are you out their using to keep them on the hook to stop falling off thanks lads. Chris
  5. quiteman

    lofting poles

    Anyone getting rid of there lofting poles after some All the best out there Chris
  6. Hi Das i will take this, let me know how you would liked to be paid Regards Chris
  7. quiteman

    slip repair

    Hi all. I need a repair on a leather slip old Parsons one that was my Dads but could not find anyone close to Weston s mare, anyone know of someone around Somerset? who could repair this Thanks all
  8. if its the best why are you selling the unit
  9. Would u sell the bag on it own, and posted
  10. I build all mine from 223 cases take more time than necking down from 221.
  11. working so would not be, funny deals there where it must cost a small fortune for you to be there and yet no deals on your site ???

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    2. A1Decoy


      Quiteman, We are going to do some great deals online to 'mimic' The Midland Game Fair.. so keep a eye out ;) 

    3. quiteman


      We will see what comes of this, as you say to mimic the game fair?

    4. A1Decoy


      Basically we are going to do some great deals but online, instead of at the Midland. So the prices etc should all be the same as if we were at the show.. but its delivered to your door! :)

  12. What net type. chris
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