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  1. Cant hit them all

    fiat punto 1.2 5 door 63k miles 2005

    i covered the last digits / letter for a reason after having a car on ebay few years back got over 1k in parking fines through the door and 2 speeding tickets and its almost impossible to prove its not you. anyone interested in the car can ask and will be given the full reg, to perform whatever checks they want. the car is faultless except the bonnet cable broke but like i said there a new one supplied with the car
  2. Cant hit them all

    fiat punto 1.2 5 door 63k miles 2005

  3. Cant hit them all

    fiat punto 1.2 5 door 63k miles 2005

    1.2 fiat punto 5 door 55 plate low mileage 63k cheap to run very sips petrol and cheap to insurance recently had new head lights drive shaft spark plugs and leads and two tyres . drives really well ideal 1st car MOT till march the 23rd 2019. if asking price is met will put 12 months MOT on the car subject to new owner insures the car. only downside is bonnet cable is broken but still can get into the bonnet and there is a brand new cable supplied with the car. £750
  4. Cant hit them all

    Amazon Prime

    if you want to watch prime tv shows you can watch them free on likes of terrarium tv for free
  5. Cant hit them all


    ebay have a seller with some chokes and keys. failing that mandel chokes or brownels uk
  6. Cant hit them all

    thinking of getting a pup but what

    scots lad i did mention the type of shooting i do on the beging of the post bit of everything really. but mostly pigeons walked up style shooting where is by go for a wander around the farms. also do a bit of wildfowling. i know realistically for a half decent lab your looking at 700 to 800. i would pay that if i wanted a pure lab and i don't need a rock solid steady working dog. just a companion and a dog that will coming out with me and the gun and that will hopefully retrieve down birds and rabbits.
  7. Cant hit them all

    thinking of getting a pup but what

    definitely consider a chesapeake but only ones found for sale is like 4/ 5 hours drive each way don't get the time for that sort of drive basically a full day time you stopped off for something to eat and so on
  8. Cant hit them all

    thinking of getting a pup but what

    training would be done by a professional not me directly got a friend she is a police dog handler. with both sniffer dog and attack dogs also local gun dog breeder offers training to. so that would have that covered I'm not a first time dog owner just had different working type dog in the past had a saluki and there not easy to train bit of minds of there own but he was loyal protective and would hunt well and retrieved to foot . i looking for the muggle purley for something a bit different not looking to spend loads of cash around 400 to 500.
  9. Cant hit them all

    thinking of getting a pup but what

    he is lolvely what breed is he
  10. Cant hit them all

    thinking of getting a pup but what

    nice looking ESS, the dog im after wouldn't have to be perfect for me more of a companion who can come out with me and the gun, rather than a sporting ace . why looking at a crossbreed want something a little larger than a lab and something a bit different and with character
  11. Cant hit them all

    thinking of getting a pup but what

    As the title says looking at to get a pup, Been thinking of getting a pup for the last couple of weeks like a lab cross pointer or lab / vizsla or lab/ weimaraner. Any other suggestions. pup/dog will come out with me on shooting do a bit of everything pigeons walked up shooting wildfowling and also be a companion
  12. Cant hit them all

    Flourescent lamps flickering

    generators are notorious for this especially the cheaper brand ones quick fix stick something on it for extra power take away like for instance a 100w light bulbs or something and they seem to run even then
  13. Cant hit them all

    Lab X gwp pups for sale

    always so far away bet they will make a nice shooting companion
  14. Cant hit them all

    Extended Hedge Trimmer.

    echo telescopic pole saw but they do a hedge cutter attachment for it extents to about 4m but you can get a extension pole to take it to 5m good bit of kit but expensive will cots about 800 for the telescopic pole saw and hedge cutter attachment battery cant handle thiscker stuff
  15. Cant hit them all

    Energy drinks

    yh you already have to show I.D for these drinks for 6 months in most major super markets, but what makes me laugh the government concerned about these drinks but in my town it's easier to get class A drugs than a can of red bull, its even know to the police that kids young as 10 years ol been buying pill and cannabis but there not one bit bothered