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  1. Do we still get discount off A1 decoys
  2. quiteman

    Blaser F3 Choke

    Guys. Has anyone got a spare spectrum skeet choke for sale, Chris
  3. I had the same happen to me, take pictures of the bite of yourself and the dog call the police and complain about the dog and show the pictures to them, it was not know to me that this dog had done this too other people and there pets the police took this to court an order to have dog put down by the court and stopped the person from owning a dog for five years, as was said above this could of been child holding his or her,s pet on a lead. it was not until the police had come to the house and showed the pictures to them that i was informed it had been reported before by other.s so don't feel sorry for the jack as you might not be the first and not the last.
  4. I got one from the states with inport tax at fortyfive pounds with two pockets inside so you can put two difrient cartridges in the their all leather Protektor Divided Shotgun Shell Pouch Suede Tan
  5. Put a price on this, or the mods will pull this
  6. What are they, and where are you
  7. Would you sell the camo net only
  8. quiteman

    Suzuki Jimny.

    What tyres has it got on it
  9. 100 for the cartridges pm me if you want to sell, But what size are they first. I am at BS24
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-DC-10RPM-Powerful-High-Torque-Gear-Box-Motor-/221057627238?hash=item33780fb466. This is where i got mine from very good motors been using for two years without changing any as yet all the best: Chris
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