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  1. Cheers will have a go with those ideas!
  2. Hi, what would people recommend for temporarily attaching a thumb pressure pad to the stock on my air gun that won’t mark it for the rare occasion I go lamping? Thanks
  3. Hi I’m looking for 1/4 and maybe half
  4. Hi I’ve got a Beretta al391 urika teknys with extended optima chokes but I’d like a flush fitting choke but not sure which ones fit and where’s the cheapest place to get them? Thanks
  5. Planning a trip to California next year and I would like to have a go with some handguns and machines guns at a range whilst i'm over there. I think California has fairly strict gun controls so I might be better going to Nevada for a day or two? Looking for recommendations on where I could go in either state and what guns you guys would recommend trying out! Also whats the legality on bringing a couple spent cases back to the UK?
  6. Thinking of getting one for round the farm. I know the early ones got a bad reputation but what are the new ones like for reliability and such? The 3 year warranty appeals. Thanks.
  7. mine was taking a while so I rung up and he said he'd come for my interview a couple days after then another week or so to come through the post
  8. A shotgun has been stolen from a van outside a pub in East Yorkshire http://www.humberside.police.uk/newsmedia/east-riding-theft-of-shotgun-from-vehicle-parked-at-star-inn-north-dalton-appeal-for-witnesses
  9. They do dog versions as well.
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