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  1. I build all mine from 223 cases take more time than necking down from 221.
  2. working so would not be, funny deals there where it must cost a small fortune for you to be there and yet no deals on your site ???

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    2. A1Decoy


      Quiteman, We are going to do some great deals online to 'mimic' The Midland Game Fair.. so keep a eye out ;) 

    3. quiteman


      We will see what comes of this, as you say to mimic the game fair?

    4. A1Decoy


      Basically we are going to do some great deals but online, instead of at the Midland. So the prices etc should all be the same as if we were at the show.. but its delivered to your door! :)

  3. quiteman

    hide poles

    What net type. chris
  4. Second time away when one comes up, what a pain North Somerset myself
  5. Second time away when something tidy comes up, what a pain, North Somerset myself
  6. I live there and every picture you see tide always out. Chris
  7. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Braces of Bristol shooting who handle the return of my Blaser F3 shotgun for the re-blacking of the action and barrels to be done, they did all the paperwork in the sending it back and the return it to me. And I did not buy the gun from Braces but they handled the whole service this is a second to none and very efficient gun shop and all done with a smile. Thank you all for the time and service. Regards: Chris.
  8. I shoot a furball myself in 17 making the brass from 223 would not part with mine, but my mate wants to see one in action before he parts with his hard earned
  9. Hi Guys. Is there anyone in Somerset with .17 Hornet that we could see in action before we buy one Chris.
  10. quiteman


    Hi all. After a shot maker ready made someone finnished with or given up making shot; or someone who makes them to order. Regards Chris Somerset.
  11. Do we still get discount off A1 decoys
  12. quiteman

    Blaser F3 Choke

    Guys. Has anyone got a spare spectrum skeet choke for sale, Chris
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